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Intellectual Property eBooks

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  • True Tracks

    Respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture

    by Terri Janke ...
    Indigenous cultures are not terra nullius — nobody’s land, free to be taken.True Tracks is a ground-breaking work that paves the way for the respectful and ethical engagement with Indigenous knowledges and cultures. Combining real-world cases and personal stories, award-winning Meriam/Wuthathi lawyer Dr Terri Janke draws on twenty years of professional experience to inform and inspire leaders ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Who Owns England?: How We Lost Our Green and Pleasant Land, and How to Take It Back

    by Guy Shrubsole ...
    ‘A formidable, brave and important book’ Robert MacfarlaneWho owns England?Behind this simple question lies this country’s oldest and best-kept secret. This is the history of how England’s elite came to own our land, and an inspiring manifesto for how to open up our countryside once more.This book has been a long time coming. Since 1086, in fact. For centuries, England’s elite have covered up how ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Code Wars

    10 Years of P2P Software Litigation

    The content industry spent the better part of the last decade seeking to hold P2P software providers liable for the infringements of their users. Its emphatic victories against the providers of Napster, Aimster, Grokster, Morpheus and Kazaa led directly to a massive shakeout of large commercial file sharing software operators, and might have been expected to wipe out unfiltered P2P file sharing ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Valuing and Licensing Intellectual Property

    series 6
    For many knowledge-intensive or technology-based start-up companies, the professional management of intellectual property (IP) is critically important. In fact, IP may be the main asset by which the value of a young company is determined and on which decisions to invest in the company are based – and so IP needs to be considered very early in the planning process. The Commercialising Intellectual ... Read more

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  • Copyfight

    Writers, musicians, filmmakers, gamers, lawyers and academics talk about why copyright matters to them or doesn’t.We expect to be able to log on and read, watch or listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Then copy it, share it, quote it, sample it, remix it. Does this leave writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, and software and game developers with any rights at all? ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • A Quiet Revolution

    Growing Creative Commons in Aotearoa New Zealand

    The past few years have seen a quiet, relatively well behaved, and entirely legal revolution in New Zealand Aotearoa: the growth of a thriving Commons of works made available under Creative Commons open copyright licences.  A Quiet Revolution tells Kiwi stories as diverse as open source houses, teachers banding together to share resources, government departments making their data available for ... Read more


  • FUN IP: Fundementals of Intellectual Property

    Fun IP makes intellectual property learning fun, and enjoyable. Along with fundamentals of patents, copyrights, trade marks, trade secrets, and industrial designs, among others, the book throws light on emerging trends, and burning issues in the field. Targeted at students, beginners, and non-lawyers, FUN IP is filled with interesting examples and case studies. The book has received flattering ... Read more

    $1.39 AUD

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

    Resurgence and the Development Agenda

    series Global Institutions
    Covering the World Intellectual Property Organization, this volume introduces a much ignored element of the contemporary structure of global governance to scholars of international political economy.Christopher May discusses:how the World Intellectual Property Organization works, its antecedents and historythe debates about the role and justification of intellectual propertythe role of WIPO within ... Read more

    $67.99 AUD

  • Forms of Agreement used in Managing Intellectual Property

    series 7
    For many knowledge-intensive or technology-based start-up companies, the professional management of intellectual property (IP) is critically important. In fact, IP may be the main asset by which the value of a young company is determined and on which decisions to invest in the company are based – and so IP needs to be considered very early in the planning process. The Commercialising Intellectual ... Read more

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  • Australian Intellectual Property Law

    The fourth edition of Australian Intellectual Property Law provides a detailed and comprehensive, yet concise and accessible discussion of intellectual property law in Australia. This edition has been thoroughly revised to cover the most recent developments in intellectual property law, including significant case law and discussion of the proposed and enacted amendments to the Copyright Act 1968 ... Read more

    $101.99 AUD

  • Mine!

    How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives

    'A delicious book.' Jared DiamondWho controls the space around an aeroplane seat: you or the person behind you trying to work on their laptop? Who owns your favourite football player? And why do Facebook and Google want your private data?In Mine! Michael Heller and James Salzman reveal the hidden economic and social rules that guide everyday life, demonstrating that much of what we assume about ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • New Frontiers in the Philosophy of Intellectual Property

    Book 18 - Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law
    Are intellectual property rights a threat to autonomy, global justice, indigenous rights, access to lifesaving knowledge and medicines? The essays in this volume examine the justification of patents, copyrights and trademarks in light of the political and moral controversy over TRIPS (the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights). Written by a distinguished international ... Read more

    $41.99 AUD

  • Adcreep

    The Case Against Modern Marketing

    Advertising is everywhere. By some estimates, the average American is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements each day. Whether we realize it or not, "adcreep"—modern marketing's march to create a world where advertising can be expected anywhere and anytime—has come, transforming not just our purchasing decisions, but our relationships, our sense of self, and the way we navigate all spaces, public ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Essentials of Intellectual Property

    Law, Economics, and Strategy

    The definitive primer on intellectual property for business professionals, non-IP attorneys, entrepreneurs, and inventorsFull of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, the Second Edition of this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and case law in intellectual property ... Read more

    $59.99 AUD $48.99 AUD

  • Innovate!

    How Great Companies Get Started in Terrible Times

    Learn the lessons of how great companies began in the worst economic timesEli Lilly. IBM. Medtronic, Procter & Gamble. Hewlett-Packard and Marvel Entertainment. All great companies and all made their start during the worst economic times.Innovate!: How Great Companies Get Started in Terrible Times is first and foremost a source of true inspiration based on history. But it goes much further than ... Read more

    $46.99 AUD $37.99 AUD

  • Advanced Introduction to International Intellectual Property

    by Susy Frankel ...
    Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the world’s leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. ... Read more

    $52.99 AUD

  • Your Ebook is an Asset … if You Own the Copyright

    by Kim Staflund ...
    Book 4 - Free Gifts for Indie Authors
    According to renowned American businessman and investor, Robert Kiyosaki, an “Asset can be anything as long as it has value, produces income or appreciates, and has a ready market. Assets put money IN your pocket.” Before Kiyosaki’s popular Rich Dad Poor Dad book was published, many of us viewed our homes as our own assets. But we now realize that, so long as we’re paying a mortgage on it, our ... Read more


  • Infrastructure

    The Social Value of Shared Resources

    Infrastructure resources are the subject of many contentious public policy debates, including what to do about crumbling roads and bridges, whether and how to protect our natural environment, energy policy, even patent law reform, universal health care, network neutrality regulation and the future of the Internet. Each of these involves a battle to control infrastructure resources, to establish ... Read more

    $76.99 AUD

  • Politique culturelle européenne

    by Renaud Denuit ...
    series Idées d'Europe
    L’Europe est perçue avant tout comme une entreprise économique, régulant un grand marché intérieur et gérant des relations commerciales avec les pays tiers. Pourtant, ses principaux acteurs se sont intéressés très tôt à la dimension culturelle, puis ont mis en œuvre des moyens budgétaires et des législations ayant un impact sur le secteur culturel et audiovisuel européen. Le concept de diversité ... Read more

    $104.99 AUD

  • International regulations of space communications

    Current issues

    series Collection de la Faculté de Droit, d'Économie et de Finance de l'Université du Luxembourg
    Cet ouvage relatant du workshop international « International Regulations of Space Communications : Current Issues », concerne immédiatement les développements actuels dans le domaine des Communications de l’Espace. De plus, cet ouvrage a pour but de réunir les différentes opinions et points de vues d’un groupe de spécialiste de haut niveau dans ce domaine, qui sont des domaines à la fois ... Read more

    $144.99 AUD

  • Les aspects juridiques de l'art contemporain

    series Collection de l'Unité de droit économique de l'Université libre de Bruxelles
    L’art contemporain fait des vagues. Qui n’a pas froncé les sourcils devant une oeuvre impénétrable, énigmatique, dérangeante, voire iconoclaste ? L’évolution artistique a rendu de plus en plus incertains les concepts mêmes d’oeuvre et d’artiste, notions clés de toute approche juridique dans ce domaine. Malgré son caractère controversé, la création artistique contemporaine ne semble pas avoir jusqu ... Read more

    $164.99 AUD

  • Materieel EU - Staatssteunrecht

    series Bibliotheek Handelsrecht - Reeks Mededinging, Marktpraktijken en Intellectuele rechten
    Dit boek behandelt het thans geldende materieel EU-staatssteunrecht. Dit werk biedt een overzicht van dit complexe rechtsdomein, dat in zeer grote mate vorm werd (en wordt) gegeven door de rechtspraak van het Hof van Justitie en het Gerecht en door de praktijk van de Europese Commissie. Het bespreekt de voorwaarden voor de toepasselijkheid van het EU staatssteunrecht alsook onder welke voorwaarden ... Read more

    $164.99 AUD

  • Antología de estudios de AMPPI 1

    series Biblioteca Jurídica Porrúa
    Esta obra reúne una serie de ensayos en torno a la propiedad intelectual, elaborados por reconocidos especialistas en la materia, lo cual la vuelve una fuente de consulta para conocer diferentes perspectivas sobre temas de actualidad, como la tencología blockchain como solución para el derecho de autor en el entorno digital, la exclusividad de datos clínicos a la luz del T-MEC o el acuerdo de ... Read more

    $29.33 AUD

  • Les dialogues de la fiscalité – Anno 2013

    Anno 2013

    series Collection Crides-Jean Renauld
    La Chaire PwC de droit fiscal naît de la volonté de développer un pôle d’excellence en droit fiscal au sein de l’Université catholique de Louvain, alliant recherche académique et expertise des praticiens de la fiscalité. La Chaire se focalise principalement sur la fiscalité des entreprises, en accordant une attention particulière aux nouveaux défis liés à l’européanisation et à l ... Read more

    $259.99 AUD