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Mentally Handicapped eBooks

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  • Early Intervention Games

    Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders

    by Barbara Sher ...
    A resource of fun games for parents or teachers to help young children learn social and motor skillsBarbara Sher, an expert occupational therapist and teacher, has written a handy resource filled with games to play with young children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other sensory processing disorders (SPD). The games are designed to help children feel comfortable in social situations ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • An Uncomplicated Life

    A Father's Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter

    A father’s exhilarating and funny love letter to his daughter with Down syndrome whose vibrant and infectious approach to life has something to teach all of us about how we can better live our own.Jillian Daugherty was born with Down syndrome. The day they brought her home from the hospital, her parents, Paul and Kerry, were flooded with worry and uncertainty, but also overwhelming love, which ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD $11.99 AUD

  • The Parents' Guide to Teaching Kids with Asperger Syndrome and Similar ASDs Real-Life Skills for Independence

    The definitive resource for teaching kids with Asperger syndrome the life skills that build independence, confidence, and self-esteem.Children with autism spectrum disorders learn differently. Our kids' choices are too often limited and their paths to success restricted, not by a lack of intellectual ability but by deficits in acquiring, applying, and generalizing basic life skills. Success in ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Multiple Intelligences

    New Horizons in Theory and Practice

    The most complete account of the theory and application of Multiple Intelligences available anywhere.Howard Gardner's brilliant conception of individual competence, known as Multiple Intelligences theory, has changed the face of education. Tens of thousands of educators, parents, and researchers have explored the practical implications and applications of this powerful notion, that there is not ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • The Power of Different

    The Link Between Disorder and Genius

    The Power of Different is an illuminating and uplifting examination of the link between brain differences and aptitude. Psychologist and bestselling author Gail Saltz presents the latest scientific research and profiles famous geniuses and lay individuals who have been diagnosed with all manner of brain 'problems' - including learning disabilities, ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Meditations - Enhanced Edition (Illustrated. Newly revised text. Includes Image Gallery + Audio) (Stoics In Their Own Words Book 2)

    Translated by George Long ...
    "You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." Meditations is a series of personal reflections by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161–180 CE, written over a series of years in far-flung places as he led the Romans in military campaigns, quashed revolts, and dealt with the other ... Read more

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  • Understanding Autism

    by Lori Rakieski ...
    UNDERSTANDING AUTISM allows for a greater understanding of autistic children and their families. This book is a very practical guide, spoken in plain English for the rest of us! It is for anyone who may ever come into contact with autistic children; and being that the autistic are unrecognizable at first glance, this book is for everyone!Parents can get so much helpful information from co-author, ... Read more

    $3.74 AUD

  • Supporting Positive Behaviour in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

    Practical Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behaviour

    by Tony Osgood ...
    This highly practical book is an accessible and grounded handbook for addressing challenging behaviour in children and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), including autism. It recognises that challenging behaviour does not appear out of nowhere and is meaningful for the person exhibiting it. Behaviour can be communicative and an important signifier of underlying sensory ... Read more

    $32.99 AUD

  • Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching

    Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching - Practitioner's Manual for the Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) Approach to the Prevention and Remediation of Learning Difficulties brings the ground-breaking concepts of Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) to an entirely new audience. Expanding on the original work of the late Norwegian Educator Magne Nyborg, ... Read more

    $87.99 AUD

  • The IEP Checklist

    Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPs

    How can you design effective IEPs that improve student outcomes and meet legal requirements? This one-stop IEP guide has the answers your team needs to create great IEPs and put them into action. You’ll start with a solid introduction to IEPs: their purpose, their major components, and the legal mandates they need to meet. Then you’ll get a comprehensive framework for IEP development, ... Read more

    $41.99 AUD

  • Navigating the Social World

    A Curriculum for Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Related Disorders

    Pediatrician Jeanie McAfee originally created this user-friendly social curriculum for her daughter Rachel, who was diagnosed with Asperger's at age ten. Since then, it has become a staple for parents and educators. It addresses the most urgent problems facing those with Asperger's Syndrome, high-functioning autism, and related disorders. Dr. McAfee covers how to: increase communication skills ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Help Your Child to Learn

    Sometimes there are apparently inexplicable blocks to learning which prevent intelligent children from reaching their potential. The blockages can be so difficult to pinpoint that no-one is aware of the real problem. Consequently, the frustrated or withdrawn behaviour which results is often blamed as the problem itself.This is a practical guide for parents of children who are experiencing learning ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Autism and Learning (Classic Edition)

    A guide to good practice

    Autism is a complex and often puzzling disorder in which pinning down a set of rules surrounding the teaching of children with it is almost impossible to do. Many theories and approaches claim to have the solution to teaching, yet few provide the answers when an autistic child goes against the status quo.Autism and Learning addresses this problem w ... Read more

    $67.99 AUD

  • ADHD Raising an Explosive Child

    Understanding and Managining ADHD

    by Jennifer Mind ...
    series Understanding and Managining ADHD
    Does there seem to be a wall between you and your child?Don't try to break it down by force but try to go around it together! The result will be beautiful!The diagnosis of ADHD creates in almost all parents a sense of grief where they do not understand how to establish communication with their child while preventing their outbursts of hyperactivity from resulting in physical harm.It is not easy ... Read more

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  • The PEERS® Curriculum for School Based Professionals

    Social Skills Training for Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder

    The PEERS® Curriculum for School-Based Professionals brings UCLA's highly acclaimed and widely popular PEERS program into the school setting. This sixteen-week program, clinically proven to significantly improve social skills and social interactions among teens with autism spectrum disorder, is now customized for the needs of psychologists, counselors, speech pathologists, administrators, and ... Read more

    $96.99 AUD

  • Curare senza allontanare. Esperienze di home visiting per il sostegno educativo alla famiglia

    Esperienze di home visiting per il sostegno educativo alla famiglia

    by AA. VV. ...
    Il volume pone alcune domande sulla efficacia della prevenzione e sulla valutazione di produttività delle scelte operate per la tutela dei minori. Cerca di raccontare, ragionando, ciò che è possibile fare e ciò che si potrebbe fare in più. ... Read more

    $40.69 AUD

  • La dimensione identitaria nella persona disabile. Lo sguardo della Pedagogia Speciale sulle dinamiche della cura medica

    Lo sguardo della Pedagogia Speciale sulle dinamiche della cura medica

    Con lo sguardo della Pedagogia Speciale, il libro indaga le condizioni attraverso le quali i processi di cura medica concorrono allo strutturarsi del percorso di maturazione identitaria della persona disabile. ... Read more

    $36.29 AUD

  • Ricerca e didattica per la scuola dell'infanzia

    Contributi per la formazione dei docenti

    by AA. VV. ...
    La scuola dell'infanzia è sempre più considerata una tappa fondamentale nella formazione della persona. Nel volume, grazie alle diverse competenze degli autori dei saggi, essa viene studiata analizzando molteplici punti di vista: la sua storia e le normative che la reggono, la didattica universitaria e le nuove prospettive nella formazione degli insegnanti, la ricerca e la pratica in aula. ... Read more

    $43.99 AUD

  • La visione nell'apprendimento del bambino. Indicazioni, prassi e trattamenti

    Indicazioni, prassi e trattamenti

    by AA. VV. ...
    Il volume sintetizza e presenta ricerche e studi relativi alla visione e al suo ruolo nel processo di apprendimento del bambino. La finalità è fornire punti di riferimento e linee guida pratiche a chi si occupa della visione e degli aspetti funzionali della letto-scrittura, indicando i problemi visivi che possono impedire o rallentare il corretto apprendimento scolastico da parte del bambino. NOTA ... Read more

    $51.69 AUD

  • Facilitare la comprensione dellla malattia nel bambino

    Aspetti teorici e indicazioni pratiche per medici, infermieri, psicologi e assistenti sociali

    I bambini non comprendono la malattia e le cure allo stesso modo dei grandi. Scopo di questo libro è dunque spiegare al lettore quali sono i fattori che determinano la comprensione della malattia nell’infanzia e in che modo i bambini vivono le terapie e l’ospedale. Rivolto a medici, infermieri, psicologi, personale sanitario, educatori, assistenti sociali, questo volume affronta un argomento oggi ... Read more

    $32.99 AUD

  • L'intervento in terapia occupazionale

    Dalla storia di vita al ragionamento clinico

    Partendo da un inquadramento teorico della storia occupazionale narrata dalla persona e attraverso la presentazione di alcuni casi clinici, il volume propone modalità di intervento a sostegno di una pratica centrata sulla persona. Il testo vuole essere uno strumento utile per gli studenti dei Corsi di laurea in terapia occupazionale, ma anche per i professionisti già avviati alla pratica clinica. ... Read more

    $27.49 AUD

  • Community Music Therapy

    Itinerari, principi e pratiche per un'altra musicoterapia

    Il volume vuole introdurre anche in Italia una concezione più ampia di “pratica musicoterapica”, in cui gli aspetti culturali, sociali e politici del territorio acquistano una posizione centrale ed essenziale. Un testo dedicato a chi si sta formando in musicoterapia, a chi si occupa di didattica del pensiero musicoterapico e a tutte le figure vicine all’operatore di musicoterapia: l’educatore ... Read more

    $32.99 AUD

  • Il disegno della figura umana in ambito clinico e giuridico peritale. Guida pratica all’interpretazione

    Guida pratica all’interpretazione

    Il manuale è rivolto a studenti di psicologia, psicologi, psicoterapeuti, medici, psichiatri e a tutti coloro che, operando nel campo della psicodiagnosi, desiderano acquisire o perfezionare la loro competenza nella somministrazione e interpretazione del Test del Disegno della Figura Umana. ... Read more

    $36.29 AUD

  • HP Accaparlante n.8 2017

    by Accaparlante ...
    La rivista HP-Accaparlante nasce all’interno del Centro Documentazione Handicap di Bologna. L’Associazione CDH è un centro di documentazione sul tema dell’handicap, del disagio sociale, del volontariato e del terzo settore esistente dal 1981. ... Read more

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