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  • Mathematics the Truth

    ‘Moving mathematics teaching into the age of quantum mechanics and relativity.’

    ‘Mathematics the Truth: Moving mathematics teaching into the age of quantum mechanics and relativity’ by Malcolm Cameron“Serious, light-hearted, insight.”“Shakes mathematics teaching icons …”“Rescues mathematics from a black hole.”Currently mathematics is taught like a Latin, without motivation, restricted to the period from Euclid in the BC to the Renaissance.This thinking degrades mathematics ... Read more


  • Pi, Imperatively

    by Ken Ramsey ...
    Pi is the controlling constant for circles, globes, orbits, the inverse square power distribution and many of the other fundamental aspects of our universe. This ebook is an effort to put forward the idea that a better understanding of pi is required. The entire knowledge base of our understanding of science could be greatly changed with additional efforts in the study of pi. ... Read more

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  • A PhD Is Not Enough!

    A Guide to Survival in Science

    Everything you ever need to know about making it as a scientist.Despite your graduate education, brainpower, and technical prowess, your career in scientific research is far from assured. Permanent positions are scarce, science survival is rarely part of formal graduate training, and a good mentor is hard to find.In A Ph.D. Is Not Enough!, physicist Peter J. Feibelman lays out a rational path to a ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Lecture Notes On Mathematical Olympiad Courses: For Junior Section (In 2 Volumes) - Volume 1

    by Jiagu Xu ...
    Book 6 - Mathematical Olympiad Series
    Olympiad mathematics is not a collection of techniques of solving mathematical problems but a system for advancing mathematical education. This book is based on the lecture notes of the mathematical Olympiad training courses conducted by the author in Singapore. Its scope and depth not only covers and exceeds the usual syllabus, but introduces a variety concepts and methods in modern mathematics ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Perfino i capelli sono tutti contati

    Questo lavoro è un elogio entusiastico alla sapienza creatrice, a colei che deliziava il Signore come architetto quando venivano disposte le fondamenta della terra. L'appassionato di matematica bresciano ci illustra in maniera limpida come con una semplice conchiglia può sconfiggere la paura e procedere verso la via della verità. Il suo obbiettivo è rendere noto che Dio è amore e non giudica ... Read more



    La SUMA DE LOS N-TÉRMINOS DE UNA SUCESIÓN ARITMÉTICA es una investigación sobre las sucesiones aritméticas, que cuenta con una versión en inglés en forma de e-book. Esta investigación aporta cómo puede realizarse la suma de una progresión aritmética sin conocer ni el último, ni el primer término, ni la diferencia, de una sucesión aritmética, y algunos desarrollos. En algunos aspectos supone ... Read more

    $2.89 AUD

  • A Complete Course in Mathematics - Extended First Edition

    by Rajat Kalia ...
    series A Complete Course
    This book is a result of research in Mathematics over the past 22 years. I have dedicated this book to my nephew Kairav. ... Read more

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  • Altri sistemi simmetrici PER IL GIOCO DEL LOTTO a sviluppo ciclico

    Oltre cento sistemi matematici per il conseguimento di ambi e terni al gioco del lotto, utili per quantità numeriche superiori a 10, raggruppati in sottoinsiemi omogenei di terzine, quartine, cinquine, sestine, ecc. che rappresentano la migliore sintesi sistemistica ottenibile quali, ad esempio, 12 numeri in 12 quartine, 14 numeri in 12 cinquine, 15 numeri in 13 cinquine, 16 numeri in 20 quartine, ... Read more

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    ΠΡΟΛΟΓΟΣ Από τον Ιωάννη Λ. Αραχωβίτη Μέλος του Σώµατος Οµοτίµων Καθηγητών του Εθνικού και Καποδιστριακού Πανεπιστηµίου Αθηνών   H δηµοσίευση αυτή της Μάρας Χάλκου είναι µία βελτιωµένη παρουσίαση  της  εργασίας  που  της  είχα  αναθέσει  για  την  απόκτηση ... ... Read more

    $13.30 AUD

  • Gauge systems, Lie algebras and the Lee model

    Some models and algorithms

    In the book we construct models with two degrees of freedom where sl(2, R) is the Lie algebra of constraints, in some cases a constraint looks like a General Relativity constraint, we present some topological models where the Lie algebra for the first class constraints has two generators, we studied methods to find first class constraints with a specific Lie algebra, we calculated its equations of ... Read more

    $8.92 AUD

  • Software per la minimizzazione di reti logiche e macchine sequenziali

    by Dario Mazzeo ...
    In questo libro vengono accennati alcuni concetti teorici sulle reti logiche per introdurre un possibile algoritmo di risoluzione capace di minimizzazione una rete combinatoria o sequenziale. Il software a corredo è descritto nei dettagli implementativi e completo di esempi pratici nel suo utilizzo. ... Read more

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  • Η διδασκαλία των Μαθηματικών στην Ελλάδα κατά τα τελευταία χρόνια της τουρκοκρατίας, σύμφωνα με τον κώδικα 72 του 18ου αι. της Βιβλιοθήκης της Δημητσάνας

    Εισαγωγή, Έκδοση και Σχόλια

      Το βιβλίο αναγνωρίστηκε διεθνώς ως ΠΗΓΗ για την Ιστορία των Μαθηματικών και την Εκπαίδευση. Βλέπε σε: (Όρος αναζήτησης: Chalkou Maria) Περίληψη Μετά από πολυετή ερευνητική εργασία είμαι στην ευχάριστη θέση να παρουσιάσω τα αποτελέσματα που προέκυψαν από την αξιολόγηση του περιεχομένου του κώδικα 72 της Βιβλιοθήκης της Δημητσάνας. Ο  κώδικας  72  είναι  ένα  χειρόγραφ.. ... Read more

    $51.80 AUD

  • Reversible polynomials

    polynomials and dual circles

    by yau zakari ...

    $9.40 AUD

  • David Hilbert

    Les Grands Articles d'Universalis

    Le mathématicien allemand David Hilbert a ouvert la voie à plusieurs générations de chercheurs et a joué un rôle important dans l'élaboration des idées, non seulement dans sa spécialité, mais dans le cadre d'une réflexion générale sur la science. Alors que sa contribution à la physique a été un... ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • All About Physics and Math

    Today, the measurably descriptive knowledge of imperial civilization is too narrow, that is, whatever instrument is invented, it will have to be based on either a measurable description of some 1-body systems, note that, the loops and nodes of an electric-circuit is a 1-body system, or a variation on an existing instrument, because that is all that the inertially-based measurably descriptive ... Read more

    $5.14 AUD

  • Handbook of Mathematical Functions

    with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Despite the increasing use of computers, the basic need for mathematical tables continues. Tables serve a vital role in preliminary surveys of problems before programming for machine operation, and they are indispensable to thousands of engineers and scientists without access to machines. Because of automatic computers, however, and because of recent scientific advances, a greater variety of ... Read more

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    This is a research about the Sum of the n-terms of Arithmetic Series. With this investigation, there is no need of knowing neither the first, nor the last term of the series, nor the difference between two terms. Written in both Spanish/English languages, I first offer the English version. ... Read more

    $1.78 AUD

  • Probabilidad y estadística: un enfoque teórico-práctico

    La obra Probabilidad y Estadística es el fruto de las experiencias académicas y profesionales de sus autores, así como de sus inquietudes por describir, analizar y simular los fenómenos que se presentan en los campos científicos y prácticos. El material que aquí se presenta se caracteriza por estar orientado especialmente a los problemas comunes de la ingeniería de la producción, de la industrial ... Read more

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  • #1news2cents la qualità costa! un modello sociale per l’editoria (online)

    Questo libro arriva alla fine di un percorso di ricerca durato quattro anni e iniziato con un obiettivo molto ambizioso: individuare una soluzione per recuperare il ruolo del giornalismo in Italia e, quindi, risollevare le sorti di un comparto in crisi.L’osservazione dell’evoluzione del mercato editoriale e lo studio di alcuni argomenti specifici (la teoria dei bisogni di Maslow, i principi del ... Read more

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  • El paradigma cuantitativo de la investigación científica

    El libro aborda el paradigma cuantitativo de la investigación científica, con el propósito que sirva de consulta o como herramienta de trabajo a investigadores, profesores, estudiantes y toda persona que se inicie o esté vinculado al complejo pero necesario mundo de la investigación científica. ... Read more

    $7.34 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • A Complete Course in Mathematics - Birthday Edition

    by Rajat Kalia ...
    Book 1 - A Complete Course
    This book contains new questions in Mathematics mostly for +1/+2 classes. ... Read more

    $6.04 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Si, Dios es un Matematico

    Creemos que Dios nunca puede ser entendido por la ciencia que exige pruebas.Desde el comienzo de los tiempos, muchos han buscado las respuestas a los misterios más grandes del mundo. Quizás el misterio más antiguo de la humanidad es "¿Cuál es la relación entre Dios y el hombre / la mujer?"Sorprendentemente, la respuesta puede estar en un modelo matemático oculto dentro de la arquitectura antigua ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Standard-Slope Integration: A New Approach to Numerical Integration

    The integral (or antiderivative) has long been the backbone of calculus, serving as a powerful means by which the area under a curve can be determined. Despite its great usefulness, however, finding anything other than the simplest antiderivatives can prove to be extremely challenging as well as difficult to evaluate, or they may not even exist. In such cases, it is often necessary to turn to ... Read more

    $6.75 AUD

  • Estrategias cualitativas de investigación en educación matemática

    Recursos para la captura de información y el análisis

    Estrategias cualitativas de investigación en educación matemática. Recursos para la captura de información y el análisis ofrece un recurso bibliográfico para estudiantes en procesos de elaboración de trabajos de grado o tesis, investigadores noveles en el campo de la educación matemática y profesores que orientan espacios académicos de investigación.El libro se enfoca en estrategias y recursos ... Read more

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