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  • Deep Sea and Foreign Going

    Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry that Brings You 90% of Everything

    by Rose George and 1 more

    There are 100,000 freighters on the seas. Between them they carry nearly everything we eat, wear and work with. In this unique investigation, Rose George joins the crew of a container ship to chart the murky waters of international shipping, with its powerful naval fleets, pirate gangs, and illegal floating factories, to reveal the hidden industry upon which our world turns and our future depends. ... Read more

    $16.93 AUD

  • Catching Thunder

    the true story of the world’s longest sea chase

    by Eskil Engdal and 2 more

    A remarkable true story of courage and perseverance — and a wake-up call.December 2014: in the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker embarks on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten thousand miles of hazardous seas, Hammerstedt’s crew will relentlessly pursue the Thunder — an infamous illegal fishing ship — for what will become the longest ... Read more

    $23.86 AUD

  • The International Law of the Sea

    by Professor Donald R. Rothwell and 1 more

    The law of the sea provides for the regulation, management and governance of the ocean spaces that cover over two-thirds of the Earth's surface. This book provides a contemporary explanation of the foundational principles of the law of the sea, a critical overview of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and an analysis of subsequent developments including the many bilateral, ... Read more

    $89.09 AUD

  • The International Law of the Sea

    by Yoshifumi Tanaka

    This new edition has been fully revised to include up-to-date coverage of essential issues of the international law of the sea. Covering a number of new and important issues, such as the headline debate of migrant movement across the seas, and the definition of islands in light of the South China Sea Arbitration, it also includes chapters on conservation of marine living resources and biological ... Read more

    $49.60 AUD

  • Seized!

    A Sea Captain's Adventures Battling Pirates and Recovering Stolen Ships in the World's Most Troubled Waters

    by Max Hardberger

    Capt. Max Hardberger uses every trick, tool and tactic at his disposal to right wrongs and out-pirate pirates in this action-packed exposé of the seedy underworld of international shipping. As a professional ship extractor, he risks death and imprisonment in dangerous third-world ports to steal ships from modern buccaneers and corrupt governments and deliver them back to their rightful owners. In ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Reeds 21st Century Ship Management

    by Captain John W Dickie

    series Reeds Professional
    Ship management has constantly had to evolve to take into account the advancements in technology as well as the demands of the shipping industry. Having internet access and email on board ship has meant that the ship manager has to possess certain sets of skills to function effectively in the post, including computer literacy. The emergence of large multi-national ship management companies has ... Read more

    $48.61 AUD

  • The International Law of the Sea

    by Professor Donald R. Rothwell and 1 more

    The law of the sea provides for the regulation, management and governance of the ocean spaces that cover over two-thirds of the Earth's surface. This book provides a fresh explanation of the foundational principles of the law of the sea, a critical overview of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and an analysis of subsequent developments including the many bilateral, regional ... Read more

    $61.81 AUD

  • The Legal Regime of Offshore Oil Rigs in International Law

    by Hossein Esmaeili

    This book reviews and examines the relevant portions of all international treaties, cases and the national law and practice of states, in relation to international aspects of offshore oil rigs. By doing so, it offers an understanding of the legal regime surrounding oil rigs and formulates an international law framework. It investigates the issues under consideration by analyzing provisions of ... Read more

    $80.40 AUD

  • Морская тайна

    by Михаил Розенфельд

    Вторая половина 30-х годов. Поздней осенью 19… года сразу несколько советских радиостанций принимают сигнал "SOS", переданный тонущим судном "Звезда Советов". Но в Наркомводе, узнав о странной радиограмме, не могут ничего понять: дело в том, что в списках торгового флота СССР нет и никогда не было парохода с таким названием. Что за судно подавало сигналы бедствия, и какова была его дальнейшая ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • Lessons From The Disturbed Waters: The Diaoyu/diaoyutai/senkaku Islands Disputes

    by Katherine Hui-yi Tseng

    Although the flare-up of tensions in East Asia over the disputed islands, which are alternatively called Diaoyu (China), Diaoyutai (Taiwan) and Senkaku (Japan), seems to be ever more frequent, it has not always been the case. Lessons from the Disturbed Waters traces the origin of the issue back to when it first surfaced in the 1970s. The book explains the positions of the claimants, China, Japan ... Read more

    $65.00 AUD

  • International Conservation Law

    The Protection of Plants in Theory and Practice

    by Rob Amos

    Through a combination of theoretical and empirical approaches, this book explores the role of international environmental law in protecting and conserving plants.Underpinning every ecosystem on the planet, plants provide the most basic requirements: food, shelter and clear air. Yet the world’s plants are in trouble; a fifth of all plant species are at risk of extinction, with thousands more in ... Read more

    $66.10 AUD

  • The Republic Afloat

    Law, Honor, and Citizenship in Maritime America

    by Matthew Taylor Raffety

    series American Beginnings, 1500-1900
    In the years before the Civil War, many Americans saw the sea as a world apart, an often violent and insular culture governed by its own definitions of honor and ruled by its own authorities. The truth, however, is that legal cases that originated at sea had a tendency to come ashore and force the national government to address questions about personal honor, dignity, the rights of labor, and the ... Read more

    $63.90 AUD

  • Environmental Protection of International Watercourses under International Law

    by Owen McIntyre

    McIntyre's work explains the legal means by which requirements of environmental protection influence the determination of a reasonable and equitable regime for allocating rights to riparian states to utilize shared freshwater resources. The work examines the means and processes by which environmental considerations can act upon the operation of the principle of equitable utilization. The volume ... Read more

    $80.40 AUD

  • The Politics of Piracy

    Crime and Civil Disobedience in Colonial America

    by Douglas R. Burgess

    The seventeenth-century war on piracy is remembered as a triumph for the English state and her Atlantic colonies. Yet it was piracy and illicit trade that drove a wedge between them, imperiling the American enterprise and bringing the colonies to the verge of rebellion. In The Politics of Piracy, competing criminalities become a lens to examine England’s legal relationship with America. In ... Read more

    $43.00 AUD

  • Maritime Legacies and the Law

    Effective Legal Governance of WWI Wrecks

    by Craig Forrest

    The recent centenary of WWI has prompted a shift in the way attention is focused on legacy shipwrecks. This timely book considers the development of the laws that apply to these wrecks and the issues that surround them, and deftly analyses the adequacy of the existing legal framework to fulfil its promise of protecting legacy wrecks for future generations as historical and archaeological resources ... Read more

    $54.00 AUD

  • Warranties in Marine Insurance

    by Baris Soyer

    For centuries, warranties have played a significant role in the law of marine insurance and have recently sparked debate on a national and international level after calls for reform. This second edition includes a more involved analysis of law reform as well as a discussion of the recent proposals of the Australian Law Reform Commission.Soyer lucidly analyzes the legal remedy available when a ... Read more

    $58.95 AUD

  • Grundzüge des Internationalen Wirtschaftsrechts

    Internationales Privatrecht, Europäisches Wirtschaftsrecht, Welthandelsrecht

    by Theodor Enders

    series Lernbücher für Wirtschaft und Recht
    Der kompakte Einstieg in das Internationale Wirtschaftsrecht. Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht Dieses Lehrbuch geht auf alle wesentlichen Probleme der geschäftlichen Betätigung mit Auslandsberührung ein. Ausgehend von grundlegenden Fragestellungen, etwa der Anwendbarkeit des deutschen oder ausländischen Rechts, werden zunächst wichtige Prinzipien (z.B. Territorialität) erörtert. Da überwiegend das ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts

    by Simon Curtis and 2 more

    series Lloyd's Shipping Law Library
    The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts examines the principles of English contract law as these apply to shipbuilding. The leading text on shipbuilding and marine construction, widely used by the global maritime community, this new edition is updated to account for the "long tail" effects of the global economic crisis on the sector.The authors provide expert analysis on the key shipbuilding contract ... Read more

    $892.97 AUD

  • El Titanic

    Un transatlántico de leyenda


    series Historia
    Este libro es una guía práctica y accesible para saber más sobre el Titanic, que le aportará la información esencial y le permitirá ganar tiempo.En tan solo 50 minutos, usted podrá:• Analizar el contexto en el que se enmarca la construcción del Titanic, en plena época de innovaciones energéticas y técnicas, así como las particularidades que hicieron creer que era insumergible• Descubrir el papel ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Wellbeing at Sea: A Guide for Organisations

    by Connie Gehrt and 1 more

    This book is aimed at all those in managerial and organisational roles in the maritime industry who have a duty of care for seafarers. Ensuring that seafarers are safe and in good health results in a workforce enabled to perform its duties in an optimal way. Seafarers play a key role in the success of the maritime industry, yet their welfare can be neglected. This can be costly, not only to the ... Read more

    $48.39 AUD

  • The Modern Law of Marine Insurance

    Volume Four

    by Rhidian Thomas

    series Maritime and Transport Law Library
    This latest and fourth volume in the series comprises ten contributions written by an expert team of academics and practitioners and which collectively analyse and expound many of the contemporary legal issues and debates in the law and practice of marine insurance. Some of the contributions touch upon areas of the law which will be amended by the Insurance Act 2015, and provide an insight to the ... Read more

    $669.78 AUD

  • Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements in Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Sea

    Limitations on Party Autonomy

    by Jonatan Echebarria Fernández

    series Maritime and Transport Law Library
    Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements in Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Sea focuses on party autonomy and its limitations in relation to jurisdiction and arbitration clauses included in contracts for the carriage of goods by sea in case of any cargo dispute. The author takes the perspective of the shipping companies and the shipowners, as these are the driving forces of the shipping ... Read more

    $267.95 AUD

  • Marine Insurance

    Law and Practice

    by Francis Rose

    series Lloyd's Shipping Law Library
    Marine Insurance: Law and Practice, Second Edition, continues to provide the most comprehensive and integrated account of the English law and practice of marine insurance. It provides readers with a fresh and up-to-date review of the modern law in the light of traditional principles and rules of underlying commercial law, and the specific statutory rules of marine insurance as interpreted by case ... Read more

    $759.10 AUD

  • Tanker Disasters

    IMO's Places of Refuge and the Special Compensation Clause; Erika, Prestige, Castor and 65 Casualties

    by Eric Wiberg

    Written in fulfillment of a Master's in Marine Affairs Degree at the University of Rhode Island in 2005, this is the harrowing tale of some 70 vessels over the past 30 years who have found themselves distressed at sea and begged coastal states for a safe place to stabilize their problems. As this unique research points out, more often than not they were turned away - and in the case of the ... Read more

    $3.06 AUD