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Glass & Glassware eBooks

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  • Warman's Depression Glass

    Identification and Price Guide

    by Ellen Schroy ...
    Once an inexpensive gift often given away, Depression glass is one of today's most sought after collectible. This essential guide gives collectors current market values for more than 10,000 items that often carry sentimental, as well as financial value.This comprehensive guide delivers double the photos as previous editions and the most specific identification process of any guide on the market ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Man with a Van

    My Story

    Sunday Times bestseller'When I see something old, that I think is beautiful, special, valuable, it's not about the money. It's about being in another time and place.'Star of TV's Salvage Hunters, Drew Pritchard will go to the greatest lengths for the best deals. He discovered the casts Lord Elgin made of his infamous marbles in a school garage, and broke the bank to buy the tool box Malcolm ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Collecting Old Lustre Ware

    by W. Bosanko ...
    In "Collecting Old Lustre Ware," by W. Bosanko, the author has assembled one of the few books on this beautiful type of antique pottery that is available. The book reviews the history of old Lustre Ware pottery, explains the process, and most important for the collector, illustrates various old Lustre Ware pottery pieces so both the neophyte & advanced collector can advance their collection ... Read more

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  • Sea Glass

    Rare and Wonderful

    by C. S. Lambert ...
    Almost every shoreline offers up worlds of adventure, archaeology, science, and the arts in the form of sea glass and ceramic shards. These discarded remains pull beachcombers into a world of startling revelation; a world of history founded on documented research and broadened by the imagination.Recognized expert on sea glass, C.S. Lambert guides readers through her personal collection, revealing ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook

    by C. S. Lambert ...
    The perfect guide for both seasoned and novice seaglunkers, The Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook reveals how to locate the best beaches and predict optimum conditions; understand coastal access laws; determine the personal and professional value of sea glass' and identify the source of individual fragments. Sea glass connects civilization and nature, often in surprising ways. This guide investigates ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Glass (Illustrations)

    It is now nearly thirty years since the late Mr. Nesbitt wrote the introduction to the catalogue of the glass at South Kensington. Some years previously the description of the glass in the Slade collection had been intrusted to the same gentleman. Since that time many works treating of special departments of the history of glass have been published in France, in Germany, and in Italy. Much fresh ... Read more

    $3.15 AUD

  • Making a Spectacle

    A Fashionable History of Glasses

    From 13th century Franciscan monks to Beyoncé in Black is King, Making a Spectacle charts the fascinating ascension of eyeglasses—from an unsightly but useful tool to fashion's must-have accessory.The power of glasses to convey a range of vivid messages about their wearers have made them into a billion-dollar business that appeals to cool kids and rock stars, and those who want to be like them, ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Knowledge of Pressed Ware

    Trademarks, Labels, and Logos on U.S.A. Glass Companies

    Knowledge of Pressed Ware: Trademarks, Labels, and Logos on U.S.A. Glass CompaniesBy: George HuemmerKnowledge of Pressed Ware is a collection of the different glass manufacturers and who made what glassware. The logos, trademarks, and labels have lots of information. If you love everyday glassware, this book is a great tool full of knowledge for you!About the AuthorGeorge Huemmer’s main hobby is ... Read more

    $29.34 AUD

  • Choose the Best Dishes

    by Alayne Simeon ...
    Take A Look At What Best Suits Your Wants And Needs in Old Dishes Antique Dishes, Dinnerware Dishes, China Dishes and Dinnerware Sets   ... Read more

    $3.33 AUD

  • Collecting Old Glass

    English and Irish

    by J. H. Yoxall ...
    I hope the reader may find that this book, though smaller than others on the same subject, is more helpful and even more comprehensive than they are; that it deals with the glass articles which they mention and with others which they omit; that it simplifies and classifies the study and practice of glass-collecting more than has been done in print heretofore; and that it can do these things ... Read more

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  • Los vidrios de botica

    La obra compila el desarrollo histórico de la manufactura del vidrio a la par de los frascos farmacéuticos, incorpora elementos para identificar su procedencia, presenta una metodología para su catalogación y valoración, y plantea la problemática de la autenticidad. En primer lugar el presente trabajo reseña el origen del vidrio y su desarrollo a través de la historia. Incluye los antecedentes de ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • H. C. Fry No. 10 Brilliant Era Cut Glass Manufacturer Catalog

    Hard to find Fry Catalog No. 10 catalog patterns, pictures, and prices are delivered in a searchable format that also provides shapes, sizes and sets. The catalog used relatively simple woodcut images. This eBook adds a comprehensive Fry cutting pattern index covering 21 sources, captioned photos of 67 surviving examples of Fry cut glass, and research results presenting publication dates for all ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Union Glass Co. Cutting Blanks Catalog, Baskets through Comports

    Union Blanks, #1

    by Rob Smith ...
    Book 1 - Union Blanks
    Presents the first 75 pages (Baskets through Comports) of the large undated Union Glass cutting blanks catalog originally issued circa 1903-06 to the cutting firm of F. X. Parsche of Chicago IL. A photocopy of the original was was the 2003 basis for Chapter 3 of the LABAC Cycle #3 (PU") book distributed to the (then relatively small) LABAC group. A second paper edition of the PU book was published ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Union Glass Co. Cutting Blanks, Punch Bowls Through Miscellaneous

    Union Blanks, #3

    by Rob Smith ...
    Book 3 - Union Blanks
    Information about Brilliant Era cutting blanks suppliers is scarce. Hundreds of blank pictures are presented in the last 94 pages (Punch Bowls Through Miscellaneous) of this large undated Union Glass cutting blanks catalog. It was originally issued circa 1903-06 to the cutting firm of F. X. Parsche of Chicago IL. A photocopy of the original was was the 2003 basis for Chapter 3 of the LABAC Cycle ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Union Glass Co. Cutting Blanks Catalog, Cream Trays Through Boxes, Creams and Puffs

    Union Blanks, #2

    by Rob Smith ...
    Book 2 - Union Blanks
    Information about Brilliant Era cutting blanks suppliers is scarce. Hundreds of blank pictures are presented in the middle 88 pages (Cream Trays through Boxes, Creams and Puffs) of this large undated Union Glass cutting blanks catalog. It was originally issued circa 1903-06 to the cutting firm of F. X. Parsche of Chicago IL. A photocopy of the original was was the 2003 basis for Chapter 3 of the ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Brilliant Cut Glass Value Impairment

    by Rob Smith ...
    Relative value is often an issue and concern as old antique cut glass is bought and sold. One of the first things that non-collectors usually want to know about inherited glass is, "How much is it worth?" Beginning collectors are often are perplexed by the outrageous prices that seem to be arbitrarily assigned to unremarkable pieces. More experienced collectors shop carefully, observing minute ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Tinker Brilliant Cut Glass Distributor Catalog #1

    by Rob Smith ...
    Tinker was a Chicago-based firm specializing in the promotion and distribution of American Brilliant Era cut glass manufactured by smaller cutting houses that elected to "outsource" their marketing and sales. The firm claimed to be the "largest cut glass sales agency in the world."The Brilliant Era Tinker catalog reprinted, indexed and analyzed here was published during the first few years of the ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Expansive Pairpoint Design Name Index

    by Rob Smith ...
    Presents an expansive new index of Pairpoint (and predecessor Mt. Washington) cut and engraved decorative designs of the Brilliant Era and beyond. Comprising over 5,500 entries in design name (or number) order, citations were accumulated and integrated from seven sources. The resulting index provides coverage of several hundred distnct designs, enabling quick access to printed as well as online ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Glass Manufacture

    The present volume on Glass Manufacture has been written chiefly for the benefit of those who are users of glass, and therefore makes no claim to be an adequate guide or help to those engaged in glass manufacture itself. For this reason the account of manufacturing processes has been kept as non-technical as possible; no detailed drawings of plant or appliances have been given, and only a few ... Read more

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  • Sea Glass Crafts

    Find, Collect, & Craft More Than 20 Projects Using the Ocean's Treasures

    Sea glass is the beautiful result of broken glass being naturally polished and smoothed by the ocean’s currents for extended periods of time. These beautiful jewels become weathered and frosted from abrasion and erosion in salt water, giving them a distinctly beautiful, jewel-like appearance that is perfect for all sorts of crafting!Sea Glass Crafts includes twenty step-by-step projects for you to ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD $1.99 AUD

  • Heisey Glassware

    The Early Years: 1896-1924

    by Dunbar ...
    IDENTIFY AND PRICEMarked and unmarked pieces of Heisey collectible glass.This first-ever comprehensive guide to Heisey glassware covers the early production years of the A.H. Heisey Company - from 1896 through 1924 - and offers accurate, comprehensive, detailed information regarding patterns and colors, production dates and values. Know your glass, and you'll feel confident buying, selling and ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Warman's Fiesta Ware

    Identification & Price Guide

    by Mark Moran ...
    series Warman's
    The clean design and bright colors of the Fiesta dinnerware line (first introduced by the Homer Laughlin Co. in 1936) caught the fancy of housewives everywhere, revolutionizing the market for tableware in the United States. Though originally offered in just five colors - red, ivory, cobalt, blue, yellow, and green - the number and variety of hues blossomed to include turquoise, rose, gray, forest ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Warman's Lalique

    Identification and Price Guide

    by Mark Moran ...
    series Warman's
    Demanding high price tags, the superior work of the fine French artisan Rene Lalique is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but highly collectible synonymous with fine luxurious art glass worldwide.From the strikingly bold and original Art Nouveau and art deco styles of Rene Lalique, and those of Cristallerie Lalique after his death, this full-color guide presents the refined figurines, vases, and ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Warman's Depression Glass Field Guide

    Values and Identification

    by Ellen Schroy ...
    series Warman's Field Guide
    At last, a field guide that is truly a "pocket guide." Measuring in at only 4-1/4 X 5-1/4 inches, this is a book that fits easily into any handbag, purse, backpack or...pocket! Compact in size, but packing a real wallop of identification information, this Depression glass guide includes over 500 photos & illustrations and accurate pricing for each of the 300 pieces included. Covers more than 100 ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD