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Personal Injury eBooks

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  • The Brilliant Boy

    Doc Evatt and the Great Australian Dissent

    by Gideon Haigh ...
    Longlisted for the 2022 Indie Book AwardsChosen as a ‘Book of the Year’ in The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and The Australian Book Review.In a quiet Sydney street in 1937, a seven year-old immigrant boy drowned in a ditch that had filled with rain after being left unfenced by council workers. How the law should deal with the trauma of the family’s loss was one of the most complex ... Read more

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  • Hurricane Tim

    The Story Of Sir Tim Wallis

    by Neville Peat ...
    The gripping biography of one of New Zealand's most distinguished farmers, entreprenuers and aviation heroes. When Sir Tim Wallis’s Spitfire crashed at Wanaka airfield in 1996, his accident was reported around the world. This lion-hearted Central Otago man, a legendary figure in the aviation, deer farming and business worlds, was suddenly fighting for his life. Sir Tim Wallis is known as the ... Read more

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  • Blood Highways

    Blood Highways is the heart-wrenching account of the biggest product liability case in history: the Ford-Firestone fiasco. At the center of the story are two people: Tab Turner, a charismatic trial attorney from Arkansas, who has made a career out of forcing Ford and other automakers to own up to knowingly trade human lives for profits; and Donna Bailey, a single mother and outdoor enthusiast who ... Read more

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  • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Litigation 2020

    by Marriott ...
    This guide provides a thorough and practical introduction to the large and complex area of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. The text sets out the substantive law governing the legal duties owed by road users, employers and members of the medical profession, and explores topics such as limitation and psychiatric illness, so that the procedural law governing personal injury and ... Read more

    $62.99 AUD

  • Plaintiff 101: The Black Book of Inside Information Your Lawyer Will Want You to Know

    As my life hung in the balance after a tragic car accident caused by a drunk driver, I promised to spend the rest of my life helping others if I were to survive. Despite sustaining a traumatic brain injury, I am the founder and president of Fulfill Your Destiny, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances. ... Read more

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  • Whiplash - E-Book

    A Patient Centered Approach to Management

    Providing a balanced, evidence-based discussion of whiplash and its associated disorders, Whiplash: A Patient Centered Approach to Management compiles information from many sources into a single, definitive reference. It clearly delineates rationales and procedures, covering cervical spine anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, epidemiology, patient history and assessment, imaging, soft tissue injuries, ... Read more

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  • Derecho y Política

    Un dilema para la teoría jurídica contemporánea

    La posición central que ocupan la política y el discurso político en la discusión teórica moderna ha sido sintetizada así: Virtualmente, toda la teoría jurídica contemporánea descansa sobre una distinción entre el razonamiento jurídico y la política. El análisis y razonamiento jurídico, en un lado, y el argumento político o la filosofía, en otro, son pensados como prácticas discursivas ... Read more

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    Sul metodo medico-legale di valutazione del danno a persona

    by Riccardo Zoja ...
    Il campo del risarcimento del danno a persona presenta un’evoluzione in continuo divenire nella quale si succedono con rapidità sorprendente provvedimenti, decreti, decisioni giurisprudenziali, testi legislativi. La materia, anche per la sua inequivocabile rilevanza sociale, suscita interessi sempre nuovi per operatori del settore, consumatori, specialisti e studiosi del diritto. L’apprezzamento ... Read more

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  • Maximizing Your Injury Claim

    Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After an Accident

    Chances are you will be in an automobile accident at some point in your life. It’s always best to be prepared for when that happens so you know what to do—and if you’ve just been in one, you can learn what to expect next in these pages. Longtime attorney Matthew D. Dubin has represented countless parties with personal injury claims. Because he can’t represent everyone, he is now sharing his wide ... Read more

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  • Clients Are From Earth, Attorneys Are From Law School

    Make the most of your attorney by actively managing the relationship. Clients Are from Earth Attorneys Are from Law School shows you the way to your best possible outcome. Clients Are from Earth—Attorneys Are from Law School presents valuable information in terms the layperson can understand. You will learn: 1. The two keys to getting what you want in any legal situation. 2. How to remain in ... Read more

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  • Freedom of expression and defamation

    Freedom of expression and defamation: where do we draw the line? Freedom of expression is a fundamental freedom, one of the cornerstones of democracy in Europe, enshrined in various key texts, including the European Convention on Human Rights. But the boundaries between freedom to criticise and damaging a person’s honour or reputation are not always very clear. By defining public insults and ... Read more

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  • Semitruck Wreck

    A Guide for Victims and Their Families

    If you're the victim of an accident involving a semitruck, the fallout will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. Whether you're mourning the loss of a loved one or dealing with catastrophic injuries as a survivor, the way forward is not always clear. You're left with a host of questions, including: how do you find out why the wreck occurred; should you pursue legal action; how do you choose ... Read more

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  • Voyage au pays des juges

    Récit d'investigations judiciaires

    De quelles façons déceler les actions frauduleuses au sein du monde de la justice ?Ce livre est une invitation au voyage dans un pays à risques : celui des juges. Le fil conducteur du récit se nourrit d’une dramaturgie où va se jouer l’honneur d’hommes injustement mis en cause. Au fil de 45 étapes, vous rencontrerez l’usage d’un faux, la manipulation de témoin, la déformation des pièces du dossier ... Read more

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  • Freedom for the Thought That We Hate

    A Biography of the First Amendment

    by Anthony Lewis ...
    More than any other people on earth, Americans are free to say and write what they think. The media can air the secrets of the White House, the boardroom, or the bedroom with little fear of punishment or penalty. The reason for this extraordinary freedom is not a superior culture of tolerance, but just fourteen words in our most fundamental legal document: the free expression clauses of the First ... Read more

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  • An Introduction to Coping with Brain Injury

    by Nigel S. King ...
    series An Introduction to Coping series
    Just the facts for coping with the after-effects of a brain injuryAcquired Brain Injury (ABI) usually refers to people who have suffered a head injury or stroke but also includes those who have had brain tumours, an anoxic injury (where the brain has been starved of oxygen) or brain illnesses like encephalitis and meningitis. After an AB... ... Read more

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  • Unthinkable

    Real Answers For Families Confronting Catastrophic Injury or Death

    You only have control over three things in your life—the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take. —Jack Canfield In the aftermath of unthinkable loss or catastrophic injury caused by the negligence of others, shock, uncertainty, and anger set in. You can't change what happened, but you can control your next steps with a plan—one that will help your family tackle the ... Read more

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  • I Hope We Never Meet

    Client Stories of Tragedy, Recovery, and Accountability from a Life in Deterrence Law

    For attorney Andrew Finkelstein, every day is an opportunity to fight for redemption. He battles on behalf of his clients—families facing the devastating aftermath of preventable catastrophes. When a loved one is killed on the job, Andrew helps the family pick up the pieces; when a construction worker is paralyzed due to inadequate fall protection, he helps them regain control, focus on recovery, ... Read more

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  • Freedom to Publish

    Defamation and Other Legal Provisions Affecting Publishers and Authors

    There have been several instances in the recent past, where Publishers have withdrawn, destroyed or abandoned the publication of a book because of legal threats or actions by corporations or other associations. Most such attempts are against the Freedoms given to us, citizens of India, under Article 19 of the Constitution. This book provides a comprehensive account of the legal provisions which ... Read more


  • LA NUOVA RESPONSABILITA' SANITARIA (L. 8.3.2017, n. 24, Disposizioni in materia di sicurezza delle cure e della persona assistita, nonché in materia di responsabilità professionale degli esercenti le professioni sanitarie, in G.U. 17.3.2017, n. 64)

    Legge 8 marzo 2017, n. 24 recante “Disposizioni in materia di sicurezza delle cure e della persona assistita, nonché in materia di responsabilità professionale degli esercenti le professioni sanitarie” (in G.U. 17.3.2017, n. 64)

    by Luigi Viola ...
    Il Volume analizza, con taglio TEORICO-PRATICO-OPERATIVO, le QUESTIONI e i DUBBI INTERPRETATIVI (in ambito sia penale che civile, e di natura sostanziale e processuale) relativi alla NUOVA RESPONSABILITÀ SANITARIA di cui alla recentissima LEGGE 8 marzo 2017, n. 24 (recante "Disposizioni in materia di sicurezza delle cure e della persona assistita, nonché in materia di responsabilità professionale ... Read more

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  • Privacy e r.c.

    by Studium Legis ...
    Il libro contiene una panoramica delle ipotesi di resposnabilità civile riferite alla violazione della legge sulla privacy ... Read more

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  • Il caso Crespi

    Il caso giudiziario del regista Ambrogio Crespi. L’analisi di tutti i documenti

    «Quanto valgono tre telefonate ricevute dalla persona sbagliata? Dodici o sei anni, a seconda del grado di giudizio. Una strana accolita di personaggi coinvolti con la 'ndrangheta e la peggiore politica viene intercettata mentre parla di te come se fossi un vero boss della malavita e ti ritrovi in un incubo che inizia con 200 giorni di carcere preventivo e continua per anni di processi in aula e ... Read more

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  • Anti-SLAPP Law Modernized: The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

    by Jay Adkisson ...
    A phrase-by-phrase examination of the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act, including insights as to why the drafting committee of the Uniform Law Commission chose particular drafting language for what is hoped will become a uniform Anti-SLAPP law throughout the United States. ... Read more

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  • Recueil de jurisprudence du Forum de l'assurance

    Volume IV

    Responsabilités - Assurances - Accidents du travailL’année 2014 fut à nouveau riche en jurisprudence dans le domaine du droit des assurances et de la responsabilité.Les chroniqueurs de ce recueil ont épinglé avec soin les décisions les plus marquantes et illustrant les orientations actuelles de la jurisprudence, mais aussi celles, plus originales, qui adoptent une approche singulière, mais non ... Read more

    $129.99 AUD

  • Doble crimen

    Tortura, esclavitud sexual e impunidad

    Este libro es el testimonio de una mujer que fue torturada y esclavizada sexualmente durante 112 días, en 2001. Linda Loaiza fue rescatada y conoció otro horror: el de la impunidad institucional que permitió que un criminal no fuera juzgado por el crimen cometido. Veinte años después entrega su testimonio.Más de 100 horas de entrevistas con Linda Loaiza López, sus familiares y otras personas ... Read more

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