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Language Studies

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  • Learn to Read New Testament Greek

    by David Alan Black

    An academic staple updated for the first time in fifteen years, David Alan Black's user-friendly introduction to New Testament Greek keeps discussion of grammar as non-technical as possible. The simplified explanations, basic vocabularies, and abundant exercises are designed to prepare the student for subsequent practical courses in exegesis, while the linguistic emphasis lays the groundwork for ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!

    by Blair Kasfeldt

    What does this Biblical Hebrew book on vocabulary bring to the table for you that you will not find in any other vocabulary guide?In Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Made Easy! you will:*Learn Hebrew vocabulary without the mechanical process of rote memory.*Learn Hebrew more quickly an easily than you thought possible.*Lean how to distinguish between "homophones" and "homonyms" in Hebrew - words that ... Read more

    $7.56 AUD

  • Zondervan Bible Dictionary

    by J. D. Douglas and 2 more

    Who were the Pharisees? What did Samson and John the Baptist have in common? Does an altar really have "horns?" Turn to the Zondervan Bible Dictionary and find out. It has the answers to these and hundreds of other questions you're likely to wonder about as you read the Bible. Condensed from the New International Bible Dictionary, this unique volume actually offers three books in one: • A ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Reading Koine Greek

    An Introduction and Integrated Workbook

    by Rodney J. Decker

    This in-depth yet student-friendly introduction to Koine Greek provides a full grounding in Greek grammar, while starting to build skill in the use of exegetical tools. The approach, informed by twenty-five years of classroom teaching, emphasizes reading Greek for comprehension as opposed to merely translating it. The workbook is integrated into the textbook, with exercises appearing within each ... Read more

    $43.99 AUD

  • Charts for Intermediate Greek Grammar and Syntax

    A Quick Reference Guide to Going Deeper with New Testament Greek

    by Andreas J. Köstenberger and 2 more

    The premier “cheat sheet” for Greek Syntax and Exegesis. Keyed to the best-selling Going Deeper with New Testament Greek (by Kostenberger, Merkle, and Plummer), this set of folding laminated pages covers all traditional syntactical categories (for example, uses of the genitive, rules about the Greek article, possible translations of the imperfect tense), as well as information about New Testament ... Read more

    $9.34 AUD

  • Devotions on the Greek New Testament

    52 Reflections to Inspire and Instruct

    by J. Scott Duvall and 2 more

    Zondervan is known for its excellent resources in biblical languages, and many of our resources encourage professors, students, and pastors to continue to use their Hebrew and Greek Bibles beyond their seminary years.Devotions on the Greek New Testamentcontinues on this path of excellence by introducing these devotions—based on a careful reading and study of the Greek New Testament—written by some ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Biblical Hebrew Made Easy: The Triad System

    by Blair Kasfeldt

    Master the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System — Quickly and Easily!Utilizing ancient memory principles, students of Biblical Hebrew will quickly learn: the verbal system, the seven stems of the Strong Verbs in Hebrew and much more!The "Triad Sytem" transforms abstract letters and vowels into concrete and easily rememerable signs. Students using this method will progress quickly in mastering the most ... Read more

    $12.60 AUD

  • How to Speak French for Kids | A Children's Learn French Books

    by Baby Professor

    Ciao! This is French lesson book dedicated for children. Absolutely no difficult words and phrases, this shall make your kids get that good first impression about the French language. Get them to love the language so you won't have to force it on them. You can have your own copy of this book by hitting on that buy button today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Names Of God

    by Nathan J. Stone

    series Names of... Series
    Jehovah-tsidkenu, "the Lord our righeousness"; Jehovah-shalom, "the Lord our peace"; Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord will provide."This is a study of the twelve most common Hebrew names for God-and their significance and fulfillment in Christ. God's names reveal not only different dimensions of His character but also point to their fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. This classic study ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • It's Still Greek to Me

    An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Intermediate Greek

    by David Alan Black

    Proof that learning grammar doesn't have to be boring. This easy-to-understand and humorous guide is for students in their second year of Greek study. ... Read more

    $20.23 AUD

  • Greek in a Nutshell, An Outline of Greek Grammar with Brief Reading Lessons; Designed for Beginners in the New Testament

    by James Strong

    PREFACE.This little Manual was originally prepared for the NORMAL CLASS, at the request of the editor of that Journal, and was at the same time expected to form an instruction book at the Sunday-School Assembly annually held at Chautauqua. This accounts for its form in twelve series of two pages each. The reading lessons, however, have been made sufficiently full for subsequent study. Of course ... Read more

