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  • The Shape of Sound

    by Fiona Murphy

    I am still unlearning the habit of secrecy. And yet, whenever somebody discovers that I am deaf, my body still reacts with churning terror. How do you build up a sense of robust pride when your body has taught itself to be fearful?Fiona Murphy’s memoir about being deaf is a revelation.Secrets are heavy, burdensome things. Imagine carrying a secret that if exposed could jeopardise your chances of ... Read more

    $13.63 AUD

  • And Fire Came Down

    by Emma Viskic

    series Caleb Zelic #2
    Deaf since early childhood, Caleb Zelic is used to meeting life head-on. Now, he’s struggling just to get through the day. His best mate is dead, his ex-wife, Kat, is avoiding him, and nightmares haunt his waking hours.But when a young woman is killed, after pleading for his help in sign language, Caleb is determined to find out who she was. The trail leads Caleb back to his hometown, Resurrection ... Read more

    $8.90 AUD

  • You’re Not Listening

    What You’re Missing and Why It Matters

    by Kate Murphy

    'BRILLIANT' Chris Evans, Virgin Radio Breakfast ShowWhen was the last time you listened to someone, or someone really listened to you?This life-changing book will transform your conversations forever.At work, we're taught to lead the conversation.On social media, we shape our personal narratives.At parties, we talk over one another. So do our politicians.We're not listening.... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • When the Brain Can't Hear

    Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder

    by Teri James Bellis and 1 more

    Millions of Americans have difficulty understanding spoken language.They're not deaf, autistic, or slow. They have APD.APD has been called the auditory equivalent of dyslexia, and its debilitatiting effects cross all ages, genders, and races. APD can cause children to fail in school and adults to suffer socially and in their careers, but until now, there has been little information available ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Life After Deaf

    My Misadventures in Hearing Loss and Recovery

    by Noel Holston and 1 more

    From a renowned media critic to a man with sudden and full hearing loss, Noel Holston ran the gauntlet of diagnoses, health insurance, and cochlear implant surgery.On a spring night in 2010, Noel Holston, a journalist, songwriter, and storyteller, went to bed with reasonably intact hearing. By dawn, it was gone, thus beginning a long process of hearing-restoration that included misdiagnoses, an ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Seeing Voices

    A Journey into the World of the Deaf

    by Oliver Sacks

    With Seeing Voices Dr Sacks launches us on a journey into the world of the deaf - which he explores with the same passion and insight that have illuminated other human conditions for his readers everywhere.This book begins with the history of deaf people in the 18th century, the often outrageous ways in which they have been treated in the past, and their continuing struggle for acceptance in a ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Tinnitus No More: The Complete Guide On Tinnitus Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, & Natural Tinnitus Remedies to Get Rid of Ringing in Ears Once and for All

    by Brian M. Lawrence

    Tinnitus symptoms can range from annoying to stressful to downright disabling. If you have tinnitus, it is usually something you are desperate to get rid of.Tinnitus, quite frankly hasn’t taken up a lot of room when it comes to research on the various treatments medicine has to offer those with tinnitus. This is partly because doctors don’t know the cause of many cases of tinnitus and because the ... Read more

    $7.01 AUD

  • Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss

    Whole Family Approaches to Living and Thriving

    by Brian J. Fligor

    series Whole Family Approaches to Childhood Illnesses and Disorders
    Childhood hearing loss is more common than most people assume, and yet this invisible condition can rob a child of the ability to develop close emotional relationships with family and friends. This book demystifies this condition and offers emotionally-supportive approaches to caring for the child and the whole family. It is written from the perspective of a pediatric audiologist who has diagnosed ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • Anatomy of the Voice

    An Illustrated Guide for Singers, Vocal Coaches, and Speech Therapists

    by Theodore Dimon and 2 more

    The first comprehensive, fully-illustrated approach to the voice that explains the anatomy and mechanics in detailed yet down-to-earth terms, for voice users and professionals of all kindsThis book is the first to explain, in clear and concise language, the anatomy and mechanics of the mysterious and complex bodily system we call the voice. Beautifully illustrated with more than 100 detailed ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia, 2nd edition

    A Conditioned Aversive Reflex Disorder

    by Thomas H Dozier

    The 2nd edition includes recent research of brain imaging studies and physical response studies of individuals when triggered.  It includes over 50% new information compared to the first edition, including more management techniques, personal stories of individuals with misophonia and their families, treatment techniques for young children, and data on a treatment that reduces misophonia severity ... Read more

    $8.90 AUD

  • Rather a Small Chicken...

    A guide to hearing loss for family and friends

    by Pamela G Heemskerk

    With 1 in 6 Australians diagnosed with a hearing impairment, and many more interacting daily with someone who is hearing impaired, the chances of miscommunication are high. Such problematic communication impacts on relationships at home and in the workplace.Hearing aid companies supply simple ‘how-to’ brochures for new hearing aid wearers. I have added a greater depth of information in my booklet ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Tinnitus Cure: Natural and Traditional Treatment for Tinnitus

    by Michelle T. Harper and 1 more

    Tinnitus Cure: Natural and Traditional Treatment for Tinnitus While several Tinnitus relief books are available, few provide as much comprehensive information to help Tinnitus sufferers understand and alleviate the disturbing symptoms.  The remedies and treatments provided in this book range from traditional methods used by most physicians to more natural methods that are gaining more recognition ... Read more

    $4.09 AUD

  • Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox

    A Guide for People with Ear Noise

    by J. L. Mayes

    Written by a clinical audiologist with over 20 years experience, Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox is a great resource for people with tinnitus (ear noise). The author also has tinnitus, and has used treatment tools to go from severe tinnitus distress to coping well. Many people with tinnitus also have hearing loss or sound sensitivity (hyperacusis). Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox describes a wide range of ... Read more

    $3.29 AUD

  • Sound

    A Story of Hearing Lost and Found

    by Bella Bathurst

    series Wellcome Collection
    'By the summer of 1998, it had become clear that there was something wrong with my hearing. It didn't happen suddenly but softly, so softly I almost wasn't aware of it happening; sound seemed to have stolen away ...'For twelve years, Bella Bathurst was deaf. She missed the punchlines and the jokes, avoided busy restaurants and raucous parties, and grew her hair long to cover hearing aids. But then ... Read more

    $10.22 AUD

  • Now You're Talking

    Human Conversation from the Neanderthals to Artificial Intelligence

    by Trevor Cox

    ‘A lively, intelligent and persuasive history of speech...Expertly and patiently explained’ The TimesWhy are human beings the only animals that can speak? And why does it matter?If you’ve ever felt the shock of listening to a recording of your own voice, you realise how important your voice is to your personal identity. We judge others – and whether we trust them – not just by their words but by ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • L'histoire de Mali l'éléphants sourde

    by Ginette Legendre

    series Collection Enfant Santé
    Livre traitant de la surdité chez les enfants. ... Read more

    $7.07 AUD

  • Turn the Light On So I Can Hear You

    by Nicola Field

    Learn about living with a hearing loss in this short work written by someone who experiences this everyday. Communication tips, devices and what not to do are all covered in this book by Nicola Field. ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Tinnitus STOP! - The Complete Guide On Ringing In The Ears, Natural Tinnitus Remedies, And A Holistic System For Permanent Tinnitus Relief

    by Annette P. Price

    Are you suffering from ringing in the ears, or a medical term called Tinnitus? Do you know the causes of the ringing sound? Are you desperately needing to know how to stop it? Tinnitus in itself is not a disease; rather it is a symptom of an underlying condition and will often require extensive testing to locate the source of discomfort. In some instances, simple lifestyle changes can minimize the ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • The Tinnitus Solution

    by Matt Collins

    A Comprehensive Look into Eliminating Tinnitus… For Good!Tinnitus is the name for a persistent ringing in one or both ears. It is not a disease in and of itself, but a particular symptom that could have multiple causes. It is characterized by a persistent high-pitched which doesn't correspond to an external sound. Tinnitus can be an annoying symptom to experience.If you're experiencing tinnitus, ... Read more

    $4.06 AUD

  • I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table

    by Pat Sanders

    This isn't a book about a courageous fight against cancer or a triumphant tale of survival. Instead, it's a matter-of-fact glimpse at the world of a very specific cancer with the intention of educating patients, caregivers, family members, and even the medical community. It is packed with useful tips for those who are battling throat cancer and who need to understand what normal will look like for ... Read more


  • Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus), A Simple Guide To The Condition, Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions

    by Kenneth Kee

    Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus) is the medical symptom of awareness of sound in the human ear or head when there is no outside source of the sounds.It is not a sickness but a symptom of an underlying disorder.Tinnitus is often called ringing in the ears but it may also sound like blowing, humming, roaring, buzzing, hissing, whistling, or sizzling.The sounds the patient hears can be soft or noisy.The ... Read more

    $3.75 AUD

  • Tinnitus Cure: The Best and Easy Way to Get Tinnitus Relief and Exhibit Tinnitus No More for Life!

    by Stephanie Ridd

    Tinnitus, in general, is when people perceive sound such as ringing, buzzing, tingling or clicking in the ears. In other words, it is a condition where a patient hears an annoying noise in his ear similar to heartbeat constantly that affects a person's activities in daily life.So it's very necessary to get treatment at the right time before it ruins your life with this irritating ringing. While ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Aspergers Syndrome: The Guide To Aspergers In Kids and Adults …From The Inside Out That Reveals Aspergers Symptoms That Plays Out In Aspergers Relationships In The 21st Century!

    by Stephanie Ridd

    There is no gain saying that, lately, lots of people have started to link Asperger syndrome to Autism. Well, the truth is that, Asperger syndrome is not particularly Autism; as a matter of fact, where the two are related is perhaps only in the several similar symptoms exhibited by both medical conditions.Besides that, I think one reason lots of parents caught this drift is because they are rather ... Read more

    $6.60 AUD

  • A Comprehensive Guide In Quitting Drinking: Stop Drinking and Back to Sober Life

    by Richard Foreman

    This is an ultimate step by step guide that will give you all the required assistance that you need to make your decision on quitting alcoholism possible. Quite common many people have the thought that quitting drinking is something impossible.This is not so! Actually the journey is bumpy and long that needs self-commitment to overcome temptations that my fall along the way. In case you are ready ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD