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Pentecostalism eBooks

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  • Kathryn Kuhlman and the Holy Spirit

    by Joan Gieson ...
    There is more of God available to youmore of His presence, more of His power, more of His glory, more of His character, more of His kindness. But how do you experience more? In this topical highlight from Healing in His Presence, Joan Gieson shares the secrets gleaned from her many years of ministry with Kathryn Kuhlmanone of the most intriguing Christian personalities of the twentieth century. ... Read more

    $1.48 AUD

  • Speaking In Tongues

    by Tom Tilley ...
    When you no longer believe in eternity, every moment counts -- A memoir of breaking free and reinventionFrom the outside, Tom Tilley's childhood seemed ordinary. The first son of a pastor, he grew up in a beautiful country town where life revolved around football, his loving family and their Pentecostal faith. But behind church doors, a strictly enforced set of rules included a looming ultimatum: ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Heavenly Secrets to Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts

    Start Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Today!

    by Tracy Cooke ...
    Start moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today.There are supernatural gifts that God has placed inside of you just waiting to be opened and activated. So, why wait a day longer? Heavenly Secrets to Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts helps you identify the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teaches you how to start accessing them now. Its never too early or too late to start.The first step is developing ... Read more

    $23.97 AUD

  • Immersed in His Glory

    A Supernatural Guide to Experiencing and Abiding in God's Presence

    Break every barrier to experiencing Gods Presence.What keeps you from encountering Jesus in a greater way? Do you feel unfit to enter His presence? Perhaps you are stuck in a spiritual drought? Or maybe you worry that you simply dont know enough to truly meet with God.Every human being is hard-wired with a need for intimacy with God. When this need isnt met, we search elsewhere and find ourselves ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Experiencing the Father's Love

    A Daily Encounter with Him

    by Jack Frost ...
    Experience the Love of the Father every day!Seasons of crisis, pain, and loss may impact the people we become, but our circumstances do not define who we are. Your identity is greater than your experiences.The only experience that ought to define your identity, determine your self-worth, and shape your destiny is an encounter with the unconditional love of God. The eternal, unchanging love of a ... Read more

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  • Overflowing with the Holy Spirit

    Knowing the Person - Walking in His Power (Revised and Updated)

    by Pat Harrison ...
    Now more than ever the body of Christ must mature in the ways of the Spirit to fulfill God’s plan for His kingdom as the clock ticks steadily toward the return of Jesus Christ. The only way we will fulfill the Great Commission Jesus left us is to have both the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and His power fully operating in our lives. The problem is most believers don’t know the difference ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Stories of Divine Healing

    Supernatural Testimonies that Ignite Faith for Your Healing

    by Randy Clark ...
    Strengthen your faith, receive your miracle!Miracle testimonies are more than just accounts of past events; they are invitations to a fresh experience of Gods supernatural power!Respected pastor and healing minister, Randy Clark presents a unique compilation of amazing miracle testimonies to help strengthen your faith for whatever healing breakthrough you need!Every miracle account in Stories of ... Read more

    $26.39 AUD

  • Be Healed!

    Secrets to Divine Healing in the Model of Jesus

    The Masters Course on Miracle HealingWhen you study the life of Jesus, you quickly discover that He spent a lot of time healing people. Because healing was such a major part of Jesus ministry, it should also play a key role in our daily lives as believers.But how do we walk in the lifestyle of healing power that Jesus modeled?The answer is much simpler than many would have you believe: Jesus ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Hosting the Presence: Unveiling Heaven's Agenda

    Let the Spirit live inside you!Are you hungry for an encounter with Jesus? Do you want to make an impact on the world?In this power-packed book, Bill Johnson discusses how you can be a person who hosts the Presence of God. Though all believers obviously have the Spirit of God within them, there is more that enables you to be so full that you overflow His Spirit into your world. Take a journey and ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Carriers of the Glory

    Becoming a Friend of the Holy Spirit

    Discover your identity as a carrier of Gods presence, glory and power!Do you sometimes wonder how God can consider you a friend in light of your failures and defeats? Does your own insufficiency cause you to wonder whether the Holy Spirit truly dwells within you? Do you wonder why your own faith experience is so different from that of the heroes in the Bible?Scripture makes it clear that communion ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Expect God

    What To Do When Your Problem is Hiding Your Promise

    by Rachel Shafer ...
    What are you expecting?Life is filled with unexpected journeys, both good and bad. While its often easy to see God in the good times, it can be challenging to hold onto hope in the midst of tragedy and impossibilities. In the darkness, things often seem hopeless.But what if God could introduce unexpected, supernatural solutions?What if the giants you are facing didnt have the final word?What if ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church

    The Church Becomes What the Church Sings!In the most basic sense, worship is the act of offering praise to God. But worship is a much more powerful act than we are often aware. It is nothing less than an opened floodgate, unleashing a supernatural flow between Heaven and Earth.For the first time, multiple generations of apostolic, prophetic, and warfare worship leaders join together to reveal the ... Read more

    $21.55 AUD

  • Seeing the Invisible

    90 Days of Experiencing the Passion, Presence, and Purpose of God

    An interactive journey to discover your true identity as a child of the King.Seeing the Invisible is a reflective devotional that invites you to embark on a three-dimensional encounter with the majesty of Gods passion, the power of His presence, and the revelation of your purpose as a son or daughter of God.The tangible reality of who our Father is will cause the most resistant to release the ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Worship Without Limits

    The Place of Supernatural Access to God's Presence and Power

    by Philip Renner ...
    Worship is a priceless gift.Unfortunately for many, this gift remains unopened and unused because of a lack of understanding. In truth, worship is not christianized entertainment, a religious ritual, or zealous demonstration.The biblical picture of worship is an intimate encounter with the infinite God that spreads into every part of your daily life.Growing up on the frontlines of the Russian ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • People in Glass Houses

    An Insider's Story of a Life In and Out of Hillsong

    by Tanya Levin ...
    *The eighties were my formative years, and while other teenagers were gyrating to rock 'n' roll, we were praying for revival. We were taking communion, not cocaine. We treated virginity like a wedding present, not a cold sore.And why wouldn't we? We were told we could be, we already were, anything we wanted to be … We were armed and dangerous. Armed with the power of God and dangerous in the eyes ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants

    Disarm and Defeat the Demonic Powers that Hinder Your Breakthrough

    by ISik Abla ...
    Jesus is the Ultimate Deliverance Minister!You may not realize how many of your struggles are the direct result of demonic forces seeking to intercept your destiny. Today is the day to break free of this invisible oppression!When Işik Abla, TV show host and respected Christian teacher, couldnt find a deliverance minister to help her, she heard Jesus say, come to me! The principles she learned at ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Ask for the Rain

    Receiving Your Inheritance of Revival & Outpouring

    Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring!Ask the LORD for rainIn the time of the latter rain. (Zechariah 10:1)God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the Earth. How should you respond? Ask for more!How can revival impact your everyday life? Maybe youve thought revival is for super-charged Christiansnot for everyday people going through everyday life. Wrong. ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Smith Wigglesworth

    Secret of His Power

    Albert Hibbert, friend and confidant of the world-renowned 20th century minister, Smith Wigglesworth, relates his personal accounts of this remarkable man of God. In the recorded history of mankind, few people have accomplished more in the realm of the supernatural than Smith Wigglesworth. Discover the secret of Smith Wigglesworth's amazing relationship with God and relive the undeniable miracles ... Read more

    $15.61 AUD

  • Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

    by Derek Prince ...
    One of the most personal and powerful acts a Christian can engage in is prayer. Yet many believers struggle with their prayer lives, wondering whether they are really making a difference and how they can be more effective. Delving deep into the biblical understanding of prayer, beloved author and leader Derek Prince shows readers the secret to leading a dynamic prayer life, how to receive what ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Angels in the Realms of Heaven: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today

    by Kevin Basconi ...
    Heaven is real!Christ has already prepared a place for you to dwell with Him in Heaven. Your heavenly home awaits you!Angels in the Realms of Heaven: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today is the third book in the exciting, real-life, supernatural series Dancing With Angels!If you are intrigued by what Heaven looks like and what God’s angels are doing today—you will love this book. Heaven and ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Teach Us to Pray

    Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth

    by Corey Russell ...
    Learn how to access heaven and release it into the earth!Jesus disciples heard every message, witnessed every miracle and deliverance and healing and we dont see one recorded time where they asked Him, Teach us to preach, or Teach us to heal, or Teach us to deliver. After spending three and a half years with the Son of God in the flesh, they cried out to Him, We want Your prayer life Teach Us to ... Read more

    $23.97 AUD

  • 5 Great Classics on the Holy Spirit: Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit, The Spirit of Christ, Walking in the Spirit, When The Holy Ghost is Come, The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

    This fantastic compilation brings you 5 of the greatest Christian classics on the Holy Spirit. Do you want to understand what the Scripture teaches about the Holy Spirit and get to know Him better in your own life? Are you interested in how the Holy Spirit has worked in revivals?If so, then this collection is for you! Each book in this volume contains the full text of powerful and life-changing ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Heaven Declares

    Prophetic Decrees to Start Your Day

    Straight from Gods HeartStart Your Day with a Powerful Prophetic DeclarationSo many peopleincluding professing Christianslive aimless, purposeless, and defeated lives without knowing who they are or what they have. This should not be the case when God has so much to say about your identity and your inheritance in Christ.Grow familiar with hearing God speak. Feel the embrace of His Presence.Listen ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Glory Warfare

    How the Presence of God Empowers You to Destroy the Works of Darkness

    Its time to engage in spiritual battle - and win!When it comes to spiritual warfare, many Christians have thrown in the towel after repeated defeat. But take heart! You can be victorious!Glory Warfare offers a powerful revelation on waging spiritual warfare from the place of triumph, Gods manifest Presence. Featuring revelatory teaching and powerful miraculous testimonies, you will discover how ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD