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  • Environmental Monitoring with Arduino

    Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the World Around Us

    by Emily Gertz and 1 more

    After the devastating tsunami in 2011, DYIers in Japan built their own devices to detect radiation levels, then posted their finding on the Internet. Right now, thousands of people worldwide are tracking environmental conditions with monitoring devices they’ve built themselves. You can do it too!This inspiring guide shows you how to use Arduino to create gadgets for measuring noise, weather, ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Fallout from Fukushima

    by Richard Broinowski

    On a calm afternoon in March 2011, a force-nine earthquake jolted the Pacific Ocean seabed east of Japan. Forty minutes later, a tsunami 21 metres high crashed onto the coast of Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefectures. Towns collapsed, villages were destroyed, and 16,000 people were swept away. The earthquake and tsunami also resulted in another terrifying calamity — explosions and meltdowns at a ... Read more

    $23.86 AUD

  • The Force

    living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution

    by Lyn McLean

    Technology infiltrates our lives so rapidly that few of us stop to consider the potential health implications. Yet could the technology designed to improve our lives actually be making us sick?Scientists have long believed that there is a link between health problems and radiation from mobile phones, wireless connections, powerlines, and electronic devices. Radiation has been linked to issues such ... Read more

    $29.80 AUD

  • Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino

    Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the Environment

    by Patrick Di Justo and 1 more

    Makers around the globe are building low-cost devices to monitor the environment, and with this hands-on guide, so can you. Through succinct tutorials, illustrations, and clear step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to create gadgets for examining the quality of our atmosphere, using Arduino and several inexpensive sensors.Detect harmful gases, dust particles such as smoke and smog, and upper ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Marie Curie: A Life

    by Susan Quinn

    Marie Curie: A Life by Susan Quinn (190,000 words and 41 photographs)Marie Curie was long idealized as a selfless and dedicated scientist, not entirely of this world. But Quinn's Marie Curie is, on the contrary, a woman of passion — born in Warsaw under the repressive regime of the Russian czars, outspokenly committed to the cause of a free Poland, deeply in love with her husband Pierre but also, ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Disconnect

    the truth about mobile-phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family

    by Devra Davis and 1 more

    Everyone knows mobile phones are safe. If they weren’t, we’d already know about it, right?That is perhaps the greatest disconnect of our age. As research scientists are now demonstrating, mobile-phone radiation can damage the human body’s cells — leading to memory loss, an increased risk of cancer, reduced sperm counts, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and possibly even autism. Mobile ... Read more

    $28.04 AUD

  • Strange Glow

    The Story of Radiation

    by Timothy J. Jorgensen

    The fascinating science and history of radiationMore than ever before, radiation is a part of our modern daily lives. We own radiation-emitting phones, regularly get diagnostic x-rays, such as mammograms, and submit to full-body security scans at airports. We worry and debate about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the safety of nuclear power plants. But how much do we really know about ... Read more

    $25.51 AUD

  • Radiation

    What It Is, What You Need to Know

    by Robert Peter Gale and 1 more

    The essential guide to radiation: the good, the bad, and the utterly fascinating, explained with unprecedented clarity.Earth, born in a nuclear explosion, is a radioactive planet; without radiation, life would not exist. And while radiation can be dangerous, it is also deeply misunderstood and often mistakenly feared. Now Robert Peter Gale, M.D,—the doctor to whom concerned governments turned in ... Read more

    $17.04 AUD

  • Overpowered

    The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It

    by Martin Blank and 1 more

    Keys, wallet, cell phone . . . ready to go! Cell phones have become ubiquitous fixtures of twenty-first-century life—suctioned to our ears and stuck in our pockets. Yet, we’ve all heard whispers that these essential little devices give you brain cancer. Many of us are left wondering, as Maureen Dowd recently asked in the New York Times, “Are cells the new cigarettes?”Overpowered brings readers, in ... Read more

    $29.47 AUD

  • The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. I

    The New Millennium Edition: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and Heat

    by Richard P. Feynman and 2 more

    "The whole thing was basically an experiment," Richard Feynman said late in his career, looking back on the origins of his lectures. The experiment turned out to be hugely successful, spawning publications that have remained definitive and introductory to physics for decades. Ranging from the basic principles of Newtonian physics through such formidable theories as general relativity and quantum ... Read more

    $65.99 AUD

  • Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine

    by Roger Bourne

    In general, image processing texts are intended for students of engineering and computer science, and there is little written at all on the specific requirements of medical image processing. Students of medical radiation science (Diagnostic radiography, Nuclear medicine, Radiation therapy) usually have minimal mathematical and computer science training and find the available texts incomprehensible ... Read more

    $125.17 AUD

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    And 49 other Experiments that Revolutionised Physics

    by Adam Hart-Davis

    From Galileo’s stargazing to quantum teleportation, Newton’s work with optics to the splitting of the atom, Schrödinger’s Cat tells the story of physics through fty of its greatest experiments. Featuring engaging writing and clear explanations, Schrödinger’s Cat introduces the reader to the scienti c experiments that have shaped the modern world. ... Read more

    $9.90 AUD

  • Radioactivity: A Very Short Introduction

    by Claudio Tuniz

    series Very Short Introductions
    You cannot hide from radioactivity. Even the book you are holding is slightly radioactive, but there are more serious risks. Radioactivity - the breakdown of unstable atomic nuclei, releasing radiation - is a fundamental process in nature. It is a process that has been harnessed to provide wide and important applications in science, medicine, industry, and energy production. But it remains much ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

    Clinical Evidence and Techniques

    by Yasumasa Nishimura and 1 more

    Successful clinical use of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) represents a significant advance in radiation oncology. Because IMRT can deliver high-dose radiation to a target with a reduced dose to the surrounding organs, it can improve the local control rate and reduce toxicities associated with radiation therapy. Since IMRT began being used in the mid-1990s, a large volume of clinical ... Read more

    $242.10 AUD

  • The Book of Stone

    For a Light to the Gentiles

    by Moses

    Isaiah 42:5 Thus saith God the Lord, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein: 6 I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Nuclear synthesis of Rhodium

    by Sergio Adrián Martin

    The author explains how to produce rhodium, an expensive metal, using a process that include radiactive isothopes. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences

    by Eddie YK Ng and 1 more

    series Series in BioEngineering
    The book covers the latest updates in the application of infrared to biomedical sciences, a non-invasive, contactless, safe and easy approach imaging of skin and tissue temperatures. Its diagnostic procedure allows practitioners to identify the locations of abnormal chemical and blood vessel activity such as angiogenesis in body tissue.Its non-invasive approach works by applying the technology of ... Read more

    $188.09 AUD

  • Examination Questions and Answers in Basic Anatomy and Physiology

    2900 Multiple Choice Questions and 64 Essay Topics

    by Martin Caon

    This third edition provides 2900 multiple choice questions on human anatomy and physiology, and some biophysical science, separated into 20 chapters and 68 categories. In addition, there are 64 essay topics. The answer to each question is accompanied by an explanation. Each chapter has an introduction to set the scene for the questions to come. However, not all possible information is provided ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Medizinische Physik

    Grundlagen – Bildgebung – Therapie – Technik

    by Wolfgang Schlegel and 2 more

    Das vorliegende Werk bietet eine im deutschsprachigen Raum einzigartige, umfassende und aktuelle Darstellung der Medizinischen Physik. Es liefert damit das Fundament für die Anwendung physikalischer Methoden in der Medizin, der Entwicklung neuer oder verbesserter Verfahren zur Untersuchung und Behandlung von Patienten sowie für die Bereitstellung und den Einsatz physikalischer Methoden in der ... Read more

    $89.09 AUD

  • Diffraction Radiation from Relativistic Particles

    by Alexander Potylitsyn and 3 more

    series Springer Tracts in Modern Physics #239
    This book deals with diffraction radiation, which implies the boundary problems of electromagnetic radiation theory. Diffraction radiation is generated when a charged particle moves near a target edge at a distance ( – Lorentz factor, – wave length). Diffraction radiation of non-relativistic particles is widely used to design intense emitters in the cm wavelength range. Diffraction radiation from ... Read more

    $224.17 AUD

  • Cone Beam CT and 3D imaging

    A Practical Guide

    by Pietro Caruso and 2 more

    Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has become the standard of reference in dental imaging. The distribution of CBCT devices is increasingly wide, and the number of required examinations is constantly growing. In this setting, it is now essential that medical and technical staff receive specific training in the use of CBCT and that technical guidelines for CBCT examinations are established. This ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Amperometric and Impedance Monitoring Systems for Biomedical Applications

    by Jaime Punter-Villagrasa and 3 more

    series Bioanalysis #4
    The book presents the conception and realization of a pervasive electronic architecture for electrochemical applications, focusing on electronic instrumentation design and device development, particularly in electrochemical Point-of-Care and Lab-on-a-Chip devices, covering examples based on amperometric (DC) and impedance detection (AC) techniques. The presented electronics combine tailored front ... Read more

    $152.12 AUD

  • Radiological Safety and Quality

    Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation

    by Lawrence Lau and 1 more

    This book is the product of a unique collaboration by experts from leading international, regional and national agencies and professional organizations discussing on the current ‘hot’ issue on the judicious use and safety of radiation in radiology. There have been several cases involving radiation overexposure that have received international attention. Strategies and solutions to guide readers ... Read more

    $224.17 AUD

  • Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy

    Principles, Practices, and Treatment Planning

    by Hirohiko Tsujii and 5 more

    This book serves as a practical guide for the use of carbon ions in cancer radiotherapy. On the basis of clinical experience with more than 7,000 patients with various types of tumors treated over a period of nearly 20 years at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, step-by-step procedures and technological development of this modality are highlighted. The book is divided into two ... Read more

    $242.10 AUD