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Fracture Mechanics

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  • Mechanics of Materials MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

    by Arshad Iqbal

    Mechanics of materials multiple choice questions has 100 MCQs. Materials mechanics quiz questions and answers pdf, MCQs on engineering mechanics, concept of stress, pure bending, stress and strain MCQs with answers, axial loading and torsion MCQs and quiz to practice exam prep tests.Mechanics of materials multiple choice quiz questions and answers pdf, mechanics exam revision and study guide with ... Read more

    $6.74 AUD

  • Derivation of Full Elastic Fields for Force Doublets Near an Interface Between Two Materials

    by Richard Yegian

    Plane elasticity solutions for concentrated forces near a welded interface between two materials can be used for a variety of purposes, among them, the derivation of elastic fields for force doublets (dipoles) or nuclei of strain. The objective of this work by Richard Yegian is to derive and record the full elastic fields for the force doublets near an interface between two materials. The ... Read more

    $153.52 AUD

  • Fatigue Assessment of Welded Joints by Local Approaches

    by C M Sonsino and 2 more

    series Woodhead Publishing Series in Welding and Other Joining Technologies
    Local approaches to fatigue assessment are used to predict the structural durability of welded joints, to optimise their design and to evaluate unforeseen joint failures. This standard work provides a systematic survey of the principles and practical applications of the various methods. It covers the hot spot structural stress approach to fatigue in general, the notch stress and notch strain ... Read more

    $334.83 AUD

  • Modeling of Chemical Wear

    Relevance to Practice

    by A. Sethuramiah and 1 more

    Modeling of Chemical Wear is a one-stop resource for students, researchers and professionals seeking quick and effective tribological evaluations of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. This book considers optimizing additive combinations by proper methodology, bridging the gap between theory and practice. It defines effective approaches to evaluate antiwear chemical additives ... Read more

    $106.25 AUD

  • Handbook On Timoshenko-ehrenfest Beam And Uflyand- Mindlin Plate Theories

    by Isaac E Elishakoff

    The refined theory of beams, which takes into account both rotary inertia and shear deformation, was developed jointly by Timoshenko and Ehrenfest in the years 1911-1912. In over a century since the theory was first articulated, tens of thousands of studies have been performed utilizing this theory in various contexts. Likewise, the generalization of the Timoshenko-Ehrenfest beam theory to plates ... Read more

    $268.28 AUD

  • Fracture Mechanics Of Electromagnetic Materials: Nonlinear Field Theory And Applications

    by Xiaohong Chen and 1 more

    Fracture Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials provides a comprehensive overview of fracture mechanics of conservative and dissipative materials, as well as a general formulation of nonlinear field theory of fracture mechanics and a rigorous treatment of dynamic crack problems involving coupled magnetic, electric, thermal and mechanical field quantities.Thorough emphasis is placed on the physical ... Read more

    $63.68 AUD

  • Introduction to Dislocations

    by D. J. Bacon and 3 more

    In materials science, dislocations are irregularities within the crystal structure or atomic scale of engineering materials, such as metals, semi-conductors, polymers, and composites. Discussing this specific aspect of materials science and engineering, Introduction to Dislocations is a key resource for students.The book provides students and practitioners with the fundamental principles required ... Read more

    $76.55 AUD

  • Welding Deformation and Residual Stress Prevention

    by Yukio Ueda and 2 more

    Generally, welding produces welding deformation and residual stress in the products, which influences the quality and performance of the products. Although many engineers and researchers have made great effort how to control these incidents, they have still remained unresolved. Welding Deformation and Residual Stress Prevention provides a unique computational approach to the prediction of the ... Read more

    $148.49 AUD

  • Introduction To Micromechanics And Nanomechanics (2nd Edition)

    by Shaofan Li and 1 more

    This book presents a systematic treatise on micromechanics and nanomechanics, which encompasses many important research and development areas such as composite materials and homogenizations, mechanics of quantum dots, multiscale analysis and mechanics, defect mechanics of solids including fracture and dislocation mechanics, etc.In this second edition, some previous chapters are revised, and some ... Read more

    $70.50 AUD

  • Multiscale Modeling of the Skeletal System

    by Marco Viceconti

    Integrative approaches to biomedical research promise to advance our understanding of the human body and physiopathology of diseases. In this book, the author focuses on the skeletal system, demonstrating how multiscale modeling can determine the relationship between bone mechanics and disease. Introductory chapters explain the concept of integrative research, what a model is, predictive modeling, ... Read more

    $128.14 AUD

  • Geographic Information Analysis for Sustainable Development and Economic Planning

    New Technologies

    by Giuseppe Borruso and 4 more

    Spatial analytical techniques and geographical analysis and modelling methods are required in order to analyse data and to facilitate the decision process at all levels. Old geographical issues can find an answer thanks to new methods and instruments, while new issues are developing, challenging the researchers for new solutions. Geographic Information Analysis for Sustainable Development and ... Read more

    $248.92 AUD

  • Fracture and Damage Mechanics for Structural Engineering of Frames

    State-of-the-Art Industrial Applications

    by Julio Flórez-López and 2 more

    The certification of the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and mechanical components is one of the main goals of engineers. For civil engineers especially, understanding the tools available for infrastructure analysis is an essential part of designing, constructing, and maintaining safe and reliable structures. Fracture and Damage Mechanics for Structural Engineering of Frames: State-of ... Read more

    $311.07 AUD

  • Advances In Computational Coupling And Contact Mechanics

    by Luis Rodriguez-tembleque and 1 more

    series Computational And Experimental Methods In Structures #11
    This book presents recent advances in the field of computational coupling and contact mechanics with particular emphasis on numerical formulations and methodologies necessary to solve advanced engineering applications.Featuring contributions from leading experts and active researchers in these fields who provide a detailed overview of different modern numerical schemes that can be considered by ... Read more

    $152.12 AUD

  • Fundamentals Of Materials Modelling For Metals Processing Technologies: Theories And Applications

    by Jianguo Lin

    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the unique theory developed over years of research on materials and process modelling and its application in metal forming technologies. It starts with the introduction of fundamental theories on the mechanics of materials, computational mechanics and the formulation of unified constitutive equations. Particular attention is paid to elastic ... Read more

    $74.68 AUD

  • Postbuckling Behavior Of Plates And Shells

    by Hui-shen Shen

    As an expert in structure and stress analysis, the author has written extensively on functionally graded materials (FGMs), nonlinear vibration and dynamic response of functionally graded material plates in thermal environments, buckling and postbuckling analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes in thermal environments. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the author's works which ... Read more

    $207.45 AUD

  • The Theory of Critical Distances

    A New Perspective in Fracture Mechanics

    by David Taylor

    Critical distance methods are extremely useful for predicting fracture and fatigue in engineering components. They also represent an important development in the theory of fracture mechanics. Despite being in use for over fifty years in some fields, there has never been a book about these methods – until now.So why now? Because the increasing use of computer-aided stress analysis (by FEA and other ... Read more

    $155.75 AUD

  • A Rock between Two Rivers

    The Fracturing of a Texas Family Ranch

    by Hugh Asa Fitzsimons III

    A Rock between Two Rivers is the story of a man coming to terms with the environmental legacy of his family’s ranch in Dimmitt County, Texas, and reckoning with the birthright he’ll leave for the generations who follow. What began for Hugh Fitzsimons as a mission to expose local ecological hazards from hydraulic fracking has turned into a lifelong ache to understand the more complicated story of ... Read more

    $23.42 AUD

  • Advances in Mechanical Behaviour, Plasticity and Damage

    by D. Miannay and 17 more

    Since its inception in 1991, EUROMAT has been held each year on behalf of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), and alternates between general and topical prospectives.This year's theme, Advances in Mechanical Behaviour, Plasticity and Damage, was proposed by the Societe Francaise de Metallurgie et de Materiaux (SF2M) to FEMS.This publication contains a selection of papers ... Read more

    $415.79 AUD

  • Low Cycle Fatigue and Elasto-Plastic Behaviour of Materials

    by P.D. Portella and 1 more

    The 4th International Conference on Low Cycle Fatigue and Elasto-Plastic Behaviour of Materials was held from 7-11 September 1998 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.In response to a call for papers, nearly 200 extended abstracts from 32 countries were submitted to the organizing committee. These papers were presented at the conference as invited lectures or short contributions and as oral or ... Read more

    $346.49 AUD

  • Steam Engineering Principles and Heat Transfer

    # Introducing Steam Engineering Principles and Heat Transfer

    by Su TP

    series Heat engineering
    * A Step-by-Step Guide to Steam Engineering Principles and Heat Transfer# Introducing Steam Engineering Principles and Heat TransferContents:Engineering UnitsWhat is Steam?Superheated SteamSteam QualityHeat TransferMethods of Estimating Steam ConsumptionMeasurement of Steam Consumption<... ... Read more

    $24.56 AUD

  • Small Fatigue Cracks: Mechanics, Mechanisms and Applications

    by K.S. Ravichandran and 2 more

    This book contains the fully peer-reviewed papers presented at the Third Engineering Foundation Conference on Small Fatigue Cracks, held under the chairmanship of K.S. Ravichandran and Y. Murakami during December 6-11, 1998, at the Turtle Bay Hilton, Oahu, Hawaii. This book presents a state-of-the-art description of the mechanics, mechanisms and applications of small fatigue cracks by most of the ... Read more

    $217.79 AUD

  • Shear Deformable Beams and Plates

    Relationships with Classical Solutions

    by C.M. Wang and 2 more

    Most books on the theory and analysis of beams and plates deal with the classical (Euler-Bernoulli/Kirchoff) theories but few include shear deformation theories in detail. The classical beam/plate theory is not adequate in providing accurate bending, buckling, and vibration results when the thickness-to-length ratio of the beam/plate is relatively large. This is because the effect of transverse ... Read more

    $146.51 AUD

  • Crack Analysis in Structural Concrete

    Theory and Applications

    by Zihai Shi

    This new book on the fracture mechanics of concrete focuses on the latest developments in computational theories, and how to apply those theories to solve real engineering problems. Zihai Shi uses his extensive research experience to present detailed examination of multiple-crack analysis and mixed-mode fracture.Compared with other mature engineering disciplines, fracture mechanics of concrete is ... Read more

    $102.95 AUD

  • Cracks and Fracture

    by K. Bertram Broberg

    Cracks and Fracture consists of nine chapters in logical sequence. In two introductory chapters, physical processes in the vicinity of the crack edge are discussed and the fracture process is described. Chapter 3 develops general basic concepts and relations in crack mechanics, such as path independent integrals, stress intensity factors and energy flux into the crack edge region. Chapters 4-7 ... Read more

    $188.09 AUD