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Puzzles eBooks

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  • The Magic of Mental Diagrams

    Expand Your Memory, Enhance Your Concentration, and Learn to Apply Logic

    by Claudio Aros ...
    When Einstein said we only use 10 percent of our brain, he was inviting us to explore all those capabilities that are waiting to be awakened. This book finally explains how to do just that.Mental diagrams are a simple, efficient means of activating all our potential. Upon sketching a mental diagram, we create a blueprint with shapes, colors, and figures to process information faster and to ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Ultimate Pub Quiz: A Brain Teasing Collection of Trivia Questions and Answers

    This book has been produced for entertainment and it's sole purpose is to bring fun and knowledge through your eBook reader! The quiz questions have been compiled with the readers at home in mind. A whole host of subjects and topics have been covered; ranging in difficulty levels from easy, to intermediate and advanced. There are lots of question rounds to choose from which contain a mixture of ... Read more

    $6.30 AUD

  • Minecraft: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide For Building Structures

    The Ultimate Minecraft Housing Guide! Learn how to build the basic starter home, the cozy cottage, the hut, the mansion, the castle, and the improved castle! This guide has step-by-step directions, with screenshots included, of how to build all of the above structures. Includes a basic crafting guide that allows you to learn how to construct materials needed for the structures. Buy from a name ... Read more

    $5.12 AUD

  • Sudoku Puzzle, Volume 1

    Sudoku Puzzle Volume 1 EBook contains total of 228 puzzles organized at 5 different difficulty levels (1-5) with all of their solutions. The instruction to play both in English and Spanish. Each individual puzzle has a single unique solution based on logical strategies and no "guessing" or "Trial & Error" are required. Please note that this is a DRM FREE EPUB format EBook and you should be able to ... Read more

    $5.80 AUD

  • How To Crack Cryptic Crosswords (Short-e Guide)

    series Short-e Guides
    Are you baffled by cryptic crosswords? Do you want to increase your word power and exercise your brain, but can’t make any sense of the clues? There is no secret formula to cracking the cryptic crossword. Anyone can do it. This book is packed with all the know-how, hints and tricks you will ever need to help you find the right answers every time. From clever to cunning to downright devious, all ... Read more

    $1.74 AUD

  • Rubik’s Cube: How To Solve The Famous Cube In 3 Easy Ways!

    by James Rubik ...
    Do you want to finally solve the Rubik's Cube with 3 easy methods and techniques? If you are reading this, you are probably holding a Rubik's Cube in your hands and let's be honest you messed up a lot trying to solve it!. I wrote this book with you in mind!. I wanted to give you the best 3 methods for solving the cube in a easy way. But, as everything in life, practice makes perfect, so practice, ... Read more


  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Free Audio Books Download +Free Photo Hunt Game)

    (The Best Classic Fiction )

    by Mark Twain ...
       e-book content *The Adventures of Tom Sawyer *Free Audio Books Download *Free Photo Hunt Game *The Best Book Collection                In the 1840s an imaginative and mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer lives with his Aunt Polly and his half-brother, Sid, in the Mississippi River town of ... ... Read more

    $3.84 AUD

  • The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World

    A pointless book written by the presenters of the hit BBC 1 TV show

    Book 1 - Pointless Books
    The world is full of pointless things. From rail replacement bus services to chip forks. From war to windchimes. From people who put cushions on beds to people who read the bit they write about the book on amazon. Look around you right now. Just about the only thing that isn't pointless is you. You look amazing. Join Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the hosts of BBC1 quiz show Pointless as ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Secret Of Mental Math Arithmetic: 70 Secrets To Super Speed Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

    How to Do Math without a Calculator

    by Jason Scotts ...
    No matter how simple it may be, solving mathematical equations can be a challenge for quite a number of persons. Through his book titled “Secret Of Mental Math Arithmetic: 70 Secrets To Super Speed Calculation & Amazing Math Tricks”, Jason Scotts seeks to provide the solution to those mathematical problems. The main challenge has come from the fact that most persons have become used to grabbing a ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • How to Have Creative Ideas

    62 exercises to develop the mind

    Everybody wants to be creative. Creativity makes life more fun, more interesting and more full of achievement, but too many people believe that creativity is something you are born with and cannot be learned.In How to Have Creative Ideas Edward de Bono - the leading authority on creative thinking - outlines 62 different games and exercises, built around random words chosen from a list, to help ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Secret Formula For Solving Sudoku Puzzles

    Become An Expert Sudoku Solver With These Easy To Learn Sudoku Tricks On Solving Sudoku Puzzles So You Can Play Sudoku With Very Little Effort

    Sudoku games are puzzles. The game became an international hit in 2005 and it is now one of the most popular mind games in the world. Sudoku puzzles have earned the reputation of being brainteasers because, well, they are games of numbers that literally tease the brain. It is a game of logic that gives amusement especially to the analytical. Depending on your level, Sudoku puzzles can range from ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Can You Solve My Problems?

    A casebook of ingenious, perplexing and totally satisfying puzzles

    by Alex Bellos ...
    Are you smarter than a Singaporean ten-year-old?Can you beat Sherlock Holmes?If you think the answer is yes - I challenge you to solve my problems.Here are 125 of the world's best brainteasers from the last two millennia, taking us from ancient China to medieval Europe, Victorian England to modern-day Japan, with stories of espionage, mathematical breakthroughs and puzzling rivalries along the way ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz Book

    This book has been produced for entertainment and it's sole purpose is to bring fun and further your knowledge! The quiz questions have been compiled with the readers at home in mind. A whole host of subjects and topics have been covered; ranging in difficulty levels from easy, to intermediate and advanced.Navigation has been made very easy as links have been placed between quiz rounds and answers ... Read more

    $5.61 AUD

  • Minecraft: Command guide for Beginners

    Complete List of Commands

    by Trent Melton ...
    Minecraft command will give you a god-like control of your game, whether it is to copy an existing build, flat out cheat your way to glory, change the game modeMinecraft console commands is an important part of playing the game day to day, while there are a lot of different command available, all varying in complexity, we have gotten a list of the commands you need to know, and to ones you can use ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss

    How Non Routine Actions And Thoughts Improve Mental Health

    by Jason Scotts ...
    If you are interested in learning the best ways possible to improve mental health then you need a copy of "Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss." This text is written in a fashion that is easy to understand and the author himself has used quite a number of the techniques outlined in the text to his own benefit. As more and more persons seek ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Lateral Thinking Puzzles

    Traditional IQ books are for those with a Mensa mentality. This compilation is for ordinary people who want to enhance essential brain functions, such as concentration, memory, and creativity. Uniquely, this book focuses on left-brain and right-brain puzzles, giving a complete mental workout. You'll love the variety of puzzle types: Odd One Out, In Sequence, Folding Cubes, and memory puzzles. All ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • The Pub Quiz & Puzzle Book

    Meeting friends at the pub is something most of us look forward to, but there are times when it's hard work, and you end up staring into your drink for something to do. If this sounds all too familiar, don't fret, a potent antidote to tedium is at hand - The Pub Quiz & Puzzle Book. With this collection of fun puzzles, challenges, traditional games, jokes and quizzes tucked under your arm, every ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book

    A Practical Guide to Writing Your Own Clues, Designing Puzzles, and Creating Your Own Challenges

    A practical guide to create your very own escape room!Contains over 300 puzzle ideas!*Purchase includes link and password to download one full step-by-step escape room kit.*Now present in all fifty states, escape rooms offer a fun activity for corporate events, team training, youth groups, and all types of parties. But what if you could develop your very own escape room in the comfort of your own ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Origami for Beginners

    The Creative World of Paper Folding: Easy Origami Book with 36 Projects: Great for Kids or Adult Beginners

    Make simple and fun paper craft models with this easy origami book!World renowned origami author and expert Florence Temko brings you Origami for Beginners, a her collection of her most simple and user-friendly designs. Experience the thrill of creating delightful origami objects from a single sheet of paper. Develop your creativity. Enhance your dexterity. Origami for Beginners teaches you how to ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • The Million Word Crossword Answer Book

    The Million Word Crossword Dictionary was hailed by New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz as "the largest, most up-to-date, and most useful" and praised by crossword editors from all over the country. Now, noted crossword experts Stan Newman and Dan Stark provide the next "million word" tool to send your solving skills soaring. This radically comprehensive word finder can be used when two or ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide

    by Aqua Apps ...
    Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game of survival, creativity, and adventure for your mobile devices! *This app is not created by Mojang, nor is it affiliated, or supported by them at all. *Mojang is the company who created Minecraft. ... Read more

    $2.87 AUD

  • Where's the Meerkat?

    by Paul Moran ...
    Over the past year we have seen the humble, inquisitive meerkat take over the world, and in Where's the Meerkat? that is literally the case. A family of meerkats are making a round-the-world trip, visiting some of the world's most famous and popular places and your task is to spot them in the crowd. Each page is intricately illustrated in full colour with a checklist of items and people to spot ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • ABC's Books for Kids and Top Free Kindle Fire Apps For Kids.

    by Silvia Patt ...
    ABC's Books for Kids and Top Free Kindle Fire Apps For Kids. The book is short but easy to navigate. A short, but fun quiz game for smaller kids.This prepares children for early reading.ABC books are the game type.This book uses the links in the book's text to add interactive elements. Silvia Patt ... Read more

    $3.15 AUD

  • You Are the Umpire

    by John Holder ...
    How well do you know your cricket?Do you think you could be the man at the stumps making the right decisions?Put your umpiring skills and knowledge to the ultimate test with this collection of 300 dilemmas from legendaryartist Paul Trevillion. With expert text from renowned first-class umpire John Holder and a variety of complexand occasionally bizarre scenarios for you to adjudicate on, this is ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD