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Puppets & Puppetry

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  • Cloth Doll Artistry

    Design and Costuming Techniques for Flat and Fully Sculpted Figures

    by Barbara Willis

    In this unique and beautiful book, beloved doll-designer Barbara Willis guides readers through various approaches to doll design and basic and advanced construction techniques. Through the creation of three complete step-by-step projects, readers will develop color boards, learn to use vintage images, create both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional cloth dolls, learn sophisticated costuming techniques ... Read more

    $27.05 AUD

  • Cloth Doll Workshop: From the Beginning and Beyond with Doll Masters elinor peace bailey, Patti Medaris Culea, and Barbar

    From the Beginning and Beyond with Doll Masters elinor peace bailey, Patti Medaris Culea, and Barbar

    by elinor peace bailey and 2 more

    Patti Culea, elinor peace bailey, and Barbara Willis are three of the leading doll artists and teachers in the country. They are also friends. Each of these artists has her own distinct approach to the design and development of a cloth figure. In this book, each artist's process will come alive through their choice of fabrics, sketches, simple patterns, and skill-building variations. The book is ... Read more

    $30.79 AUD

  • Puppets and Puppet Theatre

    by David Currell

    Puppets & Puppet Theatre is essential reading for everyone interested in making and performing with puppets. It concentrates on designing, making and performing with the main types of puppet, and is extensively illustrated in full colour throughout.Topics covered include: nature and heritage of puppet theatre; the anatomy of a puppet, its design and structure; materials and methods for sculpting, ... Read more

    $23.86 AUD

  • Gehaakte lappenpoppen

    by Sascha Blase-Van Wagtendonk

    Let op! Dit e-book is niet geschikt voor zwart-wit e-readers. In Gehaakte lappenpoppen van Sascha Blase – Van Wagtendonk staan 16 haakpatronen voor schattige lappenpoppen. De haakpatronen zijn stapsgewijs na te haken, met uitleg hoe je de poppen in elkaar zet. Daarnaast geeft Sascha handige haakuitleg en tips over het haken met diverse haakgarens. De poppen zijn leuk als knuffeldoekje voor de ... Read more

    $16.36 AUD

  • Hand Puppets and String Puppets

    by Waldo S. Lanchester

    Originally published in the 1940s, the author, a master of his craft, has clearly and concisely explained the making of both hand and string puppets, and also clearly shown how they may be used in appropriate settings. With the idea of giving asistance to the novice, and help to the more advanced student, the book is written in plain and concise language the diagrams and photographs should explain ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA

    Making Wearables with an Arduino-Compatible Electronics Platform

    by Becky Stern and 1 more

    This book introduces readers to building wearable electronics projects using Adafruit's tiny FLORA board: at 4.4 grams, and only 1.75 inches in diameter, and featuring Arduino compatibility, it's the most beginner-friendly way to create wearable projects. This book shows you how to plan your wearable circuits, sew with electronics, and write programs that run on the FLORA to control the ... Read more

    $14.95 AUD

  • The Complete Book of Marionettes

    by Mabel and Les Beaton

    "Highly recommended." — Library JournalMarionettes, those beguiling, animated little actors on strings, have endeared themselves to puppet show lovers for generations. Constructed to approximate most nearly the movement and appearance of humans and animals, the jointed figures appear today in a variety of places — in the theater, motion pictures, schools, and even as an advertising medium. This ... Read more

    $22.96 AUD

  • Puppetry for Beginners (Puppets & Puppetry Series)

    by Arthur B. Allen

    This antiquarian volume contains an introductory guide to puppetry, including complete instructions for making your own puppet, information on performing, handy hints and tips, and much more. This accessible and novice-friendly guide contains everything a prospective puppeteer needs to know about his art, and is highly recommended for those with a practical interest in the subject. The chapters of ... Read more

    $11.54 AUD

  • Shadows of Empire

    Colonial Discourse and Javanese Tales

    by Laurie J. Sears

    Shadows of Empire explores Javanese shadow theater as a staging area for negotiations between colonial power and indigenous traditions. Charting the shifting boundaries between myth and history in Javanese Mahabharata and Ramayana tales, Laurie J. Sears reveals what happens when these stories move from village performances and palace manuscripts into colonial texts and nationalist journals and, ... Read more

    $35.63 AUD

  • How to Use Puppets in English Lessons in Schools

    by Francis E. Saunders

    This vintage book is a comprehensive guide to the use of puppets and marionettes in schools, with suggestions for suitable plays, directions for rehearsals, tips on writing plays, and much mores. Using puppets can be an entertaining and effective tool for educating children of all ages, and this guide contains everything an educator or parent might need to know on the subject. Contents include: ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Aspects of Puppet Theatre

    by Henryk Jurkowski and 2 more

    Henryk Jurkowski's seminal 1988 text, Aspects of Puppet Theatre, was groundbreaking in its analysis of puppetry as a performing art. This new edition of a classic brings the original text back to life, including four additional essays and a new introduction, edited and translated by leading puppetry scholar Penny Francis. ... Read more

    $55.30 AUD

  • Patrons Crochet Amigurumi (chat, cheval, dragon, éléphant)

    by Natacha Knitty

    Patrons Crochet Amigurumi (chat, cheval, dragon, éléphant)4 Patrons Crochet Amigurumi:ChatChevalDragonEléphants ... Read more

    $16.36 AUD

  • Mini-Mosaic Quilts

    30+ Block Designs - 14 Projects - Easy Piecing Technique

    by Paula Doyle

    Celebrate the decorative intricacy of tiled mosaics in your next quilting or sewing project. Author Paula Doyle proves how easy it can be to get perfect precision patchwork on a small scale with her piecing techniques. Create more than 30 different complex-looking blocks that make for wonderfully colorful patterns. Use lots of different fabrics in these miniature quilts, table runners, tote bags, ... Read more

    $14.07 AUD

  • 101 Things to Do with Your Christmas Elf

    by Jason Deas

    Christmas is a magical time of the year. How often have you lain in bed, visions of sugar plums dancing through your head? Maybe you’ve began to gently drift into a dream when, suddenly, you realize . . . you didn’t move the elf!That darn elf. Making you get out of bed when you’re all snuggled up after a long day of gift-wrapping. But you know that if you don’t move it, the kids will begin to ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Paul und die Klettenhexe - Der unheimliche Cousin

    by Claire Barker and 2 more

    series Paul und die Klettenhexe #2
    Pauls neue beste Freundin, die Klettenhexe Klarinde, stellt nach wie vor allerlei lustigen Schabernack in der Maria-Makellos-Schule für Hochbegabte an. Als sie von ihrem Cousin Archibald Kuckuck einen Brief bekommt, mit dem der seinen Besuch ankündigt, stürzt sie sich gleich in die Vorbereitungen und bringt den alten Walnussbaum und die unzähligen darin lebenden Vögel auf Vordermann. Sie will ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Real Puppets, Real Issues

    A Collection of Puppet Scripts, Addressing Real Issues in the American Church

    by Paul Reed

    It is no secret that some people are feeling alienated from the church, for various reasons; social status, sexual orientation, or how they dress, among others. For these reasons, as well as others, some have felt compelled to leave the church. The purpose of this book is to minister to those very people; to show them that although the church is not perfect, Jesus Christ is real and alive and will ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Die Magischen Sechs - Wendel Wispers unheimliche Puppe

    by Neil Patrick Harris and 3 more

    Theo Stein-Meyer liebt es, Teil der Magischen Sechs zu sein und ist mit seinen Schwebekünsten, dem magischen Geigenbogen und seiner unerschütterlichen Ruhe eine wunderbare Ergänzung für die Gruppe. Ein Mädchen namens Emily, das seit Kurzem immer mehr Zeit mit den Freunden verbringt, entwickelt eine besondere Verbindung zu dem nachdenklichen Jungen und versteht Theos innere Spannung zwischen Musik ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • Paul und die Klettenhexe

    by Claire Barker and 2 more

    series Paul und die Klettenhexe #1
    Die kleine Klettenhexe lebt in einem Walnussbaum im hinteren Teil des verwilderten Gartens. Sie liebt Unfug, die Natur und hat eine Schwäche für Kuchen. Paul hingegen, der mit seiner Familie gerade in das zum Garten gehörende Haus gezogen ist, zeichnet sich vor allem durch nüchterne Sachlichkeit aus, ist ein richtiger Streber, ein Kopfmensch durch und durch. Als sich die schrullig-sympathische ... Read more

    $17.59 AUD

  • Learn to Be a Ventriloquist for Kids of All Ages

    by mary ellevold

    This is a how-to book for those who want to learn Ventriloquism. It will teach you the basics, including Ventriloquist ABC's in a fun way. With this book you will learn how to do many different voices, create a unique puppet character, make them come alive. ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Glove Puppetry - How to Make Glove Puppets and Ideas for Plays - Three Volumes in One

    by Various Authors

    “Glove Puppetry” is a classic guide to glove puppets, including chapters on its history, how to make puppets, how to put on a performance, and much more. This fantastic guide is full of great ideas for both pleasure and educational purposes, making it ideal for parents and teachers alike. Contents include: “The Puppet Show Introduction”, “A Short History of the Glove Puppet”, “Puppets in Education ... Read more

    $11.54 AUD

  • Chakra Animal Healing Techniques: Animal-Associated Healing With 7 Chakras

    by Akila M. Ramses

    As a lоving реt оwnеr you have рrоbаblу experienced a time whеn уоur bеlоvеd companion wаѕ ill, nоt fееling wеll, in раin оr juѕt рlаin out оf ѕоrtѕ. Thiѕ еxреriеnсе can leave уоu fееling dеfеаtеd!Not tо wоrrу as thеrе iѕ a hands-on solution that уоu саn lеаrn which can hеlр your pet feel more rеlаxеd, сеntеrеd аnd fосuѕеd. It iѕ саllеd Chаkrа Bаlаnсing.All аnimаlѕ have thеir оwn Chakra ѕуѕtеm аnd ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Punch And Judy

    by George Cruikshank

    We start of with a history of the origins of Punch from Italy and then its progress through both England and America. Then we have the various acts, including: Punch and his Dog Toby, Scaramouch with Punch and his Horse, Punch, Judy and the Baby, Punch sees a Ghost, Punch and the Doctor, Punch kills Scaramouch, The Irishman tells Punch a little story, Punch and the Opera Singer, Clown troubles Mr. ... Read more

    $11.54 AUD

  • Puppetry Guide: Learn Everything Before you Buy!

    by Lewis Latimour

    Puppetry is an old art form that is believed to have originated in ancient Asian civilization and is widely used in entertainment, ceremonials and celebrations. If you are new to puppetry and interested in buying a puppet of your own, you have to first make sure that you familiarize yourself with the different kinds of puppets and how each is used. Puppetry Guide gives complete information about ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • The Well-Dressed Puppet

    A Guide to Creating Puppet Costumes

    by Cheralyn Lambeth

    Costumes are an integral part of any performance, adding believability, conveying setting, or establishing the tone, a fact that is no less true when your performer is a puppet! The only book of its kind, The Well-Dressed Puppet will show you how to create costumes and accessories tailored specifically for your puppet that will enhance any performance. Gone are the days of ill-fitting store-bought ... Read more

    $53.56 AUD