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  • The Last Greek

    by Christian Cameron

    series Commander #2
    211BCE. The Roman invasion from the western seas is imminent, and from the south the Spartans are burning and pillaging their way north.Battle-hardened Philopoemen believes the Achean League is facing annihilation if it does not arm. But without a formal army or cavalry, they don't stand a chance. Convincing his friend and healer Alexanor that the threat is real, together they begin to build a ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Skios

    by Michael Frayn

    Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize'Good God, thought Oliver, as he saw the smile. She thinks I'm him! And all at once he knew it was so. He was Dr Norman Wilfred.'On the sunlit Greek island of Skios, the Fred Toppler Foundation's annual lecture is to be given by Dr Norman Wilfred, the world-famous authority on the scientific organisation of science. He turns out to be surprisingly young and ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Heroes

    The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold

    by Stephen Fry

    series Stephen Fry’s Greek Myths #2
    IMAGINE SANDALS ON YOUR FEET, A SWORD IN YOUR HAND, HOT SUN BEATING DOWN ON YOUR BRONZE HELMET. ENTER THE WORLD OF STEPHEN FRY'S SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER, HEROESOrder*TROY* now, Stephen Fry's bewitching retelling of the most legendary story ever toldIn this companion to his bestselling Mythos, Stephen Fry gloriously retells the epic myths of the Greek heroes - which will be loved by young an... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Horizon History of Ancient Greece

    by William Harlan Hale

    Here, from award-winning historian William Harlan Hale, is the ever-fascinating story of ancient Greece - from the Bronze-Age cultures of Crete and Mycenae, the rise of the Greek city-states, and the wars with Persia to the golden age of Athens under Pericles, the Hellenistic age after Alexander's conquests, and, finally, the slow decline to the status as a Roman province. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Hearts of Stone

    A gripping historical thriller of World War II and the Greek resistance

    by Simon Scarrow

    The fierce courage of the men and women of the Greek Resistance is brought to vivid life in Sunday Times bestseller Simon Scarrow's powerful novel of World War II. 'Gripping... [a] moving narrative of friendships broken by war and betrayal' Sunday TimesA perfect summer on the Greek island of Lefkas for three young people untroubled by the simmering politics of Europe. Peter, visiting from Germany ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Alexander the Great

    by Charles Mercer

    Alexander the Great has fascinated people for centuries - and still does. Here, from award-winning historian and journalist Charles Mercer, is the story of the military genius who became a king at twenty told with all the color and drama characteristic of Alexander's time. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Greece: A History

    by Alexander Eliot

    Here, from the award-winning writer and historian Alexander Eliot, is the dramatic story of the rise of ancient Greece to the fall of the Greek Empire - from the city-states of Athens and Sparta to the empire of Alexander the Great and the power of Constantine, from myths of gods and goddesses to the foundations of Orthodox Christianity and from Herodotus and Homer to Aristotle and Euclid. The ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • The Parthenon

    by R. Taylor Austen

    Democracy's symbolic birthplace, the famed Acropolis, stands today as a reminder of the glory that was ancient Greece. Atop this ancient citadel - once the center of Athenian civil pride and religion - stands the most famous structure in the Western world, the Parthenon. Here, historian R. Taylor Austen tells the stirring story of the Parthenon but also traces the history of Athens itself - its ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Greek Mythology: Captivating Stories of the Ancient Olympians and Titans

    Heroes and Gods, Ancient Myths

    by Ross Tanner

    Captivating Stories of the Ancient Olympians and TitansDid you know that Zeus loved many women, both goddesses and mortals?Did you know that he turned himself into golden rain for one damsel who was locked away in a tower, and turned himself into a swan for another beauty?Did you know that he kidnapped one young princess which led to her brother founding the city of Thebes?And did yo... ... Read more




    by plato

    The Republic (Greek: Πολιτεία, Politeia) is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC, concerning the definition of δικαιοσύνη (justice), the order and character of the just city-state and the just man, reason by which ancient readers used the name On Justice as an alternative title (not to be confused with the spurious dialogue also titled On Justice). The dramatic date of the dialogue ... Read more

    $1.05 AUD

  • Greek Mythology: Of Gods, Mortals, Monsters & Other Legends of Ancient Greece

    Myths & Legends

    by Jordan Wells

    Greek Mythology: Of Gods, Mortals, Monsters & Other Legends of Ancient GreeceReady for the adventures of Greek mythology? Of all the myths and legends of the ancient world, it is Greek mythology that is most celebrated and richest with its characters, themes and stories. Modern adaptations of the myths, like those told through movies and TV series, pale in comparison to the real myths as told by ... Read more

    $6.60 AUD

  • Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

    by Lawrence Durrell

    Lose yourself in this classic prize-winning memoir of life in 1950s Cyprus on the brink of revolution by the legendary king of travel writing and real-life family member of The Durrells in Corfu.'Stunning.' André Aciman'Masterly ... Casts a spell.' Jan Morris'Invades the reader's every sense ... Remarkable.' Victoria Hislop'These days I am a... ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Alexander The Great: A Life From Beginning To End

    by Henry Freeman

    What does it mean to be great? There have been many that have come through the sands of time proclaiming their own greatness. We see it in the news every day; leaders, heroes, tyrants, and even reality star presidential candidates claim that they are great. But what about Alexander the Great?Inside you will read about...✓ Alexander and the Happiness of Horses✓ Aristotle and the First Day of School ... Read more


  • The History of the Peloponnesian War (Illustrated Edition)

    by Thucydides

    Although Herodotus is known as the Father of History, Thucydides (460-395 B.C.) could have made a pretty good claim himself. Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War recounts the 5th century BC war between Greek city states Sparta and Athens through the year 411 BC. Due to this masterpiece, Thucydides has been dubbed the father of "scientific history", because of his strict standards of ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • A Short History of Europe

    From Pericles to Putin

    by Simon Jenkins

    The first short, single-volume history of the continent - from the Dark Ages to present day - by the author of the bestselling A Short History of EnglandEurope is an astonishingly successful place. In this dazzling new history, bestselling author Simon Jenkins grippingly tells the story of its evolution from warring peoples to peace, wealth and freedom.From Greece and Rome, through the Reformation ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Ill Met By Moonlight

    by W. Stanley Moss

    NOW WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY W. STANLEY MOSS'S DAUGHTER GABRIELLA BULLOCK AND AN AFTERWORD BY PATRICK LEIGH FERMORIll Met By Moonlight is the true story of one of the most hazardous missions of the Second World War. W. Stanley Moss is a young British officer who, along with Major Patrick Leigh Fermor, sets out in Nazi-occupied Crete to kidnap General Kreipe, Commander of the Sevastopool Division, ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • The History of the Peloponnesian War

    by Thucydides

    $7.38 AUD

  • The Ionian Islands and Epirus

    by Jim Potts

    series Landscapes of the Imagination #2
    Scattered off the west coast of mainland Greece are the seven Ionian Islands, celebrated for their spectacular landscapes, olive groves and classical associations. Together with the mountainous mainland region of Epirus, the combined populations of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira constitute less than a twentieth of the population of Greece, yet they have made a huge ... Read more

    $17.04 AUD

  • Greek Mythology

    A Traveller's Guide from Mount Olympus to Troy

    by David Stuttard and 1 more

    The Greek myths have a universal appeal, reaching far beyond the time and physical place in which they were created. But many are firmly rooted in specific settings: Thebes dominates the tragedy of Oedipus; Mycenae broods over the fates of Agamemnon and Electra; Knossos boasts the scene of Theseus's slaying of the Minotaur; Tiryns was where Heracles set out from on each of his twelve labours.Here, ... Read more

    $23.86 AUD

  • Makers of History ALEXANDER THE GREAT

    (With Audiobook Link)

    by Jacob Abbott.

    Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great, was a king of Macedon, a state in northern ancient Greece. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history ... Read more

    $1.10 AUD

  • The History of the Peloponnesian War: With 18 Illustrations and a Free Online Audio File.

    by Thucydides

    The History of the Peloponnesian War is an account of the Peloponnesian War in Ancient Greece, fought between the Peloponnesian League (led by Sparta) and the Delian League (led by Athens). It was written by Thucydides, an Athenian general who served in the war. It is widely considered a classic and regarded as one of the earliest scholarly works of history. The History is divided into eight books ... Read more

    $1.79 AUD

  • The myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome (FREE Audiobook Included!)

    by E.M. Berens

    The myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome (FREE Audiobook Included!)-Included TOC for Reader.-Free Audiobook link for download. ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Fourteen Byzantine Rulers

    The Chronographia of Michael Psellus

    by Michael Psellus and 2 more

    This chronicle of the Byzantine Empire, beginning in 1025, shows a profound understanding of the power politics that characterized the empire and led to its decline. ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Macedonia and the Macedonians

    A History

    by Andrew Rossos

    This detailed volume surveys the history of Macedonia from 600 BC to the present day, with an emphasis on the past two centuries. It reveals how the so-called Macedonian question has long dominated Balkan politics, and how for well over a century and a half, it was the central issue dividing Balkan peoples, as neighboring Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia struggled for possession of Macedonia—and ... Read more

    $14.62 AUD