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  • Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

    A Physicist's Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe

    A guide to the 60,000-year-old healing system of the Aborigines revealed through one man’s journey to overcome multiple sclerosis• Written at the request of the Aboriginal people the author stayed with• Explores the use of dreamtime, spirit guides, and telepathy to discover and reprogram the subconscious motivations, thought patterns, and beliefs behind illness• Reveals how to tap in to healing ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Ultimate Guide (Boxed Set)

    3 Books In 1 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide with Recipes, Uses and Benefits

    Aromathery and Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Overeating? : How To Stop Binge Eating, Overeating & Get The Natural Slim Body You Deserve : A Self-Help Guide To Control Emotional Eating Today!

    YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN STOP BINGE EATING , OVEREATING & EMOTIONAL EATING. Get ready, this book will change your life! In this guide, Overeating? : How To Stop Binge Eating, Overeating & Get The Natural Slim Body You Deserve : A Self Help Guide To Control Emotional Eating Today!, you will learn how to eliminate the single behavior that 70 years of scientific research proves causes overeating, binge ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • The Art of Ayurvedic Nutrition

    Ancient Wisdom for Health, Balance, and Dietary Freedom

    by Susie Colles ...
    Nourish your physical body, support your mind and emotions, generate vital energy, inspire intuition and intelligence, and enrich your spirit.Ayurvedic practitioner and dietitian Susie Colles blends Western science with the ancient wisdom of Āyurveda to offer a modern-day, self-guided reconnection with food, body, health, and the natural world of which we are a part*.* Through the lens of India’s ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Love Your Body Feed Your Soul

    Self-Care Rituals and Recipes for Your Inner Goddess

    The ultimate guide to self-love, health, beauty, and happiness.This is a wellness book that goes way beyond the surface, grounding you in the intrinsic beauty of plant-based foods, while elevating you with inspired skin care recipes and sacred routines that tap into your inner glow and intuition. Filled with vibrant photos that turn you on to the sensuality and real pleasure of sacred beauty, ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Nourishing Wisdom

    A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being

    by Marc David ...
    "Marc David eloquently describes the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives in order to truly nourish ourselves." --Dean Ornish, M.D.Nourishing Wisdom revolutionizes the way we think about diets and nutrition. This book will change your attitude towards your body, and provide a foundation for developing a healthful relationship with food. Combining the principles ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing

    5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness

    by Judith Orloff ...
    Through 5 practical steps, Dr. Judith Orloff's guide will show you how to recapture, nurture, and affirm your intuitive ability, so that you can utilize it to help heal yourself.In her groundbreaking book, Dr. Orloff leads readers to the heart of a radical revolution in health care: the union of medicine and intuition, of body, mind, and soul. Intuition plays an indispensable role in self ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Essential Ayurveda

    What It Is & What It Can Do For You

    Outlining the basic elements of Ayurveda, Shubhra Krishan teaches readers how to recognize their energy and body type, and to use Ayurvedic principles to create a balanced diet and lifestyle for optimum health. She offers tips and suggestions for finding the best products or for creating your own with her recipes for food, beauty care, and other healthcare items. Based on the ancient system of ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Embracing Your Inner Critic

    Turning Self-Criticism into a Creative Asset

    by Hal Stone ...
    Hal and Sidra Stone are the creators of "Voice Dialogue" process, a therapy that transforms the inner critic from crippling adversary to productive ally.The inner critic. It whispers, whines, and needles us into place. It checks our thoughts, controls our behavior, and inhibits action. It thinks it is protecting us from being disliked, hurt, or abandoned. Instead, the critical inner voice causes ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition

    The breakthrough natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing - The Mongan Method, 4th Edition

    HypnoBirthing® has gained momentum around the globe as a positive and empowering method of childbirth. In fact, more than 25,000 books were sold in 2014 through the author's website alone, and according to Nielsen BookScan, over 70,000 were sold through reporting retailers since its publication in 2005.Here's why: HypnoBirthing helps women to become empowered by developing an awareness of the ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures for Everlasting Health, Rapid Weight Loss and Easy Self Healing

    by Advait ...
    Mudras - The Lost Ancient Vedic Healing TechniqueMudras have been in use in the East for thousands of years, invented in early Vedic Hindu culture and then practised in Buddhism.They have been used as a spiritual practice (and still are), as a way on the path to enlightenment.They're also used to cure physical ailments.Sounds too good to be true!! But believe me it is True!!Do these Mudras while ... Read more


  • Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

    A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe

    by Robbie Holz ...
    One woman’s story of healing through Aboriginal principles and awakening to her own healing powers• Explains principles from the 60,000-year-old Aboriginal culture of Australia that can help create transformation in your life• Details her experiences participating in secret women’s ceremonies with an Outback Aboriginal tribe• Describes how she recovered from illness, met her team of spirit guides, ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Relaxation Revolution

    The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing

    Recent scientific breakthroughs—demonstrating that mind body strategies can actually “switch off” or “switch on” gene activity associated with health and disease—have triggered a mind body revolution in the medical world.In the 1970s, Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School ushered in a new era of understanding in the field of mind body medicine. Coining the term “relaxation response,” Dr. ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Food Is Your Best Medicine

    The Pioneering Nutrition Classic

    Drugs may not be the only cure for disease . . .What do Gloria Swanson and Greta Garbo have in common?They owe their good health to Dr. Henry Bieler's sane, simple, and utterly profound philosophy that food is your best medicine!You are what you eat, and Dr. Bieler contends, based on over fifty years of practice, that proper diet plays a key role in warding off and curing disease.Food Is Your Best ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Essential Oils Beauty Secrets Reloaded: How To Make Beauty Products At Home for Skin, Hair & Body Care -A Step by Step Guide & 70 Simple Recipes for Any Skin Type and Hair Type

    by Janet Evans ...
    Essential Oils Are a Natural and Effective Way to Look beautiful and claim your perfect health! Do you want to find out how to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family by using essential oils? Essential Oils Beauty Secrets Reloaded: How To Make Beauty Products At Home For Skin, Hair & Body Care Step by Step Guide is one of the most complete book on the subject, especially for the ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Joshi's Alkaline Diet

    by Nish Joshi ...
    If no one comments within two weeks on how great you're looking - you must be cheating.' Joshi'The health guru favoured by A-listers.' The TimesJoshi's unique, craving-free alkaline diet has been the secret of celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Cate Blanchett, Ralph Fiennes to Sadie Frost. Now he reveals his alkaline dieting plan and explains how any one of us can shake off the strain of a high ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?

    A 3-Step Program to: Restore Thyroid, Adrenal, and Reproductive Balance, Beat Ho rmone Havoc, and Feel Better Fast!

    For the 33 million Americans who feel sluggish, spacey, and stressed out daily, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? is the first book to address the delicate balance among the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands—which can make the day-to-day difference between feeling awful and feeling good. Long-term, if left untreated, this imbalance can cause heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • The Maffetone Method: The Holistic, Low-Stress, No-Pain Way to Exceptional Fitness

    Dr. Maffetone's unique training system for champions proves that the kinder, gentler approach actually works the best. This fitness regimen has worked for champions and non-athletes alike- because it's based on Dr. Philip Maffetone's deep understanding of how the body works. Maffetone has used that knowledge to develop The Maffetone method, his successful low-stress fitness program, which can be ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle

    Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life

    “#1 International Bestseller, The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle has quickly become an international sensation. The book brings together the latest in neuroscience research to present a new and proven approach to brain health and aging.     “The most important book you’ll read this year.” The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle brings together the latest in neuroscience research to present a new and ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • Holistic Health

    The focus of this book, Holistic Health, is on the big picture. It is on understanding all of the many facets of our lives that need to be taken into consideration if we are to experience an overarching sense of health and happiness. Holistic Health is the foundation upon which everything else I have been teaching is built. In other words, each of the topics I have covered in other books, like ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Breathing Cure

    Develop New Habits for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

    NOSES ARE FOR BREATHING, MOUTHS ARE FOR EATING“Many people believe that taking a deep breath increases body oxygenation. The opposite is the case.” — Patrick McKeown, bestselling author of The Oxygen AdvantageImagine a breathing technique that can increase oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells, improve blood circulation, and unblock the nose. Perhaps it can help open the airways of the lungs, ... Read more

    $32.99 AUD

  • Herbal Remedies Bible: Life Saving And Healing Herbs For All Ailments

    Easy Herbal Remedies For Over 100 Ailments

    The world is filled with a lot of chemically made medications that are there to treat every disease under the sun. The negative aspect to all these drugs is the side effects that come with them. As a result of this a lot of persons are now spending the time looking to the solutions that our ancestors used to help with whatever ailment they have. They are looking to herbal remedies. “Herbal ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • EFT: EFT Tapping Scripts & Solutions To An Abundant YOU: 10 Simple DIY Experiences To Prove That Your Mind Creates Your Life!

    by Janet Evans ...
    Tapping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper our lives. Using the energy meridians of the body, practitioners tap on specific points while focusing on particular negative emotions or physical sensations. The tapping helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body, and in turn rewire the brain to ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine

    A New Translation of the Neijing Suwen with Commentary

    by Maoshing Ni ...
    The Neijing is one of the most important classics of Taoism, as well as the highest authority on traditional Chinese medicine. Its authorship is attributed to the great Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, who reigned during the third millennium BCE. This new translation consists of the eighty-one chapters of the section of the Neijing known as the Suwen, or "Questions of Organic and Fundamental Nature." ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD