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General Chemistry

If you like General Chemistry eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • A Short History of Nearly Everything

    by Bill Bryson

    series Bryson #5
    The ultimate eye-opening journey through time and space, A Short History of Nearly Everything is the biggest-selling popular science book of the 21st century and has sold over 2 million copies.'Truly impressive...It's hard to imagine a better rough guide to science.' Guardian'A travelogue of science, with a witty, engaging, and well-informed guide' The TimesBill Bryson describes himself as ... ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Food Bites

    The Science of the Foods We Eat

    by Richard W Hartel and 1 more

    Food Bites is an easy-to-read, often humorous book on the scientific basis of the foods we eat, and answers those pesky, niggling questions such as: Is the quality of beer really affected by the type of water used? and Processed foods: good or bad? Readers will be captivated by this superbly written book, especially so as their guides are Professor Richard Hartel, professor of Food Engineering at ... Read more

    $28.59 AUD

  • The Periodic Table

    A Field Guide to the Elements

    by Paul Parsons and 1 more

    The Periodic Table is one of the most recognizable images in science - and in our culture. Its 118 elements make up everything on our planet and in the entire universe.But how many of us actually know how to interpret its distinctive design? And what does its unique arrangement tell us about the behaviour of each element in the world around us?The Periodic Table looks at the fascinating story and ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Disappearing Spoon...and other true tales from the Periodic Table

    by Sam Kean

    Why did Gandhi hate iodine (I, 53)? Why did the Japanese kill Godzilla with missiles made of cadmium (Cd, 48)? How did radium (Ra, 88) nearly ruin Marie Curie's reputation? And why did tellurium (Te, 52) lead to the most bizarre gold rush in history?The periodic table is one of our crowning scientific achievements, but it's also a treasure trove of passion, adventure, betrayal and obsession. The ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Mendeleyev's Dream

    The Quest for the Elements

    by Paul Strathern

    “Mendeleyev’s Dream is a wonderfully entertaining and stimulating journey from alchemy to chemistry in search of the elements of our universe. It is a book of great clarity and depth.” Jim Crace“A wonderful historical romp through mankind’s attempts to understand the constituents of matter.” The Observer“What stuff is the world made up of? It is the history of this question which Paul Strathern ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Culinary Reactions

    The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking

    by Simon Quellen Field

    When you're cooking, you're a chemist! Every time you follow or modify a recipe, you are experimenting with acids and bases, emulsions and suspensions, gels and foams. In your kitchen you denature proteins, crystallize compounds, react enzymes with substrates, and nurture desired microbial life while suppressing harmful bacteria and fungi. And unlike in a laboratory, you can eat your experiments ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Cooked

    A Natural History of Transformation

    by Michael Pollan

    THE INSPIRATION FOR THE NEW NETFLIX SERIES'It's not often that a life-changing book falls into one's lap ... Yet Michael Pollan's Cooked is one of them.' SundayTelegraph'This is a love song to old, slow kitchen skills at their delicious best' Kathryn Huges, GUARDIAN BOOKS OF THE YEARThe New York Times Top Five Bestseller - Michael Pollan's uniquely enjoyable quest... ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • A is for Arsenic

    The Poisons of Agatha Christie

    by Kathryn Harkup

    Shortlisted for the BMA Book Awards and Macavity Awards 2016Fourteen novels. Fourteen poisons. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's all made-up ...Agatha Christie revelled in the use of poison to kill off unfortunate victims in her books; indeed, she employed it more than any other murder method, with the poison itself often being a central part of the novel. Her choice of deadly substances ... Read more

    $10.88 AUD

  • The Explainer

    From Deja Vu to Why the Sky Is Blue, and Other Conundrums

    by CSIRO Publishing

    Ever wondered how vaccines work, why whales strand themselves or if luck exists? The Explainer: From Déjà Vu to Why the Sky Is Blue, and Other Conundrums is a collection of around 100 of the best articles published in ‘The Explainer’ and ‘Monday’s Medical Myths’ sections of The Conversation. The book answers questions on everyone's mind about a diverse range of topics, abstract concepts, and ... Read more

    $10.66 AUD

  • Brain Food

    How to Eat Smart and Sharpen Your Mind

    by Dr Lisa Mosconi

    A call to action to prevent a brain health crisis - does for diet what Why We Sleep does for sleep'One of the most exciting reads on brain health that I have ever come across ... I cannot recommend this book enough' - Dr Rupy Aujla, author of The Doctor's KitchenWe often talk about how our diets affect our fitness - but we don't discuss how they affect the hungriest organ in the body, the brain. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Chemistry Study Guide: Atom Structure, Chemical Series, Bond, Molecular Geometry, Stereochemistry, Reactions, Acids And Bases, Electrochemistry. (Mobi Study Guides)

    by MobileReference

    Boost Your grades with Chemistry Study Guide. Navigate from table of contents or search for words or phrases.Audience:Intended for everyone interested in Chemistry, particularly undergraduate and graduate science students, medical students, nursing students, physician assistants students, and advanced high school students.FEATURES:- Atomic structure - Chemical interactions and bonding - ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD


    A Chemical Love Story

    by Alexander Shulgin and 1 more

    Alexander (better known as “Sasha”) and Ann Shulgin’s PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story has become a foundational work in the genre and was the first book to fully impart the how-to chemistry, and convey the effects, of many of the entheogenic drugs that are currently being studied and used to heal trauma and deal with death. An acronym for “Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved”, the book spans ... Read more

    $16.05 AUD

  • Napoleon's Buttons

    by Penny Le Couteur and 1 more

    Napoleon's Buttons is the fascinating account of seventeen groups of molecules that have greatly influenced the course of history. These molecules provided the impetus for early exploration, and made possible the voyages of discovery that ensued. The molecules resulted in grand feats of engineering and spurred advances in medicine and law; they determined what we now eat, drink, and wear. A change ... Read more

    $21.66 AUD

  • Chemistry

    by BarCharts and 1 more

    This guide is essential for students or individual looking for Chemistry knowledge. The QuickStudy Chemistry guide includes information on: atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, atomic quantum numbers/orbitals, electronic atoms, types of matter/reactions, physical processes, nomenclature/stoichiometry, chemical interactions/bonding models, gasesthermodynamics/theories and much more! ... Read more

    $8.24 AUD

  • Chemistry in the Marketplace

    by Ben Selinger and 1 more

    Chemicals are everywhere. Many are natural and safe, others synthetic and dangerous. Or is it the other way around? Walking through the supermarket, you might ask yourself: Should I be eating organic food? Is that anti-wrinkle cream a gimmick? Is it worth buying BPA-free plastics? This new edition of Chemistry in the Marketplace provides fresh explanations, fascinating facts and funny anecdotes ... Read more

    $55.98 AUD

  • Ingredients

    The Strange Chemistry of Plants, Poisons and Processed Foods

    by George Zaidan

    Cheese puffs. Coffee. Sunscreen. Vapes. Hand sanitiser. George Zaidan reveals the weird science behind everyday items that may or may not kill you, depending on whom you ask.If you want easy answers, this book is not for you. But if you’re curious which health studies to trust, what dense scientific jargon really means, and how to make better choices when it comes to food and health – dive right ... Read more

    $10.55 AUD

  • Elemental

    How the Periodic Table Can Now Explain (Nearly) Everything

    by Tim James

    SELECTED AS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2018 BY THE DAILY MAIL'A hugely entertaining tour of the periodic table and the 118 elements that are the basic building blocks of everything' Daily MailIn 2016, with the addition of four final elements - nihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson - to make a total of 118 elements, the periodic table was finally complete, rendering any pre-existing books on ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Chemistry Made Simple

    A Complete Introduction to the Basic Building Blocks of Matter

    by John T. Moore and 1 more

    series Made Simple
    See the world, one molecule at a time.Chemistry helps us understand not only the world around us, but also our own bodies. CHEMISTRY MADE SIMPLE makes it fun. Each chapter has practice problems with complete solutions that reinforce learning. A glossary of chemical terms, the modern periodic table, and detailed illustrations throughout make this the best introduction to one of the most studied of ... Read more

    $20.12 AUD

  • A Crack in Creation

    The New Power to Control Evolution

    by Jennifer Doudna and 1 more

    'The most important advance of our era. One of the pioneers of the field describes the exciting hunt for the key breakthrough and what it portends for our future' Walter IsaacsonWorld-famous scientist Jennifer Doudna - winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for creating the revolutionary gene-editing technique CRISPR - explains her discovery, describes its power to reshape the future of all ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Brain: A Very Short Introduction

    by Michael O'Shea

    series Very Short Introductions
    How does the brain work? How different is a human brain from other creatures' brains? Is the human brain still evolving? In this fascinating book, Michael O'Shea provides a non-technical introduction to the main issues and findings in current brain research, and gives a sense of how neuroscience addresses questions about the relationship between the brain and the mind. Chapters tackle subjects ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • Organic Chemistry II For Dummies

    by John T. Moore and 1 more

    A plain-English guide to one of the toughest courses aroundSo, you survived the first semester of Organic Chemistry (maybe even by the skin of your teeth) and now it's time to get back to the classroom and lab! Organic Chemistry II For Dummies is an easy-to-understand reference to this often challenging subject.Thanks to this book, you'll get friendly and comprehensible guidance on everything you ... Read more

    $26.99 AUD

  • Chemistry For Dummies

    by John T. Moore

    Chemistry For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781119293460) was previously published as Chemistry For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781118007303). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.See how chemistry works in everything from soaps to medicines to petroleumWe're all natural born chemists. ... Read more

    $26.99 AUD

  • Oxygen: The molecule that made the world

    The molecule that made the world

    by Nick Lane

    series Popular Science
    Oxygen has had extraordinary effects on life. Three hundred million years ago, in Carboniferous times, dragonflies grew as big as seagulls, with wingspans of nearly a metre. Researchers claim they could have flown only if the air had contained more oxygen than today - probably as much as 35 per cent. Giant spiders, tree-ferns, marine rock formations and fossil charcoals all tell the same story. ... Read more

    $19.02 AUD

  • The Alchemy of Air

    A Jewish Genius, a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discovery That Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler

    by Thomas Hager

    A sweeping history of tragic genius, cutting-edge science, and the Haber-Bosch discovery that changed billions of lives—including your own.At the dawn of the twentieth century, humanity was facing global disaster: Mass starvation was about to become a reality. A call went out to the world’ s scientists to find a solution.This is the story of the two men who found it: brilliant, self-important ... Read more

    $18.58 AUD