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  • Victor O. Schwab's How to Write a Good Ad (Modern Edition)

    A Short Course in Marketing

    by Dr. Robert C. Worstell and 1 more

    series Masters of Marketing Secrets
    "Most advertising copywriters know their fundamentals. Many of us practice them. Some of us should get back to them. "Whether one is now studying to go into the field of copywriting, whether he is new in the craft, or whether he has been a practitioner in it for years, his knowledge—and practice—of these fundamentals will determine the extent of his success. "As Daniel Defoe said, 'An old and ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD

  • How to Write Ad Copy That Works

    A Course In Classic Copywriting

    by Dr. Robert C. Worstell and 1 more

    series Masters of Marketing Secrets
    As you are reading this, you are obviously interested in how Marketing actually works and what is actually effective. You already have been through the wringer with all these online marketers who use the same copy-paste template of a sales page, with mailing lists which send you unwanted traffic several times a week and insist that you are stupid enough to believe their hype, over and over and ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Moneytize your Knowledge

    by Thomas Muldoon

    This workbook is designed to provide the missing link between your desire for success and your achievement of success and designed to help you create an income stream within three days, that’s right, within three days – sooner that you know you’ll be taking the first step on your way to creating a source of income that’ll enrich your life, create wealth and bring you closer to achieving your goals ... Read more

    $6.97 AUD

  • Amazon FBA - A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Amazon, Launch Private Label Products, and Earn Passive Income While You Sleep

    by Adidas Wilson

    FBA is an acronym for Fulfilled by Amazon. When you get into the Amazon FBA program, all the hard work is done by Amazon. How it works: You source products and send them to Amazon. They, in turn, store the products in their warehouses. The products are inventoried then sorted. If an item is damaged in the warehouse, Amazon will pay you the full price. When a buyer orders your product on Amazon, ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Make $1000+ a Month Selling Used Books Online WITHOUT Amazon: Easy Ways to Make Extra Money With Websites That Pay Cash for Books!

    Sell Books Fast Online, #5

    by Michael J. Jung

    series Sell Books Fast Online #5
    Want to learn how you can clear your bookshelves and turn your books into cash quickly, without going through the trouble of creating an online store?Most people who want to sell used books online think they need to open their own online store on Amazon or eBay. While these websites are great online markets, they also make you compete against hundreds of identical book copies, making it hard to ... Read more


  • Tecniche di Vendita. Strategie Avanzate per Venditori di ogni Livello. (Ebook Italiano - Anteprima Gratis)

    Strategie Avanzate per Venditori di ogni Livello

    by Cesare D’Ambrosio

    Programma di Tecniche di VenditaStrategie Avanzate per Venditori di ogni LivelloCOME COMPIERE PASSI VELOCI NEL SETTORE DELLA VENDITACome sperimentare e sviluppare le tue capacità di vendita.Perché è importante non prendere troppo seriamente i rifiuti.Come fare per non scoraggiarsi di fronte a un no.Come fare la scelta giusta del tempo per ottenere successo ad ogni contratto.Come riuscire a vedere ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • My Life in Advertising

    A Copywriters' Journey to Success, based on the works of Claude C. Hopkins

    by Dr. Robert C. Worstell and 1 more

    series Masters of Marketing Secrets
    This book is not written as a personal history, but as a business story. I have tried to avoid trivialities and to confine myself to matters of instructive interest.The chief object behind every episode is to offer helpful suggestions to those who will follow me. And to save them some of the midnight groping which I did.My only claim for credit is that I have probably worked twice as long as ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Tips And Traps Of Email Marketing

    by Vikash Verma

    Ever since the Internet went online, email has been hugely popular with everyone. At first, it was just a tool to keep in contact with people in one’s office, but soon, it became the tool of choice for marketers online.Knowing how to develop an email contact list and how to market to people online can establish your business and make your sales grow exponentially. Doing it right has many rewards, ... Read more

    $8.43 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Affiliate Marketing Treasure BOX

    Technics To Make Passive Income

    by N.M. Hemal

    Hey, you will really be thankful to me after downloading Affiliate Marketing Treasure BOX, I really do hope that the information you find in this guide is not only helpful, but that you actually implement some of the things you'll learn and get results.What I'm going to share with you in this guide is years of knowledge in the affiliate marketing space, hopefully it jump starts your journey to ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Despídete del desorden

    Los secretos para impulsar tu productividad en un entorno ordenado


    series Coaching
    Las claves para aprender a aparcar el desorden y liberar nuestra menteEste libro es una guía práctica y accesible para descubrir cómo despedirte del desorden, que te aportará la información esencial y te permitirá ganar tiempo.En tan solo 50 minutos podrás:• Conocer de primera mano la importancia de dejar a un lado el caos y poner orden en tu vida profesional y personal, lo que te permitirá ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • How To Start An Etsy Online Business: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide

    Make Money from Home

    by Jill b.

    series Make Money from Home
    You're an artist, a crafter or a creative. Now is time to take your skills to the next level and Etsy is an excellent place to start. But how?Etsy is an online marketplace but it is not eBay or Amazon. It is its own entity with its own audiences. This book will guide youthrough the process of setting up shop through to building your brand and business.In this book, you'll learn:- How to choose ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • The Untold Story Behind Advertising

    Origins of American Marketing Revealed

    by Dr. Robert C. Worstell and 1 more

    series Masters of Marketing Secrets
    Albert Davis Lasker began as a newspaper reporter when still a teenager but soon got interested in advertising. He started first as an office clerk and later became a salesman. He then asked to be given responsibility for a money-losing account so that he could try his hand at copywriting. By the age of 20, he had bought Lord & Thomas advertising agency and remained its chief executive for more ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD

  • Gagner en productivité

    Les clés pour ranger, trier et structurer efficacement

    by Bénédicte Palluat de Besset and 1 more

    series Coaching pro #70
    Un guide pratique et accessible pour mieux ranger, trier et structurer son environnementVous êtes d'un naturel désordonné et vous souhaitez, à l'image de certains de vos proches ou collègues, vous habituer à ranger et mieux vous organiser ? Si le tri et le rangement semblent être des tâches rébarbatives et chronophages à première vue, leurs effets favorisent au contraire la productivité et aident ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Easy Guide To Starting A Drop Shipping Business

    by Kevin Santos

    Simple Easy Detailed....We believe this iѕ bу fаr thе bеѕt bооk оn drорѕhiррing аvаilаblе. Yоu will will learn еvеrуthing уоu nееd tо knоw аbоut finding a product, ѕеtting uр an online ѕtоrе аnd grоwing уоur buѕinеѕѕ."If уоu wаnt to avoid, the mоѕt соmmоn dropshipping miѕtаkеѕ, you nееd tо read thiѕ!See just how you can start уоur оwn drорѕhiррing buѕinеѕѕ.It'ѕ a ѕhоrt rеаd and a grеаt ѕtаrt fоr ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Robert Collier Copywriting Course

    Learn to Write Sales Letters that Pay, based on the works of Robert Collier

    by Dr. Robert C. Worstell and 1 more

    WHAT is there about some letters that makes them so much more effective than others?A letter may have perfect diction, a finished style; it may bristle with attention-getters and interest-arousers; it may follow every known rule; yet when it reaches the Hall of Judgment where the reader sits and decides its fate, it may find itself cast into the hell of wastebasket-dom...People will give, when you ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD

  • Cover Letter Secrets

    by Jany Staying

    In applying for a job, you need to know what a cover letter is so that you would be able to recognize its importance. The cover letter is actually the same as the letter of application, letter of introduction, as well as a transmittal letter. It is a letter that should always accompany the applicant’s resume, since not too many employers would consider an application without it.Read your cover ... Read more

    $9.98 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Sicherheit und Kommunikation bei Fußballgroßveranstaltungen

    Praxishandbuch für Akteure im Netzwerk der Sicherheitsgewährleistung

    by Thomas Kubera

    Sicherheit rund ums Spiel Fußballspiele locken jedes Jahr Millionen von Zuschauern in die Stadien. Damit werden sie nicht nur zu spektakulären Großveranstaltungen, sondern auch zu Orten der großen Emotionen und der Begegnung unterschiedlicher Fankulturen. Schon angesichts der Menschenmengen stellen die Durchführung und Sicherung jeder Fußballbegegnung personelle wie infrastrukturelle ... Read more

    $89.99 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Dropship & Dropshipping

    by Donato Matola

    Il Dropship rappresenta oggi una concreta opportunità di guadagno basata sul commercio online. Ma per proporsi su questo mercato è necessario avere le giuste nozioni, le giuste strategie. Nell’ebook è possibile trovare tutte quelle informazioni che servono a impostare con criterio e metodo l’attività di Dropshipping; in particolare vengono forniti suggerimenti utili su come intraprendere questa ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Marketing

    333 Fragen und Antworten

    by Mathias Schürmann

    Testen Sie mit dem vorliegenden Arbeitsbuch Ihr Marketingwissen. Es eignet sich ideal für die Vorbereitung auf schriftliche oder mündliche Prüfungen. Mit 333 Fragen und Antworten bietet es Ihnen eine breite Palette an möglichen Prüfungsfragen. Dieses Buch richtet sich an alle, die in Schule, Studium oder Beruf mit Marketing zu tun haben. Es lässt sich im Selbststudium oder als Begleitung zu einem ... Read more

    $32.73 AUD