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  • Beltaine: Creating New Pagan Family Traditions

    by Jodi Lee ...
    series Creating New Pagan Family Traditions
    Beltaine is also known as Baal Tinne, Beltane, Bel's Fire, Cet Samhain, Mayday, Tana Festiva, or Walpurgisnacht, and is generally celebrated on or about the first of May.In many cultures, Beltaine celebrates the beginning of the growing season with the plowing and planting of fields. Fertile ground accepting the seed of new life; the coming together and mating of Mother Earth and Father Sun, ... Read more

    $1.46 AUD

  • Let it Snow! Season's Readings for a Super-Cool Yule!

    by Red Tash ...
    With a range of holiday tales tying into a variety of imaginative fictional worlds, you'll rediscover favorite characters, and meet a host of new ones in this fantastic holiday mix. It's snow trouble, just skate away into stories born of: Troll Or Derby by Red Tash, I Zombie I by Jack Wallen, Rabbits in the Garden by Jessica McHugh, Hot Sinatra by Axel Howerton, Tales of Haydon by Tim Tash, ... Read more



    A Valentine romance

    by Pat Simmons ...
    series Andersen Brothers
    David Andersen doesn’t have a problem indulging in Valentine’s Day, per se, but not on a first date. Considering it was the love fest of the year, he didn’t want a woman to get any ideas that a wedding ring was forthcoming before he got a chance to know her. So he has no choice but to wait until the whole Valentine’s Day hoopla was over, then he would make his move on a sister in his church he can ... Read more

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  • Pray your way into 2019 and Prosperity Night

    Pray Your Way into 2019. Every gate has requirements for entry. So is the gate of the new year. There is a mode of approach that is biblical and kingdom. Here it is! Turn the battle to the gate! ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Like Me or Not

    Overcoming Approval Addiction

    by Dawn Owens ...
    There is a difference between being someone other people like and being defined by what others think. Some people are so addicted to approval that their lives spiral out of control creating discontent, depression, and alienation. Recovering approval addict Dawn Owens identifies all the ways craving approval can negatively impact our lives, and offers sound, biblical strategies to overcome them. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • What You Didn't Know About Halloween

    Book 1 - Holiday Facts for You
    Where did Halloween come from? Witches weren't always evil?Are you afraid of Halloween? Well, after finding out how Spooky some of these Halloween Traditions and Hidden Secrets are, you definitely will be!This amazing picture book is packed with all the mind-boggling facts you didn't know about the spookiest night of the year, Halloween. Including some of the scariest old traditions ever exist ... Read more

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  • Alimentation & Ramadan

    « Alimentation & Ramadan», de Gwladys Vivien Serrano, Diététicienne Nutritionniste, retrace des conseils alimentaires et d’hygiène de vie pour le jeûne du ramadan. Un ouvrage de synthèse qui permet de retrouver, grâce à une organisation thématique, les réponses aux questions classiques du mois de jeûne, sur les variations de poids, les désagréments fréquents, la pratique d’un sport, les vertus de ... Read more

    $7.40 AUD

  • Big Enough for Halloween

    After years of sitting at home watching Lucy and Dad play Trick-or-Treat, Billy is old enough to join the fun. There's nothing to it, or so Lucy says. But in his quest for free candy, Billy forgets one very important thing: big sisters lie.Tor Richardson presents an amusing tale of Halloween tricks and holiday treats. With wonderful characters and an engaging story, "Big Enough for Halloween" is ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • Boo? Boo Who?

    On a night when the best costume gets the most free candy, one young man knows that his costume must be the very best. His only competition? His big sister Sally and Boo Boy, a mysterious kid from down the lane. But on this night—his night—there will be no mystery. After months of careful planning, Paul has finally crafted the perfect disguise.Richard Alan Dickson, author of "The Last Great ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Ornaments

    With This Easy To Read Manual Discover The Best Of The Best Ideas For Glass Christmas Ornaments, Crystal Ornaments, Tree Ornaments, Ornament of The World, Ornaments Patterns For Interior Design And Ornamental Grass Gardens

    This is guide provides you with must know information about glass christmas ornaments, crystal ornaments, ornaments of the world, tree ornaments,lawn ornaments and more. ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween! A picture book for Halloween done in watercolor paint. ... Read more

    $2.92 AUD

  • La valigia dei misteri

    Viaggio alla scoperta delle Feste cristiane

    Conosciamo davvero la religione cristiana? Quali sono le nostre radici culturali? Esistono davvero differenze così nette, marcate e inconciliabili tra le religioni da valere guerre e ostilità? Infine: esistono verità assolute nei contenuti della religione? Se queste domande affascinano anche voi, iniziamo insieme questo viaggio alla scoperta delle feste cristiane. Seguendo il percorso del ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Redeeming All Hallows' Eve

    A Christian Perspective on Celebrating Halloween

    by Bethel Grove ...
    What if there was a way for Christians to redeem the celebration of Halloween?Halloween has been a topic of controversy among Christians for centuries. The arguments both for and against it are many, making it difficult for us to discern whether to participate or completely reject it. That's why Redeeming All Hallows' Eve will walk Christians through the good, the bad, and the scary about the ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Easy Thanksgiving 68 Recipes


    Book 1 - 1
    Easy Thanksgiving 68 Recipes, this is Thanksgiving Recipes 68 recipes hear ... Read more

    $14.67 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • La Pentecôte du Malheur

    by Owen Wister ...
    Il est des influences et des forces qui ont le pouvoir d’évoquer le passé d’une façon plus frappante encore que les rêves, par des opérations qui nous paraissent tenir de la magie et rappellent les cercles, les baguettes et les paroles cabalistiques des contes de fées. Sollicités par ces rites mystérieux, des voix se font entendre, des ombres et des visages surgissent du néant. De même aussi ... Read more

    $2.95 AUD

  • The Key to the Locked Garden

    Enhancing the Shabbat Experience

    Key to the Locked Garden offers the reader teachings and instructions for Shabbat observance that once were available only to an elite few. The book is based on the teachings of Rabbi Moses Luria zt”l, a Chasidic master of our times and a direct descendant of Rabbi Isaac Luria, the holy Ari z”l. Rabbi Luria’s teachings brought divine service to an experiential level, shedding light upon the ... Read more

    $11.72 AUD

  • What Day is Thanksgiving?

    Book 2 - Holiday Facts for You
    What did they really eat at the first Thanksgiving? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? The answer will Surprise you!The funniest facts and craziest truths about Turkey Day you'll ever learn!Featuring beautiful illustrations with cartoon characters, this Picture Book introduces many strange and true facts about Thanksgiving that you never heard of. Beginning readers and parents will enjoy the ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Halloween Crafting Made Easy

    by Grace Katz ...
    Why waste money on those store bought Halloween decorations? Surely you could make that stuff yourself‚ right?  Do you or someone you know want a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon? If so‚ pay close attention!  There's finally an original new book created just for people like you!  And‚ if you really want to know about making Halloween decorations this book is definitely for YOU!  This ... Read more

    $3.83 AUD

  • Unmasking Halloween

    As Labor Day ends the world draws a bead on its major year-end holidays. The first of which is the strangest of all, Halloween. Candy and costume makers love it. Discount retailers make a huge “killing” on everything Halloween, their promotions driven by a lust for profits helping to keep the sinister observance near the top of the secular holiday charts... ... Read more



    Horror, Mystery and Supernatural Tales

    Welcome back to our chilling tales of the unknown . We are glad you survived the Bone-Chilling True tales of ghost, paranormal events and Mysterious Deaths. So if you love to be thrilled and chilled by real-life stories of danger, ghost, and the unexplained? Or are you intrigued by the dark and unknowable depths of human nature. this is the book for you!I'll admit affinity for tales of the ... Read more

    $5.82 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • What can I do for My Mother on Mother's Day?

    How to Make Your Mother feel Extra Special on Mother's Day? Here are some Awesome Ideas for You.Don't miss the first book in the beloved Molly and Her Holiday Books Series!Bestselling children's book author and illustrator Lucy Ann Carroll takes You on a journey to make this Mother's Day one You'll remember!Featuring many beautiful illustrations, this book introduces fun and creative activities ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Jesús te llama para mamás

    by Sarah Young ...
    series Jesus Calling®
    Regala a las madres que bendicen tu vida este tesoro de ánimo y consuelo de Jesús te llama. Jesús te llama para mamás incluye 50 devocionales seleccionados para celebrar a las madres por el amor, consuelo y fortaleza que nos brindan.Con 50 selecciones temáticas, encontrarás devocionales que incluyen:el poder del amorel don de la fuerzael valor en cualquier época del añola confianza en Él en los ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Turkey Recipes

    50 Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

    by J.J. Delta ...
    Turkey recipes :50 delious Recipes for Thanksgiving ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Christal's Columns On Christian Poetry

    by Christal Ware ...
    Christal's Columns On Christian Poetry is a collection of original poetry written from personal experience and personal God encounters. These verses speak of God's divine nature and the minister to one's soul.There are poems for holidays and also for Christian meditation. ... Read more

    $3.86 AUD