    $5.67 AUD

  • The Lost Gospels of Jesus

    by Anonymous

    The Lost Gospels of Jesus is a modern English translation of the oldest known lost Gospel manuscripts discovered buried in the Middle East. This includes the Nag Hammadi manuscripts found buried in the Egyptian desert inclusive of the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, the Didache, the Secret Gospel of James, the Gospel of the Ebionites, the Gospel of Peter, the Revelations of Peter, and many ... Read more


  • Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek

    by Bruce M. Metzger

    A standard Greek reference tool allowing students to learn vocabulary quickly by listing words according to their frequency of use in the New Testament. ... Read more

    $13.19 AUD

  • Greek for the Rest of Us

    The Essentials of Biblical Greek

    by William D. Mounce

    If you’d love to learn Greek so you can study your Bible better, then this newly revised second edition of Greek for the Rest of Us is foryou. Developed by renowned Greek teacher William Mounce, this revolutionarycrash-course on “Greek for the rest of us” will acquaint you with the essentials of the language and deepen your understanding of God’s Word. You’ll gain a sound knowledge of Greek, and ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Everything You Want to Know about the Bible

    Well…Maybe Not Everything but Enough to Get You Started

    by Peter Douglas Downey and 1 more

    It’s the bestselling book ever. It’s been translated into more than 2,000 languages. It’s changed people’s lives around the world. No, it’s not Thin Thighs in 30 Days . . . it’s the Bible!Yet the Bible remains about as well-understood to many people as your typical software license agreement—and about as exciting. That’s too bad, because the Bible is exciting, and it doesn’t have to be a mystery ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar

    by Zondervan

    First published in 1993, Basics of Biblical Greek is the most popular introduction to the field, used in universities and seminaries around the world. Over 250,000 students have learned biblical Greek under its guidance. This significant third edition has been carefully developed in consultation with instructors, students, self-learners, and homeschoolers.Users can now take advantage of the many ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • The Face of Water

    A Translator on Beauty and Meaning in the Bible

    by Sarah Ruden

    A dazzling reconsideration of the original languages and texts of the Bible, in both the Old and the New Testaments, from the acclaimed scholar and translator of Classical literature (“The best translation of the Aeneid, certainly the best of our time” —Ursula Le Guin; “The first translation since Dryden that can be read as a great English poem in itself” —Garry Wills, The New York Review of Books ... Read more

    $18.58 AUD

  • Getting Started in French for Kids | A Children's Learn French Books

    by Baby Professor

    When you allow your young child to learn a foreign language, there’s better chances of fluency than if he/she learns later in life. You see, a child’s brain is like a sponge and it’s ready to accept a foreign language. As a result, fluency is easy and rapid. Speech is without accent too. Start your child’s French training today. ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Exegetical Gems from Biblical Greek

    A Refreshing Guide to Grammar and Interpretation

    by Benjamin L. Merkle

    Learning Greek is a difficult task, and the payoff may not be readily apparent. To demonstrate the insight that knowing Greek grammar can bring, Benjamin Merkle summarizes 35 key Greek grammatical issues and their significance for interpreting the New Testament. This book is perfect for students looking to apply the Greek they have worked so hard to learn as well as for past students who wish to ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Old Testament Parsing Guide

    by Todd S. Beall and 2 more

    There are many Old Testament Hebrew lexicons available today, yet none offer the accuracy, user-friendliness, or affordable price as the single volume Old Testament Parsing Guide. Formerly published in a highly regarded two volume set, this new edition of Old Testament Parsing Guide seeks to offer help to Hebrew students by addressing their major need— the verbal system.With newly added vowel ... Read more

    $49.16 AUD

  • Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Workbook

    Supplemental Exercises for Greek Grammar Students

    by Ben Gutiérrez and 2 more

    Keyed to David Alan Black’s popular Learn to Read New Testament Greek main text, this supplemental workbook includes 1300 Greek to English/English to Greek sentences, more than 700 drilling exercises to reinforce the foundational principles of Greek grammar, and many other helpful learning resources for introductory Greek students. ... Read more

    $35.63 AUD

  • Up and Down; Day and Night: Opposites for Kids - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

    by Baby Professor

    Learning opposites is very important in teaching a child to describe things or emotions. It’s also a topic that your child should learn early on in order to develop the skills required for spotting difference in math and science. Improve your child’s ability to see the world and name them, too. Grab a copy today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Happy or Sad? Baby's First Book of Opposites - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

    by Baby Professor

    Learning opposites has never been more fun and easy with this book in place. You can either rip the pages to create flash cards or keep them bound in a book, and the benefits would still be the same. Your child will still experience a growth in vocabulary. Your child will still be drawn into the wonderful world of reading. Grab a copy today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD