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Perinatology & Neonatology

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  • Hypnobirthing - The Original Method

    Mindful Pregnancy and Easy Labor

    by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill PhD and 1 more

    Bringing Peace to the World One Baby at a time This is the only complete childbirth education program developed by a Medical professional and a woman. Whether you are having a natural birth, a C section , an epidural or a VBAC , this complete method prepares both you and your partner, mentally, physically and emotionally. Simple strategies to reduce the pain, rekindle the joy, and recognize the ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Vitamin K and the Newborn

    by Sara Wickham

    What is Vitamin K? Why is it offered to all newborn babies? Does my baby need it? Should we agree to an injection, oral supplements or decide to do neither? Are there alternatives? Can we postpone the decision? Are some babies more at risk, and why?Vitamin K has been routinely recommended for newborn babies for several decades, and many parents are happy for their child to be given this. But ... Read more

    $11.41 AUD

  • Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More

    by Richard Baxter

    **Chances are, you or someone you know is affected by a tongue-tie. **Common, yet little understood, tongue-ties can lead to a myriad of problems, including difficulty when nursing, speaking or eating. In the most crucial and formative parts of children's lives, tongue-ties have a significant effect on their well-being. Many parents and professionals alike want to know what can be done, and how ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Practical Neonatal Care

    by Lalitha Krishnan

    This manual is meant for nursing students, PG students and practising neonatologists. It is a must-buy for all maternity/nursing homes and hospitals. The book gives valuable step by step tips on handling neonatal emergencies and in otherwise managing the running of the Neonatal Care Unit in hospitals and nursing homes. Special Features: • Book is divided into five sections: general principles, ... Read more

    $12.27 AUD

  • Fetal & Neonatal Secrets

    by Richard A. Polin and 1 more

    series Secrets
    Fetal and Neonatal Secrets, by Drs. Richard Polin and Alan Spitzer,uses the success formula of the highly popular Secrets Series to offer fast answers to the most essential clinical questions in fetal and neonatal medicine. With its user-friendly Q & A format, practical tips from neonatologists and fetal medicine experts, and "Key Points" boxes, this portable and easy-to-read medical reference ... Read more

    $69.07 AUD

  • Pocket Notes on Neonatology

    by Mark Davies and 1 more

    This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Neonatology is a sub-speciality of paediatrics devoted to the care of the newborn infant. The wider care of the newborn infant includes not only the sick neonate but also the well newborn infant. The practice of neonatology is generally limited to specialist neonatal units and nurseries – ranging from ... Read more

    $48.39 AUD

  • Fetal Cardiovascular Imaging E-Book

    Expert Consult Premium

    by Jack Rychik and 5 more

    Fetal Cardiovascular Imaging, edited by Drs. Rychik and Tian, is the most complete video atlas available in this field – providing the detailed visual guidance you need to successfully identify a full range of fetal heart disorders. Complied by the team at the Cardiac Center at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, this Expert Consult site and accompanying atlas-style text guide the acquisition and ... Read more

    $186.66 AUD

  • Fast Facts for the Neonatal Nurse

    A Nursing Orientation and Care Guide in a Nutshell

    by Michele R. Davidson and 4 more

    series Fast Facts
    This convenient and easy-to-use orientation reference and care guide provides new neonatal nurses and their preceptors with the core information they need to provide all aspects of safe, effective, holistic care to newborn infants and their families. Addressing the needs of both low-risk and high-risk infants, the guide presents specific, evidence-based interventions in consistently formatted ... Read more

    $46.52 AUD

  • Antenatal Consults: A Guide for Neonatologists and Paediatricians - E-Book

    by Mark Davies and 3 more

    This book informs the multidisciplinary team (including maternity staff, obstetricians and materno-foetal medicine specialists) which counsel parents expecting a foetus at risk. It contains concise chapters contributed by numerous neonatal specialists in Australia. It is also useful to Midwifery, Nursing and Allied Health staff that care for mothers and babies.The chapters cover the most common ... Read more

    $69.07 AUD

  • Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology

    by Stuart Crisp and 1 more

    series Emergencies in...
    Severely unwell children are the most frightening emergency a clinician can face. This second edition of Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology, guides the clinician through what to do and when, in a format that can be read at the bedside. Resuscitation techniques are described in detail and comprehensive management plans are provided. Organised by symptom, the handbook concisely covers a ... Read more

    $65.00 AUD

  • Preemie Voices

    Young men and women born very prematurely describe their lives, challenges and achievements

    by Saroj Saigal and 3 more

    The birth of a very premature baby is a shock for parents. The immediate anxiety about whether their infant will survive quickly leads to concerns about their child’s future quality of life. In this inspiring and informative book, young people who were born weighing less than two pounds, three ounces provide candid and personal stories about their lives, challenges and accomplishments. Now in ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Tips on Healing from Pregnancy and Birth Trauma

    Survive Revive Thrive

    by Jo Spicer

    series Survive Revive Thrive
    How do you survive when pregnancy and birth don't go to plan?Are you overwhelmed and struggling to cope?Then this book is for you.From her personal experiences and extensive research with other women who have experienced pregnancy and birth trauma, Jo has created this short book of practical tips and strategies to help you through:MiscarriageInfant LossBirth TraumaPremature BabiesSick ... Read more


  • Salud y enfermedad del niño y del adolescente fundamental

    by Roberto Martínez y Martínez

    Salud y enfermedad del niño y del adolescente fundamental es una obra que ofrece al estudiante de medicina, médicos generales y especialistas, uno de los recursos obligados para poder adentrarse en esta especialidad que es Pediatría, trascendental para su formación académica, así como para su actuar del día con día. Salud y enfermedad del niño y del adolescente fundamental está conformado por 20 ... Read more

    $43.11 AUD

  • Respire, bébé, respire !

    Prématurités et naissances difficiles

    by Dr Annie Janvier

    En 2005, Annie Janvier a traversé une épreuve à l’ironie cruelle : elle a mis au monde sa petite Violette quatre mois avant sa date d’accouchement prévue, alors que son mari et elle-même sont médecins spécialistes des nouveau-nés malades. Comment était-ce possible que ça lui arrive à elle ? Qu’avait-elle fait, que n’avait-elle pas fait ? Comment tolérer l’angoisse de ne pas savoir si son bébé ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Pediatric Nutrition in Practice

    by P. Cooper and 6 more

    There is no other time in life when the provision of adequate and balanced nutrition is of greater importance than during infancy and childhood. During this dynamic phase characterized by rapid growth, development and developmental plasticity, a sufficient amount and appropriate composition of nutrients both in health and disease are of key importance for growth, functional outcomes such as ... Read more

    $76.66 AUD

  • Pannolini lavabili

    Guida all'uso dei pannolini di tessuto dalla nascita al vasino

    by Giorgia Cozza

    series Il bambino naturale #45
    Sono sempre più numerose le famiglie interessate al mondo dei pannolini lavabili. Genitori e futuri genitori, preoccupati per il forte impatto ambientale degli usa e getta, che desiderano valutare con attenzione le possibili alternative. I pannolini in stoffa oltre ad essere rispettosi dell¹ambiente, sono più confortevoli e più "sani" per il bambino, e sono vantaggiosi a livello economico. Una ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Advances in Neonatal Neurology, An Issue of Clinics in Perinatology, E-Book

    by Praveen Ballabh and 1 more

    series The Clinics: Internal Medicine #Volume 41-1
    The 16 articles in this issue draw on the expertise of internationally recognized experts who have collectively provided cross-cutting reviews with a broad perspective on the current state of the field. The authors have provided succinct, up-to-date clinical perspectives and highlight current controversies and future challenges. As a result, this issue is a cutting-edge compendium of this complex ... Read more

    $109.22 AUD

  • Nutraceuticals for Prenatal, Maternal, and Offspring’s Nutritional Health

    by Priyanka Bhatt and 3 more

    series Nutraceuticals
    Although there is an increasing number of pregnant individuals taking nutraceuticals to maintain good health, many gaps exist in the knowledge base. These nutraceuticals might be involved in a wide variety of biological processes, and the biological and epidemiological findings of relevant studies should be examined and analyzed. Nutraceuticals for Prenatal, Maternal and Offspring’s Nutritional ... Read more

    $267.95 AUD

  • Nutritional Strategies for the Very Low Birthweight Infant

    by David H. Adamkin and 1 more

    The goal of nutritional management in VLBW and ELBW infants is the achievement of postnatal growth at a rate that approximates the intrauterine growth of a normal fetus at the same postconceptional age. In reality, however, growth lags considerably after birth; although non-nutritional factors are involved, nutrient deficiencies are critical in explaining delayed growth. This practical clinically ... Read more

    $58.95 AUD

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Medication in Pregnancy: The Long Term Outcome for the Child

    by Philip M Preece and 1 more

    series 188
    The exposure of infants to the influence of intrauterine chemicals such as drugs and alcohol has a number of potential risks. The authors set out the evidence for these outcomes, and demonstrate that decisions about care and management can and should be made as early as possible. This should allow professionals to provide protective management and prevent the delays that are so often seen in this ... Read more

    $124.07 AUD

  • Nutrition and Growth

    by B. Koletzko and 3 more

    series World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics
    The relation between nutrition and growth in children is one of the key concerns of pediatric health that touches a multitude of specialties. Exchanging concepts and knowledge between professionals of all the different disciplines involved is thus crucial to facilitate research and interdisciplinary clinical collaborations. The present 'Yearbook on Nutrition and Growth' is unique in its concept: ... Read more

    $240.56 AUD

  • Il trattamento del neonato terminale dal punto di vista bioetico

    by Lourdes Velázquez

    Questo libro studia le questioni etiche che insorgono nel trattamento di esseri umani malati, nell’immediata “vicinanza” alla nascita, cioè nella fase prenatale e immediatamente postnatale. Il titolo potrebbe dare l’impressione che tutta l’attenzione si concentri su ciò che è eticamente corretto fare con il neonato al quale rimangono poche ore di vita. Questa, però, è solo la parte più ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Recent Research in Nutrition and Growth

    89th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Dubai, March 2017

    by J. Colombo and 2 more

    series Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop Series
    As nutrition and development are closely intertwined in early childhood, this book brings together scientists, nutritionists, and psychologists to present a multidisciplinary approach. The first part examines how the biological systems of the body may contribute to healthy growth, looking at bones, muscles, and fat tissues and the optimal nutrition required for dynamic function. The second section ... Read more

    $81.61 AUD

  • Patient-Centred IVF

    Bioethics and Care in a Dutch Clinic

    by Trudie Gerrits

    series Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives #33
    Contemporary Dutch policy and legislation facilitate the use of high quality, accessible and affordable assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) to all citizens in need of them, while at the same time setting some strict boundaries on their use in daily clinical practices. Through the ethnographic study of a single clinic in this national context, Patient-Centred IVF examines how this particular ... Read more

    $48.39 AUD