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Molecular Biology

If you like Molecular Biology eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Strange Glow

    The Story of Radiation

    The fascinating science and history of radiationMore than ever before, radiation is a part of our modern daily lives. We own radiation-emitting phones, regularly get diagnostic x-rays, such as mammograms, and submit to full-body security scans at airports. We worry and debate about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the safety of nuclear power plants. But how much do we really know about ... Read more

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  • Symphony in C: Carbon and the Evolution of (Almost) Everything

    by Robert Hazen ...
    An enchanting biography of the most resonant – and most necessary – chemical element on Earth.Carbon. It is the building block of every cell that makes up every living thing. It is the essential component of the food we eat, the fuel we burn, the wood we use and the air we breathe. It is worth billions as a luxury and half a trillion as a necessity, but there are still mysteries to be solved about ... Read more

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  • Scale

    The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies

    by Geoffrey West ...
    Geoffrey West's research centres on a quest to find unifying principles and patterns connecting everything, from cells and ecosystems to cities, social networks and businesses.Why do organisms and ecosystems scale with size in a remarkably universal and systematic fashion?Is there a maximum size of cities? Of animals and plants? What about companies?Can scale show us how to create a more ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Equations of Life

    How Physics Shapes Evolution

    One of Britain's foremost astrobiologists offers an accessible and game-changing account of life on Earth.__________________Why is all life based on carbon rather than silicon?And beyond Earth, would life - if it exists - look like our own?__________________The puzzles of life astound and confuse us like no other mystery. But in this groundbreaking book, Professor Charles Cockell reve... ... Read more

    $12.64 AUD

  • The Brain: A Very Short Introduction

    series Very Short Introductions
    How does the brain work? How different is a human brain from other creatures' brains? Is the human brain still evolving? In this fascinating book, Michael O'Shea provides a non-technical introduction to the main issues and findings in current brain research, and gives a sense of how neuroscience addresses questions about the relationship between the brain and the mind. Chapters tackle subjects ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • The Language of Life

    DNA and the Revolution in Personalized Medicine

    "His groundbreaking work has changed the very ways we consider our health and examine disease.” —Barack ObamaFrom Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health, 2007 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and 15-year head of the Human Genome Project, comes one of the most important medical books of the year: The Language of Life. With accessible, insightful prose, Dr. ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • The Machinery of Life

    Imagine that we had some way to look directly at the molecules in a living organism. An x-ray microscope would do the trick, or since we’re dreaming, perhaps an Asimov-style nanosubmarine (unfortunately, neither is currently feasible). Think of the wonders we could witness firsthand: antibodies atta- ing a virus, electrical signals racing down nerve fibers, proteins building new strands of DNA. ... Read more

    $49.49 AUD

  • Molecules: A Very Short Introduction

    by Philip Ball ...
    series Very Short Introductions
    The processes in a single living cell are akin to that of a city teeming with molecular inhabitants that move, communicate, cooperate, and compete. In this Very Short Introduction, Philip Ball explores the role of the molecule in and around us - how, for example, a single fertilized egg can grow into a multi-celled Mozart, what makes spider's silk insoluble in the morning dew, and how this ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Small Wonders

    how microbes rule our world

    In the spirit of Natalie Angier’s The Canon, and writing with the verve and wit of Bill Bryson, Small Wonders takes the reader on a fantastic voyage to the microscopic, but massively influential, world of microbiology. It’s a strange and dangerous world where oxygen is a lethal poison, sulphur is a delicious treat, deception is a basic survival skill, and perfectly good alcohol is simply thrown ... Read more

    $22.98 AUD

  • The Chemistry of Life

    by Steven Rose ...
    First published in 1966, THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE has held its own as a clear and authoritative introduction to the world of biochemistry. This fourth edition has been fully updated and revised to include the latest developments in DNA and protein synthesis, cell regulation, and their social and medical implications. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Synthetic Biology - A Primer

    Synthetic Biology — A Primer gives a broad overview of the emerging field of synthetic biology and the foundational concepts on which it is built. It will be of interest to final year undergraduates, postgraduates and established researchers who are interested in learning about this exciting new field. The book introduces readers to fundamental concepts in molecular biology and engineering and ... Read more

    $40.47 AUD

  • Dance to the Tune of Life

    Biological Relativity

    by Denis Noble ...
    In this thought-provoking book, Denis Noble formulates the theory of biological relativity, emphasising that living organisms operate at multiple levels of complexity and must therefore be analysed from a multi-scale, relativistic perspective. Noble explains that all biological processes operate by means of molecular, cellular and organismal networks. The interactive nature of these fundamental ... Read more

    $26.17 AUD

  • The Phylogenetic Handbook

    A Practical Approach to Phylogenetic Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

    The Phylogenetic Handbook is a broad, hands on guide to theory and practice of nucleotide and protein phylogenetic analysis. This second edition includes six new chapters, covering topics such as Bayesian inference, tree topology testing and the impact of recombination on phylogenies, as well as a detailed section on molecular adaptation. The book has a stronger focus on hypothesis testing than ... Read more

    $68.30 AUD

  • Fred Sanger - Double Nobel Laureate

    A Biography

    Considered 'the father of genomics', Fred Sanger (1918–2013) paved the way for the modern revolution in our understanding of biology. His pioneering methods for sequencing proteins, RNA and, eventually, DNA earned him two Nobel Prizes. He remains one of only four scientists (and the only British scientist) ever to have achieved that distinction. In this, the first full biography of Fred Sanger to ... Read more

    $27.16 AUD

  • Death: Before, During and After - Gnani Purush Dadashri

    by Shuddha Anami ...
    Every one has a great fear of death. Death makes people melancholy and they sink into misery. Everyone has to witness death some point in time during his or her life. At such a time hundreds of questions regarding the true nature of death may arise in a person’s mind. When he does not find any answers, he becomes perplexed. People have an ardent desire to discover the mystery surrounding death. A ... Read more


  • Genomics and Bioinformatics

    An Introduction to Programming Tools for Life Scientists

    With the arrival of genomics and genome sequencing projects, biology has been transformed into an incredibly data-rich science. The vast amount of information generated has made computational analysis critical and has increased demand for skilled bioinformaticians. Designed for biologists without previous programming experience, this textbook provides a hands-on introduction to Unix, Perl and ... Read more

    $53.34 AUD

  • Thinking Like a Phage

    The Genius of the Viruses That Infect Bacteria and Archaea

    by Merry Youle ...
    It isn't easy to be a phage. First, what is a phage? A phage is a virus that infects Bacteria. To succeed, a phage must encounter, recognize, and enter a particular type of bacterial cell, then coerce it to make more phages rather than more cells. Of course, the cell resists this hostile takeover in numerous ways, all of which the successful phage overcomes. The triumphant phage then proceeds with ... Read more

    $18.47 AUD

  • Opening Doors: Joan Steitz and Jennifer Doudna, Two Women of the RNA World

    Dual biography of two top-flight women scientists who have families as well as top flight scientific success. ... Read more

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  • Microarray Technology in Practice

    Using chips composed of thousands of spots, each with the capability of holding DNA molecules corresponding to a given gene, DNA microarray technology has enabled researchers to measure simultaneously gene expression across the genome. As with other large-scale genomics approaches, microarray technologies are broadly applicable across disciplines of life and biomedical sciences, but remain ... Read more

    $61.37 AUD

  • The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook

    series Factsbook
    The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook — winner of a 2013 Highly Commended BMA Medical Book Award for Internal Medicine — has been an essential resource in the hematology, transfusion and immunogenetics fields since its first publication in the late 1990s.The third edition of The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook has been completely revised, updated and expanded to cover all 33 blood group systems. It ... Read more

    $106.25 AUD

  • Molecular Biology

    Academic Cell Update Edition

    Molecular Biology: Academic Cell Update Edition Study Guide aims to help students get a better grasp of important concepts in Molecular Biology: Academic Cell Update. Each of the chapters in this study guide contains a summary that lets students see the bigger picture, that is, how all the techniques fit together in that chapter. A list of terms is presented in a concise format rather than spread ... Read more

    $51.47 AUD

  • Molecular Pathology

    The Molecular Basis of Human Disease

    As the molecular basis of human disease becomes better characterized, and the implications for understanding the molecular basis of disease becomes realized through improved diagnostics and treatment, Molecular Pathology, Second Edition stands out as the most comprehensive textbook where molecular mechanisms represent the focus. It is uniquely concerned with the molecular basis of major human ... Read more

    $222.30 AUD

  • Peptide-based Drug Discovery

    Challenges and New Therapeutics

    With potentially high specificity and low toxicity, biologicals offer promising alternatives to small-molecule drugs. Peptide therapeutics have again become the focus of innovative drug development efforts backed up by a resurgence of venture funds and small biotechnology companies.What does it take to develop a peptide-based medicine? What are the key challenges and how are they overcome? What ... Read more

    $338.35 AUD

  • J. D. Bernal

    The Sage of Science

    by Andrew Brown ...
    J.D. Bernal, widely known as Sage since his undergraduate days at Cambridge, was a visionary scientist who was the first to see that the new subject of X-ray crystallography could be applied to the study of life. His pioneering work at Cambridge in the 1930s laid the foundation of molecular biology. He was one of the most influential and brilliant scientists of his time, inspiring many subsequent ... Read more

    $24.19 AUD