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Legal Writing eBooks

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  • The Plea

    His client is innocent. His wife is guilty.

    series Eddie Flynn Series
    Your client is innocent. Your wife is guilty.Who would you fight for?*'Quite simply, THE PLEA is one of the most purely entertaining books you'll read this year' John Connolly'A gripping thriller' Ian Rankin*When David Child, a major client of a corrupt New York law firm, is arrested for murder, the FBI ask con artist-turned-lawyer Eddie Flynn... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Last Mughal

    The Fall of Delhi, 1857

    On a dark evening in November 1862, a cheap coffin is buried in eerie silence. There are no lamentations or panegyrics, for the British Commissioner in charge has insisted, 'No vesting will remain to distinguish where the last of the Great Mughals rests.' This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, one of the most tolerant and likeable of his remarkable dynasty who found himself leader of a violent and ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Legal Writing in Plain English, Second Edition

    A Text with Exercises

    series Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and
    Admirably clear, concise, down-to-earth, and powerful—all too often, legal writing embodies none of these qualities. Its reputation for obscurity and needless legalese is widespread. Since 2001 Bryan A. Garner’s Legal Writing in Plain English has helped address this problem by providing lawyers, judges, paralegals, law students, and legal scholars with sound advice and practical tools for ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Point Made

    How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates

    by Ross Guberman ...
    With Point Made, legal writing expert, Ross Guberman, throws a life preserver to attorneys, who are under more pressure than ever to produce compelling prose. What is the strongest opening for a motion or brief? How to draft winning headings? How to tell a persuasive story when the record is dry and dense? The answers are "more science than art," says Guberman, who has analyzed stellar arguments ... Read more

    $42.99 AUD

  • Legal Writing (Speedy Study Guides)

    Legal writing is a method of communication which focuses on the exactness and conciseness of words and their meaning. The interpretation of a legal document could impact the life, liberty or property of a person so it is important that the manner in which one engages in legal writing is consistent with established legal doctrine. Legal writing also assists in the interpretation of preceding laws. ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • A Writers Guide To Adult Compliance Requirements

    Erotica is the most lucrative genre in the publishing industry, because let’s face it… sex sells! But recent changes in the publishing industry, spurred by irresponsible bloggers and panicky CEO’s, are making it more and more difficult for erotica writers to get published.Publishers who claim to support free speech are censoring anything that might possibly be considered controversial. Myths and ... Read more

    $3.80 AUD

  • Jailhouse Logic | Notes on Legal Reasoning and Argument

    Student notes on legal reasoning and argument including classical and modern solutions for legal and argumentative writers, this text surveys a broad literature, and offers a practical toolbox to polish your writing . It includes a new intuitive treatment of Aristotelian syllogism, with graphical explanations of argument and logic helpful to writers in the humanities as well as those paralegals ... Read more


  • Law as if Earth Really Mattered

    The Wild Law Judgment Project

    series Law, Justice and Ecology
    This book is a collection of judgments drawn from the innovative Wild Law Judgment Project. In participating in the Wild Law Judgment Project, which was inspired by various feminist judgment projects, contributors have creatively reinterpreted judicial decisions from an Earth-centred point of view by rewriting existing judgments, or creating fictional judgments, as wild law. Authors have ... Read more

    $75.99 AUD

  • Expert Legal Writing

    For ten years, Terri LeClercq's "Legal Writing" column in the Texas Bar Journal has helped polish the prose of lawyers and law students, judges and clerks, paralegals, writing instructors, and legal secretaries. This book collects all the advice she has given in her columns into one authoritative guide for expert legal writing. LeClercq covers everything a legal writer needs to know, from the ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Criminal Law

    A 1L Success Guide Outline

    by Matt Racine ...
    series Law School Outlines
    This is the outline I wish I had when I started my criminal law class as a 1L. It is a concise, actionable outline filled with what you need for law school success. *** In my book, 1L Success Guide, I argue that one of the best ways to succeed in law school is to have skeleton outlines prepared in advance of class so you already have the basic information organized before you attend lecture. ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • Point Taken

    How to Write Like the World's Best Judges

    by Ross Guberman ...
    In Point Taken, Ross Guberman delves into the work of the best judicial opinion-writers and offers a step-by-step method based on practical and provocative examples. Featuring numerous cases and opinions from 34 esteemed judges - from Learned Hand to Antonin Scalia - Point Taken, explores what it takes to turn "great judicial writing" into "great writing". Guberman provides a system for crafting ... Read more

    $48.99 AUD

  • Shark Tales

    True (and Amazing) Stories from America's Lawyers

    by Ron Liebman ...
    QUESTION: How many lawyers does it take to finish the roof of a two-thousand-square-foot house with dormers?ANSWER: Depends on how thin you slice them.Lawyers, and, more to the point, lawyer stories, have been sliced, diced, and presented for consumption for centuries. Ever since Dick the Butcher suggested in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part 2 that "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The 1L Success Guide

    Learning the Law, Acing Your Exams, and Getting to the Top of Your Class

    by Matt Racine ...
    series Law School Success Guides
    GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO GET TOP GRADES IN LAW SCHOOL.For many, the road to law school success seems blocked by obstacles and filled with potholes. But learning the law and getting good grades on your law school exams is really not that difficult.You just need someone to show you the way.The 1L Success Guide was written by someone who graduated #1 in his law school class. He shares the ... Read more

    $5.00 AUD

  • Reading Text and Polity: Hermeneutics and Constitutional Theory

    The critical importance of interpretation to the enterprise of constitutional adjudication has been highlighted recently by several cases out of the Commonwealth Caribbean. In Reading Text and Polity, noted law Professor Simeon McIntosh contends that hermeneutics – the art of interpretation – is central to how Caribbean constitutions are read and in turn, is a fundamental political act defining ... Read more

    $35.95 AUD

  • How to Write, Publish and Market E-Books: A Social Media Handbook for Lawyers

    Are you a lawyer with a book in you? If so, this handbook is for you.  It not only teaches fundamentals of fiction and non-fiction writing, but also shepherds new authors through the revolutionary world of digital publishing.  Co-authors Caleb Pirtle III and Stephen Woodfin of the popular Internet site Venture Galleries explain the nuts and bolts of the process that takes new authors from the ... Read more

    $4.64 AUD

  • Kelsen in the Grenada Court: Essays on Revolutionary Legality

    Historically, revolution has been one of the principal means of founding a new state. But can this new state have any moral legitimacy, born as it is out of violence? That is the critical question for legal theorists. The late Hans Kelsen, arguably one of the leading legal theorists and philosophers of the twentieth century, in his Pure Theory of Law, articulated this theory of revolutionary ... Read more

    $32.20 AUD

  • Formulario processo societario

    by AA. VV. ...
    Formato digitale sempre a portata di mano, visualizzabile su qualsiasi dispositivo mobile, iphone, iPad, Tablet e su Desktop.88 FORMULE INDISPENSABILI PER AVVOCATI, pronte da compilare.Garantita massima fruibilità e facilità di utilizzo. ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • A+ Guide to Legal Demand Letters

    by Alison Plus ...
    Book 10 - A+ Guides to Writing
    You must write a demand letter regarding a legal problem, either for school, for use in legal practice, or as a private citizen preparing for a possible small claims court filing. This booklet can help you by showing you the complete process of writing demand letter. This practical, systematic method will start with a basic discussion of the purpose of the letter and end with a final proofreading. ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Técnicas para la argumentación de textos jurídicos

    Book 15 - Palestra Extramuros
    Este manual ofrece pistas y técnicas para construir y sustentar una argumentación jurídica convincente y también para incitar a los juristas a no descuidar y descartar el valor del método en sus trabajos. Uno de sus objetivos es demostrar el valor agregado del uso de un método —en especial, del método que el autor plantea— durante un trabajo jurídico. La primera parte del libro se dedica, por ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Law school exams: secrets of straight A students

    Legal writing for exams edition

    Book 2 - Straight A Law Student
    ATTENTION: DON'T FORGET TO BUY BOOK 1 "STRAIGHT A STUDENT'S GUIDE TO LAW SCHOOL" OF THE "STRAIGHT A LAW STUDENT" SERIES TO GUARANTEE YOURSELF AN A.You will not find this advice in ANY other book or blog.Our book was not only written BY recent law students FOR law students, IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE TOP 2% LAW STUDENTS IN TOP 3 LAW SCHOOLS who have succeeded using this advice.This guide will offer you ... Read more

    $29.38 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Legal Studies Boxed Set

    by Alison Plus ...
    Book 11 - A+ Guides to Writing
    Legal writing can be challenging for many reasons. The language is complex, the concepts are even more complex, and you will be expected to manipulate both the language and the complex while adhering to specific writing formats. But there is help available. The Legal Studies Boxed Set contains the three Alison Plus Guides to Writing for the three types of legal documents most legal studies and ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • La scrittura in mediazione

    La scrittura è un'opportunità per mediare e per costruire un percorso unico e speciale coi mediandi. Queste pagine sono un viaggio ideale nel mondo della scrittura e della mediazione. Universi complementari e interdipendenti che offrono al mediatore infinite possibilità per usare la parola scritta, i disegni, le lettere i tatuaggi e i calligrammi, come tecnica per mediare e per sviluppare la ... Read more

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  • ESAME AVVOCATO 2017. Tecniche di redazione Atti e Pareri alla luce dei criteri di correzione dei Commissari – 2a Edizione

    Il Volume, giunto alla SECONDA EDIZIONE, rivista ed aggiornata, è un vero e proprio COMPENDIO DI BUONE PRATICHE vissute direttamente sul campo, con l’ambizione di rimuovere qualche dubbio – ampliato dall’ansia – e di costituire uno STRUMENTO AGILE E DESCRITTIVO DELLE PIÙ RILEVANTI MODALITÀ DI STESURA DELLE PROVE SCRITTE, accompagnate dal COMMENTO DEI CRITERI DI CORREZIONE UFFICIALMENTE VIGENTI.Il ... Read more

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  • La interpretación de la ley

    Teoría y métodos

    Book 30 - Colección Lo Esencial del Derecho
    La interpretación de la ley es una cuestión universal que, independientemente de las particularidades de cada sistema, implica la comprensión de la norma legal a la luz de métodos y cánones. En suma, resuelve problemas de lenguaje y de comunicación en el ámbito legal. La interpretación de la ley. Teoría y métodos ofrece una recopilación de doctrina y jurisprudencia anglosajona adaptadas a la ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus