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Oral & Maxillofacial

If you like Oral & Maxillofacial eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Plastic Surgery

    A Problem Based Approach

    by Shehan Hettiaratchy and 3 more

    Plastic Surgery, A Problem Based Approach provides a problem-based approach to solutions for common scenarios in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and serves as a practical guide to managing a plastic surgical case.This book outlines a pathway through management for the clinician, consisting of six phases:Recognition of the condition: facilitated by high quality images.General approach ... Read more

    $125.17 AUD

  • How To Treat Acid Reflux

    by Hannah R. Riggs

    If Youíre Looking For A Great eBook On Acid Reflux, Acid Reflux Dilemma, Heal Your Heartburn, Acid Reflux Diet, Disease Symptoms, Reflux Surgery and More! ... Read more

    $3.15 AUD

  • Please Explain Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy To Me

    A Complete Guide to Preparing a Child for Surgery

    by Laurie Zelinger and 1 more

    Nearly 500,000 adenotonsillectomies will be performed on children this year. Will you be ready?The new 3rd Edition of this bestselling book helps parents understand and organize the necessary medical and emotional components that accompany their child's surgery. In an easy to follow timeline for events prior to and following a tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy, the authors provide reassuring and ... Read more

    $9.14 AUD

  • Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck

    by Parviz Janfaza M.D.

    Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck was hailed as indispensable when it was first published in 2001. This classic atlas—packed with over 700 exceptional drawings, 537 of them in full color—is now available again after years of being out of print. An invaluable reference for surgeons, residents, and medical students. ... Read more

    $508.08 AUD

  • Face to Face

    True stories of life, death and transformation from my career as a facial surgeon

    by Professor Jim McCaul

    'Face to Face is not just a brilliant introduction to one of the most exacting areas of modern medicine, it's a humbling glimpse of humans at their best.' Sunday TimesSo much of our identity and sense of self is vested in the face we see in the bathroom mirror every morning. Now imagine that face so ravaged by cancer, an accident, a gun shot wound or a car crash that it is barely recognizable. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Nonsurgical Peri-orbital Rejuvenation

    by Shoib A. Myint

    This book offers surgeons the most up-to-date information related to non-surgical techniques specific to periorbital rejuvenation. This easy-to-use reference guide is for ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgeons, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial and plastic surgery residents, as well as ENT facial plastic fellows. Complete with videos of specific techniques to better inform surgeons ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • Salivary Gland Neoplasms

    by P.J. Bradley and 1 more

    This volume in the book series 'Advances in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology' summarizes the current scientific knowledge of salivary gland neoplasms and illustrates recent advances in this clinical area. Chapters are authored by world renowned experts who cover the full breadth of salivary gland neoplasms, from benign to malignant, primary to secondary, and pediatric to adult. This comprehensive review ... Read more

    $357.82 AUD

  • Oral Board Review for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    by Robert Reti and 1 more

    The oral board exam for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS) can be intimidating to many surgeons due to the broad range of information one must know for the exam. However, while the examination guidelines provide a general outline of topics that may be covered, there is no true direction on how to prepare for it. Traditionally, candidates do so by using what are considered ... Read more

    $125.17 AUD

  • Craniosynostoses

    by M. Muenke and 3 more

    series Monographs in Human Genetics
    Craniosynostosis - the premature fusion of the cranial sutures of an infant’s skull - is a challenging and complex condition that can occur as part of a syndrome or in isolation. In the last two decades increased knowledge about the structure and function of the human genome has enabled the discovery of the molecular etiologies of most forms of syndromic craniosynostosis, which in turn has allowed ... Read more

    $586.18 AUD

  • Lasermedizin in der Ästhetischen Chirurgie

    by Hans-Robert Metelmann and 1 more

    In der Ästhetischen Chirurgie sind Laser nicht mehr wegzudenken: Narben, Falten und Tätowierungen, Facial Rejuvenation, Nasen- und Blepharoplastik oder zahnärztlich-ästhetische Behandlungen – vielfältig sind die Indikationen, bei denen Laser Mittel der Wahl oder eine erfolgversprechende Alternative zur klassischen Chirurgie sind. Laserbehandlungen sind die häufigsten unter allen ästhetisch ... Read more

    $81.06 AUD

  • Contemporary Management of Temporomandibular Disorders

    Non-Surgical Treatment

    by S. Thaddeus Connelly and 2 more

    This book is a comprehensive, state of the art guide to the contemporary non-surgical treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) that will help to compensate for the frequent lack of experience and inadequate training among health professionals who encounter patients with jaw joint problems. After an opening section outlining special considerations relating to bruxism and trauma in TMDs, ... Read more

    $197.11 AUD

  • Pathology of the Maxillofacial Bones

    A Guide to Diagnosis

    by Pieter Slootweg

    This book is divided into 3 main sections: cysts and odontogenic tumors (lesions related to the dentition); fibro-osseous lesions and giant cell lesions, which are unique to the maxillofacial skeleton; and bone lesions, which also occur in other parts of the body. Individual diseases are described with a special emphasis on histomorphological aspects. Some lesions may pose considerable diagnostic ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Complications in Endodontic Surgery

    Prevention, Identification and Management

    by Igor Tsesis

    This book presents up-to-date recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of complications in endodontic surgical procedures, based on the best available scientific evidence. Common risks such as wound healing impairment, infection and bleeding are discussed and specific complications related to endodontic surgery, such as maxillary sinus involvement and damage to adjacent ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • Statistical Approaches to Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders Research

    by Daniele Manfredini and 4 more

    series SpringerBriefs in Statistics
    This book covers some biostatistical methods and several case studies useful to interpret and analyze dental research in the areas of orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders. It will guide practitioners in these fields who would like to interpret research findings or find examples on the design of clinical investigations. After an introduction dealing with the basic issues, the central ... Read more

    $81.06 AUD

  • Erosive Tooth Wear

    From Diagnosis to Therapy

    by A. Lussi and 1 more

    series Monographs in Oral Science
    Erosive tooth wear is a multifactorial condition of growing concern to the clinician and the subject of extensive research. Since the publication of the first edition of the book with the title Dental Erosion, new knowledge for a better understanding of this important subject has been gathered. The new and more detailed insights resulted in this second, extended publication. It presents a broad ... Read more

    $95.47 AUD

  • Oculoplastics and Orbit

    Aesthetic and Functional Oculofacial Plastic Problem-Solving in the 21st Century

    by Rudolf F. Guthoff and 1 more

    series Essentials in Ophthalmology
    The 8 recurring volumes of the "Essentials in Ophthalmology" series cover the most recent developments in one of eight subspecialties in Ophthalmology. With four volumes published per year, each subspecialty is newly visited every 24 months, with a distinct focus on recent developments. By bridging the gap between original research and medical textbooks, the transfer of this developing knowledge ... Read more

    $242.10 AUD

  • Management of Extended Parotid Tumors

    by Victor-Vlad Costan

    This extensively illustrated book aims to systematize the selection of treatment options in patients with parotid tumors that extend beyond the borders of the parotid tissue and therefore present particular problems for the surgeon. Reconstruction of the postoperative defect is especially difficult in such cases because of the complexity and density of the anatomical structures in the lateral ... Read more

    $215.15 AUD

  • Joint Denervation

    An Atlas of Surgical Techniques

    by A. Lee Dellon

    This book serves as an anatomic atlas of the nerves that innervate the joints of the human body in a format that also provides technical insight into pathways that both interventional pain management and surgical subspecialists can use to denervate those painful joints when traditional approaches to manage the pain are no longer successful. This book avails the knowledge of how denervation can ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • Complications in Neck Dissection

    A Comprehensive, Illustrated Guide

    by Thomas Schlieve and 1 more

    This book is intended as a comprehensive reference on the anatomy, pathophysiology, and management of complications in neck dissection. The informative text is complemented by detailed clinical photos, high-quality illustrations, and clinical material from experienced and respected leaders in the field of neck surgery. An understanding of potential complications and early recognition of their ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Contemporary Management of Temporomandibular Disorders

    Fundamentals and Pathway to Diagnosis

    by S. Thaddeus Connelly and 2 more

    This book is a comprehensive, state of the art guide to the contemporary diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) that will help to compensate for the frequent lack of experience and inadequate training among health professionals who encounter patients with jaw joint problems. The opening section describes the whole patient philosophy essential for treatment success, examines ethical and ... Read more

    $197.11 AUD

  • 3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery

    A Step-by-Step Approach for Orthodontists and Surgeons

    by Gwen Swennen

    This color atlas and manual provides clinicians with systematic, standardized, but also individualized step-by-step guidance on 3D virtual diagnosis, treatment planning, and outcome assessment in patients undergoing orthognathic surgery for maxillofacial deformities. Drawing on 20 years of experience, the authors elucidate the clinical potential of the approach while also highlighting current ... Read more

    $314.15 AUD

  • Plastische Chirurgie

    Forschung, Handchirurgie, Rhinoplastik, Gesichtstransplantation

    by Alfred Berger and 2 more

    Der fünfte Band der Plastischen Chirurgie stellt die aktuellen Entwicklungen auf diesem Gebiet der Medizin dar und ergänzt die bisherigen Bände.Spezialisten befassen sich mit der Wiederherstellung des Gesichts durch Fremdgewebstransplantation, der sekundären Rhinoplastik sowie der Plexus- und Handchirurgie. Forschungsergebnisse zur Fettgewebstransplantation und zu Stammzellen sowie mögliche ... Read more

    $269.16 AUD

  • Neuromodulation for Facial Pain

    by K.V. Slavin

    series Progress in Neurological Surgery
    Neuropathic pain involving the face can be very severe and disabling; often, it is hard to control with conventional means and requires use of unconventional interventions on various parts of the trigeminal nociceptive pathways. For the last 60 years, neuromodulation has been used specifically for the treatment of intractable pain in different parts of the human body, including the face and head ... Read more

    $275.10 AUD

  • Basic Open Rhinoplasty

    Principles and Practical Steps for Surgeons in Training

    by Fabio Meneghini

    Expressly designed for surgeons in training who are new to nasal rhinoplasty, this textbook is written in a simple didactic style. A century after the first open rhinoplasty was performed by Dr. Aurel Réthi in Hungary, open rhinoplasty is now the most commonly used approach to aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgery; the author’s decades of experience will safely guide the reader through her ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD