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Porcelain & China

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  • Meditations

    by Marcus Aurelius and 2 more

    Marcus Aurelius is one of the most widely appreciated of ancient philosophers. The work for which he is best known, the Meditations, occupies a special place not only in our intellectual and cultural history but also – for those who have read him – as an enduring source of ethical guidance.The Meditations is one of the highest manifestations of practical wisdom that the classical Western world – ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Introduction to Collecting Chinese Porcelain

    by Peter Pfister

    - A practical guide for collectors of antique Chinese porcelain- Age signs of centuries old porcelain explained- Learn how to recognize authentic antiques and detect fakes- Why marks can not be used for dating Chinese ceramics- Features helping the identification of Chinese antiques,The result of years of study, details not explained elsewhere, all in one book. This book will let your knowledge of ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Hard Paste Porcelain (Oriental); China, Japan, Siam, Korea

    by Edwin Atlee Barber

    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Dishes

    by Shax Riegler and 1 more

    Dishes is the dish obsessive’s dream come true—a definitive guide to the colorful, wonderful dinner plate, with hundreds of patterns organized thematically and annotated with historical details and charming anecdotes that span centuries and continents. The book is chock-full of everything a dish lover could hope for, including more than 600 of history’s most stunning plates; profiles of iconic ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Einführung in die Geschichte Chinas: Die Entwicklung von 1900 bis Heute

    by Annemarie Laurenz

    Einführung in die Geschichte Chinas: Die Entwicklung von 1900 bis heuteDas Reich der Mitte: Die Geschichte Chinas vom Zerfall des Kaiserreichs bis zur GegenwartInteressiert Du Dich für die Geschichte von China?Möchtest Du mehr über die Eigenheiten und Charakteristiken der jeweiligen chinesischen Epochen erfahren?Willst Du einen grundlegenden Überblick China und dessen Geschichte erha... ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • La céramique chinoise‎, suivi de Petite histoire de la Porcelaine de Chine (à propos d'une grande collection). [Nouv. éd. revue et mise à jour].

    by Marie-Juliette Ballot and 1 more

    series Asie et Chine : romans, contes et études
    « Grâce aux poteries archaïques, acquises depuis peu d’années, qui sont venues se joindre aux porcelaines du XVe au XVIIIe siècle de la collection Grandidier, on peut maintenant étudier dans son ensemble l’art de la céramique chinoise au Musée du Louvre. C’est ce que nous nous proposons d’entreprendre sommairement dans ces quelques pages, avec l’aide des planches qui reproduisent les pièces ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Meditations

    by Marco Aurelio

    Marco Aurelio Antonino Augusto (apodado "El Sabio") (26 de abril de 1213 – 17 de marzo de 180) nacido en Roma, fue emperador del Imperio romano desde el año 161 hasta el año de su muerte en 180.Marco Aurelio es uno de los filósofos antiguos más apreciados. La obra por la que es más conocido, las Meditaciones, ocupa un lugar especial no solo en nuestra historia intelectual y cultural sino también, ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • 宋瓷收藏與鑑賞

    by 張文獻

    千年之前的宋瓷,儘管不是唐詩宋詞的宋詞,卻始終浸潤在唐詩宋詞的意韻裡。它是宋人追求天人合一藝術的再現,是大自然的傑作。多年來,我通閱宋人筆記數百冊,期待從這字裡行間中尋到有關宋瓷的蛛絲馬跡。神祕的宋瓷,它曾出現在歷史典籍中,終因沒有發現窯址的實物,或根本不知窯址在哪裡,而讓人無法解釋;它或許已在我們手中把玩,或許深藏在某個博物館的庫房,卻無法與典籍中的描述一脈相承,只得擱淺在無數爭議的舌尖上。而所謂的五大名窯,最早的記述是在明代—那個信奉道教的年代,像江湖術士一樣的記載是否真的可信呢?關於宋瓷的研究與探索,總是籠罩在一片神祕之中,讓人牽腸掛肚。它的遙遠,因為來自千年之前;它的牽掛,則是因為三十多年來,我們打破了沉睡千年的土地;大量宋瓷重見天日,與我們不期而遇;對於它的認識,無論是體制內的專家還是民間的收藏人士,都表現出前所未有的小心翼翼或者盲目輕信。一方面,這三十多年來 ... Read more

