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Oil Painting eBooks

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  • Girl in a Green Gown

    The History and Mystery of the Arnolfini Portrait

    by Carola Hicks ...
    WITH A FOREWORD BY GRAYSON PERRYCarola Hicks sets out to solve the mystery of one of art history’s greatest paintings, The Arnolfini PortraitThe Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck in 1434 hangs in the National Gallery in London and remains a mystery to this day. Is the painting of the girl in the green gown the celebration of marriage or pregnancy, a memorial to a wife who died in childbirth, a ... Read more

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  • Landscape Painting In Oils: Twenty Step by Step Guides: Step by Step Art Projects on Oil Painting: Landscapes in Alla Prima, Impasto and More

    How do I complete my first oil painting step by step?This book outlines 20 achievable oil painting demonstrations for the beginner featuring landscape art from the simple to the more challenging (taken from my hardback Oil Paintings from the Landscape published by GMC Publications 2003)Find subject matter including a stone circle, a church, a cornfield, a lake, a castle, a coast, plus more exotic ... Read more

    $4.42 AUD

  • Acrylic Painting Step by Step

    Discover all the basics and a range of special techniques for creating your own masterpieces in acrylic

    by Tom Swimm ...
    series Artist's Library
    Beginners and accomplished artists alike are attracted to the beauty and versatility of acrylic painting. In this comprehensive book, you will find all the instruction and inspiration you need to master the medium or improve your painting skills. Accomplished artist Tom Swimm guides you step by step through 12 stunning acrylic projects, offering easy-to-follow instructions along with his personal ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Oil Painting For Dummies

    Nobody ever said that oil painting was easy. But it gets much easier and a lot more fun when you follow a step-by-step approach that starts you off on the right foot, helps you build your skills one at a time, and gives you plenty of exercises to develop your craft. That’s what you’ll find in Oil Painting For Dummies.Completely free of arty jargon, this full-color guide has all the hands-on ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD $27.99 AUD

  • Oil Painting As A Pastime

    A Hobby Book About Painting For Beginners To Help You Study How To Oil Paint And Practice Simple Oil Painting Techniques So You Can Learn To Oil Paint Sensational Works of Art Like The Famous Painting Masters!

    by Ray H. Garner ...
    Many people find painting to be an enjoyable activity which relaxes them and gives them tremendous pleasure during their spare time. Somehow, the movement of mixing colors and using brushes and applying paint to surfaces is a therapeutic way for them to express their deepest emotions and innermost desires. Oil painting is a very classic method of painting which dates back from hundreds of years ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Why do My Skin Tones Look Lifeless? Plus 25 Solutions to Other Portrait Painting Peeves: Tips and Techniques on Oil Painting Portraits, Mixing Skin Colours, Eyes, Hair and More

    A troubleshooting guide for portraiture.Portraiture is often seen as the last frontier of representational art as every detail has huge consequences upon whether a portrait looks like the person depicted. The beginner need not venture far before encountering a possible minefield of problems. Common issues might be why a portrait painting looks childish, eyes look like marbles, hair looks like a ... Read more

    $5.53 AUD

  • Oil Painting Step by Step

    Discover a wide range of painting styles and techniques for creating your own masterpieces in oil

    series Artist's Library
    Aspiring oil painters can take a journey with four accomplished oil artists as they follow along with step-by-step demonstrations that feature a variety of techniques and a range of subject matter. Artists of all skill levels will appreciate the appeal of each approach as they learn to paint tropical seascapes, pastoral landscapes, dynamic still lifes, captivating animal portraits, and more. Oil ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • An Artist's Guide to Plein Air Painting

    by Malcolm Dewey ...
    Outdoor painting( en plein air) has exploded in popularity over the world. First made famous by the impressionists outdoor painting is back to stay. Whether you are a beginner or looking to try something new you will love the outdoor painting experience. This guide by professional artist, Malcolm Dewey, will get you started painting outdoors with confidence. ... Read more


  • Happy Painting with Bob Ross

    Bob Ross, as seen on public television, landscape painting for beginners. ... Read more

    $10.26 AUD

  • Portrait Painting in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides from Old Masters: Learn to Paint Portraits via Detailed Oil Painting Demonstrations

    Portraiture would seem an art form reserved for the most intrepid and experienced of artists.But this oil painting guidebook aims to break down this seemingly exacting subject matter into manageable pieces.Within you will find step-by-step instructions on completing 10 old master portraits in oil. Leaving no stone unturned, portrait painting would seem more possible.Each demonstration comprises an ... Read more

    $6.26 AUD

  • The Artist’s Garden in Oils: Eighteen Step by Step Guides: Step by Step Art Projects on Oil Painting: Flowers, Figures and More

    A step by step art book that explores the garden as a source of inspiration.A typical haven yields more than one may first expect, from allotments, deckchairs and swings to pets, hanging baskets and fishponds. The only other essential ingredient is sunlight.Taken from my art instruction book, Oil paintings from your Garden published by GMC Publications 2002, this book outlines eighteen oil ... Read more

    $4.42 AUD

  • The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted

    Guided Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Artists

    Everything you always wanted to know about oil painting...but were afraid to ask. Or maybe you weren’t afraid—maybe you just didn’t know what to ask or where to start. In The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted**,** author Kathleen Staiger presents crystal clear, step-by-step lessons that build to reinforce learning. Brush control, creating the illusion of three dimensions, foolproof color ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Alcohol Ink Painting

    50 Tips on How to Create Colorful Projects and Artworks with Alcohol Ink

    by Gregory Smith ...
    Are you confused on how to go about Alcohol ink painting? If so, you are definitely at the right place.Alcohol ink is a technique most artists have been yearning to gain mastery but the results are not forthcoming. Why? Because some basic tips were overlooked!However, there is no cause for alarm because this guide is going to help you overcome all the challenges of Alcohol Ink Painting. The author ... Read more

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  • Skin Tones in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides from Old Masters: Learn to Paint Figures and Portraits via Oil Painting Demonstrations

    The colour of skin has a reputation of being a difficult colour to capture.But this oil painting guidebook aims to break down this seemingly difficult subject matter into manageable pieces.Now with large images for larger ereaders, find 10 step-by-step instructions on completing figure paintings in oil from old masters. Leaving no stone unturned, painting skin tones effectively would seem more ... Read more

    $6.30 AUD

  • Classical Painting Atelier

    A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice

    Want to paint more like Manet and less like Jackson Pollock?Students of art hailed Classical Drawing Atelier, Juliette Aristides’s first book, as a dynamic return to the atelier educational model. Ateliers, popular in the nineteenth century, teach emerging artists by pairing them with a master artist over a period of years. The educational process begins as students copy masterworks, then ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Impressionism

    “I paint what I see and not what it pleases others to see.” What other words than these of Édouard Manet, seemingly so different from the sentiments of Monet or Renoir, could best define the Impressionist movement? Without a doubt, this singularity was explained when, shortly before his death, Claude Monet wrote: “I remain sorry to have been the cause of the name given to a group the majority of ... Read more

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  • Light for the Artist

    series Dover Art Instruction
    Intermediate and advanced art students receive a broad vocabulary of effects with this in-depth study of light. The guide offers detailed descriptions that start with the basics — the direction of light, reflections, and shadows — and advance to studies of light in natural and manipulated situations. Examinations of subtler light effects include foreshortening, field effects, multiple light ... Read more

    $29.27 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • No Need for an Easel or a Mahl Stick: Oil Painting for the Absolute Beginner Made Simple

    YOU HAVE JUST purchased your first set of oil colours. Now what? A blank art surface may reflect an uncertainty of what to paint. Where does the beginner begin? Is an easel needed? What about a mahl stick, stretched canvases and a kidney-shaped palette?The aim of this book is to show that such paraphernalia are not essential. Oil paints can be odourless, clean and the starter kit may comprise just ... Read more

    $6.23 AUD

  • The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting

    Techniques for Rendering Sky, Terrain, Trees, and Water

    A landscape painting guide for oil painters that breaks landscapes down into component elements from nature, and showcases tools and techniques used by classic and modern oil painters for bringing these scenes to life.Landscape painting is one of the most popular subjects for painters working in the medium of oils--from classic masters to contemporary artists. In The Elements of Landscape Oil ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • The Craftsman's Handbook

    series Dover Art Instruction
    This is D. V. Thompson's definitive English translation of Il Libro dell'Arte, an intriguing guide to methods of painting, written in fifteenth-century Florence. Embodying the secrets and techniques of the great masters, it served as an art student's introduction to the ways of his craft.Anyone who has ever looked at a medieval painting and marveled at the brilliance of color and quality of ... Read more

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  • Why do My Clouds Look like Cotton Wool? Plus 25 Solutions to Other Landscape Painting Peeves: Tips and Techniques on Oil Painting Landscapes for Beginners

    Learning to paint in oils is an enjoyable and creative process, but from time to time the fledgling artist may hit a creative brick wall, often with a particular issue. This might be with the plague of muddy colours, garish flower heads, trees that resemble lollypops, skies that look bland, darkening the colour of snow or shadows that look like black splodges. Such matters, if persistent may cause ... Read more

    $5.59 AUD

  • 10 Bite Sized Oil Painting Projects: Book 1 Practice Colour Mixing and Technique via Landscapes, Animals, Still Life and More

    What does the artist paint after receiving a set of oil painting materials?A challenging project may not be sought after, merely simple exercises to get the wheels turning. Such projects may require a few hours to complete and entail basic art materials.This is where this book comes in.Find 10 straightforward oil painting demonstrations on skies, landscapes, fruit, vegetables, animals, colour ... Read more

    $5.09 AUD

  • Acrylic Pouring

    Getting Started With Art and Technique of Acrylic Pouring. Learn How to Mix, Pour, Swipe and Make Acrylic Paint Pours in 30 Days

    ACRYLIC POURING FOR BEGINNERS: Supplies, Cups, Kits, Medium, Tips and Tricks for every beginner!!!The author has left no stone unturned in providing prerequisite knowledge that will get you started with acrylic pouring. The book covers all the basics of acrylic pouring and explains all the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) beginners and advanced pourers ask.Below is a preview of what to expect ... Read more

    $7.32 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • 30 Bite-Sized Oil Painting Projects on 6 Colour Themes (3 Books in 1) Explore Alla Prima, Glazing, Impasto & More via Still Life, Landscapes, Skies, Animals & More

    This art instruction tome forms the perfect companion to a new set of oil paints. It will be a long time before the prospecting artist need ever find inspiration on what to paint again.An amalgamation of 3 art instruction books: 10 Bite-Sized Oil Painting Projects Book: 1, 2 and 3 means a wealth of ideas can be found here in one place. Find over 1000 instructional images and in depth instructions ... Read more

    $7.65 AUD