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  • Know the Creeds and Councils

    by Justin S. Holcomb

    series KNOW Series
    In every generation, the Christian church must interpret and restate its bedrock beliefs, answering the challenges and concerns of the day. This accessible overview walks readers through centuries of creeds, councils, catechisms, and confessions—not with a dry focus on dates and places, but with an emphasis on the living tradition of Christian belief and why it matters for our lives today.As a ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Lumen Fidei: The Light of Faith

    by Pope Francis and 1 more

    The encyclical letter Lumen Fidei is the great monument of the Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI and brought to completion by Pope Francis. It is a capstone of the year, but at the same time a milestone of a long road, a road we have only begun to travel: the road of the New Evangelization.” –from the Foreword by Scott HahnOn June 29, 2013 Pope Francis issued his first papal letter ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Man and Woman, One in Christ

    An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

    by Philip Barton Payne

    Does Paul teach a hierarchy of authority of man over woman, or does he teach the full equality of man and woman in the church and home? In Man and Woman, One in Christ, Philip Barton Payne answers this question and more, injecting crucial insights into the discussion of Paul’s view of women. Condensing over three decades of research on this topic, Payne’s rigorous exegetical analysis demonstrates ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • The Reformed Faith: An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith

    by Robert Shaw

    Robert Shaw (1795 1863) was a Scottish Presbyterian leader in the Original Secession Church and a minister at Whitburn. The Reformed Faith is the standard of Church beliefs for the Reformed churches worldwide. It is also the most comprehensive statement of biblically based Christian belief available. This book is a practical aid to help Christians understand and apply the material in the ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD

  • The Westminster Shorter Catechism

    by Westminster Assembly

    In 1643 when the Long Parliament of England called the Westminster Assembly to produce the Westminster Confession, it also asked for a directory of "catechising". The Assembly asked Herbert Palmer to produce a draft of the Larger Catechism. Robert Baillie and other Scottish delegates found the work disappointing. In December 1643 a committee was formed to write the Catechism. In January 1647 the ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Reflections on Matrimonial Jurisprudence

    by Lawrence G. Wrenn

    The ten articles in this collection examine the canon law on marriage. They were written over a period of years and published mostly in the Jurist. The first article notes that jurisprudence tends to evolve in five different ways: by contraction, restoration, expansion, utilization and application. The next seven articles illustrate these different evolutionary styles. The second article is an ... Read more


  • The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations

    Volume 1

    by Pope Francis

    "Spirituality & Practice 2016 Award Winner." For the first time, all five major writings of Pope Francis—his encyclicals, bulls, and apostolic exhortations—are gathered into one volume. Pope Francis—the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church—was elected on March 13, 2013. Since then, he has been the most influential religious leader in the world, drawing praise and admiration from people of ... Read more

    $34.42 AUD

  • The Pope's Last Crusade

    How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI's Campaign to Stop Hitler

    by Peter Eisner

    Drawing on untapped resources, exclusive interviews, and new archival research, The Pope’s Last Crusade by Peter Eisner is a thrilling narrative that sheds new light on Pope Pius XI’s valiant effort to condemn Nazism and the policies of the Third Reich—a crusade that might have changed the course of World War II.A shocking tale of intrigue and suspense, illustrated with sixteen pages of archival ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Christianity and Natural Law

    An Introduction

    by Norman Doe

    series Law and Christianity
    Historically, natural law has played a pivotal role in Christian approaches to the law, and a contested role in legal philosophy generally. However, comparative study of natural law across global Christian traditions is largely neglected. This book provides not only the history of natural law ideas across mainstream Christian traditions worldwide, but also an ecumenical comparison of the ... Read more

    $126.27 AUD

  • Didascalia Apostolorum

    That is Teaching of the Twelve Holy Apostles and Disciples of Our Saviour

    by R. Hugh Connolly

    Didascalia Apostolorum, or just Didascalia, is a Christian treatise which belongs to the genre of the Church Orders. It presents itself as being written by the Twelve Apostles at the time of the Council of Jerusalem; however, scholars agree that it was actually a composition of the 3rd century, perhaps around 230 AD.The Didascalia was clearly modeled on the earlier Didache. The author is unknown, ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Las causas incidentales

    Propuestas para la celeridad del proceso incidental

    by Bruceli Benito Ala Gordillo

    series Canónica
    El objeto de estudio es la celeridad de los procesos que solventan las causas incidentales, originadas dentro del proceso de la causa principal, para contribuir de ese modo a una mejor tutela de la justicia. En las causas matrimoniales canónicas, donde se discierne sobre la validez del propio matrimonio atendiendo a razones de verdad, las partes se encuentran con mecanismos jurídicos que pueden ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • The Fight for Marriage

    Church Conflicts and Courtroom Contests

    by Phillip F. Cramer and 1 more

    For leaders in governments and in churches, marriage equality is the most contentious civil-rights dispute in the 21st century. During an era where nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, same-gender couples now have the federal civil right to marry, too. At a time when 62 percent of Americans approve of same-gender marriage, according to June 2017 Pew Research, churches are having to come to ... Read more

    $18.47 AUD

  • Pastoral Leadership and Church Government

    Study Guide for Pastor, Ministers, and Deacons on Church Government

    by Harry L Herman and 1 more

    Can the church congregation fire the pastor when appropriate?How much authority does the pastor have over the church? This is a live question for many churches today, and it raises a host of other crucial questions: how much authority the church board has over the pastor? Is there any limitation to the authority of the pastoral leadership? Who holds the pastoral leadership accountable? Can a local ... Read more

    $15.83 AUD

  • Die Identität der katholischen Priester im Licht des II. Vatikanums und das priesterliche Leben in Igbo-Diözesen Nigerias

    Eine theologisch-rechtliche Untersuchung

    by Polycarp Ibekwe

    series Europäische Hochschulschriften / European University Studies / Publications Universitaires Européennes
    Das Bild des katholischen Priestertums hat sich seit Ende des II. Vatikanums 1965 verändert. Der Autor untersucht, ob der katholische Priester in einer sich wandelnden Gesellschaft seine Identität als Repraesentatio Christi, seine Aufgaben sowie seine Stellung in der Kirche und in der Welt von heute gemäß der Lehrdokumente und des Codex von 1983 erfüllt. Die Erfahrung des Priestermangels in vielen ... Read more

    $133.53 AUD

  • Beyond RastafarI

    An Historical and Theological Introduction

    by Marzia A. Coltri

    series Religions and Discourse
    This book is an invitation to reflect on how a minority culture emerged from within «Third World» liberation movements. It considers not only the historical and cultural journey between Ethiopia and Jamaica, but also the psychological dynamics of subalterns between the East and the West.In this work, the author discusses the various beliefs and ideologies of the RastafarI movement in relation to ... Read more

    $97.23 AUD

  • Leitung, Recht und Arbeit in der Kirche

    Beiträge zur Geschichte und Gegenwart des evangelischen Kirchenrechts und des Religionsverfassungsrechts, Detlev W. Belling zu Ehren

    by Christian Nottmeier and 2 more

    series Schriften zum Staatskirchenrecht
    Anlässlich des 65. Geburtstags von Detlev W. Belling und seines langjährigen erfolgreichen Wirkens als Direktor des Evangelischen Instituts für Kirchenrecht an der Universität Potsdam haben sich zahlreiche Autorinnen und Autoren aus dem Umfeld des Instituts zusammengefunden, um das Wirken des Jubilars zu würdigen. Die Festschrift umfasst Beiträge aus dem Religionsverfassungsrecht, dem kirchlichen ... Read more

    $85.68 AUD

  • Pregando poderosamente a Palavra de Deus

    100 esboços do Pr. Silas Malafaia

    by Silas Malafaia

    Este livro foi escrito como uma ferramenta de ajuda e inspiração àqueles que, diante da urgência do compromisso de pregar ou ensinar a Palavra de Deus, não encontram de imediato uma idéia que possam desenvolver, ou não têm tempo de elaborar o esboço de uma mensagem. Pregando a Palavra de Deus há quase 30 anos, seu autor, o Pr. Silas Malafaia sabe muito bem, o quanto uma linha de raciocínio, uma ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Lo status giuridico degli insegnanti di religione cattolica tra diritto della Chiesa e ordinamento dello Stato

    by Michele Madonna

    L’insegnamento della religione cattolica è una classica materia mixta nelle relazioni tra Chiesa cattolica e comunità politica. Il volume prende in esame il tema dello status giuridico degli insegnanti di religione, che investe, per così dire ‘ontologicamente’, profili di diritto canonico e di diritto ecclesiastico dello Stato. La prima parte guarda al diritto della Chiesa, che inserisce la ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Frequency Distribution Of Traditional Catholic Fast Days

    by Wiliam Sloan

    This short book tells you what percentage chance each day in the calendar year is a fast day according to the fast days of the Catholic Church in the 1950's. There are 53 fast days during the year. Only three (3) of the days are fixed on the same day each year. The other 50 fast days are based on the movable calendar of feast days in the Church. Many days during the year are can never be fast days ... Read more

    $3.73 AUD

  • Disputa sul Matrimonio

    Fra un avvocato cattolico e un parroco ortodosso

    by Mario Marchisio

    Una discussione che si trasforma ben presto in una accesa polemica fra due modi opposti di concepire il matrimonio: la vocazione ascetico-spirituale della Chiesa ortodossa e quella prevalentemente giuridica della Chiesa romana (preoccupata della validità del sacramento) vengono messe a confronto. Leggere questo libro significa scoprire aspetti fondamentali e tuttavia spesso ignorati di quell ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • «I turned back my feet to your decrees» (Psalm 119, 59)

    Torah in the Fifth Book of the Psalter

    by Michael Kodzo Mensah

    series Österreichische Biblische Studien
    Scholars have described Psalm 119 as the «crux criticorum» of the Fifth Book of the Psalter (Pss 107-150). While the length of the psalm and its insistence on the question of YHWH’s Torah are basic indices pointing to its importance in the Book, the question of its message, that is, the logical development of its theme has remained an exegetical problem. The author proposes a solution, namely, ... Read more

    $129.13 AUD

  • Memorie dal futuro di Benedetto XVI

    by Adeodato Blanco and 1 more

    Questo libro, scritto nel 1984 in forma di romanzo da un membro della Chiesa che si cela dietro ad uno pseudonimo, ci è pervenuto nel 2001, ben prima che l'attuale Pontefice assumesse il suo incarico.Nell'ispirata narrazione di Adeodato Blanco, Papa Benedetto XVI scuote la Chiesa dalle fondamenta. In un avvincente crescendo di situazioni e di avvenimenti, al confine tra passato, presente e futuro, ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Die Diözese Budweis in den Jahren 17851850

    Das Aschenputtel unter den Diözesen

    by Miroslav Novotný and 4 more

    series Beiträge zur Kirchen- und Kulturgeschichte
    Die Autoren des Buches stellen die Geschichte der Budweiser Diözese dar und reflektieren hierbei aktuelle Forschungsansätze. Das Buch zeichnet ein komplexes Bild der Entstehung und territorialen wie verwaltungstechnischen Entwicklung der Diözese in den Jahren 1785–1850. Die Autoren arbeiten mit neuen Perspektiven die wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen heraus und dokumentieren die Tätigkeit der einzelnen ... Read more

    $98.66 AUD

  • Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Kirchenrecht. Bd. 21 (2016) Annuaire suisse de droit ecclésial. Vol. 21 (2016)

    Herausgegeben im Auftrag der Schweizerischen Vereinigung für evangelisches Kirchenrecht Edité sur mandat de lAssociation suisse pour le droit ecclésial

    by Dieter Kraus

    series Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Kirchenrecht / Annuaire suisse de droit ecclésial
    Inhalt: Wolfgang Lienemann: Theologische Grundlagen und Entwicklungen des heutigen Kirchenrechts in evangelischer Sicht – Christian R. Tappenbeck: Die Weiterentwicklung des bernischen Verhältnisses «Kirche – Staat» nach dem Entwurf des Landeskirchengesetzes. Gedanken aus der Perspektive der Reformierten Kirchen Bern-Jura-Solothurn – Christoph Winzeler: Der Nutzen von Religion – rechtliche ... Read more

    $146.62 AUD