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Holistic Medicine

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  • Vagus Nerve

    Stimulation and Natural Treatment to Access, Activate and Unleash the Healing power of the Vagus Nerve.

    by Stanley Power

    If you want to understand the significance of the vagus nerve, the impact it can have on our overall health and well-being, how stimulating and activating it can unleash its full potential and create our own healing process within our bodies, then Vagus Nerve is definitely for you.Whether you are an expert or a novice on the powers and potential of the vagus nerve, this book will provide you with ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Healing Fibroids

    A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure

    by Allan Warshowsky and 1 more

    An exciting new approach to regaining health without surgery!Fact: By the time they reach menopause forty percent of American women have at least one uterine fibroid; 600,000 women are diagnosed each year.Fact: Fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomy, the second most common surgical procedure performed on women.Fact: Natural, holistic medicine can heal fibroids without invasive surgery ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • The Haunting of Hill House

    by Steppenwolf Press and 1 more

    Dr Montague, a scientific investigator of ghostly phenomena, has chosen to live for several weeks at Hill House, by repute a place of horror that will brook no human habitation. To check and contribute to his observations, he selects three companions previously unknown to him; two girls, Theo and Eleanor, and Luke, a young man, who is heir to Hill House.What happens cannot, in fairness, be told. ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Clean Gut

    The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health

    by Alejandro Junger

    In Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger, M.D, New York Times bestselling author of Clean and creator of the world-famous Clean Program, delivers a complete toolkit for reversing disease and sustaining life-long health.All of today’s most-diagnosed ailments can be traced back to an injured and irritated gut. The gut is an intricate and powerful system, naturally designed to protect and heal the body every ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Clean - Expanded Edition

    The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

    by Alejandro Junger

    A Life-Changing Medical BreakthroughClean is an M.D.'s program designed to be easily incorporated into our busy schedule while providing all the practical tools necessary to support and rejuvenate our bodies. The effect is transformative: nagging health problems will suddenly disappear, extra weight will drop away, and for the first time in our lives, we will experience what it truly means to feel ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Ultimate Guide (Boxed Set)

    3 Books In 1 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide with Recipes, Uses and Benefits

    by Speedy Publishing

    Aromathery and Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve

    Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism

    by Stephen W. Porges and 2 more

    The best-selling book on the topic—now in 14 languages.This practical guide to understanding the cranial nerves as the key to our psychological and physical well-being builds on Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory—one of the most important recent developments in human neurobiology. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience as a craniosacral therapist and Rolfer, Stanley Rosenberg explores the ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • CLEAN 7

    Supercharge the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself—The One-Week Breakthrough Detox Program

    by Alejandro Junger

    The definitive program on detoxification just got easier, thanks to multiple New York Times bestselling author Dr. Alejandro Junger’s detailed, personalized, and medically proven seven-day plan that helps us begin to rid our bodies of the multitude of toxins that infiltrate our systems every day.Each day, too many of us struggle unnecessarily with debilitating health issues, such as colds or ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Clinical Naturopathic Medicine - E-Book

    by Leah Hechtman and 4 more

    Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is a foundation clinical text integrating the holistic traditional principles of naturopathic philosophy with the scientific rigour of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support contemporary practices and principles.The text addresses all systems of the body and their related common conditions, with clear, accessible directions outlining how a practitioner can ... Read more

    $163.12 AUD


    by Dr. Ameet ND

    Voted as one of the Top 43 therapists in the world, 5-times bestselling author, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr. Ameet helps you to easily heal your health issues, depression, anxiety, mood, liver, indigestion, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies, mental health & trauma healing.Your health is the most valu... ... Read more


  • Food As Medicine

    How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a

    by Guru Dharma Singh Khalsa and 1 more

    A holistic approach to healing through making smart food choices by health guru Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa that combines spiritual advice and integrative medicine to provide healthful recipes and nutrition plans targeting common and chronic illnesses for a longer, healthier, natural life.Did you know that blueberries can increase brain longevity? That kiwi fruit can be an excellent weapon for ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing

    5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness

    by Judith Orloff and 1 more

    Through 5 practical steps, Dr. Judith Orloff's guide will show you how to recapture, nurture, and affirm your intuitive ability, so that you can utilize it to help heal yourself.In her groundbreaking book, Dr. Orloff leads readers to the heart of a radical revolution in health care: the union of medicine and intuition, of body, mind, and soul. Intuition plays an indispensable role in self ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • The Touch of Healing

    Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu

    by Alice Burmeister and 1 more

    The Touch of Healing offers readers the means to greater health, vitality, and self-understanding through the practice of an ancient oriental healing art and practical holistic philosophy called Jin Shin Jystsu. Gentle touching similar to acupressure is used to release tension that accumulates and is at the root of dysfunction, disease, and imbalance. The authors explain the natural life force ... Read more

    $18.58 AUD

  • Essential Oils Beauty Secrets Reloaded: How To Make Beauty Products At Home for Skin, Hair & Body Care -A Step by Step Guide & 70 Simple Recipes for Any Skin Type and Hair Type

    by Janet Evans

    Essential Oils Are a Natural and Effective Way to Look beautiful and claim your perfect health! Do you want to find out how to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family by using essential oils? Essential Oils Beauty Secrets Reloaded: How To Make Beauty Products At Home For Skin, Hair & Body Care Step by Step Guide is one of the most complete book on the subject, especially for the ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • The Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing

    The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need

    by Gloria Arenson

    Tap Your Troubles AwayIt's that simple. Meridian Therapy is a self-healing system that can be learned in minutes and can relieve a lifetime of emotional pain. A cutting-edge technique based on the ancient art of acupressure, it involves stimulating the energy meridians in the body by tapping on specific energy points and awakening their healing power.In Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Reiki - A Complete Guide

    by Adrian Holland

    What is Reiki and what does it do?How does it work, and how do we use it?These questions and many more are answered in the amazing new book!Reiki is usually taught on four levels One, Two, Advanced and Master. However, there are actually eighteen levels. For the first time all levels are incorporated together...There is a lot of interest in ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Natural’ healing today, with many people ... Read more

    $4.55 AUD

  • The Herbal Apothecary

    100 Medicinal Herbs and How to Use Them

    by JJ Pursell

    “Perfect for anyone just beginning in herbal medicine.” —Mother Earth LivingStart your path to natural wellness with the safe, trusted advice found in The Herbal Apothecary. With the guidance of naturopath JJ Pursell, you will learn how to safely create your own remedies using plants you know and love. Incorporating traditional wisdom and scientific information, The Herbal Apothecary provides an ... Read more

    $23.75 AUD

  • Beyond the Stethoscope

    Doctors' stories of reclaiming hope, heart and healing in medicine

    by Lucy V Mayes and 1 more

    Our health care system is sick. We live in an era of factory style medicine, spiralling costs, complex and chronic conditions, and doctors at the heart of it under pressure as never before. Witnessing worrying burnout in her doctor husband, Lucy Mayes went on a quest to find out what is really going on behind the scenes in medicine.Lucy asked doctors on the front lines how they make meaning in ... Read more

    $11.76 AUD

  • Electromagnetic Health: Making Sense of the Research and Practical Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF)

    Making Sense of the Research and Practical Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF)

    by Case Adams PhD

    Our modern technologies are bombarding us with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) now more than ever. Are EMFs really harmful and if so, to what degree? Are all EMFs bad? The EMF controversy has now pitted scientists, action groups and the technology industry into rigid corners. In "Electromagnetic Health," the author clearly and objectively presents the evidence and latest research from a perspective ... Read more

    $10.11 AUD

  • Holistic Anatomy

    An Integrative Guide to the Human Body

    by Pip Waller

    An engaging and accessible exploration of human anatomy, physiology, and pathology—through a holistic lensComplementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine have become increasingly widespread as the limits of conventional treatments become more apparent. Holistic Anatomy presents an authoritative study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology, but it expands the discussion by connecting ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • Natural Hormone Balance for Women

    Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life with Exuberance

    by Uzzi Reiss and 2 more

    A pioneering gynecologist and antiaging specialist with a successful Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Uzzi Reiss shows the way for women who want to turn back the effects of time through natural hormone therapy, but who wonder: is it safe? Does it work? Is hormone therapy right for me?Natural Hormone Balance for Women is Dr. Reiss's breakthrough, step-by-step program for women who want to take control ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Alchemy of Herbs

    Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal

    by Rosalee de la Forêt

    Did you know there’s a powerful herbal medicine chest in your kitchen?Imagine being prepared for that next cold, scrape, headache, digestive issue, stressful day, or sleepless night with simple ingredients from your cupboard. Instead of pills, reach for:Cinnamon Tea to soothe your throat . . . Garlic Hummus to support your immune system . . . Ginger Lemon Tea for cold and flu symptoms . . . ... Read more

    $14.73 AUD

  • Edgar Cayce Cures: Using Holistic Remedies and Alternative Treatments

    by B. A. Anderson

    EDGAR CAYCE CURES - HOLISTIC REMEDIES AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPIESEdgar Cayce Cures an easy to understand way to care for yourself with Edgar Cayce "Father of Holistic Medicine" recommended holistic remedies and therapies.Edgar Cayce Cures contains 12 of the most recommended natural home holistic remedies and alternative therapies from the Edgar Cayce readings. Each alternative therapy and holistic ... Read more

    $3.77 AUD

  • Essential Oils for Dogs: Natural Remedies and Natural Dog Care Made Easy

    Includes Essential Oils for Puppies and K9's

    by Stacey Moore

    "Essential Oils for Dogs: Natural Remedies and Natural Dog Care Made Easy" carries the reader into the world of essential oils. After a working definition is provided, the author then goes into detail about the various uses of essential oils in the care of man's best friend. Essential oils are typically used by people who don't want to use chemically based treatments to cure certain problems. It ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD