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  • Killer With a Badge

    New Orleans in the 1990s—dirty, corrupt, and violent, the murder capital of the United States, with a scandal-plagued police department that was collapsing under the weight of its own corruption. No one could imagine that things could get much worse for this once-great American city. Then Antoinette Frank joined the New Orleans Police Department, and things got much, much worse. Before long, ... Read more

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  • The Holdout

    The tense, gripping Richard and Judy Book Club pick for 2021

    by Graham Moore ...
    'The most gripping and satisfying thriller I've read in more than a decade' Sophie Hannah*'One of the best legal thrillers ... as elegant and gripping as Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent' Daily Mail'Quite the tour de force! Twelve Angry Men meets Chinatown and creates something of its own' Sarah Pinborough'This is a tense, emotionally charged, scary-good, stand-out read' Caroline Kepnes... ... Read more

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  • The Jigsaw Man

    by Paul Britton ...
    'Riveting . . . Everyone should read it' ObserverFor fans of the hit Netflix shows, MINDHUNTER and MAKING A MURDERERForensic psychologist Paul Britton asks himself four questions when he is faced with a crime scene: what happened: who is the victim: how was it done, and why? Only when he has the answers to these questions can he address the fifth: who is responsible?An intensely private and ... Read more

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  • Inside the Robe, A Judge's Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America

    COURTHOUSE CONFIDENTIALTo most people, judges are mysterious creatures. As Anthony Bourdain invited readers to follow him behind the scenes of the restaurant business in his bestseller, Kitchen Confidential, and Caitlin Doughty's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes was a revealing peak into the mysteries of what happens after death inside a mortuary, Inside the Robe shines a bright spotlight into the hidden ... Read more


  • Reconstructing Reality in the Courtroom: Justice and Judgment in American Culture

    Coauthored by W. Lance Bennett and Martha S. Feldman, 'Reconstructing Reality in the Courtroom' explains what makes stories believable and how ordinary people connect complex legal arguments and evidence presented in trials to assess guilt and innocence. The explanation takes the core elements of narrative—the who, what, where, when, how, why—and shows how average people who hear hundreds of ... Read more

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  • The Crowd

    A Study of the Popular Mind

    The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind is a brilliant treatise on the workings of crowds. Gustave Le Bon examines many different kinds of crowds and how they work. He differentiates between different kinds of crowds such as mobs, juries, elected bodies, and simple crowds. This landmark book is one of the most influential books ever written on this subject. An important book for anyone studying or ... Read more

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  • Would You Convict?

    Seventeen Cases That Challenged the Law

    An illuminating exercise that challenges the reader's beliefs about the justice systemA police trooper inspects a car during a routine traffic stop and finds a vast cache of weapons, complete with automatic rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and black ski masks-a veritable bank robber's kit. Should the men in the car be charged? If so, with what?A son neglects to care for his elderly ... Read more

    $37.99 AUD

  • Storytelling for the Defense

    Defense Attorney's Courtroom Guide to Beating Plaintiffs At Their Own Game

    Storytelling is primal for humans—one of the few human traits that is truly universal across cultures and through all of known history. The goal of Storytelling for the Defense is to help defense attorneys understand and reclaim the fundamental value of storytelling in the context of persuading jurors and winning cases. Defense attorneys must realize that the power of the narrative is not the sole ... Read more

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  • Temas de derecho procesal y administración de justicia II

    Mecanismos alternos, procesos judiciales, temas probatorios y procesos administrativos

    Colombia enfrenta un activo momento de reformas de sus sistemas procesales y de administración de justicia. Estos cambios crean el ambiente propicio para la renovación de las reflexiones teóricas y jurisprudenciales sobre el tema procesal, lo que permite la aparición de múltiples discursos: desde los tradicionales que desentrañan el renovado marco normativo, hasta las reflexiones críticas que dan ... Read more

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  • Juicio político a presidentes en Colombia (1982-2018)

    La relativa singularidad del caso colombiano en el contexto latinoamericano orienta el objetivo de este libro: indagar en la omisión del juicio político como herramiente para juzgar presidentes y expresidentes democráticamente electos en Colombia. Pese a la existencia de pruebas que podrían relacionar a presidentes con actos de corrupción y violaciones a la Constitución, el Congreso históricamente ... Read more

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  • Rola sądów międzynarodowych w kształtowaniu praw jednostek

    Publikacja, wydana pod redakcją Patryka Kubsika stanowi efekt pracy członków Studenckiego Koła Naukowego Rozstrzygania Sporów Międzynarodowych, działającego przy Katedrze Prawa Międzynarodowego i Europejskiego Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego. Autorami poszczególnych rozdziałów są studenci czwartego oraz piątego roku prawa, którzy dzielą się na kartach niniejszej publikacji swoją pasją i zamiłowaniem do ... Read more

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  • Etica e Fair Play: nella Formazione della Prova Orale, nel Processo Penale

    Ogni meccanismo, per funzionare adeguatamente, esige un armonico contributo da parte di tutti i suoi ingranaggi.Altrimenti si “grippa”.Il processo penale non è da meno.Anzi – dipendendo dal suo funzionamento da un lato la tutela del bene libertà individuale, dall'altro la tutela della società - l’esigenza quanto al fatto che quel contributo sia massimo è di grado superiore a quella che può ... Read more

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  • Des origines de la magistrature française

    Lorsqu’un peuple aspire à des réformes, l’attention se porte généralement sur les institutions judiciaires. On n’en sera point surpris : c’est par la justice que doivent commencer les améliorations dans l’ordre politique et social, parce qu’elle est le premier et le plus puissant instrument de la liberté. Ce livre traite de l’histoire et des origines de la magistrature en France. « Dans les tribus ... Read more

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  • Fachgewerkschaften und Arbeitskampf

    Ist die Kampfparität noch zu retten?

    by Ralf Vogler ...
    Arbeitskämpfe und Gewerkschaften. Was klingt wie eine Diskussion aus den Hochzeiten der Industriegesellschaft, ist heute aktueller denn je. Einzig der Schwerpunkt hat sich verlagert. Es sind nicht mehr die klassischen Industriearbeiter, die mit Arbeitskämpfen auf sich aufmerksam machen, sondern zum Teil hochbezahlte Spezialisten wie Ärzte, Piloten oder auch Zugführer. Welche Taktiken wenden die ... Read more

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  • An Essay on the Trial By Jury

    Lysander Spooner's famous 'An Essay on the Trial by Jury'* Includes a Preface and Introduction to Spooner and his works by author StephenLysander Spooner (1808-1887) was an American political philosopher, staunch abolitionist and pioneering anti-authoritarian whose courage to dispute tyranny and challenge monopoly reverberates to this day.For more than eight hundred years (since Magna Carta, in ... Read more

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  • Ley Agraria

    DOF 25/06/2018

    Ley que regula los espacios ejidales****ACTUALIZACIONES PERIÓDICAS INCLUIDAS******Adquiérela una vez y siempre tendrás que se publique una modificación, tendrás la versión actualizada completa.****************************************************************** ... Read more

    $1.48 AUD

  • The Psychology of Jury Selection

    by Fred Crouter ...
    Each year juries decide thousands of cases. Although the majority of these cases are not settled by juries, predictions about juries frequently influence the decision whether or not to pursue a jury trial.As far in advance of the trial date as is practical the pre-trial investigation of prospective jurors is an absolute must in every case that can financially afford it.Pre-trial Investigation has ... Read more

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    by Adam Brzeski ...
    O polskim wymiarze sprawiedliwości powiedziano już wiele krytycznych słów. Znana powszechnie jest przewlekłość postępowań. Również w tej publikacji zwrócono na to uwagę. Książka ta opowiada los jednego przedsiębiorcy uwikłanego w tryby nierychliwej sprawiedliwości. Sprawiedliwości na dodatek trochę na opak. To wszystko zdarzyło się naprawdę w Polsce w okresie transformacji ustrojowej. Czy ktoś ... Read more

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  • The Texas Jury Rules

    If you want to know what real, live jurors have to say about witnesses, judges, and lawyers, then this is the book for you. James Stanton and Trey Cox articulate ten rules every trial lawyer should know and use every time he or she appears before a jury. These are not lawyer rules, these are The Texas Jury Rules. The Rules are based on hours and hours of actual juror responses in post-trial, video ... Read more

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  • University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 79, Number 3 - Summer 2012

    A leading law review offers a quality ebook edition. This third issue of 2012 features articles from internationally recognized legal scholars, and extensive research in Comments authored by University of Chicago Law School students.Contents for the issue include:ARTICLES:"Orwell's Armchair," by Derek E. Bambauer"Jury Nullification in Modified Comparative Negligence Regimes," by Eli K. Best & John ... Read more

    $1.30 AUD

  • The American Jury System

    series Yale Contemporary Law Series
    How are juries selected in the United States? What forces influence juries in making their decisions? Are some cases simply beyond the ability of juries to decide? How useful is the entire jury system?In this important and accessible book, a prominent expert on constitutional law examines these and other issues concerning the American jury system. Randolph N. Jonakait describes the historical and ... Read more

    $39.99 AUD

  • The Jury in America

    Triumph and Decline

    by Dennis Hale ...
    The jury trial is one of the formative elements of American government, vitally important even when Americans were still colonial subjects of Great Britain. When the founding generation enshrined the jury in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they were not inventing something new, but protecting something old: one of the traditional and essential rights of all free men. Judgment by an “impartial ... Read more

    $52.99 AUD

  • Why Jury Duty Matters

    A Citizen’s Guide to Constitutional Action

    An argument for the constitutional responsibility to participate in jury dutyIt’s easy to forget how important the jury really is to America. The right to be a juror is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed to all eligible citizens. The right to trial by jury helped spark the American Revolution, was quickly adopted at the Constitutional Convention, and is the only right that appears in both ... Read more

    $26.99 AUD

  • Commonsense Justice

    Jurors' Notions of the Law

    For the first time in our history, U.S. prisons house over a million inmates, enough to populate a city larger than San Francisco. Building prisons is the new growth industry, as the American public reacts to a perceived increase in violence and politicians take a hard line toward crime. But this eagerness to construct more prisons raises basic questions about what the community wants and will ... Read more

    $66.99 AUD