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  • Research Methodology

    A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

    by Ranjit Kumar

    Designed with students, for studentsEight steps, two pathways, one book. The Fifth Edition of the bestseller Research Methodology has reimagined, redesigned, and fully renovated how a textbook can help students achieve success in their methods course or research project.Eight steps: Foolproof for any beginner researcher, the book breaks the process of designing and doing a research project into ... Read more

    $58.07 AUD

  • Sumerian Mythology

    by Samuel Noah Kramer

    Sumerian Mythologyby Samuel Noah KramerThe Sumerians, the pragmatic and gifted people who preceded the Semites in the land first known as Sumer and later as Babylonia, created what was probably the first high civilization in the history of man, spanning the fifth to the second millenniums B.C. This book is an unparalleled compendium of what is known about them.Professor Kramer communicates his ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design

    Choosing Among Five Approaches

    by John W. Creswell and 1 more

    Winner of the 2018 Textbook & Academic Authors Association′s The McGuffey Longevity AwardIn the revised Fourth Edition of the best-selling text, John W. Creswell and new co-author Cheryl N. Poth explore the philosophical underpinnings, history, and key elements of five qualitative inquiry approaches: narrative research, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, and case study. Preserving ... Read more

    $100.31 AUD

  • Case Study Research and Applications

    Design and Methods

    by Robert K. Yin

    The Sixth Edition of Robert K. Yin′s bestseller provides a complete portal to the world of case study research. Offering comprehensive coverage of the design and use of the case study method in addition to an integration of applications, the book gives readers access to exemplary case studies drawn from a wide variety of academic and applied fields. The integration of applications will enable ... Read more

    $80.18 AUD


    by Napoleon Hill

    YOUR SIX MOST DANGEROUS ENEMIES : An After-the-Lesson Visit With “Napoleon Hill” in book “THE LAW OF SUCCESS IN SIXTEEN LESSONS” Every person on earth is afraid of something. Most fears are inherited. In this essay you may study the six basic fears which do the most damage. Your fears must be mastered before you can win in any worthwhile undertaking in life. Find out how many of the six fears are ... Read more

    $2.38 AUD

  • Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research

    by John W. Creswell and 1 more

    Combining the latest thinking in the field with practical, step-by-step guidance, theThird EditionofJohn W. Creswell and Vicki L. Plano Clark’s***Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research***now includes seven mixed methods designs with accompanying journal articles illustrating each design. The authors walk readers through the entire research process and present updated examples from ... Read more

    $100.31 AUD

  • Research Design

    Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches

    by John W. Creswell and 1 more

    This best-selling text pioneered the comparison of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research design. For all three approaches, John W. Creswell and new co-author J. David Creswell include a preliminary consideration of philosophical assumptions, key elements of the research process, a review of the literature, an assessment of the use of theory in research applications, and reflections ... Read more

    $80.18 AUD

  • The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project

    by Zina O′Leary

    The ultimate companion to successfully completing your research project, the author guides you through a step-by-step approach to research and provides all of the skills and momentum you need to excel. Each stage of a project is clearly set out with best practice highlighted alongside pragmatic advice for tackling research in the real world.The Third Edition uses multidisciplinary case studies, ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Introducing Qualitative Research

    A Student′s Guide

    by Rosaline S. Barbour

    Rosaline Barbour draws on her extensive teaching experience to provide a clear, user-friendly introduction to the craft of doing qualitative research. Each chapter includes examples of real-life qualitative data and a range of exercises to help students get a feel for the process of generating and analysing qualitative data.The second edition includes:New examples from a range of social science ... Read more

    $65.00 AUD

  • Doing Qualitative Research

    A Practical Handbook

    by Professor David Silverman

    In the fourth edition of his best-selling textbook, David Silverman provides a step-by-step guide to planning and conducting qualitative research. Using real examples from real postgraduate students, the book makes it easy to link theory to methods and shows how to move from understanding the principles of qualitative research to doing it yourself.   The new edition has been fully updated and now ... Read more

    $63.68 AUD

  • Actionable Evaluation Basics: Getting succinct answers to the most important questions [minibook]

    by E. Jane Davidson

    Readers have commented elsewhere:"Actionable and Accessible! An avid reader of anything Dr Jane Davidson writes - she lives up to her Genuine Evaluation reputation by providing a succinct guide that is also accessible in its format and price for those working in evaluation in international development contexts. kind of like being able to download your favorite song and not have to buy the whole ... Read more

    $4.05 AUD

  • Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

    by Kristi Jackson and 1 more

    Engaging and accessible, this book offers students a complete guide to using NVivo for qualitative data analysis. Drawing on their wealth of expertise, the authors offer detailed, practical advice that relates to students’ own experience and research projects.Packed with real-world examples and case studies, the book supports students through every stage of qualitative data analysis.The Third ... Read more

    $47.07 AUD

  • The Famous Works of Plato: THE REPUBLIC, APOLOGY, SYMPOSIUM

    by Plato

    The Republic is a Socratic dialogue by Plato, written in approximately 380 BC. It is one of the most influential works of philosophy and political theory, and arguably Plato’s best known work. In it, Socrates and various other Athenians and foreigners discuss the meaning of justice and whether the just man is happier than the unjust man by constructing an imaginary city ruled by philosopher-kings ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Handling Qualitative Data

    A Practical Guide

    by Lyn Richards

    The Third Edition of Lyn Richards′ best-selling book is the perfect introduction to qualitative research for students and practitioners. Recognizing that for many new researchers dealing with data is the main point of departure, this book helps them to acquire an understanding of the skills and methodological issues that are central to qualitative research. Author Lyn Richards provides practical ... Read more

    $62.25 AUD

  • The Critique Of Judgement

    by Immanuel Kant

    The Critique of Judgementby Immanuel KantIn THE CRITIQUE OF JUDGMENT (1790), Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) seeks to establish the a priori principles underlying the faculty of judgement, just as he did in his previous critiques of pure and practical reason. The first part deals with the subject of our aesthetic sensibility; we respond to certain natural phenomena as beautiful, says Kant, when we ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Playing on the Edge

    Sadomasochism, Risk, and Intimacy

    by Staci Newmahr

    Representations of consensual sadomasochism range from the dark, seedy undergrounds of crime thrillers to the fetishized pornographic images of sitcoms and erotica. In this pathbreaking book, ethnographer Staci Newmahr delves into the social space of a public, pansexual SM community to understand sadomasochism from the inside out. Based on four years of in-depth and immersive participant ... Read more

    $32.66 AUD

  • Turning Points In Qualitative Research

    Tying Knots in a Handkerchief

    by Lincoln and 1 more

    series Crossroads in Qualitative Inquiry #2
    This is a book of signposts, of key turning points, of Gregory Bateson's 'knots tied in a handkerchief.' Each article reproduced in this volume, edited by leading qualitative methodologists Lincoln and Denzin, represents one of these turning points in qualitative research, a revolution in the way research is conceptualized and practiced. Authority, representation, legitimation, ethics, methods, ... Read more

    $76.22 AUD

  • The Data Gaze

    Capitalism, Power and Perception

    by David Beer

    series Society and Space
    A significant new way of understanding contemporary capitalism is to understand the intensification and spread of data analytics. This text is about the powerful promises and visions that have led to the expansion of data analytics and data-led forms of social ordering.It is centrally concerned with examining the types of knowledge associated with data analytics and shows that how these analytics ... Read more

    $42.89 AUD

  • Scale Development

    Theory and Applications

    by Robert F. DeVellis

    series Applied Social Research Methods
    In the Fourth Edition of Scale Development, Robert F. DeVellis demystifies measurement by emphasizing a logical rather than strictly mathematical understanding of concepts. The text supports readers in comprehending newer approaches to measurement, comparing them to classical approaches, and grasping more clearly the relative merits of each. This edition addresses new topics pertinent to modern ... Read more

    $60.16 AUD

  • Designing Qualitative Research

    by Uwe Flick

    series Qualitative Research Kit
    This concise introduction to qualitative research design will help you to think through the questions you need to ask when embarking on your research. Uwe Flick discusses each stage of the process of designing qualitative research,from turning an idea into a research question, selecting a sample, choosing an appropriate strategy, developing a conceptual framework and data source, and preparing for ... Read more

    $42.89 AUD

  • Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information Systems

    A Practical Primer

    by Andrew Crooks and 3 more

    series Spatial Analytics and GIS
    This is the era of Big Data and computational social science. It is an era that requires tools which can do more than visualise data but also model the complex relation between data and human action, and interaction. Agent-Based Models (ABM) - computational models which simulate human action and interaction – do just that.This textbook explains how to design and build ABM and how to link the ... Read more

    $58.07 AUD

  • Research Design

    Creating Robust Approaches for the Social Sciences

    by Stephen Gorard

    Research design is of critical importance in social research, despite its relative neglect in many methods resources. Early consideration of design in relation to research questions leads to the elimination or diminution of threats to eventual research claims, by encouraging internal validity and substantially reducing the number of alternative explanations for any finite number of research ... Read more

    $63.68 AUD

  • Building Evaluation Capacity

    Activities for Teaching and Training

    by Hallie Preskill and 1 more

    The Second Edition of Building Evaluation Capacity provides 89 highly structured activities which require minimal instructor preparation and encourage application-based learning of how to design and conduct evaluation studies. Ideal for use in program evaluation courses, professional development workshops, and organization stakeholder trainings, the activities cover the entire process of ... Read more

    $80.18 AUD