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Physiology eBooks

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  • Gut

    the new and revised Sunday Times bestseller

    by Giulia Enders ...
    Translated by David Shaw ...

    $25.99 AUD

  • The Diet Myth

    The Real Science Behind What We Eat

    Fully updated throughout and with a new foreword for this edition.Why do most diets fail? Why does one person eat a certain meal and gain weight, while another eating the same meal loses pounds? Why, despite all the advice about what to eat, are we all still getting fatter?The answers are much more surprising - and fascinating - than we've been led to believe. The key to health and weight loss ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Longevity Paradox

    How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age

    Book 4 - The Plant Paradox
    From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Plant Paradox comes a groundbreaking plan for living a long, healthy, happy life.From the moment we are born, our cells begin to age. But aging does not have to mean decline. World-renowned surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry has been treating mature patients for most of his career. He knows that everyone thinks they want to live forever, until they hit ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Release Your Pain: 2nd Edition - EBOOK: Resolving Soft Tissue Injuries with Exercise and Active Release Techniques

    Resolving Soft Tissue Injuries with Exercise and Active Release Techniques

    Book 1 - Release Your Body
    Imagine finding a way to spend less time suffering from pain, and more time doing the things you love. Take control of your pain! This long awaited, completely reworked, second edition provides new content for each condition, with over 80 additional pages of information, the addition of new and easier to understand illustrations, updated descriptions about each of the soft-tissue conditions, a ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Exercises for the Shoulder to Hand - Release Your Kinetic Chain: Release Your Kinetic Chain

    Release Your Kinetic Chain

    Book 2 - Release Your Kinetic Chain
    Release Your Kinetic Chain with Exercises for the Shoulder to Hand - EBOOKAll the tissues, muscles, and bones of your body are connected to each other within a complex web of fascia…and together, make up your kinetic chain. ‘Release Your Kinetic Chain with Exercises for the Shoulder to Hand’ provides intelligently designed, easy-to-follow exercise routines to aid you in rapidly rehabilitating, ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Packing for Mars

    The Curious Science of Life in Space

    by Mary Roach ...
    **What happens when you vomit during a space walk?The bestselling author of Stiff explores the irresistibly strange universe of space travel and life without gravity**Space is devoid of the stuff humans need to live: air, gravity, hot showers, fresh veg, privacy, beer. How much can a person give up? What happens when you can't walk for a year? Is sex any fun in zero gravity? What's it like being ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies

    Learn about the human body from the inside outSome people think that knowing about what goes on inside the human body can sap life of its mystery—which is too bad for them. Anybody who's ever taken a peak under the hood knows that the human body, and all its various structures and functions, is a realm of awe-inspiring complexity and countless wonders. The dizzying dance of molecule, cell, tissue, ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

    Fifty Wonders That Reveal an Extraordinary Universe

    by Marcus Chown ...
    A mind-bending journey through some of the most weird and wonderful facts about our universe, vividly illuminating the hidden truths that govern our everyday lives.Fact: You could fit the whole human race in the volume of a sugar cube.Fact: The electrical energy in a single mosquito is enough to cause a global mass extinction.Fact: You age more quickly on the top floor than on the ground floor.So ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Man Who Touched His Own Heart

    True Tales of Science, Surgery, and Mystery

    by Rob Dunn ...
    The secret history of our most vital organ: the human heart.The Man Who Touched His Own Heart tells the raucous, gory, mesmerizing story of the heart, from the first "explorers" who dug up cadavers and plumbed their hearts' chambers, through the first heart surgeries -- which had to be completed in three minutes before death arrived -- to heart transplants and the latest medical efforts to prolong ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder - Release Your Kinetic Chain: Release Your Kinetic Chain

    Release Your Kinetic Chain

    Book 1 - Release Your Kinetic Chain
    Release Your Kinetic Chain with Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder - EBOOKThis book can help you to rapidly rehabilitate, heal, and restore the tissues of your head, jaw, neck, shoulders and core with its intelligently designed, easy-to-follow exercise routines! It is an ideal tool if you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain.Written for the general public, by the ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Words And Rules

    One of the world's science superstars presents a brilliantly illuminating, entertaining and cutting-edge account of how language actually works.How does language work? How do children learn their mother tongue? Why do languages change over time, making Chaucer's English almost incomprehensible? Steven Pinker explains the profound mysteries of language by picking a deceptively simple single ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Physiology

    by BarCharts,Inc ...
    This guide includes functions and processes of the body and it's anatomical parts. It includes information on: physiology of vision, hearing & equilibrium, endocrine systems, immune system and much more. ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • What's That? Body Parts Book for Toddlers (Baby Professor Series)

    Anatomy Book for Kids

    series Children's Anatomy & Physiology Books
    Teaching your child about his/her body parts boosts your child's awareness of his body and at the same time, skyrocket his/her vocabulary! Although toddlers will naturally learn about some body parts, there is still more than enough room to refine that knowledge. Together with the ability to tell the difference between parts, be there to teach your child what each part does too! Buy a copy now! ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • Primate Change

    How the world we made is remaking us

    'A work of remarkable scope' - GuardianFT Best science books of 2018***Primate Change***has been adapted into a radio series for the BBC WORLD SERVICE.*This is the road from climate change to primate change.PRIMATE CHANGE is a wide-ranging, polemical look at how and why the human body has changed since humankind first got up on two feet. Spanning th... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Exotic Vetting: What Treating Wild Animals Teaches You About Their Lives

    by Romain Pizzi ...
    Anaesthetising a fish, x-raying a frog and hospitalising a walrus are all in a day’s work for the world’s wildest veterinarian.Travelling from the rainforests of Sierra Leone to the jungles of Borneo, Romain Pizzi has caught, anaesthetised, diagnosed, operated on, medicated, and then released some of the world's most endangered wild animals.From disease testing Polynesian snails to keyhole surgery ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Get Up!

    Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

    That the average adult spends 50 to 70 percent of their day sitting is no surprise to anyone who works in an office environment. But few realize the health consequences they are suffering as a result of modernity's increasingly sedentary lifestyle, or the effects it has had on society at large. In Get Up! , health expert James A. Levine's original scientific research shows that today's chair-based ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Atlas Of Human Anatomy Just For Kids

    Kids usually come to a time in their childhood when they wonder about life and how the human body works. Often times, however, parents do not have the knowledge, the resources or the creativity to teach their children about how the human body works. A book about human anatomy would relieve parents of that burden while enriching children with more knowledge. ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • The Human Bone Manual

    Building on the success of their previous book, White and Folkens' The Human Bone Manual is intended for use outisde the laboratory and classroom, by professional forensic scientists, anthropologists and researchers. The compact volume includes all the key information needed for identification purposes, including hundreds of photographs designed to show a maximum amount of anatomical information.* ... Read more

    $44.99 AUD

  • We are the Neanderthals

    by O-O Happiness ...
    Mainstream science believes that the Neanderthals were wiped out 30,000 years ago.But were they?Some questions remain as to the fate of the Neanderthals.Are we the Neanderthals? ... Read more

    $2.69 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Human Body In Color Volume 1

    A book about the human body can answer many of the questions a child will have at some point or another in his early years about this topic. Besides helping the parents answer these questions, it can help the child process information and imagine his body and its constituting parts as either friendly or otherwise. However, the most important way in which it can spark the child's imagination, such ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • The Secret Language of Anatomy

    An Illustrated Guide to the Origins of Anatomical Terms

    A strikingly illustrated key to decoding anatomical terminology, with 150 terms for body parts that derive from animals, plants, objects, and moreAn initiation into the mysterious subject of anatomical terminology, this book reveals the body's secret language by explaining the close relationship between human organs and structures and the evocative names given to them by anatomists. Beautifully ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book

    Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book

    series Guyton Physiology
    The 13th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title's long tradition as the world’s foremost medical physiology textbook. Unlike other textbooks on this topic, this clear and comprehensive guide has a consistent, single-author voice and focuses on the content most relevant to clinical and pre-clinical students. The detailed but lucid text is ... Read more

    $130.99 AUD

  • Immune System: A Tutorial Study Guide

    “Immune System” is a part of the Principles of Biology course series textbooks. It is a tutorial written in questions and answers format. It is a study guide with in-depth explanations. Each section is a modular unit that is self-contained for easy reading. The principles and concepts are introduced systematically so students can learn and retain the materials intuitively. ... Read more

    $4.05 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation

    Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex

    by Olivia Judson ...
    If you have ever wondered why women always bite your head off or why one guy gets all the girls, if you have ever pondered why some men bring you balloons while others leave you their genitals, then Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation is the book for you. It explains all this and much more. It discloses the best time to have a sex change, how to have a virgin birth, when to seduce your sisters ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD