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Geriatrics eBooks

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  • Cognitive Assessment for Clinicians

    The third edition of the best-selling Cognitive Assessment for Clinicians provides readers with an up-to-date, practical guide to cognitive function and its assessment to ensure readers have a conceptual knowledge of normal psychological function and how to interpret their findings. Organized into 8 chapters, this resource offers a framework in which various aspects of cognition are considered. ... Read more

    $92.99 AUD

  • Quarterly Essay 57 Dear Life

    On Caring for the Elderly

    Book 57 - Quarterly Essay
    In this moving and controversial Quarterly Essay, doctor and writer Karen Hitchcock investigates the treatment of the elderly and dying through some unforgettable cases. With honesty and deep experience, she looks at end-of-life decisions, frailty and dementia, over-treatment and escalating costs.Ours is a society in which ageism, often disguised, threatens to turn the elderly into a “burden” – ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities: Management Strategies, 2nd Edition

    This new edition is designed as a "one stop shop" with easy-to-use information and resources at the fingertips of the residential facility and community aged care workforce. It is relevant for personal care assistants, registered nurses, general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, occupational therapists, pharmacists and other allied health professionals to identify, assess ... Read more

    $50.99 AUD

  • Growing Older Without Feeling Old

    on vitality and ageing

    Translated by David Shaw ...
    The past century has witnessed a revolution.Less than a hundred years ago, the average Western life expectancy was 40; now it is 80. And there is no end in sight: the first person who will reach 135 has already been born. It’s the most radical change in our society since industrialisation, and naturally it raises many questions.What do longer life spans mean for the way we organise our societies? ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • Dear Life

    On Caring for the Elderly

    In this short, powerful book, Karen Hitchcock shines a light on ageism in our society. Through some unforgettable case studies, she shows what care for the elderly and dying is really like – both the good and the bad. With honesty and deep experience, she looks at end-of-life decisions and over-treatment, frailty and dementia.Dear Life is a moving and controversial argument against the creeping ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Staying Alive

    Discover how to thrive and live better for longer.By the time we turn 60 most of us will still have one third of our lives to live. How well we live these years will depend on our health: are we agile and disease free? Or dependent on medication and physical assistance?In Staying Alive you'll discover the science on how you can avoid or manage the major diseases that impact us as we age, including ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Depression and Anxiety in Later Life

    What Everyone Needs to Know

    series A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book
    Depression and anxiety can be avoided or minimized through medication and therapy and by adapting to changing circumstances as we age.Physical problems and emotional stresses, such as bereavement, health conditions, pain, concerns about the future, side effects of medications, and the accumulated effects of lifestyle choices, may lead to depression or anxiety in older people. However, as Drs. Mark ... Read more

    $30.99 AUD

  • Geriatric Medicine

    An Introduction

    by Gideon Caplan ...
    Geriatric medicine is one of the youngest medical specialities in Australia but is also one of the fastest growing. Geriatric medicine offers a more holistic approach to patient care than organ-based internal-medicine sub-specialities. Patient-centred interventions aim to allow the patient to function optimally. This textbook has been designed to inspire and inform students of geriatric medicine ... Read more

    $74.95 AUD

  • Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    series A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book
    The trusted guide that has helped thousands of people cope with this painful condition—now thoroughly updated and revised.Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which inflammation plays a major role in causing joint problems. Warmth and swelling in the joints, along with significant stiffness and pain, can make daily life difficult. Many people with rheumatoid arthritis also experience ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • 101 Ways to Stay Sexually Active after 60 Years

    This is a fun book to help seniors reignite their sexual activity or add to what is happening now. There are suggestions for implementing many new types of activities, reimagining forplay and overcoming feelings of body dissatisfaction. No matter how long it has been since you have had a satisfying sex life, you can regain and expand your joy in being intimate. ... Read more

    $9.81 AUD

  • The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis

    Prevent or Reverse Your Pain, Discomfort, and Limitations

    Battle the growing arthritis epidemic by taking steps now.Arthritis is truly an epidemic: more than 40 million Americans currently have arthritis, it is the leading cause of disability among people age 65 and older, and the overall annual costs to society are figured to be more than 65 billion. While it is present in nearly everyone by age 70, the problem is growing as arthritis more commonly ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Dementia Beyond Drugs, Second Edition

    Changing the Culture of Care

    Reducing the use of psychotropic drugs in the symptomatic treatment of dementia is key to successfully implementing compassionate, person-centered practices in your organization—and this book shows clearly why and how it can be done. The revised second edition of this award-winning resource introduces new research, language, and examples to reinforce the core message that antipsychotic medications ... Read more

    $64.54 AUD

  • Brain Longevity

    The Breakthrough Medical Program that Improves Your Mind and Memory

    In the tradition of Andrew Weil's bestseller Spontaneous Healing, this is a physician's breakthrough medical program for the brain designed to diminish the effect of memory impairment caused by stress, aging, and Alzheimer's disease.As we grow older and experience the stresses of life, at about age 40 many of us begin to have trouble remembering things, concentrating, and generally staying ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Advancing Conversations

    Aubrey De Grey - Advocate For An Indefinite Human Lifespan

    Advancing Conversations is a line of interview books documenting conversations with artists, authors, philosophers, economists, scientists, and activists whose works are aimed at the future and at progress. The biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey, as the world's pre-eminent longevity advocate, is nothing if not future oriented. De Grey is the founder of the SENS Research Foundation, an organization ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • The Age of Ageing Better?

    A Manifesto For Our Future

    'Dr Anna Dixon has written a must-read for anyone interested in the future of ageing. Learn from one of the best informed about an issue, and opportunity, that is facing us all.'Andy Briggs, Head of FTSE 100 life insurer Phoenix Group'A very important book'Sir Muir GrayThe Age of Ageing Better? takes a radically different view of what our ageing society means. Dr Anna Dixon turns the ... ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults

    Exploring the Fabric of Life

    "Guided autobiography," write the authors, "is ideally suited to foster in the older adult a belief that his or her life is meaningful and something of which to be proud." This book helps professionals—at senior centers, community centers, and other service facilities—guide older adults and others in preparing their autobiographies.Many older adults, the authors explain, have limited social ... Read more

    $39.99 AUD

  • The Eye Book

    A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health

    series A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book
    The Owner's Manual for Your Eyes: The most comprehensive guide to taking care of vision.Winner of the National Health Information Award (Consumer Decision-Making Information) by the National Health Information Awards, American Book Fest Best Book Social Change and Current Events by the American Book FestIn The Eye Book, specialist Dr. Gary H. Cassel presents readers with trusted, evidence-based ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Principles and Practice of Geriatric Sleep Medicine

    Sleep disorders cause considerable morbidity and distress in the aging population. By highlighting the clinical diagnosis and management of sleep disorders, this volume provides a valuable resource for all those involved in health care of older individuals. The changes in sleep patterns that occur during normal aging are described, followed by authoritative chapters on the presentation of various ... Read more

    $164.99 AUD

  • Clinical Cases in Geriatric Dermatology

    series Clinical Cases in Dermatology
    This concise practical guide is designed to facilitate the clinical decision-making process by reviewing a number of cases and defining the various diagnostic and management decisions open to clinicians. It is richly illustrated and diverse in scope, enabling the reader to obtain relevant information regarding both standard and unusual cases in a rapid, easy to digest format. The first in the ... Read more

    $54.99 AUD

  • The Conversation

    A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Life Care

    In this "enlightening" (Jane Brody, New York Times) book, Harvard Medical School physician Angelo E. Volandes offers a solution to traumatic end-of-life care: talking, medicine's oldest tool.There is an unspoken dark side of American medicine--keeping patients alive at any price. Two thirds of Americans die in healthcare institutions, tethered to machines and tubes at bankrupting costs, even ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Living with Ageing and Dying

    Palliative and End of Life Care for Older People

    Ageing populations mean that palliative and end of life care for older people must assume greater priority. Indeed, there is an urgent need to improve the experiences of older people at the end of life, given that they have been identified as the 'disadvantaged dying'. To date, models of care are underpinned by the ideals of specialist palliative care which were developed to meet the needs of ... Read more

    $92.99 AUD

  • Oxford Desk Reference: Geriatric Medicine

    series Oxford Desk Reference Series
    With an ageing population, there is little doubt that the majority of hospital-based consultants and their teams will care for older patients and the many complications this presents. This book provides an evidence-based guide for both trainees and consultants in geriatric medicine and those interested in geriatric medicine. Designed in line with the core Royal College curriculum, it provides a ... Read more

    $204.99 AUD

  • Mayo Clinic Guide to Preventing & Treating Osteoporosis

    Keeping Your Bones Healthy and Strong to Reduce Your Risk of Fracture

    by Mayo Clinic ...
    Expert information on preventing brittle bones and staying active and independent.Thanks to advances at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and elsewhere, osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease that contributes to premature aging, can be effectively managed or even avoided. We no longer have to tolerate the pain and disability osteoporosis once caused.That's just the start of the good news you'll find ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Dementia

    Dementia represents a major public health challenge for the world with over 100 million people likely to be affected by 2050. A large body of professionals is active in diagnosing, treating, and caring for people with dementia, and research is expanding. Many of these specialists find it hard to keep up to date in all aspects of dementia. This book helps solve that problem. The new edition has ... Read more

    $366.99 AUD