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Fisheries & Aquaculture eBooks

If you like Fisheries & Aquaculture eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Dead Man Deep

    by Lynne McEwan ...
    Book 2 - Detective Shona Oliver
    Nothing stays buried foreverLifeboat volunteer DI Shona Oliver receives a Mayday call coming from Kilcatrin Island. Upon the beach is the badly burned body of a man, and a boy lies gravely injured nearby. Strewn around them are scores of Second World War incendiary bombs, presumably washed up by the tide from Beaufort’s Dyke, an offshore arms dump deep in the Irish Sea.The dead man is a local ... Read more

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  • Cod

    'Who would ever think that a book on cod would make a compulsive read? And yet this is precisely what Kurlansky has done' Express on SundayThe Cod. Wars have been fought over it, revolutions have been triggered by it, national diets have been based on it, economies and livelihoods have depended on it. To the millions it has sustained, it has been a treasure more precious that gold. This book spans ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Wonderful World of Aquaponics: The Complete Guide on Aquaponics & How to Build a Home Aquaponics System in Your Backyard

    Would You Like To Learn How To Grow A Clean And Steady Source of Vitamins, Minerals And Fiber In 48 Hours?Welcome to the wonderful world of aquaponics. Aquaponics is a method of cultivating freshwater fish, organic vegetables, and even organic fruits in just one closed system. Unlike traditional aquaculture, aquaponics does not require continual drainage and water replacement because a biological ... Read more

    $6.21 AUD

  • Blood and Guts

    Dispatches from the Whale Wars

    by Sam Vincent ...
    I pull on my balaclava and step onto the bridge wing. It’s loud outside: I can hear the rumbles of nine vessels’ engines and the hiss of ten water cannons … Suddenly the bridge is full of refugees from the upper deck. They are blocking my view out the back windows, but their faces – afraid, excited, awestruck – illustrate the looming presence of the Nisshin. I bend my knees and grip the bench, ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Australian Yabby Farmer

    by John Mosig ...
    This edition includes a chapter on water quality plus the latest findings in yabby farming. It provides a grounding in the basic principles of aquaculture and reflects the considerable advances in aquaculture technology over the last few years. Here is the basic information on the yabby, its habitat, its health and nutrition requirements. The book covers pond management, production systems, ... Read more

    $40.99 AUD

  • A Guide to Australia's Spiny Freshwater Crayfish

    Referred to as the 'Spiny Crayfishes' due to impressive arrays of spines on their hard armoured shells, Euastacus crayfish are the largest of the 10 genera of Australian freshwater crayfish. This book discusses 50 species found in Australia, from the iconic giant Murray lobster that is fished by recreational fishers, to the exceedingly rare and tiny species Euastacus maidae. These uniquely ... Read more

    $47.99 AUD

  • Eat Like a Fish

    My adventures as a fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer

    by Bren Smith ...
    From the aquatic world's Anthony Bourdain, Eat Like a Fish is a former fisherman's memoir, manifesto and vision for the future of food: restorative ocean farming.'I used to be a commercial fisherman, chasing your dinner on the high seas for a living, but now I farm twenty acres of saltwater, growing a mix of sea greens and shellfish.'In Eat Like a Fish Bren Smith - a former commercial fisherman ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

    Preparing Australian Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for the Future

    Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change is a fundamental resource for primary industry professionals, land managers, policy makers, researchers and students involved in preparing Australia’s primary industries for the challenges and opportunities of climate change. More than 30 authors have contributed to this book, which moves beyond describing the causes and consequences of climate change to ... Read more

    $47.99 AUD

  • The Pearl Oyster

    Contrary to a generally held view that pearls are found by chance in oysters, almost all are now produced from farms. This book is a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the biology of pearl oysters, their anatomy, reproduction, genetics, diseases, etc. It considers how they are farmed from spawning and culturing larvae in hatcheries to adults in the ocean; how various environmental factors, ... Read more

    $107.99 AUD

  • The End Of The Line

    We have reached a pivotal moment for fishing, with seventy-five percent of the world's fish stocks either fully exploited or overfished. If nothing is done to stop the squandering of fish stocks the life of the oceans will face collapse and millions of people could starve.Fish is the aspirational food for Western society, the healthy, weight-conscious choice, but those who eat and celebrate fish ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Silver Shoals

    Five Fish That Made Britain

    ‘A wonderful and important book, that from its first pages draws the reader along on a fascinating, gripping, often funny journey.’ Robert Macfarlane, bestselling author of Underland.An idiosyncratic history of our island story told through five iconic fishOn these rain-swept islands in the North Atlantic man and fish go back a long way. Fish are woven through the fabric of the country’s history: ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Justice

    Australian Perspectives

    Environmental management involves making decisions about the governance of natural resources such as water, minerals or land, which are inherently decisions about what is just or fair. Yet, there is little emphasis on justice in environmental management research or practical guidance on how to achieve fairness and equity in environmental governance and public policy. This results in social ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • Byme-by-Tarpon

    by Zane Grey ...
    To capture the fish is not all of the fishing. Yet there are circumstances which make this philosophy hard to accept. ... Read more

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  • Avalon, the Beautiful

    by Zane Grey ...
    The mackerel are gone, the bluefish are going, the menhaden are gone, every year the amberjack and kingfish grow smaller and fewer. We must find ways and means to save our game fish of the sea. ... Read more

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  • Discovery of Australia's Fishes

    A History of Australian Ichthyology to 1930

    This book traces the discovery of Australia’s fishes from the earliest days of taxonomy to the first part of the 20th century. It provides a unique insight into the diverse pathways by which Australia’s fish were discovered and outlines the history of early maritime explorations in Australia that collected natural history specimens. The book covers the life and work of each of the most important ... Read more

    $79.99 AUD

  • Bonefish

    by Zane Grey ...
    What a contrast he presented to any other kind of a fish! How many beautiful species have we seen lying on sand or moss or ferns, just come out of the water! But I could remember no other so rare as this bonefish. ... Read more

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  • Two Fights With Swordfish

    by Zane Grey ...
    My first day at Avalon, 1916, was one likely to be memorable among my fishing experiences. ... Read more

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  • Ten Commitments Revisited

    Securing Australia's Future Environment

    What are the 10 key issues that must be addressed urgently to improve Australia's environment? In this follow up to the highly successful book Ten Commitments: Reshaping the Lucky Country's Environment, Australia’s leading environmental thinkers have written provocative chapters on what must be done to tackle Australia's environmental problems – in terms of policies, on-ground actions and research ... Read more

    $40.99 AUD

  • Fishers and Plunderers

    Theft, Slavery and Violence at Sea

    Abuses and slavery at sea are largely missing from narratives of work and environmental exploitation in the mainstream. This book shines a light on the exploitation of fish and fishers alike in a global industry driven by profits.Conservation and human rights in this industry are huge problems: with vast overprovision of vessels and shortages of fish, labour costs are targeted and young men are ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Bloom

    From Food to Fuel, The Epic Story of How Algae Can Save Our World

    Say ʻalgaeʼ and most people think of pond scum. What they donʼt know is that without algae, none of us would exist.There are as many algae on earth as stars in the universe, and they have been essential to life on our planet for aeons. Algae created our oxygen-rich atmosphere, abundant oceans and coral reefs. Crude oil is made of dead algae, and algae are the ancestors of all plants.Today, seaweed ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Australian Fish Farmer

    A Practical Guide to Aquaculture

    This is a practical guide for people in the aquaculture industry and for those about to enter it. Australian Fish Farmer covers current as well as potential aquaculture industries and provides practical skills that will allow people to solve everyday problems in the day-to-day management of aquatic stock. This new edition reflects the considerable advances in technology, farming methods and ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • Seven Marlin Swordfish In One Day

    by Zane Grey ...
    Pearl Zane Grey was best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts, but he also wrote two hunting books, six children’s books, three baseball books, and eight fishing books. It is estimated that he wrote over nine million words in his career, which made him one of the first millionaire authors, as well as President Dwight ... Read more

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  • Cephalopods of Australia and Sub-Antarctic Territories

    by Amanda Reid ...
    Australian waters contain the highest diversity of cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopus) found anywhere in the world. They are highly significant ecologically, both as top-level predators and as prey for numerous vertebrates, including fishes, seals, cetaceans and seabirds. Cephalopods of Australia and Sub-Antarctic Territories is a comprehensive guide covering 226 species, which represent ... Read more

    $224.99 AUD

  • Lament for an Ocean

    The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery

    The northern cod have been almost wiped out. Once the most plentiful fish on the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland, the cod is now on the brink of extinction, and tens of thousands of people in Atlantic Canada have been left without work by a 1992 moratorium on fishing the stock. Today, the Pacific salmon stocks are in similar trouble – victims of the same blind, stupid greed.Angry, ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD