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  • An Amish Christmas Carol

    by Sarah Price ...
    Elsie Smucker is facing her first Christmas alone. Her last remaining sibling has just passed away. When she dreams of her brother, she never imagines that she will be visited by the "ghost" of the past, present, and future. But the visions change her life and make for a wonderful Christmas gift for all. This is the first of the Amish Christian Classic Series by Sarah Price, books based upon the ... Read more

    $1.43 AUD

  • Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Illustrated + Audiobook Download Link + Active TOC)

    by Thomas Hardy ...
      FEATURES:        •     Includes beautiful artworks and illustrations      •     A link of a FREE audio book to download at the end of the book      •     Active Table of Contents for an easy navigation within the book      •     Manually coded and crafted by professionals for highest formatting quality and standards  </... ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • An Audience with the King

    by Kat Caldwell ...
    The king says everyone is equal, but Nelia’s life shows the opposite.Once, she’d considered herself blessed; she has the ability to see the true character of others. Envy as green slime, evil as tar. Shame as rubies sparkling bright enough that men would fight over them.But then war took her husband’s kindness. Famine took her beloved grandfather. Plague took her only son. Now an outcast in her ... Read more

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  • Fallen Angels

    by julius schenk ...
    Book 1 - Ghosts of the Living
    Don't ever tell.Three simple words Genevieve lives by. The doctors never believed her, or her sister, they just locked her up in Bethlem mental hospital and said she was making it up.Now, 18 and free, she must find her way in a cold, dark London that is full of other peoples bad memories.Can she embrace her powers and see the good before it sends her back to Bethlem hospital? Will she stop praying ... Read more


  • William Shakespeare: The Complete Works

    (37 plays, 160 sonnets and 5 Poetry Books With Active Table of Contents)(Bauer Classics)

    Book 1 - All Time Best Writers
    This book, newly updated, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!This collection gathers together the works by William Shakespeare in a single, convenient, high quality, and extremely low priced Kindle volume!COMEDIESThe Comedy of ErrorsThe Taming of the ShrewThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaLove’s Labor’s LostA Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Merchant of Venice.. ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Telescope

    by B Duche ...
    In the sky, above the clouds.A leather recliner armchair with all the options, and a revolving telescope on a tripod.Two angels stand on each side of the armchair: RAPHAËL, on the right and GABRIEL, on the left.Raphaël leans over the recliner and whispers: “Lord, would You like to see what your children are doing?”The world seen from the sky or another vision of God. A God who is not a 'Cecil B. ... Read more

    $4.49 AUD

  • Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained

    by John Milton ...
    Paradise Lost is the story is separated into twelve books, broken down shortly after initial publication, following the model of the Aeneid of Virgil. The books' lengths vary; longest being Book IX, with 1,189 lines, and the shortest Book VII, having 640. In the second edition, each book was preceded by a summary titled "The Argument". The poem follows the epic tradition of starting in medias res ... Read more

    $2.19 AUD

  • Wuthering Heights

    by Emily Brontë ...
    Considered lurid and shocking by mid-19th-century standards, Wuthering Heights was initially thought to be such a publishing risk that its author, Emily Brontë, was asked to pay some of the publication costs. Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine’s father. After Mr Earnshaw’s ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Play: A Play by Jed McKenna

    by Jed McKenna ...
    series The Dreamstate Trilogy
    "It is what it is, they say, but is it?"Jed McKenna has always been more about destroying questions than answering them, so it’s no surprise that Play is more Q than A. In fact, it might be viewed as a progression through the stages of self-inquiry, each of the seven vignettes taking us a bit further along on the inward journey, the early vignettes asking the questions, and the latter ones looking ... Read more

    $12.22 AUD

  • A Jesuit Off-Broadway

    Center Stage with Jesus, Judas, and Life's Big Questions

    A Jesuit priest a New York play and questions as profound as they come . . . A few years after being called to the priesthood Father James Martin was startled to get a very different kind of call one evening in 2004: a phone call from actor Sam Rockwell. Rockwell had been cast for the part of Judas Iscariot in an Off-Broadway play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot where Judas was on trial for his ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Saint Joan

    series Clydesdale Classics
    Rediscover the story of the inspirational Saint Joan of Arc with the classic play by George Bernard Shaw.The historical saint begins her story as a simple country girl in fifteenth century France who is inspired by visions from God to help liberate her country from the English. She secures soldier’s clothing and convinces the soon-to-be king, Charles, to begin battling for his country.Though her ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD $1.99 AUD

  • Winged

    After being reincarnated three times, Arianna has no desire to ever return to Earth, even though that means she will remain a wingless angel. But when Ari is requested to go on a very special mission, she cannot refuse.Her mother from Life #3—the only life in which she ever felt truly loved—was none other than God's favorite creation, Eve. Now, tasked with saving her mom’s trapped immortal soul, ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Wife 101

    series The Wife 101 Series
    Mess or Mrs.?Thriving Atlanta mogul Amber Ross thinks she is the perfect woman. But when she finds out that her recent ex-boyfriend is marrying someone else, she begins to question what men really want. Frustrated with the dating scene and her failing interactions with men, Amber enrolls in a course at her church geared towards teaching women how to be effective in their relationships: Wife 101. ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • The Actor

    A Play

    Just in time for Pope John Paul II's canonization this Sunday, April 27. The Actor, a new play by Daniel McInerny, based upon thrilling and little-known events in the life of Karol Wojtyła, the man who would become Pope John Paul II.  Karol “Lolek” Wojtyła is a talented university student with an ardent desire to be an actor. But on the morning of September 1, 1939, just as he prepares to serve ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Husband 101

    series The Wife 101 Series
    How many women does it take to ruin a marriage?Eric Hayes is a man with too many women in his life. As a bachelor, he loved all of the attention, but now being a married man, he quickly realizes that he cannot please more than one woman at a time. Succumbing to the pressure, Eric takes a course at his wife’s church to become better equipped for the bittersweet realities of marriage: Husband 101. ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Divina Commedia

    « Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vitami ritrovai per una selva oscura,ché la diritta via era smarrita.Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura,esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte,che nel pensier rinova la paura!Tant'è amara che poco è più morte;ma per trattar del ben ch'i' vi trovai,dirò de l'altre cose ch'i' v'ho scorte.Io non so ben ridir com'i' v'intrai,tant'era pien di sonno a quel puntoche la ... Read more

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  • If the Poor are on the Moon... The Work of Mother Teresa.

    by Richard Lung ...
    The Work of Mother Teresa, to fulfill her mission of love, this play follows. Only the strongest devotion could endure such sustained hardships and manage such achievements for the care of the poor and neglected.Here was a saint, in the making, to attract the attention of the more astute investigative journalist. A woman with a genius for hard work, yet who could not fill an income tax return for ... Read more


  • Welcome to Saint FEEEPS, A Parochial School Comic Monologue

    by Iris Chacon ...
    If you've ever attended, worked at, sent your kids to, or wondered about a parochial school, Saint FEEEPS will definitely ring a bell with you. In this comic monologue, a calm, composed assistant principal leads the quarterly parent-teacher meeting in one building while all heck breaks out in the preschool building next door. As helicopters, SWAT officers, and fire trucks converge on the preschool ... Read more

    $1.28 AUD

  • Leaping Off the Page: Christmas Edition

    A collection of plays, short stories, and poems, this is a resource for churches to use for developing their Christmas programs. The material includes simple performance pieces which can be produced by small, modest groups as well as by larger congregations. ... Read more


  • Ivanhoe (Illustrated + Audiobook Download Link + Active TOC)

    FEATURES:• Includes beautiful artworks and illustrations• A link of a FREE audio book to download at the end of the book• Active Table of Contents for an easy navigation within the book• Manually coded and crafted by professionals for highest formatting quality and standardsCheck out ngims Publishing's other illustrated literary clazzics. The vast majority of our books have original illustrations, ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • The Gift: A Salvation Skit for Christmas

    by Cheryl Rogers ...
    The Gift: A Salvation Skit for Christmas is an easy-to-adapt and perform skit. It uses a group of children (three to six is ideal), a couple of adults or teens, and a narrator.Set in a living room, the cast finds a Christmas tree laden with presents -- but some of the gifts are a bit unusual. The children receive athletic ability, health, love, and salvation, along with their usual gifts.The skit ... Read more


  • Godscam

    by Thom Whalen ...
    A man tells a young Christian woman that he is God. Can she believe him? Does she dare not believe him? Who is scamming who in this duel of wits, logic, and faith? A full-length stage play told in twelve acts. ... Read more


  • Golden Country

    A Play about Christian Martyrs in Japan

    by Shusaku Endo ...
    Translated by Francis Mathy ...
    The events described in this exciting and provocative three-act play, a companion piece to Endo’s highly acclaimed novel Silence, take place in 1633, nearly a hundred years after Christianity was introduced into Japan. By this time, Japanese Christians were being cruelly persecuted by the government; every Christian searched out was made to apostatize or suffer a slow, agonizing death.The central ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • YICHUD (Seclusion)

    The Yichud Room is the place where the bride and groom go to be alone immediately following the wedding ceremony. In the case of Rachel and Chaim, who have only had a handful of chaperoned dates, this is the first time they have ever been alone together.In another part of the synagogue, tensions rise between the groom’s older brothers, Ephraim and Menachem, rival Torah scholars who haven’t seen ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD