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Hand Tools eBooks

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  • Principles of How to Quit Losing Stuff

    This is not a repeat of the old stuff everyone tells you about being organized. It is an entertaining look at how to avoid looking all over for stuff. ... Read more


  • Macramé Patterns and Projects - Over 20 Illustrated Projects for Both Beginners and Advanced

    by Michelle Ford ...
    Michelle Ford's Macramé: Patterns & Projects offers an easy as well as a complete step-by-step guide for everyone interested in learning this ancient art. Not only does it cover much of the history involved with the craft's development, but it also focuses on discovering how to apply your finished products to home décor, bracelets, necklaces, plant hangers, and more.With over a decade of ... Read more

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  • True Minimalism

    A Lifestyle that Uses Multipurpose Items, Home Organization, Strict Budgeting Rules & Decluttering Tips for Simple Living

    by Carey Harris ...
    It’s been called the lifestyle of the Millenials: Minimalism. Less is more! That’s the idea behind this simplified lifestyle, which is often affiliated with small living spaces but goes way beyond downsizing and a minimalistic home free of clutter.   Everything you own serves a purpose – Carey Harris defines minimalism in the modern society, talks about the advantages of minimalist living as well ... Read more

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  • A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

    Writing in an age when the call for the rights of man had brought revolution to America and France, Mary Wollstonecraft produced her own declaration of female independence in 1792. Passionate and forthright, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman attacked the prevailing view of docile, decorative femininity, and instead laid out the principles of emancipation: an equal education for girls and boys, ... Read more

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  • Everyday Woodworking

    A Beginner's Guide to Woodcraft With 12 Hand Tools

    by Rex Krueger ...
    Get started with simple, useful, handcrafted woodworking projects for everyday people—with only 12 basic tools!Lots of people want to try woodwork, but they get intimidated by dangerous power tools and difficult techniques. Good news: there are lots of ways to work with wood and anyone can get a few tools and start making projects.Everyday Woodworking starts at the very beginning—with wood. How ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Handyman At Work

    by Anonymous ...
    Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Fixing Things!Is the fact that you would like to know how to fix things but just don't know how making your life difficult... maybe even miserable?First, you are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but not knowing how to get started with being handy is far more common than you'd think.Your lack of knowledge in this area may not be ... Read more

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  • Easy Trips to Clean Brushed Nickel

    Trips, wet and dry cloths to clean brushed nickel

    by H.J. Lilly ...
    Book 3 - How to
    The last step on brushed nickel is delicate and will make cleaning quite tricky. When cleaning brushed nickel, you can use the gentlest method conceivable ... Read more

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  • Picture Frame Making for Amateurs - Being Practical Instructions in the Making of Various Kinds of Frames for Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Engravings.

    by James Lukin ...
    “Picture Frame making for Amateurs” is a detailed, step-by-step guide, including chapters on the necessary tools and how to use them, the different materials that can be used, common problems, and much more. Written in simple language and including plenty of helpful diagrams, this volume will be of utility to anyone looking to make their own picture frames. Contents include: “Necessary Tools and ... Read more

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  • Living Off the Grid: A Beginner's Guide to an Independent and Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

    Self-Sufficient Living

    series Self-Sufficient Living
    The Martians have landed, the Zombies have attacked, and now you need to bug out and live off the grid as they are using the grid to track down everyone and enslave us or worse. While this is a little far-fetched, (The Martians are arriving next month not today), people are finding it more and more desirable to live away from society and all the issues with being interconnected to the rest of the ... Read more

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  • Field Guide to Tools

    How to Identify and Use Virtually Every Tool at the Hardward Store

    by John Kelsey ...
    series Field Guide
    Finally, a field guide to identifying and utilizing more than 100 tools, from an awl to a propane torch, from a table saw to a screwdriver!Field Guide to Tools is the ultimate guide to all the gear any handyperson requires. Hardware stores, home stores, and garden stores are full of unrecognizable items—here’s how you can find out what tool is appropriate for your job and just how to go about ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD


    Dependable Step by Step Guide on How to Learn and Master How to Pick Locks (Including Making DIY Lock Pick Set)

    by Oscar Wright ...
    A lot of us may be thinking to ourselves why should i learn how to pick locks if I do not plan on breaking into people’s houses or homes?This is a wonderful question that needs a deserved answerThere are some very good reasons why a law abiding citizen should master and learn how to pick a lockLock picking opens our eyes to the full light of security; we all lock our doors to keep our loved ones ... Read more

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  • Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them

    A wonderful book for anyone interested in starting their own homestead or small farm. This book will show you how to be self reliant and build the things you'll need. There are more than 200 illustrations showing you how to make handy farm devices. You'll learn about the farmer's workshop and tools, running a grindstone, making a dumb waiter, making a cradle, how to clean a well, how to stake out ... Read more

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  • Non rompere le scatole… riciclale!

    Saggi - saggio (59 pagine) - Un manuale dedicato al riciclo creativo del packaging industriale. Scoprite cosa potete fare con delle semplici scatole che di solito buttate via...Non rompere le scatole… riciclale! è un manuale dedicato al riciclo creativo del packaging industriale. L’autore, anche grazie a una serie di esperienze personali, invita i lettori a scoprire la vocazione profonda – e più ... Read more

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  • Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman

    Wollstonecraft's philosophical and gothic novel revolves around the story of a woman imprisoned in an insane asylum by her husband. It focuses on the societal rather than the individual "wrongs of woman" and criticizes what Wollstonecraft viewed as the patriarchal institution of marriage in eighteenth-century Britain and the legal system that protected it. ... Read more

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  • Axes & Chainsaws

    Use and Maintenance / A Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-13

    Book 13 - Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin
    Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life. ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Desafio Zero

    by Eunice Maia ...
    Este livro é o relato, na primeira pessoa, de uma jornada rumo à redução do desperdício. Eunice Maia, fundadora da Maria Granel, a primeira zero waste store e mercearia biológica a granel em Portugal, apresenta-nos um guia prático que é um verdadeiro convite a uma pequena revolução, inspirado pelo seu próprio percurso e pelas experiências que tem vivido. Durante muito tempo, a sua vida foi pautada ... Read more

    $20.39 AUD

  • The Handyman's Book of Tools, Materials, and Processes Employed in Woodworking

    First published in 1903, this book contains a classic guide to woodworking, being a handbook of related materials, tools, processes, and more. Written with the novice in mind, this profusely-illustrated volume contains step-by-step instructions and expert tips designed to walk the beginner through their first experiences in the workshop. Although old, this volume contains a wealth of timeless ... Read more

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  • Total verstrickt

    Kreative Strickideen für Heim und Familie

    series Landleben
    Strickbücher gibt es viele, doch keines bietet etwas anspruchsvollere Strickmodelle, mit denen Frau ihren Kleiderschrank mit dem einen oder anderen selbstgemachten Teil bereichern kann. Die Leserin findet hier eine breite Auswahl an Strickmodellen und nicht nur jeweils einen Pullover oder eine Strickjacke. Verschiedene Muster, Farben und Passformen – hier wird jeder fündig, der gerne strickt. Auch ... Read more

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  • Things To Make

    Things To Make By Archibald WilliamsLanguage English ... Read more

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  • Artistic Leather Work - A Handbook on the Art of Decorating Leather

    This book contains a classic handbook on the art of decorating leather, with information on tools and equipment, materials, techniques, common problems, and many other related aspects. Profusely illustrated and full of handy tips and invaluable hints, this volume will appeal to anyone occupied in leatherwork, and would make for a worthy addition to collections of related literature. Contents ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Scroll Saw for Beginners

    The Complete Hand Book to Craft 20 Beautiful Woodworking Scroll Saw Patterns and Projects with Tools and Tips Included

    by Jerry Heath ...
    Are you a scrolling beginner looking for ways to enhance your creativity with the scroll saw? Are you fascinated with the idea of DIY woodworks? Are you confused about where to start and scrolling ideas you can try out? If so, then read on…This book, Scroll Saw for Beginners, provides an in-depth exposition that will expose you to how the scroll saw works and the beautiful works of art it can help ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Decoration of Leather

    by Maude Nathan ...
    This vintage book contains a detailed and practical guide to decorating leather. Profusely illustrated and containing many examples of leather decoration from various sources, this volume will be of considerable utility to those with a practical interest in leather working and decorating. Contents include: "The Decoration of Leather in the Past", "Tools and Leather", "Methods of Working in Leather ... Read more

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  • Leathers, Skins and Tools for Artistic Leather Work

    by Anon ...
    This vintage book contains a comprehensive guide to decorating leather, with information on staining, painting, modelling, tools and equipment, and many other related aspects. Written in simple plain language and full of handy tips, this book is ideal for the beginner, and is not to be missed by collectors of classic leatherworking literature. Contents include: “The Charm of Artistic Leatherwork”, ... Read more

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  • Quilting Made Easy

    Perfect Quilting For Beginners

    by Jamie J. ...
    Quilting is an art where two layers of fiber will be brought together.It is an art that has been practiced for ages, and I believe it will become easy for anyone who has been giving it a wide berth.The many decorations that we see are a product of this art.And since machines are being used, one needs to give it a stab and see how it evolves.But since the process cannot be done without using hands, ... Read more

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