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Pathological Psychology

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  • Stop Walking on Eggshells

    Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder

    by Paul T. T. Mason and 2 more

    Isn’t it time you stopped walking on eggshells? Learn how with this fully revised and updated third edition of a self-help classic—now with more than one million copies sold!Do you feel manipulated, controlled, or lied to? Are you the focus of intense, violent, and irrational rages? Do you feel you are ‘walking on eggshells’ to avoid the next confrontation? If the answer is ‘yes,’ someone you care ... Read more

    $17.48 AUD

  • Mindhunter

    by John Douglas and 1 more

    ________________________________________Obsessed with Netflix's Mindhunter? Celebrate the launch of Season 2 with the bestselling true story of how one underfunded FBI team became the first to explore the dark world of serial murderers.John Douglas is a former FBI Special Agent and expert in criminal profiling and behavioural science. He made a career of looking evil in the eye - and understanding ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

    the heartfelt, funny memoir by a New York Times bestselling therapist

    by Lori Gottlieb

    A TIME magazine Must-Read Book of the YearEver wonder what your therapist is really thinking? Now you can find out …Meet Lori Gottlieb, an insightful and compassionate therapist whose clients present with all kinds of problems. There’s the struggling new parents; the older woman who feels she has nothing to live for; the self-destructive young alcoholic; and the terminally ill 35-year-old newlywed ... Read more

    $15.39 AUD

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy of Depression

    A Brief, Focused, Specific Strategy

    by Gerald L. Klerman and 1 more

    Reflecting the new and exciting trends in psychotherapy as well as responsive to the current emphasis on efficient, substantial therapeutic results, this book presents a model of interpersonal, short_term psychotherapy for clinically depressed patients. Gerald L. Klerman, whose research on depression has made him world renowned, and Myrna M. Weissman, who has written, with Eugene Paykel, an ... Read more

    $92.06 AUD

  • The Pembrokeshire Murders


    by Steve Wilkins and 1 more

    The dramatic, compelling bestselling account of how a serial killer was finally unmasked after evading justice for more than twenty yearsNow a major TV series starring Luke Evans1980s. In the beautiful, unspoiled landscape of Pembrokeshire, a serial killer is at large: two double murders; an assault; the rape and assault of two teenagers - all potentially the work of one man.This is the ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

    by Alexander L. Chapman and 4 more

    series The New Harbinger Guides for the Newly Diagnosed Series
    Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mood disorder marked by extreme, fluctuating emotions, black-and-white thinking, problems with interpersonal relationships, and in extreme cases, self-harm. If you have recently been diagnosed with BPD, you likely have many questions. What treatment options are available? How do you tell your friends and loved ones? And what are the common side-effects of ... Read more

    $17.48 AUD

  • Fatal Females

    Women who kill

    by Micki Pistorius

    In Fatal Females, investigative psychologist and former police profiler Micki Pistorius examines the minds and motives of women who kill. Throughout history the view seems to have prevailed that it is not in women's nature to commit violent crime, but Pistorius shows that this is not in fact the case. Women, givers of life, are indeed capable of ruthlessly taking life. She examines more than fifty ... Read more

    $10.77 AUD

  • The Inner Self

    The joy of discovering who we really are

    by Hugh Mackay

    'How can I get in touch with this real self, underlying all my surface behaviour? How can I become myself?' Carl Rogers, US psychotherapistThe Inner Self is a book about the ways we hide from the truth about ourselves and the psychological freedom we enjoy when we finally face that most searching question of all: 'Who am I, really?'Hugh Mackay explores our 'top 20' hiding places - from addiction ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Perform Under Pressure

    by Ceri Evans

    *Radically change the way you think about pressure*'Whatever it is you want to improve in your own life, this book will help you do it.'RICHIE McCAW, former All Blacks captainPerform Under Pressure will help you not only survive but thrive in situations that up until now have been holding you back. Targeting the moments when you are most stressed and uncomfortable, Dr Ceri Evans' red-blue mind ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • The Arsonist

    A Mind on Fire

    by Chloe Hooper

    On the scorching February day in 2009 that became known as Black Saturday, a man lit two fires in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, then sat on the roof of his house to watch the inferno. In the Valley, where the rates of crime were the highest in the state, more than thirty people were known to police as firebugs. But the detectives soon found themselves on the trail of a man they didn’t know.The ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Trapped: The Terrifying True Story of a Secret World of Abuse

    by Rosie Lewis

    Trapped was a Sunday Times bestseller and the first memoir from foster carer Rosie Lewis.Phoebe, an autistic nine-year-old girl, is taken into police protection after a chance comment to one of her teachers alerts the authorities that all might not be what it seems in her comfortable, middle-class home. Experienced foster carer Rosie accepts the youngster as an emergency placement knowing that her ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Dancing with Demons

    by Tim Watson-Munro

    The extraordinary memoir of a man who has spent his working life looking into the eyes of modern evil.As Australia's most distinguished criminal psychologist, 'Doc' Tim Watson-Munro has assessed over 30,000 'persons of interest' in some of the nation's most notorious court cases, including Hoddle Street gunman Julian Knight, corporate fraudster Alan Bond, Melbourne gangster Alphonse Gangitano and, ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Disarming the Narcissist

    Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed

    by Wendy T. Behary and 5 more

    Do you know someone who is overly arrogant, shows an extreme lack of empathy, or exhibits an inflated sense of entitlement? Do they exploit others, or engage in magical thinking? These are all traits of narcissistic personality disorder, and when it comes to dealing with narcissists, it can be difficult to get your point across. So how do you handle the narcissistic people in your life? You might ... Read more

    $17.48 AUD

  • A Shrink in the Clink

    by Tim Watson-Munro

    From the author of the extraordinary memoir, Dancing with DemonsDRUG LORDS. DEVIANTS. BLACK WIDOWS. HIT MEN. RIOT GIRLS. MASS MURDERERS. PSYCHOS.No one gets closer to Australia's craziest characters than 'Doc' Tim Watson-Munro, a criminal psychologist with 40 years' experience assessing the mad, bad and dangerous.In a riveting series of weird, funny and terrifying tales sure to thrill and chill ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • How to Spot a Psychopath

    by Joe Navarro

    Based on former FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro’s experience as a criminal profiler and behavior specialist, this short booklet/checklist - "How To Spot A Psychopath" - provides the average person with the tools necessary for spotting and assessing psychopaths. This is a must read for anyone who wants to protect themselves, their children, or their loved ones. This short booklet/checklist offers ... Read more

    $6.67 AUD

  • Killer Charm: The Double Lives of Psychopaths

    by Linda Fairstein

    series From the Files of Linda Fairstein #1
    Linda Fairstein unmasks the true face of psychopathy, and reveals the warning signs that every woman should knowThe 2009 “Craigslist Killer” murder case shocked America, not just because of the heinous nature of the crimes but because their perpetrator—a handsome young law student with an unsuspecting girlfriend—seemed a very unlikely suspect. This killer, like others before him, had learned to ... Read more

    $1.09 AUD

  • The Wisdom of Psychopaths

    by Dr Kevin Dutton

    'A surprising, absorbing and perceptive book. I found it altogether fascinating' PHILIP PULLMAN______________________________________________________Psychopath. No sooner is the word out than images of murderers, rapists, suicide bombers and gangsters flash across our minds.But unlike their film and television counterparts, not all psychopaths are violent, or even criminal. Far from it. In fact, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • When Love Is a Lie - Narcissistic Partners & the (Pathological) Relationship Agenda

    by Zari Ballard

    Developing a codependency to a partner who has a narcissistic or psychopathic personality will cause nothing but turmoil in our lives. We stay in the relationship, thinking that we can "fix" this person and love them out of their bad behavior, but the truth is that narcissists - just like sociopaths and psychopaths - can never be fixed...not with love, therapy, or any magic pill Our codependency ... Read more

    $10.81 AUD

  • Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered

    The Definitive How-To Guide From the My Favorite Murder Podcast

    by Georgia Hardstark and 1 more

    In STAY SEXY & DON'T GET MURDERED, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, hosts of true crime comedy podcast 'My Favorite Murder,' open up about their lives more intimately than ever in their confessionally honest and hilarious debut book, titled after their podcast sign-off.Sharing never-before-heard stories ranging from their struggles with depression, eating disorders, and addiction, Karen and ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Journey Into Darkness

    by John Douglas and 1 more

    ________________________________THE SHOCKING FOLLOW-UP TO MINDHUNTER, NOW A SMASH-HIT NETFLIX DRAMAJohn Douglas is the world's top pioneer and expert on criminal profiling. His lifelong work to understand and combat serial killers is legendary among law enforcement circles. Now, following up on his first book, Mindhunter, Journey Into Darkness delves further into the criminal mind in a range of ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Psycho USA

    Famous American Killers You Never Heard Of

    by Harold Schechter

    AMERICA’S MOST COLD-BLOODED!In the horrifying annals of American crime, the infamous names of brutal killers such as Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy, and Berkowitz are writ large in the imaginations of a public both horrified and hypnotized by their monstrous, murderous acts. But for every celebrity psychopath who’s gotten ink for spilling blood, there’s a bevy of all-but-forgotten homicidal fiends studding ... Read more

    $21.66 AUD

  • CASE CLOSED (Serial Killers Captured)

    by RJ Parker

    When a Serial Killer is active in a community it is extremely scary for everyone. This book focuses on Serial Killers who have been captured and some of the most notorious and ruthless killers in history.Serial killers stay close to home and their victims are random. Dennis Rader found all his victims in Kansas not far from the Wichita home he shared with his wife and two kids. Rader, the ... Read more

    $3.00 AUD

  • The Psychopath Inside

    A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain

    by James Fallon

    “Compelling, essential reading for understanding the underpinnings of psychopathy.” — M. E. Thomas, author of Confessions of a SociopathFor his first fifty-eight years, James Fallon was by all appearances a normal guy. A successful neuroscientist and professor, he’d been raised in a loving family, married his high school sweetheart, and had three kids and lots of friends. Then he learned a ... Read more

    $17.04 AUD

  • The Compassionate Mind

    by Prof Paul Gilbert

    'Wise and perceptive. [It] teaches self-compassion and the consolations of kindness. I recommend it.'SALLY BRAMPTON, author of Shoot the Damn DogDEVELOP YOUR FEELINGS OF COMPASSION AND INCREASE YOUR SENSE OF WELL-BEINGIn societies that encourage us to compete with each other, compassion is often seen as a weakness. Striving to get ahead, self-criticism, fear, and hostility towards others seem to ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD