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Mushrooms eBooks

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  • Mycelium Running

    How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

    by Paul Stamets ...
    Mycelium Running is a manual for the mycological rescue of the planet. That’s right: growing more mushrooms may be the best thing we can do to save the environment, and in this groundbreaking text from mushroom expert Paul Stamets, you’ll find out how.The basic science goes like this: Microscopic cells called “mycelium”--the fruit of which are mushrooms--recycle carbon, nitrogen, and other ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

    An Informative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms—From Tips and Trips to Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy

    Learn. Prepare. Trip. Transform!With so much misinformation surrounding magic mushrooms out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is where Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion comes in to help. In this book, you’ll find a comprehensive yet friendly guide to everything there is to know about magic mushrooms.Learn how to plan safe, effective trips with easy-to-follow step-by-step ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Medicinal Mushrooms: The Complete Guide to Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms and Medicinal Properties

    Mushrooms, #1

    Book 1 - Mushrooms
    MUSHROOMS THAT ACT AS TURBO-SHOTS FOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMTHE MAGIC OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOMSDoes the thought of medicinal mushrooms scare you off? Take a deep breath and stay with us. Yes, we're going to tell you to put mushrooms in your coffee (among other things). But there's a good reason for this, we swear.Medicinal mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years and have ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Psilocybin Mushrooms: 2 Books in 1 - The Complete Guide to Cultivation and Safe Use of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms

    by Anton McKenna ...
    You Are About To Discover Why Our Ancestors Relied On The Power Of Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms To Life A Longer, Healthier, Happier Life!Have you come across the magic mushrooms trend that is taking over the world by storm because of the benefits that magic mushrooms are touted for?Or have you come across news that some States are taking steps to legalize magic mushrooms and are wondering what's ... Read more


  • Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging

    Finding, Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Native and Invasive Wild Plants

    by Karen Monger ...
    Purchasing vegetables and leafy greens can become rather pricy. Moreover store-bought greens often contain unhealthy pesticides and chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Foraging for wild plants is a cost effective and healthy alternative. Harvested wild plants are cheaper, and much healthier with a significantly higher nutritional value than what you typically purchase in grocery stores ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Fungi: Their Nature and Uses

    This edition features• illustrations• a linked Table of Contents, Footnotes, and IndexCONTENTSI. Nature of Fungi.II. Structure.III ClassificationIV. Uses.V. Notable Phenomena.VI. The Spore and Its Dissemination.VII. Germination and Growth.VIII. Sexual Reproduction.IX. Polymorphism.X. Influences and Effects.XI. Habitats.XII. Cultivation.XIII. Geographical Distribution.XIV.... ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Mushroom Season

    by Nina Lyon ...
    'Mushroom Season' is a ramble through magic mushrooms, mountains and metaphysics. After heavy sanctions relegated their use to a spell in the stoner wilderness, are psilocybin mushrooms about to help reframe important social and philosophical debates about our minds, and ourselves?Where do they grow? What do they do to our brains? And why are they eschewed by the bourgois? Nina Lyon introduces us ... Read more


  • Mushrooms (Collins Gem)

    series Collins Gem
    The ideal portable companion, the world-renowned Collins Gem series returns with a fresh new look and updated material.This is the perfect pocket guide for nature and foraging enthusiasts keen to identify the most commonly found mushrooms and toadstools in Britain and northern Europe.Authoritative text, beautiful photographs and detailed illustrations show the distinguishing features of each ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Collins Fungi Guide: The most complete field guide to the mushrooms and toadstools of Britain & Ireland

    The sixth title in the bestselling Collins Guide series, this book covers the fungi of the British Isles, with considerable relevance for Europe and the wider temperate world.Leading mycological artists have been specially commissioned to ensure accurate, detailed illustrations. Where possible, species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Psilocybin Mushrooms

    by Anton McKenna ...
    BUY THE EBOOK VERSION AND GET THE AUDIOBOOK VERSION FOR FREE!!!You Are About To Discover An Even Better Way To Combat Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety And Terminal Illness That Doesn't Have To Do With Traditional Medicine!Are you looking for an alternative solution to modern medicine? Have you wondered if perhaps there was a better way to treat anxiety, depression, stress, or related ailments ... Read more


  • Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

    Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

    by Tradd Cotter ...
    An in-depth exploration of organic mushroom cultivation practices, groundbreaking research and myriad ways to incorporate mushrooms into your life"A clear, comprehensive guide that is a gift to amateur as well as professional mushroom growers. This book opens the doors wide to a diverse and fascinating fungal world."—Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia’s GardenWhat would it take to grow mushrooms in ... Read more

    $46.99 AUD

  • How to grow Psilocybin Mushrooms at Home

    Do you want to grow your own magic mushrooms at home? Have you experienced the magical trip of psilocybin mushrooms before?This is a comprehensive guide on the medical, chemical and healing properties of magic mushrooms and for anyone who wants to understand the basics of magic mushrooms, their safe use and ways to cultivate them quickly, safely, and effectively at home.The author will guide you ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Psilocybin Mushrooms: The Complete Guide to Cultivation of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms

    by Anton McKenna ...
    You Are Just A Click Away From Learning How To Cultivate Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms!Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, or psychedelic mushrooms are taking over the world by storm, especially among those who have tried all manner of mainstream medication for various ailments with no permanent effects.And the reason for the increasing popularity is simple; the results that users ... Read more


  • A Simple Guide for Growing Organic Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are a group of fleshy saprophytic fungi that are found growing on dead organic matter. Over 10,000 species of mushrooms are believed to be found naturally growing in moist, damp forests and soils rich in organic matter throughout the world. Among these, some are edible while others are toxic. A few species of mushrooms are known for their medicinal properties as well and hence they are ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Plant Families - How To Know Them

    by H. E. Jaques ...
    “Plant Families – How To Know Them” is a 1948 guide to identifying plants by H. E. Jaques. It aims to teach the reader how to readily attribute any and every plant they see to its proper family, as well as to provide them with a general understanding of the characteristics of said family of trees. This accessible and profusely-illustrated guide will appeal to nature lovers and is not to be missed ... Read more

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  • Victorian Toadstools and Mushrooms

    A Key and Descriptive Notes to 120 Different Gilled Fungi (Family Agaricaceae) , with Remarks on Several Other Families of the Higher Fungi

    This comprehensive handbook to identifying toadstools and mushrooms will delight the natural historian and nature lover. Its 90 pages are extensively illustrated with photographs, drawings and diagrams forming a complete how-to guide. With meticulous descriptive notes and a chapter on Vegetable Caterpillars and other Large Asomycetes. This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Mushroom Growing - A Practical Manual

    In Mushroom Growing - A Practical Manual the author concentrates on the methods involved in the commercial culturing of mushrooms. He draws upon a wealth of personal knowledge in this field. This early work by R. L. O. Jackson is now republished with a brand new introduction. ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Monsters, Mutants & Missing Links

    The Real Science Behind the X-Files

    by Anne Simon ...
    Anne Simon is a world-renowned biologist and expert on plant viruses. She has also been scientific advisor to the X-Files since the series began. In this fascinating book she explores the extraordinary realities that lie behind the strange discoveries made in each episode by agents Mulder and Scully, weird and threatening life forms, mutations and alien creatures. Despite the achievements of ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Mushroom Growing

    Mushroom growing is a fascinating hobby and many gardeners take it up seriously, as others do orchid growing, solely because of its absorbing interest. There is a general impression that is difficult but that is hardly true; it would be more apt to say that it is different in the sense that few, if any, of the ordinary rules of gardening apply to the cultivation of mushrooms. This early work by ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Edible Mushrooms

    A forager's guide to the wild fungi of Britain and Europe

    by Geoff Dann ...
    Bursting with quality photos and great information, achieving the “balance between caution and adventure that a forager needs”, this book is an absolute must for foragers. Put the book in your rucksack, head outside, and let it guide you on safe, fun, mind-, heart-, and stomach-expanding fungal adventures.- Fergus Drennan aka Fergus the Forager This is the most comprehensive guide to foraging for ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • The Secret Life of Fungi

    Discoveries From a Hidden World

    **_____Fungi are not like us - they are entirely, magically, something else.‘A lyrical, fascinating exploration of this weird organism’** Scottish Field‘A memoir oozing with wonder’ Waterstones.comWelcome to the astonishing secret world of fungi_____Fungi can appear anywhere, from desert dunes to frozen tundra. They can invade our bodies and thoughts; live between our toes or our floorboards; they ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Mushroom Cultivation

    An Illustrated Guide to Growing Your Own Mushrooms at Home

    by Tavis Lynch ...
    Learn how to grow wild and exotic, medicinally important, sustainable, and deeply delicious mushrooms right at your own home, just as people throughout the world have been doing for centuries.Mushrooms are healthy, packed with vitamins and antioxidants; rich with flavor, an excellent source of the fifth flavor know as umami; and can be used medicinally in teas and tinctures. By growing your own, ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide to Cultivating and Using Mushrooms

    by Tom Gordon ...
    Eliminate the guesswork out of growing and harvesting edible and medicinal mushrooms from the comfort of your home with this comprehensive guide to cultivating mushrooms for fun and profitDo you want to learn how to grow your own mushrooms, but don't know where to begin? Have you been searching for information to take your mushroom growing skills to the next level without depending on pesticides ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Fantastic Fungi

    by Paul Stamets ...
    **2020 IBPA Awards Winner!“Louie Schwartzberg’s lightly informative, delightfully kooky documentary, “Fantastic Fungi,” offers nothing less than a model for planetary survival.” –Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times“Gorgeous photography! Time-lapse sequences of mushrooms blossoming forth could pass for studies of exotic flowers growing on another planet.” –Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD