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Fortune Telling eBooks

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  • 10-Minute Crystal Ball

    Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers

    series 10 Minute
    What does it mean to be psychic? Is there another "reality" beyond the visible world? Psychic powers are as natural as any other ability, and they can be developed just like any other skill. The 400-plus tips and tricks in 10-Minute Crystal Ball will help you expand your ability to see into the future, understand yourself and other people better, and create your own reality.Sharpen your intuition ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • 回到你的內在權威:與全球第一位中文人類圖分析師踏上去制約之旅

    Book 34 - WHAT
    每一個人的內心都住著一位權威人士指引我們在每一個當下,做出正確的決定善用與生俱來的天賦才華,踏上屬於自己的生命軌道不費力地,活出獨一無二的自己朱貫綸**(HIM華研國際音樂總監)、萬芳(知名音樂人)**誠摯推薦!人的一生是由大大小小的決定組合而成。要,不要?去,不去?好,不好?這個,還是那個?一個決定,引導我們來到下一個決定,人生的風景從此截然不同。「回到你的內在權威」,是人類圖的通關密語,讓我們在面對決定時,無須外求,因為每一個人都內建有最佳領航員,協助我們做出正確的決定。人類圖,... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The James Bond Cold Reading

    by Julian Moore ...
    series Speed Learning
    "I got Julian's book and it is wonderful! It is a great system for doing a reading and extremely practical. I applaud Julian and highly recommend this!" - Richard OsterlindThe James Bond Cold Reading is a whole new take on the twelve lines of the 'Classic Reading' made so popular from the 50's to the present day. Julian 'Bev' Moore shows you how this much discussed but seldom used powerful cold ... Read more

    $7.88 AUD

  • How to Read the Tarot for Fun, Profit and Psychic Development for Beginners and Advanced Readers

    by Angela Kaelin ...
    Are you frustrated by your efforts to master reading the tarot cards?Do you forget some or most of the card meanings right after studying them in your tarot manual?Do you want to get started fast making money as a professional tarot reader?Do you want to take your readings beyond the merely entertaining?Do you want to impress yourself and others with your genuine psychic abilities?Do you want to ... Read more

    $4.05 AUD

  • Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future

    Nostradamus, the greatest diviner and scryer who ever lived, was born on the 13th December 1503, in Provence, France. His prophecies have been in continuous print since his death on the 1st July 1566, an event that he accurately foretold on the night before it happened."Nostradamus - The Complete Prophecies for the Future" translation and insightful interpretation reveal extraordinary and ... Read more

    $4.07 AUD

  • The Little Black Book of Tarot

    Explore the world of Tarot from its ancient and mystical roots to the meanings behind the cards and their many modern applications. Your future is in the cards! This Little Black Book of Tarot covers the history of Tarot, the cards, the process, major and minor arcana, and the uses of Tarot. ... Read more

    $5.80 AUD

  • The Secret Language of Tarot

    Secret Language of Tarot sets itself apart from other tarot books by teaching readers how to translate the pictorial symbolism from one deck to another, strengthening the reader's ability to recognize specific icons in any deck and in the world around them. The Secret Language of Tarot can be used as both a reference book and as a series of guided meditations on the individual symbols. Each of the ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • All About Tea Leaf Reading

    Have you ever wanted to divine your future in a tea cup? It’s easy with this helpful guide.Your daily cup of tea is much more than a soothing beverage—it’s a powerful form of divination that can provide guidance and reveal answers to all your life questions. It’s also a great way to open up your natural psychic abilities. Practiced throughout the centuries, tea leaf reading is essentially finding ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • HerScopes

    A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians

    Learn how your astrological sign affects your personality—and how astrological knowledge can change and strengthen your relationships.Has your girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) ever told you to stop being such a sloppy Sagittarius? Have you ever wanted to crack the shell of the cute but quiet Cancer shelving books in your local bookshop? Do you read the monthly horoscope columns in your favorite ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Elder Futhark Runes

    by Kat Sanders ...
    The Elder Futhark Runes were made up of 24 basic runic letters. There were more added at points in time, but this e-book will only focus on the basic 24. The basic 24 are the runes that are normally used in divination and runic magic. The Elder Futhark alphabet starts with Feoh and ends with Dag. Each letter has its own meaning and correspondences. ... Read more


  • Glynis Has Your Number

    Discover What Life Has in Store for You Through the Power of Numerology!

    An accessible guide to everything the simple art of numerology can reveal about your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and -- especially -- yourself!Glynis McCants has gained a huge following with her on-target celebrity predictions. Now she's set to help readers lead the life they want with her simple numerology system. Using an ancient but surprisingly easy system of numbers, Glynis will show ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • Graphology - The Art Of Handwriting Analysis

    by Julian Moore ...
    series Speed Learning
    "I really enjoyed reading your new book and would heartily recommend it. It is a great way to learn the art without spending hours ploughing through the many books out there on the subject." - Richard OsterlindIs it possible to know all about someone, just by looking at their handwriting?Imagine you could ask anyone to write down two simple words yet you could start telling them 'what they're like ... Read more

    $7.88 AUD

  • The Graven Palm - A Manual of the Science of Palmistry

    by Mrs Robinson ...
    Originally published in 1914. A detailed study of the science of palmistry. Extensively illustrated with explanatory diagrams, forming a complete how-to guide. Contents Include: The Hand - The Mounts - The Line of Life - The Line of Heart - The Line of Head - The Line of Fate - The Lines of Fortune and of Fame - The Line of Health - Other Lines and Marks - The Mount of Venus - Illustrated Hands ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Psychic Development: 3 Easy Steps To Developing Your Intuition

    If you have ever wanted to develop your intuition but have been frustrated with "complicated" systems like tarot, astrology and others, then this is your day!YOU Are Psychic!Each and every one of us is intuitive naturally. In this no-nonsense and no-fluff book, Blair teaches you 3 simple steps to living a happier and more fulfilled life by quickly developing your natural born intuition. An easy ... Read more

    $6.28 AUD

  • Learning Lenormand

    Traditional Fortune Telling for Modern Life

    Discover Your Future in 36 CardsRead the Lenormand cards to answer practical questions about romance, career, money, travel, and important life choices. With simple instructions for beginning readers, Learning Lenormand teaches easily accessible methods for using this simple thirty-six card deck. Providing fascinating historical research and proven techniques, renowned instructors Marcus Katz and ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Cartomancy - Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

    by Julian Moore ...
    series Speed Learning
    "Get this book, learn the system, do cool readings." - David Numen"Julian's work is the best of the bunch in these genres. I have scoured book stores. I only learn from his books and ideas." - John CestaMy latest ebook which teaches the fundamentals of cartomancy is now ready for release. It's similar to my other books in that it's aimed at complete beginners as well as people who've start... ... Read more

    $7.88 AUD

  • The Birthday Oracle

    All of us have wondered what our birth date says about us, and now The Birthday Oracle can reveal its full significance. With a reading for every day of the year, this fascinating book combines astrological expertise with numerology and tarot to reveal your personality profile and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Consult The Birthday Oracle for insight and direction in all areas of your ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Crystal Enchantments

    A Complete Guide to Stones and Their Magical Properties

    Unlock the secrets of the crystal healing with this A to Z guide to 100 types of stones.You don’t have to have extensive background in magic to make use of any stone. In fact, you don’t have to know about magic at all. If you are facing a difficult situation and feel you need protection and courage, wear garnets. Do you want to attract a lover? Use rose quartz or ruby. Are you troubled by negative ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • The Essential Lenormand

    Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling

    by Rana George ...
    Master the keys of wisdom and insightLenormand is a 36-card deck with simple, straightforward illustrations that provide direct answers for the reader. For over 150 years, the Lenormand deck has been a popular divination tool around the world, and it's rapidly becoming a phenomenon in the US. Providing step-by-step instructions and a guide to individual card meanings, leading expert Rana George ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • 人類圖:區分的科學 (人類圖國際總部 Jovian Archive 唯一授權定本)

    Book 28 - WHAT
    人類圖國際總部 Jovian Archive 唯一官方授權定本認識人類圖最權威、最完整的一本書人類圖祖師爺& 和國際人類圖學院(IHDS**)院長合著**亞洲人類圖學院負責人喬宜思(Joyce Huang**)翻譯、審定**解開你的基因密碼圖,理解自己的設計,活出獨一無二的人生「人類圖系統不是一個信仰體系。它不會要求你信奉什麼。它既不是故事,也不是哲學。它是具體的地圖,你的基因密碼圖,告訴你如何通往存在的本質。它能深入解釋我們本質運作的機制,這樣的能力非常深奧,因為它是透過每個微小細節,顯示出我們完整的本性。人類圖打開了一扇門,通往『愛自己』的潛能:這是對生命的愛,也是透過理解後對他人的愛。」──... ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Prophecy

    What the Future Holds For You

    World-renowned psychic and bestselling author of End of Days Sylvia Browne turns her psychic wisdom to the puzzling, often contradictory predictions proposed by major historical and contemporary figures, ranging from Biblical prophets, to Nostradamus, to President George Washington, to NASA scientists.Sylvia Browne, the psychic who offered eerily accurate predictions of our current days, examines ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Nostradamus

    The Complete Prophesies for the Future

    by Mario Reading ...
    Featuring updated author commentaries, this is an internationally bestselling selection of the famous seer’s most relevant propheciesNostradamus is widely known as the greatest diviner and visionary who ever lived. In the whole of publishing history, only the Bible has sold more copies than his prophecies, which have been in print since his death in the 16th century.Using a revolutionary new ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Runes For Beginners: Your Complete Beginner’s Guide to Reading Runes in Magic and Divination

    Everything You Need to Know to Begin Working With RunesThe human language gives us the power to create. It is possible because we can use a different combination of words to express unique meanings or ideas. Today, it is still debated how many words are in the English language, with some sources such as the Oxford English Dictionary assuming that the official number is close to 750,000.Runes are a ... Read more


  • Your Hidden Symmetry

    How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life

    by Jean Haner ...
    On the day you were born, you were imprinted with a plan and a purpose – elegant patterns that can be read to see who you really are and what your true calling is. And like your own personal map, the design for each phase of your life journey was created on the day of your birth.Based on ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, this book gives you a rich understanding of your hidden ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD