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Jainism eBooks

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  • The Guide For The Perplexed

    The Guide for the Perplexedby Moses Maimonides, M. Freidländer, tr.Maimonides' masterful summation of theology, natural philosophy and divine law.The Guide consists of three books. The first book deals with the nature of God, concluding that God cannot be described in positive terms. He uses this argument to systematically deconstruct the Islamic Kalam literalist school of thought, which ... Read more

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  • Judah Hallevi's Kitab Al Khazari

    Judah Hallevi's Kitab al Khazaritranslated by Hartwig HirschfeldA classic of Medieval Jewish philosophy, set in a legendary (but historical) central Asian kingdom.Framed as a dialog between the king of the Khazars, a Central Asian kingdom, and a Rabbi, the Khazari is an exposition of late medieval Jewish philosophy. Legend has it that the king of the Khazars held a symposium to decide whether his ... Read more

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  • Living Jainism

    An Ethical Science

    Living Jainism explores a system of thought that unites ethics with rational thought, in which each individual is his or her own guru and social conscience extends beyond human society to anima... ... Read more

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  • The Soul of Jainism

    Philosophy and Teachings of Jain Religion

    Jainism is an off-shoot of Hinduism. But it has its own specific attributes and qualities. This book contains the sum total of the teachings and preaching’s of 24 Tirthankers and a successive chain of Jain Acharya’s. The book will expose you to the concepts of liberation of soul, non-violence, truth or compassion. It is indispensable to those who are interested in the growth of Indian culture and ... Read more

    $2.92 AUD

  • Yoga e mito

    Un viaggio affascinante alla scoperta dei miti che hanno dato vita alla pratica dello Yoga.Chi fa yoga spesso conosce i nomi delle asana più praticate, come Virbhadra-asana, la posizione del guerriero, o Hanuman-asana, la posizione della scimmia, ma non sa che si tratta di nomi che derivano dalla mitologia indiana: Virbhadra, per esempio, era un valoroso guerriero nato da un capel... ... Read more

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  • Die Weltanschauung der indischen Denker

    Mystik und Ethik

    Book 332 - Beck'sche Reihe
    Albert Schweitzers Einführung in die Weltanschauung der indischen Denker ist inzwischen ein Klassiker. Knapp, verständlich und kompetent erklärt der Theologe und Arzt das religiöse und philosophische Denken der Inder von den Upanischaden über Buddhismus und Jainismus bis hin zum modernen Neohinduismus. Aber das Buch ist mehr als eine informative Einführung: Schweitzer setzt sich kritisch mit den ... Read more

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  • A tavola con le religioni

    Quando culture diverse sono costrette a convivere, anche la cucina può diventare occasione di scontro. Norme ben specifiche e rigorose regolano infatti le abitudini alimentari di molti credenti delle varie religioni del mondo. Ma la tavola è anche tradizionale luogo di scambi conviviali e può quindi favorire un avvicinamento tra i diversi, divenire occasione di incontro e confronto tra culture pur ... Read more

    $19.79 AUD

  • Bliss Within

    All living beings desire happiness and strive to attain it, yet it is only the rare individual who succeeds in realising innate happiness because To venture out of your house, you have to cross its threshold To reach the opposite bank, you have to leave this bank To attain innate happiness, you have to relinquish the desire for mundane happiness By immense good fortune On coming in contact with a ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Dhyanmulam Gurumurti - His Form I will Meditate

    Oh! The dispassionate countenance of the Sadguru, unveiling as it does, the wondrous, incomparable and matchless inner grandeur of the Soul. Embodied and yet established in a state transcending embodiment, the Sadguru is a living idol – the epitome of love, bliss and consciousness. Blessed is the Sadguru and blessed is His divine form. Blessed is His very existence. Everything about Him is blessed ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Seek Thy Eternal Self

    Why am I unhappy? Who is the‘I’? The body, the mind or something beyond? Am I the master of my mind or is the mind my master? How can I transcend the mind? Just as the mighty roar of a lion drives the jackal away, And herons flee at the crack of lightening, The Sadguru’s teachings dispel the darkness of ignorance. This is the infinite grace of the Sadguru. Illuminating the benevolence of the ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD


    A Jain Acharya of the Present Day

    VIJAYA DHARMA SURI A Jain Acharya of the Present Day by Luigi Pio Tessitori was first publishe in 1917.IF I were called upon to express my opinion— of whatever value my poor opinion may be— concerning the Jain Acharya Vijaya Dharma Suri, I should not hesitate to say that he is the most noteworthy figure of whom the entire Jain com¬munity of India may boast at the present day. As a Jain scholar, he ... Read more

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  • A Life Worth Living

    What does it mean to be truly alive? How can I lead a meaningful life? Is it possible to rise above the rat race that life has become? A Life Worth Living responds to the above – in a unique, poignant and realistic way. It captures the wisdom of the Enlightened and provides rational solutions on how to bring about an inner revolution. Spirituality takes a leap from mere theory, to becoming useful ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • The Path Enlightened

    Do you yearn for peace and bliss? Do you desire a state of relaxation? Do you wish to embrace dharma and faithfully practise it to enjoy its sweet fruits? The dharma of the Enlightened is the only true refuge for all beings. It is when it makes the transition from being ‘someone else’s’ dharma to ‘my’ dharma through the process of introspection that it will manifest as ‘true dharma’ and bear fruit ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Hitasiksa Chatrisi

    The secret of success

    Knowledge plays an important role in making a human life happy and peaceful. In the absence of knowledge, the man would spend an unhappy life even if surrounded by all the pleasures of the world. “Hitāśikṣā-Chatrīśī” is a small but invaluable text which can spread the light of knowledge in anybody’s life. Since this is “Chatrīśī”, there are 36 stanzas in this creation. The first 18 verses have ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • Viropanishad

    Mahavir - The miracle the great

    Read this book in order to take flight in the world of spiritualism, in order to scale the peaks of meditation, in order to attain the bliss of freedom from death. Read this book to find peace in day to day life, in order to discover the joy of a life spent in devotion, meditation and immersion in the atman. Read this book to know the essence of the life of Bhagvan Mahavira, who was the 24th ... Read more

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  • Mokshmulam Gurukrupa - His Grace I will Seek

    What is the Guru’s Grace? Can one attain liberation without a Guru? How can one label a Guru as God? Is surrendering to a Guru not dependency? What should I do to allow the Guru’s Grace to work on me? Such questions, and many others that have arisen, or may arise in your mind, are answered in this unique collection of discourses. It offers the quintessence of the unfathomable importance of the ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Jainism and Early Buddhism

    A collection of papers presented at an international conference on Jainism and early Buddhism in honor of Prof. Padmanabh S. Jaini, organized and hosted by the Department of History of Religions at the University of Lund, Sweden in 1998. Prof. Jaini is professor emeritus of Buddhist Studies at University of California, Berkeley, California, USA and one of the foremost contemporary scholars of ... Read more

    $176.06 AUD

  • Ātman e Poesia

    Book 130 - ANUNNAKI - Narrativa
    L’opera narra una storia d’amore, di una notte e di una vita intera, dei più grandi innamorati, uniti sotto la luna e dinanzi la Poesia. Parla dell’equilibrio stabile e immutabile nascosto dietro al corso dell’esistenza e rivelato apertamente nei disegni che compongono le stelle del cielo ogni notte. Essa è un punto d’incontro tra i frutti delle vite passate e il fertile campo che rappresentano le ... Read more

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  • Bestiario ebraico

    by Mark Podwal ...
    "Reinventando una zoologia del folclore ebraico, il tratto straordinariamente brillante di Mark Podwal unisce un ingegno strabiliante a una gioiosa originalità. Il suo disegno dell'ombra dell'impero romano è il condensato di un'intera storia di tirannia politica. Questo solo disegno - un piccolo capolavoro - è la prova della grande capacità di concettualizzazione di Podwal. Il suo è il genio della ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Un arabo buono

    by Yoram Kaniuk ...
    Questo romanzo è uno dei libri più arditi, audaci e coraggiosi della letteratura israeliana. Yosef, il protagonista del romanzo, è arabo da parte di padre ed ebreo da parte di madre. Nel suo desiderio di appartenenza e nella sua anima sensibile d’artista si rispecchiano la storia e le ambizioni di due popoli irrequieti: un’eredità eccessiva e non sostenibile. In una lunga confessione, Yosef ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Commencer le Voyage Intérieur

    Ce livre contient des perles immortelles de sagesse qui peuvent susciter un changement radical des perspectives de votre vie. À travers une série de 4 enseignements qui ébranleront vos fondements, Pujyashri Gurudev indique à quel endroit et la manière dont nous sommes victimes d'un système de fausses croyances, dont nous devenons des proies de nos propres concepts et conditionnement et surtout la ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Shrimad Rajchandra – Saga der Spiritualität

    „Dieser Mensch hat mein Herz in spirituellen Angelegenheiten gewonnen - kein anderer hat je eine vergleichbare Wirkung auf mich gehabt, wie dieser Mann. Schon an anderer Stelle habe ich erwähnt, dass neben Kavi (Shrimad), auch Ruskin und Tolstoy großen Einfluss auf meinen inneren Charakter hatten. Doch Kavi hatte einen noch stärkeren Effekt, da ich mit ihm in persönlichem und nahem Kontakt stand.“ ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Sankhesvara Stotram

    Lord Parshvanath is the 23rd tirthankar of the jains. He led an exemplary life, full of forbearance. Non violence, self-control and penance are the sterling qualities that he personified. The Śaṅkhēśvara Stōtram is a beautiful hymn devoted to Lord Parshvanath, one of whose images is placed at Shankheshvara Tirthadhama. Those who recite this hymn with deep faith and understanding attain peace and ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • Mantramulam Guruvakyam - His word I will follow

    The Guru’s words are likened to a mantra – the basis of all spiritual attainments. Infused with immense power, the Guru’s compassionate words bring about Self-realisation if they are heard, reflected and contemplated upon. Veneration of the Guru’s words is the ultimate way to evolve from a state of attachment, aversion and ignorance to the exalted state of dispassion. Being completely attuned to ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD