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  • Laser: 50 Years Of Discoveries

    This unique book provides an overview of the principle and applications of lasers enriched with numerous illustrations.Being over fifty years old, lasers continue to amaze us. Their performance characteristics are constantly reaching new limits, and the scope of their applications continues to expand. Yet, it took years of effort by teams of physicists to transform the fundamental notions of ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • RGB Laser Projector Design Guide

    by Rick Poulin ...
    A design guide on how to build a full color laser projector based on solid state lasers. Explained in detail for a do it yourself individual to design and build a laser projector. ... Read more

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  • Lasers

    Les Grands Articles d'Universalis

    Inventé en 1958 par les Américains Arthur L. Schawlow et Charles H. Townes et le Russe Nikolaï G. Bassov, le laser est un dispositif qui engendre des rayonnements particuliers grâce à une technique spéciale d'émission dite « stimulée », par opposition à celle des sources usuelles de lumière qui est « spontanée »... ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Laser Beam Combining Methods

    by Andrew Motes ...
    There are several reasons why it is sometimes necessary to combine several laser beams into one: (1) some lasers, such as fiber lasers, have good beam quality but limited output power, (2) it allows for graceful degradation, (3) it makes the overall system more modular, and (4) it distributes the cooling load. This book summarizes and describes all the known methods for combining laser beams from ... Read more

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  • Free-space Laser Beam Propagation

    by Andrew Motes ...
    This book contains everything you need to know about free-space laser beam propagation modeling and simulation, and the mathematics for target irradiance calculation. The author describes four different beam propagation methods (including the new, fast harmonic expansion method) and two direct target irradiance calculation methods. Kolmogorov statistics are used for turbulence simulations but you ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • Basic Laser Weapon System Design

    by Andrew Motes ...
    This electronic book describes the design process for laser weapons and shows how power and weight are related to laser efficiency and duty cycle. The author uses example requirements to step the reader through a basic design. It was written for engineers or physicists who have no experience in the field, or for engineering students who are interested in learning about laser weapons. Readers are ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • Optoelectronic Sensors

    Optoelectronic sensors combine optical and electronic systems for numerous applications including pressure sensors, security systems, atmospheric particle measurement, close tolerance measurement, quality control, and more. This title provides an examination of the latest research in photonics and electronics in the areas of sensors. ... Read more

    $219.99 AUD

  • Optical Design Using Excel

    Practical Calculations for Laser Optical Systems

    A practical introductory guide to optical design covering geometrical optics, simple wave-optics and diffraction, using Excel software• explains practical calculation methods for designing optical systems with fully worked-out examples and avoiding complex mathematical methods• includes practical calculations for ray tracing, laser beam (Gaussian beam) focusing, and diffraction calculations; the ... Read more

    $172.99 AUD

  • Military Laser Technology for Defense

    Technology for Revolutionizing 21st Century Warfare

    Recent advances in ultra-high-power lasers, including the free-electron laser, and impressive airborne demonstrations of laser weapons systems, such as the airborne laser, have shown the enormous potential of laser technology to revolutionize 21st century warfare.Military Laser Technology for Defense, includes only unclassified or declassified information. The book focuses on military applications ... Read more

    $128.99 AUD

  • Understanding Lasers

    An Entry-Level Guide

    by Jeff Hecht ...
    The expanded fourth edition of the book that offers an essential introduction to laser technology and the newest developments in the fieldThe revised and updated fourth edition of Understanding Lasers offers an essential guide and introduction that explores how lasers work, what they do, and how they are applied in the real world. The author—a Fellow of The Optical Society—reviews the key concepts ... Read more

    $146.99 AUD

  • Introduction to Micro- and Nanooptics

    This first textbook on both micro- and nanooptics introduces readers to the technological development, physical background and key areas.The opening chapters on the physics of light are complemented by chapters on refractive and diffractive optical elements. The internationally renowned authors present different methods of lithographic and nonlithographic fabrication of microoptics and introduce ... Read more

    $88.99 AUD

  • Beam Weapons: Roots of Reagan's Star Wars

    by Jeff Hecht ...
    Beam Weapons describes the roots of Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars' quest for a strategic defense system to intercept and destroy nuclear ballistic missiles before they could reach their targets. The goal was to develop radically new beam weapons that destroyed nuclear missiles with directed energy — laser beams or charged particles.The daring program was born at a time of intense technological ... Read more

    $5.47 AUD

  • Defence Lasers and Optronic Systems: Semiconductor Diode Laser Electronics

    series Article
    Semiconductor diode lasers are close second to solid-state lasers in usage as far as tactical military applications of lasers are concerned. Laser aiming modules fitted on small arms and used to enhance night-fighting capability of infantry soldiers, short-to-medium range eye-safe laser rangefinders used for observation and surveillance, laser proximity sensors and short range laser dazzlers are ... Read more

    $0.88 AUD

  • Navy Shipboard Lasers for Surface, Air, and Missile Defense: Deployment of the First Solid-State Laser Directed Energy Weapon, SSL, FEL, TLS, MLD, Terminal Defense Against China's ASBM

    Navy officials announced in April 2013 that a solid-state laser would be deployed onboard the U.S.S. Ponce, providing the first at-sea demonstration of a revolutionary directed energy weapon. The demonstration is part of a wider portfolio of near-term Navy directed energy programs that promise rapid fielding, demonstration and prototyping efforts for shipboard, airborne and ground systems. The ... Read more

    $13.51 AUD

  • Defence Lasers and Optronic Systems: Gas Laser Electronics


    Carbon dioxide and helium-neon lasers are the two commonly used gas lasers used in tactical military applications. High-power lasers, such as carbon dioxide gas dynamic lasers, hydrogen fluoride/deuterium fluoride lasers and chemical oxy-iodine lasers, which can generate mega-watts of CW power for directed-energy weapon applications, are also broadly classified as gas lasers. These lasers are ... Read more

    $0.88 AUD

  • Fourier Optics for the age of Lasers and Computers

    by Andrew Motes ...
    Learn Fourier optics the easy way: use a PC computer to demonstrate the concepts and to solve the equations. This book provides you with all the tools needed to understand Fourier optics, especially as it relates to laser output--this includes all the Mathcad code files the author used in writing this book. Use these tools to easily find the target irradiance at any range produced by any laser ... Read more

    $11.72 AUD

  • Iluminatul cu LED

    Dioda emițătoare de lumină (LED) este, în prezent, una dintre cele mai folosite tehnologii de iluminat, cu o dezvoltare explozivă în ultimul timp, în special datorită eficienței energetice. Becurile cu LED-uri durează mai mult, sunt mai durabile, și oferă o calitate a luminii comparabilă sau mai bună față de alte tipuri de iluminare. Tehnologia de iluminare cu LED este extrem de eficientă ... Read more

    $5.19 AUD

  • Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning

    series Optical Science and Engineering
    From its initial publication titled Laser Beam Scanning in 1985 to Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning, now in its second edition, this reference has kept professionals and students at the forefront of optical scanning technology. Carefully and meticulously updated in each iteration, the book continues to be the most comprehensive scanning resource on the market. It examines the breadth and ... Read more


  • Charged Particle Optics Theory

    An Introduction

    Charged Particle Optics Theory: An Introduction identifies the most important concepts of charged particle optics theory, and derives each mathematically from the first principles of physics. Assuming an advanced undergraduate-level understanding of calculus, this book follows a logical progression, with each concept building upon the preceding one. Beginning witha non-mathematical survey of the ... Read more


  • Antimocrobial Photodynamic Inactivation and Antitumor Photodynamic Therapy with Fullerenes

    series IOP Concise Physics
    This book provides detailed and current information on using fullerenes (bucky-balls) in photodynamic therapy (PDT), one of the most actively studied applications of photonic science in healthcare. This will serve as a useful source for researchers working in photomedicine and nanomedicine, especially those who are investigating PDT for cancer treatment and infectious disease treatment. The book ... Read more

    $38.99 AUD

  • Tunable Laser Applications

    Broadly tunable lasers continue to have a tremendous impact in many and diverse fields of science and technology. From a renaissance in laser spectroscopy to Bose-Einstein condensation, the one nexus is the tunable laser. Tunable Laser Applications describes the physics and architectures of widely applied tunable laser sources. Fully updated and ex ... Read more

    $135.99 AUD

  • Fundamentals and Applications of Nanophotonics

    series Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials
    Fundamentals and Applications of Nanophotonics includes a comprehensive discussion of the field of nanophotonics, including key enabling technologies that have the potential to drive economic growth and impact numerous application domains such as ICT, the environment, healthcare, military, transport, manufacturing, and energy.This book gives readers the theoretical underpinnings needed to ... Read more

    $335.99 AUD

  • Handbook of GaN Semiconductor Materials and Devices

    series Series in Optics and Optoelectronics
    This book addresses material growth, device fabrication, device application, and commercialization of energy-efficient white light-emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes, and power electronics devices. It begins with an overview on basics of semiconductor materials, physics, growth and characterization techniques, followed by detailed discussion of advantages, drawbacks, design issues, processing, ... Read more

    $82.99 AUD

  • Magnetic Sensors and Devices

    Technologies and Applications

    series Devices, Circuits, and Systems
    This book presents in-depth coverage of magnetic sensors in industrial applications. It is divided into three sections: devices and technology for magnetic sensing, industrial applications (automotive, navigation), and emerging applications. Topics include transmission speed sensor ICs, dynamic differential Hall ICs, chopped Hall switches, programmable linear output Hall sensors, low power Hall ... Read more

    $96.99 AUD