    $32.78 AUD

  • 宋瓷收藏与鉴赏

    by 张文献

    本书通过作者十余年遍访全国各大古窑址的探索和研究,为读者一一揭开宋代著名窑口的面纱,同时作者也分享了多年古陶瓷研究的心路历程、独到见解和收藏之乐,似乎就在于发现、甄别、鉴赏、把玩的全过程。千年之前的宋瓷,尽管不是唐诗宋词的宋词,却始终浸润在唐诗宋词的意韵里。它是宋人追求天人合一艺术的再现,是大自然的杰作。多年来,我通阅宋人笔记数百册,期待从这字里行间中寻到有关宋瓷的蛛丝马迹。神秘的宋瓷,它曾出现在历史典籍中,终因没有发现窑址的实物,或根本不知窑址在哪里,而让人无法解释;它或许已在我们手中把玩,或许深藏在某个博物馆的库房,却无法与典籍中的描述一脉相承,只得搁浅在无数争议的舌尖上。而所谓的五大名窑,最早的记述是在明代 —那个信奉道教的年代,像江湖术士一样的记载是否真的可信呢?关于宋瓷的研究与探索,总是笼罩在一片神秘之中,让人牵肠挂肚。它的遥远,因为来自千年之前;它的牵挂 ... Read more

    $25.46 AUD

  • The World Of Ceramics

    by Xiu Hu and 2 more

    The invention and mass production of porcelains are China’s great contributions to world civilisation.Since the Tang Dynasty, porcelain has been steadily traded to the world through the land and maritime Silk Road, the Ancient Tea Horse Road, the new sea route and so forth. Based on porcelain production centres such as Jingdezhen, Changsha, Longquan, Dehua and Yangjiang and major porcelain traders ... Read more

    $6.94 AUD

  • 白瓷之路:一位瓷人串連東西方的朝聖之旅

    by 艾德蒙.德瓦爾 Edmund de Waal

    **  ★《紐約時報》暢銷作者,《柯克斯評論》2015年最佳非小說獎、《書商》雜誌編輯選書  ★《紐約客》雜誌譽為「最擅長說器物故事的大師」。**  簡單的白瓷,堪稱是促成東西方交流的最重要文物。1291年,馬可波羅帶回來自中國的第一件瓷瓶,從此掀起西方對白瓷的渴望與痴狂。艾德蒙.德瓦爾結合旅遊、回憶與史料的豐富之旅,引人入勝。  「對白色的迷戀,可能是一件危險的事。」  「我讀過《白鯨記》,所以我知道白色的危險,我想我也瞭解沈迷於白色的危險是什麼,就是被純淨所吸引拉扯過去。在它所構築的虛擬實境中,整個人被轉型和改變,你覺得你獲得了新生。」  一趟追索白瓷源頭的旅程,一個走訪瓷器串聯起近代東西交流路程的朝聖之旅。暢銷史學作家、國際知名的陶瓷藝術家艾德蒙•德瓦爾(Edmund de Waal), 繼《琥珀眼睛的兔子》之後又一力作,用半生的期待與準備,皓首窮經,18個月的時間 ... Read more

    $18.88 AUD

  • Collecting China

    The Memoirs of a Hong Kong Art Addict

    by Brian McElney

    Brian McElney was born in Hong Kong in the early 1930s, and for more than two decades was one of the territory's top lawyers. But in his spare time, he also put together one of the most comprehensive collections of East Asian antiques in the world, many of them spotted by him amongst the knick-knacks on Hollywood Road and Cat Street. His memoir, Collecting China, starts at the height of the ... Read more

    $21.88 AUD

  • 瓷器故鄉:瓷器文化與藝術特色

    by 李俊勇編著

    從中國陶瓷發展史來看,一般把「陶瓷」這個名詞一分為二,為陶和瓷兩大類。經過高溫燒成、胎體燒結程度較為緻密、釉色品質優良的黏土或瓷石製品才被稱為「瓷器」。早在商代,中國就出現了原始青瓷,隨著時代演進,對原料的選擇、坯泥的淘洗、器物的成型、施釉直至燒窯等技術,都逐漸提高,並漸漸形成完整的工藝體系。到東漢晚期,終於燒製出成熟的青瓷。魏晉南北朝是各民族融合的時期,從北齊一些器物的特殊造型和圖案上都可以找到中西文化交流的痕跡。中國白釉瓷萌芽於南北朝,發展於隋朝。到了唐代早期,青、白瓷器物的特色為腹部豐滿,平底無釉;中、晚期則出現少量圈足器及滿釉器物。五代十國的瓷器造型多沿襲晚唐風格,但製作較前精巧,品種也更豐富多彩。陶瓷業至宋代得到了蓬勃發展,並開始對歐洲及南洋諸國大量輸出。以鈞、汝、官、哥、定為代表的名窯在各地興起。元朝時樞府窯出現,景德鎮開始成為中國陶瓷產業中心,其名聲遠揚於世界各地。明朝時 ... Read more

    $6.74 AUD

  • Choose the Best Dishes

    by Alayne Simeon

    Take A Look At What Best Suits Your Wants And Needs in Old Dishes Antique Dishes, Dinnerware Dishes, China Dishes and Dinnerware Sets   ... Read more

    $3.33 AUD

  • 六朝玉雕綜論


    by 劉嶔琦Liu Chin Chi and 1 more

    六朝或謂魏晉南北朝,即北朝六朝:魏、晉、後魏、北齊、北周、隋,及南朝六朝:東吳、東晉、宋、齊、梁、陳。從公元二二零年至公元五八八年,共約三百六十八年。在這期間各方英雄豪傑,紛紛爭霸,逐鹿中原。群雄對峙、分裂、戰火紛飛。國祚有的都非常短暫。例如,北周只有短短二十四年。整個六朝時期,社會動盪頻繁。烽煙四起。所以一般都認為六朝玉雕應是鳳毛麟角,很是稀少。偶爾有機緣收入一件,真是欣喜若狂。文物出版品中的古玉部分,六朝古玉尚付闕如。即使有機會面對六朝古玉時,也會有難以確認之感。畢竟缺乏比較及對照組。在收集過程中,主要的參考書籍為《中華文明傳真.魏晉南北朝》(劉煒主編,羅宗真著,商務印書館(香港)出版)。及《中華圖案五千年第五輯.魏晉南北朝》(美工科技公司出版)。以既有確定之出土文物的資料,來作為判斷所接觸之古玉是否為六朝古玉。自己摸索前進,而非倚靠博物館或其他典藏機構,因為這些地方 ... Read more

    $107.99 AUD

  • Daisy Summerfield’s Art

    The Complete Flea Market Mysteries

    by M. B. Goffstein

    IT’S MURDER AT THE FLEA MARKET! Evildoers and crazed collectors beware. Daisy Summerfield, a crime-fighting sculptor with a severe case of artist’s block, is on the case. Will Daisy untangle the riddle of the missing Fiestaware, the cute bear, the flea market poisoner? And will she get her art back on track?In M. B. Goffstein’s homage to art and artists, and to light, cozy, lovable, dimwitted ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Early New England Potters and Their Wares

    by Lura Woodside Watkins

    This book is the result of more than fifteen years of research. The study has been carried on, partly in libraries and town records, partly by conferences with descendants of potters and others familiar with their history, and partly by actual digging on the sites of potteries. The excavation method has proved most successful in showing what our New England potters were making at an early period ... Read more

    $11.54 AUD

  • The Billingsley Collection including Derby, Pinxton, Worcester, Swansea, Nantgarw and Coalport

    by Morgan Denyer and 2 more

    This book follows William Billingsley, the famed porcelain decorator of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, as he moved from manufacturer to manufacturer as an employee and employer in pursuit of his career. The book is a well-illustrated guide to his works, and introduces new findings about his products. It also puts forward new theories regarding the history of the famed Derby Barry Barry ... Read more

    $7.22 AUD

  • 陶瓷收藏鑒賞圖鑒

    by 收藏家雜誌社

    陶瓷器的收藏是隨著陶瓷歷史的發展而自然形成的。原始人為放置物品而製作的各種陶器,也許就是收藏意識的萌芽。 ... Read more

    $21.69 AUD

  • Thoughts of Emperor of the Rome Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

    by Marcus Aurelius and 2 more

    The Thoughts is a series of personal reflections by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161–180 CE, written over a series of years in far-flung places as he led the Romans in military campaigns, quashed revolts, and dealt with the other tribulations of governing the Empire. It is best described as a spiritual journal, containing a record of the emperor's philosophical exercises.The life-changing ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Porcelain and Bone China

    by Sasha Wardell

    Porcelain and bone china have fascinated patrons, collectors and makers for centuries. This practical book looks at their composition, making methods and decorative techniques, as well as glazes and firing processes. It examines their different characteristics and explains how designers have worked with these clays within the ceramic industry. This new edition includes an additional chapter that ... Read more

    $25.29 AUD

  • Los viajes de Marco Polo

    by Marco Polo

    Marco Polo es uno de los viajeros más famosos de la historia. En su juventud acompañó a su padre en un viaje hacia el Oriente. Juntos llegaron al magnífico imperio del Gran Kan. "Los viajes de Marco Polo" relata las aventuras del joven Marco a lo largo de su prodigioso recorrido, lleno de maravillas y peligros.El veneciano vivió en la corte de emperador mongol Kublai Khan durante 17 años (1275 ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Antique Trader Royal Doulton Price Guide

    by Kyle Husfloen and 1 more

    series Antique Trader
    This comprehensive guide captures all the prestige and rich history of Royal Doulton, and delivers the expert pricing and product details needed by today's collectors. With nearly 200 years of bone and fine china production, the craftsmanship and hand-painted detail of Royal Doulton figurines and stoneware pieces is unmatched and highly valued. This expertly written book offers:• Details of how a ... Read more

    $18.58 AUD

  • Antiques 101

    A Crash Course in Everything Antique

    by Frank Farmer Loomis and 1 more

    Master Antique Styles PainlesslyNot sure how to tell Chippendale from Queen Anne, or Art Deco from Art Nouveau? Learn the easy way with the author's entertaining style. Frank Farmer Loomis IV is an expert communicator who knows how to engage students with anecdotes and humor. If you're looking for clear, simple explanations rather than unpronounceable terms like corbeille a fleurs (flower basket) ... Read more

    $12.42 AUD