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Microwaves eBooks

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  • Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs

    series The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
    Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs is a complete guide for amateur astronomers, both novice and experienced, who want to do something more than "run of the mill" astrophotography and are looking for a new challenge. The book is broadly divided into three parts.First, there is a brief overview of the history and development of the spectroscope. This is followed by a short introduction to the ... Read more

    $45.99 AUD

  • Radio Spectrum Management

    Policies, Regulations and Techniques

    This book presents the fundamentals of wireless communications and services, explaining in detail what RF spectrum management is, why it is important, which are the authorities regulating the use of spectrum, and how is it managed and enforced at the international, regional and national levels. The book offers insights to the engineering, regulatory, economic, legal, management policy-making ... Read more

    $154.99 AUD

  • Circadian Lighting Design in the LED Era

    series Research for Development
    This book explores how lighting systems based on LED sources have the ability to positively influence the human circadian system, with benefits for health and well-being. The opening chapters examine the functioning of the human circadian system, its response to artificial lighting, potential health impacts of different types of light exposure, and current researches in circadian photometry. A ... Read more

    $197.99 AUD

  • Small and Short-Range Radar Systems

    Radar Expert, Esteemed Author Gregory L. Charvat on CNN and CBSAuthor Gregory L. Charvat appeared on CNN on March 17, 2014 to discuss whether Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have literally flown below the radar. He appeared again on CNN on March 20, 2014 to explain the basics of radar, and he explored the hope and limitations of the technology i ... Read more

    $164.99 AUD

  • Femtosecond Laser Filamentation

    Book 55 - Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics
    This book attempts to give a discussion of the physics and current and potential applications of the self-focusing of an intense femtosecond laser pulse in a tra- parent medium. Although self-focusing is an old subject of nonlinear optics, the consequence of self-focusing of intense femtosecond laser pulses is totally new and unexpected. Thus, new phenomena are observed, such as long range lam- ... Read more

    $161.99 AUD

  • Essentials of LTE and LTE-A

    series The Cambridge Wireless Essentials Series
    This practical, one-stop guide will quickly bring you up to speed on LTE and LTE-Advanced. With everything you need to know about the theory and technology behind the standards, this is a must-have for engineers and managers in the wireless industry. • First book of its kind describing technologies and system performance of LTE-A • Covers the evolution of digital wireless technology, basics of LTE ... Read more

    $43.99 AUD

  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances

    by Eric Kleinert ...
    Diagnose and repair home appliances and air conditioners using the latest techniques"The book has it all...written by a pro with 40 years of hands-on repair and teaching experience...this book is like brain candy"--GeekDad ( updated for current technologies and packed with hundreds of photos and diagrams, this do-it-yourself guide shows you how to safely install, operate, maintain, ... Read more

    $68.99 AUD

  • Brain and Human Body Modeling

    Computational Human Modeling at EMBC 2018

    This open access book describes modern applications of computational human modeling with specific emphasis in the areas of neurology and neuroelectromagnetics, depression and cancer treatments, radio-frequency studies and wireless communications. Special consideration is also given to the use of human modeling to the computational assessment of relevant regulatory and safety requirements. Readers ... Read more


  • High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies Using Metamaterials

    series IEEE Press Series on RF and Microwave Technology
    Explore the latest research avenues in the field of high-power microwave sources and metamaterialsA stand-alone follow-up to the highly successful High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies, the new High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies Using Metamaterials, demonstrates how metamaterials have impacted the field of high-power microwave sources and the new directions revealed by the ... Read more

    $192.99 AUD

  • Non-Volatile CBRAM/MIM Switching Technology for Electronically Reconfigurable Passive Microwave Devices

    Theory and Methods for Application in Rewritable Chipless RFID

    This book presents the applications of non-volatile CBRAM/MIM switching technology for electronically reconfigurable passive RF and microwave devices, together with theory and methods for application in rewritable chipless RFID tags. Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory (CBRAM) is a renowned and commercially used non-volatile memory concept. Having evolved over the past few decades, it is ... Read more

    $219.99 AUD

  • RF and Microwave Circuit Design

    Theory and Applications

    series Microwave and Wireless Technologies Series
    RF and Microwave Circuit DesignProvides up-to-date coverage of the fundamentals of high-frequency microwave technology, written by two leading voices in the fieldRF and Microwave Circuit Design: Theory and Applications is an authoritative, highly practical introduction to basic RF and microwave circuits. With an emphasis on real-world examples, the text explains how distributed circuits using ... Read more

    $124.99 AUD

  • Introduction To Modern Planar Transmission Lines

    Physical, Analytical, and Circuit Models Approach

    series IEEE Press
    P****rovides a comprehensive discussion of planar transmission lines and their applications, focusing on physical understanding, analytical approach, and circuit modelsPlanar transmission lines form the core of the modern high-frequency communication, computer, and other related technology. This advanced text gives a complete overview of the technology and acts as a comprehensive tool for radio ... Read more

    $199.99 AUD

  • Wideband RF Technologies and Antennas in Microwave Frequencies

    Presents wideband RF technologies and antennas in the microwave band and millimeter-wave bandThis book provides an up-to-date introduction to the technologies, design, and test procedures of RF components and systems at microwave frequencies. The book begins with a review of the elementary electromagnetics and antenna topics needed for students and engineers with no basic background in ... Read more

    $179.99 AUD

  • Radio Frequency Identification and Sensors

    From RFID to Chipless RFID

    This book deals with the field of identification and sensors, more precisely the possibility of collecting information remotely with RF waves (RFID). The book introduces the technology of chipless RFID starting from classical RFID and barcode, and explores the field of identification and sensors without wire, without batteries, without chip, and with tags that can even be printed on paper.A ... Read more

    $219.99 AUD

  • Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling

    by Jianjun Gao ...
    In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling, Professor Jianjun Gao introduces the fundamentals and modeling techniques of optoelectronic devices used in high-speed optical transmission systems. Gao covers electronic circuit elements such as FET, HBT, MOSFET, as well as design techniques for advanced optical transmitter and receiver front-end circuits. The book includes an ... Read more

    $172.99 AUD

  • A Holdig pislákoló fény

    by Ilonka Mária ...
    Magyar kutatók a második világháború után Hold-radar kísérletet végeztek Bay Zoltán professzor vezetésével. A könyv a Tungsram nevű magyar vállalat történetét foglalja össze. ... Read more

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  • Optimal and Robust State Estimation

    Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Kalman Approaches

    A unified and systematic theoretical framework for solving problems related to finite impulse response (FIR) estimateOptimal and Robust State Estimation: Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Kalman Approaches is a comprehensive investigation into batch state estimators and recursive forms. The work begins by introducing the reader to the state estimation approach and provides a brief historical ... Read more

    $199.99 AUD

  • Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements

    with Advanced VNA Techniques

    Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements Second Edition is a fully updated, complete reference to this topic, focusing on the modern measurement tools, such as a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), gathering in one place all the concepts, formulas, and best practices of measurement science. It includes basic concepts in each chapter as well as appendices which provide all the detail needed to ... Read more

    $191.99 AUD

  • Fundamentals of Microwave Photonics

    series Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering
    A comprehensive resource to designing and constructing analog photonic links capable of high RF performanceFundamentals of Microwave Photonics provides a comprehensive description of analog optical links from basic principles to applications. The book is organized into four parts. The first begins with a historical perspective of microwave photonics, listing the advantages of fiber optic links and ... Read more

    $195.99 AUD

  • Digital Microwave Communication

    Engineering Point-to-Point Microwave Systems

    by George Kizer ...
    The first book to cover all engineering aspects of microwave communication path design for the digital ageFixed point-to-point microwave systems provide moderate-capacity digital transmission between well-defined locations. Most popular in situations where fiber optics or satellite communication is impractical, it is commonly used for cellular or PCS site interconnectivity where digital ... Read more

    $216.99 AUD

  • Microwaves Photonic Links

    Components and Circuits

    This book presents the electrical models for the different elements of a photonic microwave link like lasers, external modulators, optical fibers, photodiodes and phototransistors.The future trends of these components are also introduced: lasers to VCSEL, external modulators to electro-absorption modulators, glass optical fibers to plastic optical fibers, photodiodes to UTC photodiodes or ... Read more

    $316.99 AUD

  • Move Venus to a Better Orbit for Habitation

    This short ebook presents an idea for moving the planet Venus, to a more habitable orbit - by altering the gravitational field around it. The Lighthouse Frequency can be used to gradually alter the orbit. We assume that Venus can be moved to a circular orbit of 129 million kilometers around the sun. The calculation can be done using the Hohmann Orbital Transfer equation. Technically, it is simply ... Read more

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  • True Alchemy

    This short ebook presents an idea for changing similar metals into another. For example, by manipulating the elementary components within a metal, we should be able to transform pure lead into pure gold. Or possibly silver into gold. This involves placing a sample in its purest form, into an electrical stasis, and altering the elementary particle components. Before this can be accomplished, we ... Read more

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  • Is Someone Spying On You? Harassing You?

    How to heal yourself after stalkers, gangstalkers or others have ruined your life. Family and friends have betrayed you. You are left alone in the world with no one to turn to. This book is about all that. It has been written by a T.I who has firsthand information. This book is based on facts, logic & scientific explanations. It takes you away from darkness towards light, peace, stability and ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus