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  • The Unwinding

    by George Packer

    America is in crisis. In the space of a generation, it has become more than ever a country of winners and losers, as industries have failed, institutions have disappeared and the country's focus has shifted to idolise celebrity and wealth.George Packer narrates the story of America over the past three decades, bringing to the task his empathy with people facing difficult challenges, his sharp eye ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future

    by Jeff Booth

    We live in an extraordinary time. Technological advances are happening at a rate faster than our ability to understand them, and in a world that moves faster than we can imagine, we cannot afford to stand still. These advances bring efficiency and abundance—and they are profoundly deflationary.Our economic systems were built for a pre-technology era when labour and capital were inextricably linked ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Growth Delusion

    The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations

    by David Pilling

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL WRITING 2019'A near miracle' Ha-Joon Chang, author of 23 Things They Don't Tell You About CapitalismAccording to the economy, we have never been wealthier or happier. So why doesn't it feel that way? The Growth Delusion explores how we prioritise growth maximisation without stopping to think about the costs. So much of what is important to our well ... Read more

    $15.72 AUD

  • The Silver Bomb

    The End Of Paper Wealth Is Upon Us

    by Michael MacDonald

    The Silver Bomb is not a book about some predictive financial philosophy, but rather a frank, no-excuses glimpse at the current state of things, and an honest, candid, look at logical outcomes. The prestidigitations of central banking, which have until recently been shielded from scrutiny by a cloak of pro-banking cultural bias, are laid bare within these pages. Intimidating and complex financial ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Building Wealth with Silver: How to Profit From The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History

    by Thomas Herold

    We are all using dangerous, outdated, old economic strategies to protect and grow our money in the so-called ‘new economy.’ Most of us don’t even know it. Every economy is, in some sense, ‘new.’ However, applying the rules from an ‘older’ economy to a ‘newer’ one during times of transition is a recipe for financial ruin.Economic transitions have been around for centuries . . . the difference is ... Read more

    $12.55 AUD

  • Naked Money: A Revealing Look at Our Financial System

    by Charles Wheelan

    Charles Wheelan’s wonderfully whimsical, best-selling Naked series tackles the weird, surprisingly colorful world of money and banking.Consider the $20 bill.It has no more value, as a simple slip of paper, than Monopoly money. Yet even children recognize that tearing one into small pieces is an act of inconceivable stupidity. What makes a $20 bill actually worth twenty dollars? In the third volume ... Read more

    $22.87 AUD

  • The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't

    by William J. Baumol and 3 more

    The exploding cost of health care in the United States is a source of widespread alarm. Similarly, the upward spiral of college tuition fees is cause for serious concern. In this concise and illuminating book, well-known economist William J. Baumol explores the causes of these seemingly intractable problems and offers a surprisingly simple explanation. Baumol identifies the "cost disease" as a ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • The Crash is the Solution

    Why the Ultimate Collapse is Coming and How You Can Protect Your Wealth

    by Marc Friedrich and 2 more

    Germany's most successful business book of 2014 in English now It's no longer a question of whether the crash will happen, but when. All of the measures taken toward saving banks, national economies, and the euro boil down to the maximization of damages and state bankruptcy for Germany, for which case the expropriation of private citizens has long been in preparation. Government bonds, pension ... Read more

    $14.29 AUD

  • El crac bursátil de 1987

    Un seísmo en el mundo de las finanzas


    series Cultura económica
    El lunes negro de Wall Street Este libro es una guía práctica y accesible para descubrir las claves sobre el crac bursátil de 1987, que le aportará la información esencial y le permitirá ganar tiempo. En tan solo 50 minutos usted podrá: • Entender el contexto económico en que se produce el crac de 1987, con el desarrollo de las salas de operaciones informatizadas• Conocer el desarrollo de la ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Der Wohlstand der Nationen

    Eine Untersuchung seiner Natur und seiner Ursachen

    by Adam Smith and 2 more

    series dtv bibliothek #2
    Ein Klassiker Erschienen 1776, also vor rund 240 Jahren, gilt ›Der Wohlstand der Nationen‹ nach wie vor als einer der einflussreichsten Texte der Neuzeit, als Geburtsstunde der Volkswirtschaftslehre. Adam Smith (1723-1790) hat hier zentrale Begriffe und Konzepte der Ökonomie wie etwa Angebot und Nachfrage oder Arbeitsteilung geprägt. "Die unsichtbare Hand" wurde zum geflügelten Wort. Gekürzt und ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Wage Restraint and the Control of Inflation

    An International Survey

    by Beth Bilson

    series Routledge Library Editions: Inflation
    Since 1945 preventing runaway wage inflation has been regarded as a key policy in managing an economy in a successful way. The exact nature of pay control has varied from country to country and from time to time. This book, originally published in 1987, examines pay control policies in major Western economies. It surveys developments from 1945 and explores the aims of pay policies and discusses ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • Economic Crisis

    Explanation and Policy Options

    by Philip S. Salisbury

    This book examines the U.S economy from 1967 to 2011 and utilizes a new method to predict the future of the economy as far ahead as 2030. This new method uses population subgroup data. Variables used in the cross-sectional matrix include ethnicity, sex, age, and average personal income of those having personal income. The mathematical basis, the data used, and the results are all presented in ... Read more

    $91.07 AUD

  • Talous yhdeltä istumalta

    by Henry Hazlitt

    Talous yhdeltä istumalta on järisyttävä lukukokemus. Teoksen avulla on mahdollista ymmärtää talouspolitiikkaa ja esittää oikeat kysymykset. Kuka hyötyy ja kuka joutuu maksumieheksi?Hazlitt selittää yksinkertaisesti ja vain totuutta kumartaen talouden perusasiat, jotka poliitikot yleensä jättävät kertomatta. Liian hyvältä kuulostavat asiat ovat yleensä juuri sitä, liian hyviä ollakseen totta, ja ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Europe in Crisis

    Bolt from the Blue?

    by Ivan Berend

    This book analyzes the European Great Recession of 2008-12, its economic and social causes, its historical roots, and the policies adopted by the European Union to find a way out of it. It contains explicit debates with several economists and analysts on some of the most controversial questions about the causes of the crisis and the policies applied by the European Union.It presents the cases of ... Read more

    $62.58 AUD

  • A Primer on Macroeconomics, Second Edition, Volume I

    Elements and Principles

    by Professor Thomas M. Beveridge

    This two-volume text represents a common sense approach to basic macroeconomics.Economics, far from being the dismal science, offers us valuable lessons that can be applied to our everyday experiences. At its heart, economics is the science of choice and a study of economic principles allows us to achieve a more informed understanding of how we make our choices; whether these choices occur in our ... Read more

    $23.75 AUD

  • Sette anni di vacche sobrie

    Come sarà l'Italia del 2020? Sfide e opportunità di crescita per sopravvivere alla crisi

    by Marco Magnani

    Fino al 2020 non saranno anni di vacche grasse. Forse in nessun angolo del mondo occidentale. Per l’Italia potrebbero essere ancora anni di vacche magre, come quelli finora trascorsi dalla bolla dei mutui subprime. Possiamo evitarlo, possiamo finalmente invertire la tendenza e iniziare un nuovo ciclo di crescita. L’Italia di fine decennio sarà in gran parte il risultato delle decisioni di oggi e ... Read more

    $12.09 AUD

  • A History of Economic Crises (1637 to 2012) and Their Secret Teachings

    Prepare Your Business For the Next Financial Crisis, #3

    by Horatiu Sasu

    series Prepare Your Business For the Next Financial Crisis #3
    A short history of economic crisis brings us good news: in any crisis, opportunities are created to help some people thrive. Many businesses began during full crises, and developed afterward. The entire history shows that if you have the ability to modify your viewpoint, and consider change to be positive (rather than a threat), all sorts of possibilities will begin to appear. ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Inflation and Society

    by Graham Hutton

    series Routledge Library Editions: Inflation
    Originally published in 1960, this book examines how inflation as a policy has come about in modern democracies, how ti works, how to avoid it and at what cost. In non-technical terms it explains what inflation does, both to society and its individual elements, to weaken and hamper democracy. Including examples from the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, the USA and the former Soviet Union this ... Read more

    $53.56 AUD

  • How Did the USA Recover from the Great Depression of the 1930s?

    SHORT STORY # 51. Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

    by Alla P. Gakuba

    series Nonfiction series #51
    How did the USA survive and recover from the Great Depression of the 1930s? There were 3 factors responsible for it: (1) World War II; (2) Noble President Franklin D. Roosevelt, FDR; and (3) The struggles, and tribulations of that generation.The story describes thee Great Depression, FDR’s “New Deal,” and input and sacrifices of the Great Generation. ... Read more

    $1.54 AUD

  • Problems of Labour and Inflation

    by Hilde Behrend

    series Routledge Library Editions: Inflation
    The essays in this book, originally published in 1984, examine many problems within the structure of industry including wage policies, financial incentives and other economic policies. The book discusses the problems from two standpoints: that of the economist who is concerned with labour as a resource and the psychologist concerned with the behavioural activity of the labour force. This inter ... Read more

    $53.56 AUD

  • Invertir sin perder de vista la inflación

    Las claves para proteger su poder adquisitivo


    series Gestión y Marketing
    Este libro es una guía práctica y accesible para descubrir cómo invertir sin perder de vista la inflación, que le aportará la información esencial y le permitirá ganar tiempo.En tan solo 50 minutos usted podrá:• Descubrir en qué consiste el fenómeno de la inflación, cuáles son los factores que la provocan y cuáles son sus consecuencias tanto para los hogares como para las empresas• Utilizar las ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Everyone’s Guide to the South African Economy (13th edition)

    by André Roux

    Recession, inflation, interest rates, income tax, exchange rates … We are bombarded with these terms every day - by newspapers, the radio, TV and the internet - but what do they actually mean? And how do they impact on you? In this updated edition of Everyone’s Guide to the South African Economy, all these issues - and more - are addressed. The book clearly explains and evaluates a wide range of ... Read more

    $19.13 AUD

  • Breakeven Inflation Analysis

    by Brian Romanchuk

    The great inflation of the 1970s in the developed countries provoked strong economic (and political) reactions. In finance, investors searched for ways to protect themselves from inflation. The United Kingdom launched the first modern inflation-linked bonds in 1981. In addition to being of interest to investors looking for protection against inflation, these bonds also provide a market-based ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Comment gagner de l'argent sur internet

    by Selim Guler

    Comment gagner de l'argent sur internet et pourquoi pas avoir un salaire avec la méthode que je vais vous donnez ... Read more

    $4.09 AUD