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Industrial Health & Safety

If you like Industrial Health & Safety eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Mindful Safety

    A Multi-level approach to Improving Safety Culture and Performance

    by Christopher Langer

    Synthesising the latest thinking from neuroscience and psychology with the practice of safety management, Mindful Safety shows how a much stronger safety culture can be built from the ground up. Case studies, applied research and practical exercises all demonstrate how attention, and the ability to focus, can significantly boost performance and resilience, whilst reducing human error and the ... Read more

    $133.97 AUD

  • Inviting Disaster

    Lessons From the Edge of Technology

    by James R Chiles

    Combining captivating storytelling with eye-opening findings, Inviting Disaster delves inside some of history's worst catastrophes in order to show how increasingly "smart" systems leave us wide open to human tragedy.Weaving a dramatic narrative that explains how breakdowns in these systems result in such disasters as the chain reaction crash of the Air France Concorde to the meltdown at the ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Invisible Rainbow

    A History of Electricity and Life

    by Arthur Firstenberg

    50,000 copies sold! Cell towers, Wi-fi, 5G: Electricity has shaped the modern world. But how has it affected our health and environment?Over the last 220 years, society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is ‘safe’ for humanity and the planet. Scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this conviction by telling the story of electricity in a way it has never been told before ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • Vegetarian Cookbooks: 70 Of The Best Ever Complete Book of Vegetarian Recipes for Every Meal...Revealed!

    by Samantha Michaels

    Do you want to learn all there is about vegetarian 101? Are you wondering what this lifestyle entails or have you recently become a vegetarian but is limited on the number of vegetarian meals you can prepare? Are you about to host a vegetarian party? Does the idea of learning how to prepare over 70 different vegetarian meals entice you? This book is for you. It has all the inside information on ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 70 Top Mediterranean Diet Recipes & Meal Plan To Eat Right & Drop Those Pounds Fast Now!

    ( 7 Bonus Tips For Mediterranean Cooking Success Included)

    by Samantha Michaels

    Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Top Mediterranean Diet Recipes & Meal Plan To Eat Right & Drop Those Pounds Fast Now! ( 7 Bonus Tips For Mediterranean Cooking Success Included) recipe book will guide you to easy, quick, healthy, and delicious recipes for maintaining heart healthy living. The content of the food in these recipes are filled with rich and healthy ingredients from the Mediterranean ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Vegan Cookbooks: 70 Of The Best Ever Scrumptious Vegan Dinner Recipes Revealed!

    by Samantha Michaels

    This fantastic kindle book contains 70 simple vegan recipes all tried and tested on a vegan family. They have all been created by busy mum Samantha Michaels, so are not only suitable for the whole family but are quick to make at the end of a busy and stressful day. Samantha tries to keep all her meals healthy but her main focus is on delicious and tempting meals that everyone will enjoy eating. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Employee Confidence: The new rules of Engagement

    by Karen J Hewitt

    FINALIST OF THE 2019 BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS.Are your people the change you want to see?Employee Engagement figures are flagging. Employees are disgruntled, stressed or underutilised, or all three. The world is changing faster than ever before, and companies and entire industries are fighting for survival. Employees have never been more needed and valuable. So why are we pursuing the same old ... Read more

    $6.37 AUD

  • Foundations of Safety Science

    A Century of Understanding Accidents and Disasters

    by Sidney Dekker

    How are today’s ‘hearts and minds’ programs linked to a late-19th century definition of human factors as people’s moral and mental deficits? What do Heinrich’s ‘unsafe acts’ from the 1930’s have in common with the Swiss cheese model of the early 1990’s? Why was the reinvention of human factors in the 1940’s such an important event in the development of safety thinking? What makes many of our ... Read more

    $76.77 AUD

  • Vegan Cookbooks: 70 Of The Best Ever Delightful Vegetarian Lunch Recipes....Revealed!

    by Samantha Michaels

    There are lots of great vegetarian cookbooks, but this one is a little different, dare I say better? I am Samantha Michaels and I love to cook. For years now I have experimented to create healthy vegetarian recipes. I love to try new things and have read through various vegetarian cookbooks but none did exactly what I wanted; namely to make vegetarian cooking easy and delicious. My life is ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Workers' Inferno

    The untold story of the Esso workers 20 years after the Longford explosion

    by Ramsina Lee

    **Workers' Inferno is based on real events which took place at an Esso (a subsidiary of Exxon Corporation) operation at Longford, Victoria Australia on 25 September 1998. ** Employees were working at the Esso gas production and processing plant, situated at Longford in Sale, when a gas plant ruptured and exploded, killing two of the workers and physically injuring others. The initial explosion ... Read more

    $10.88 AUD

  • Human Factors in Aviation

    by Eduardo Salas and 1 more

    This edited textbook is a fully updated and expanded version of the highly successful first edition of Human Factors in Aviation. Written for the widespread aviation community - students, engineers, scientists, pilots, managers, government personnel, etc., HFA offers a comprehensive overview of the topic, taking readers from the general to the specific, first covering broad issues, then the more ... Read more

    $134.08 AUD

  • Managing Stress and Your Health

    by Andrew McLaughlin

    The key insight in stress management is that there is a gap between stimulus and response. All human freedom lies within that gap. This ebook introduces you to the six-second model of stress management, helping you to take control. ... Read more

    $10.44 AUD

  • Vegan Cookbooks:70 Of The Best Ever Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians...Revealed!

    by Samantha Michaels

    The platitude of eating like a King for breakfast could not more pertinent especially when it comes to a vegetarian diet. This is the most important meal of the day and to achieve a balanced diet, a vegetarian will need a wide variety of food that will provide the much needed essential nutrients for a proper diet. There's of course a common perception that vegetarian diet plans are unexciting and ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Pre-Accident Investigations

    Better Questions - An Applied Approach to Operational Learning

    by Todd Conklin

    Pre-Accident Investigations: Better Questions - An Applied Approach to Operational Learning challenges safety and reliability professionals to get better answers by asking better questions. A provocative examination of human performance and safety management, the book delivers a thought-provoking discourse about how we work, and defines a new approach to operational learning.This is not a book ... Read more

    $76.77 AUD

  • Live Work Work Work Die

    a journey into the savage heart of Silicon Valley

    by Corey Pein

    ‘Under the latest iteration of the American Dream, if you aren’t a billionaire yet, you haven’t tried hard enough.’At the height of the startup boom, journalist Corey Pein sets out for Silicon Valley to make his millions. Plunging headfirst into entrepreneur culture, he joins the thousands of other — mostly white, male — nerds all hoping to become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.But as he ... Read more

    $18.69 AUD

  • The Safety Anarchist

    Relying on human expertise and innovation, reducing bureaucracy and compliance

    by Sidney Dekker

    Work has never been as safe as it seems today. Safety has also never been as bureaucratized as it is today. Over the past two decades, the number of safety rules and statutes has exploded, and organizations themselves are creating ever more internal compliance requirements. At the same time, progress on safety has slowed to a crawl. Many incident- and injury rates have flatlined. Worse, excellent ... Read more

    $51.80 AUD

  • Steps to Safety Culture Excellence

    by Terry L. Mathis and 1 more

    Provides a clear road map to instilling a culture of safety excellence in any organizationDid you know that accidental injury is among the top ten leading causes of death in every age group? With this book as your guide, you'll learn how to help your organization develop, implement, and sustain Safety Culture Excellence, vital for the protection of and improvement in the quality of life for ... Read more

    $82.99 AUD

  • The Social Validity Manual

    Subjective Evaluation of Interventions

    by Stacy L. Carter and 1 more

    Social Validity is a concept used in behavioral intervention research. It focuses on whether the goals of treatment, the intervention techniques used, and the outcomes achieved are acceptable, relevant, and useful to the individual in treatment. The Social Validity Manual, 2e, provides background on the development of social validity, an overview of current research in social validity, and ... Read more

    $81.94 AUD

  • Bomb Safety and Security

    The Manager's Guide

    by Donald S Williams and 1 more

    This book enables managers to develop and implement appropriate bomb safety and security measures to safeguard life, property and reputation while minimising unnecessary disruption, maintaining operations and protecting profitability.The book provides guidance on how to prepare for and respond to:• Bombs of various types• Threats• Unattended items• Post-Blast situationsIn addressing these topics, ... Read more

    $26.39 AUD

  • Developing an Effective Safety Culture

    A Leadership Approach

    by James Roughton and 1 more

    Developing an Effective Safety Culture implements a simple philosophy, namely that working safely is a cultural issue. An effective safety culture will eventually lead to the desired goal of zero incidents in the work place, and this book will provide an understanding of what is needed to reach this goal. The authors present reference material for all phases of building a safety management system ... Read more

    $81.17 AUD

  • Extrusion

    The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook

    by Harold F. Giles Jr and 2 more

    series Plastics Design Library
    The second edition of Extrusion is designed to aid operators, engineers, and managers in extrusion processing in quickly answering practical day-to-day questions. The first part of the book provides the fundamental principles, for operators and engineers, of polymeric materials extrusion processing in single and twin screw extruders. The next section covers advanced topics including ... Read more

    $372.56 AUD

  • Safety Critical Systems Handbook

    A Straight forward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 EDITION) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511 and Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849

    by David J. Smith and 1 more

    Safety Critical Systems Handbook: A Straightfoward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 Edition) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511 and Machinery IEC 62061 AND ISO 13849, Third Edition, offers a practical guide to the functional safety standard IEC 61508. The book is organized into three parts. Part A discusses the concept of functional safety and the need to express targets ... Read more

    $132.32 AUD

  • Simplicity in Safety Investigations

    A Practitioner's Guide to Applying Safety Science

    by Ian Long

    This innovative book aims to bring the science of safety into a simple and practical approach to investigating workplace incidents. As a basis, it uses the ideas of some of the great safety science thinkers of our time. These include Sidney Dekker, Todd Conklin, Erik Hollnagel, Daniel Kahneman, James Reason and Dylan Evans, alongside others and the author’s own extensive industry experience ... Read more

    $62.58 AUD

  • Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health

    by Julia Smedley and 2 more

    series Oxford Medical Handbooks
    Fully revised for this second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health provides a concise practice-based guide. Bringing together the latest legislation and guidance with current practice in the field, this is your authoritative guide to assessing and managing health risks in the workplace. Consisting of twelve sections covering the full breadth of practice, the Handbook includes ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD