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Respiratory Therapy eBooks

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  • Ruppel's Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing - E-Book

    Use this authoritative guide as an on-the-job reference — and to prepare for the CPFT and RPFT credentialing examinations! Ruppel's Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing, 11th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of common pulmonary function tests, testing techniques, and the pathophysiology that may be evaluated by each test. It also includes information on equipment, computers, and quality ... Read more

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  • The Breathing Cure

    Develop New Habits for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

    NOSES ARE FOR BREATHING, MOUTHS ARE FOR EATING“Many people believe that taking a deep breath increases body oxygenation. The opposite is the case.” — Patrick McKeown, bestselling author of The Oxygen AdvantageImagine a breathing technique that can increase oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells, improve blood circulation, and unblock the nose. Perhaps it can help open the airways of the lungs, ... Read more

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  • Overcoming Asthma

    The Complete Complementary Health Program

    by Sarah Brewer ...
    This unique book from doctor and international best-selling author Sarah Brewer provides a highly authoritative yet easy-to-follow program of complementary medicine and self-care treatments, specially designed to support the conventional treatment for asthma. If you’re suffering from this debilitating condition, and are looking for an expert to guide you through all the positive steps you can take ... Read more

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  • Asthma Solved Naturally

    The Surprising Underlying Causes and Hundreds of Natural Strategies to Beat Asthma

    Millions of people suffer from asthma, and asthma rates have been going up dramatically in the last few decades, primarily among industrialized nations. What is causing this almost epidemic surge of asthma? Is it as simple as air pollution and allergy triggers? More importantly, can asthma be reversed, and if so, how? Using over a thousand scientific references and clinical reports, "Asthma Solved ... Read more

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  • The Oxygen Cure

    A Complete Guide to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    The Best-Kept Secret in MedicineIn the United States, the FDA currently recognizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for 14 conditions, including decompression sickness, embolism, crush injury, bone infection, burns, wound healing, severe anemia, and several others.Now, in The Oxygen Cure, hyperbaric expert William S. Max eld, M.D., will convince you that HBOT is a vastly underused modality that ... Read more

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  • Natural Sleep Solutions for Insomnia

    The Science of Sleep, Dreaming, and Nature's Sleep Remedies

    Getting to sleep is not always as simple as it sounds. Getting good quality sleep can be even harder. Here the emerging science of sleep and dreaming is unveiled in clear terms, revealing surprising information about how much sleep we need, what kind of sleep we need, and how we can calculate our sleep needs. We discover our biological clocks: how they are set and reset, and how they affect our ... Read more

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  • Irreversible, my life, a battle


    Translated by Caroline Brown ...
    Forty years of an exciting life, until the day everything changes abruptly.The accident, which obliges Emmanuel, a professional motorcycle pilot, and a motorcyclist in the national police, to leave the world of valid people and join the handicapped world.In parallel, before the accident, during his coma and even afterwards, some mysterious signs appear and interfere in his life.Chance or ... Read more

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  • Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness

    Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness is a resource for all people living with respiratory disease including patients, their families and caretakers; and clinicians. This well-rounded guidebook is the fusion of twenty-five years of clinical practice, education and research by Dr. Noah Greenspan, board-certified clinical specialist in cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy; and Program Director of the ... Read more

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  • How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

    Getting Started with Homemade Oil Therapy for Sleep, Nausea, Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

    Decades before the word aromatherapy was coined, plant oils found use among various civilizations. The Egyptians extracted oil from clove, cinnamon, and cedarwood to make massage oil and embalm dead bodies. Megallus, a perfumer from Greece, made a signature fragrance from myrrh; and the physician, Hippocrates used plant oils for healing.The idea that aromatic plant oils can help in improving ... Read more


  • The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist Exam Review - E-Book

    Entry and Advanced Levels

    Find out how and what to review for the all-new 2015 National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) Exam with The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist's Exam Review, 6th Edition. It covers every topic in the NBRC Detailed Content Outline, providing study hints, in-depth content review, and self-assessment questions with rationales so you retain more information. Sills’ latest review also offers students ... Read more

    $116.99 AUD

  • Oxygen to the Rescue

    Oxygen Therapies, and How They Help Overcome Disease and Restore Overall Health

    Throughout the world, healing therapies using oxygen, ozone and hydrogen peroxide have been common for treating a wide array of diseases, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, and arthritis. Dr Yutsis has been using these bio-oxidative techniques for years. Here he describes the four main types of oxygen therapy, accompanied by scientific research and anecdotal evidence. ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Evaluación toxicológica ocupacional de la exposición a contaminantes del aire

    La contaminación del aire es una forma de degradación del ambiente, la cual tiene graves consecuencias en la salud de la población y constituye un problema serio en países en desarrollo. La presente obra plasma los aspectos toxicológicos de la exposición a la contaminación ambiental por material particulado, hidrocarburos aromáticos policíclicos y monóxido de carbono, para determinar las ... Read more

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  • Surviving Lung Cancer

    A Preventive and Solution-Based Guide for Healing Naturally

    This book is an important book for all cancer and non- cancer patients looking for solution and also for those who knows the importance of avoiding what could trigger lung cancer in them, as it has uncovered the holy grail those who want to optimize their chances for cure have been seeking. This book is filled with important information for everyone, whether struggling with cancer or not.Lung ... Read more

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    How to Successfully Treat Bronchitis Using CBD OIL

    There are a lot of different facets of human health, and maintaining a healthy life in each of them is incredibly important for anyone. Your respiratory system is one of the most vital components of your body, and when problems with breathing arise it can have a negative impact on every aspect of your life.• Medical experts came across a number of 12.7 million cases of chronic bronchitis in the ... Read more

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  • Asthma

    The Natural Remedies for Managing Symptoms of Asthma during an Outbreak

    Are you aware that respiratory diseases like asthma can be managed effectively and controlled to impede the level of an asthma attack and symptoms?Are you aware that unmanaged asthma symptoms could be detrimental to your health at a time of pandemic or outbreak that attacks the respiratory system?Knowing what to do and what to avoid is crucial at a time like this. When you have severe asthma, as ... Read more

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  • El Tratamiento Natural del COVID-19

    Un manual con muchas investigaciones científicasdocumentadas y Protocolos, tanta para la prevención como para el tratamiento del COVID-19 para cada uno de nosotros. Unarespuesta de laMedicina Hipocrática con poderosas sustancias vegetales antivíricas que los modernos científicos investigadores van a preocuparse.Elpropósito de este manual es que haga reflexionar y que de otra perspectiva en el ... Read more

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    Download Pattern-A complete DIY guide to make medical face mask. Perfect Pattern with filter slot pocket.

    Book 1 - Respiratory Diseases
    DIY HOMEMADE MEDICAL FACE MASKINCLUDE PATTERN DOWNLOAD PDF FILESWithin this book, you’ll learn how to create your own mask from materials that you might already have around the house. Masks are running out of stores these days, so you have to resort in creating your own one.BUY NOW! Safeguard your health and protect yourself from viruses.Table of contentIntroduction2.What is a face mask?<... ... Read more

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  • Breathing for Two

    by Wolf Pascoe ...
    PRAISE FOR BREATHING FOR TWO:  "In this page-turner, veteran anesthesiologist Pascoe offers a riveting portrait of surgery's most harrowing relationship and a breathtaking (pun intended!) account of what it means to hold another person's life in one's hands."  -- Amazon reader   "What I most enjoyed about this very personal journey is that Pascoe reveals in an unflinching way his mistakes, narrow ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • La Respiration Yogique Scientifique

    Une approche scientifique pour utiliser les pranayamas et aider vos élèves à régler efficacement leurs plus gros problèmes

    by Ali Chahat ...
    La Respiration Yogique Scientifique est une manière d’utiliser les techniques de respiration de yoga (pranayama) basée sur la science afin d’aider les étudiants à atteindre leurs objectifs.Nous vous enseignons la respiration yogique scientifique pour aider vos élèves à atteindre leurs objectifs physiques, mentaux et cognitifs. Mais nous vous enseignons également comment obtenir plus d’étudiants, ... Read more

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  • Combattre l'Asthme

    respirer mieux pour vivre mieux

    series Nouvelles Pistes Thérapeutiques
    Qu’est-ce que la méthode Buteyko ?Il s’agit de l’une des méthodes non médicamenteuses les plus efficaces contre l’asthme.C’est un remède naturel, scientifiquement prouvé par diverses études cliniques, également efficace contre d’autres problèmes de santé. Les découvertes révolutionnaires du Prof. Buteyko ont connu un grand succès auprès du public et soulignent l’importance d’améliorer sa ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • A Simple Guide to the Asthma and Lung Diseases

    by Kenneth Kee ...
    Book 38 - A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions
    What are Lung Diseases?Lung diseases are diseases that affect the lungs or cause the lungs to not able to function properly.Lung diseases are of a few types:Airway diseasesAsthma and Bronchitis:These diseases involve the tubes or airways that carry oxygen in and out of the lungs.Airway diseases usually cause a narrowing of the airways such as in asthma and bronchitis.Lung tissue diseases:These... ... Read more

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  • James Allen: Complete Collection

    CONTENTS: 1901 - From Poverty to Power 1902 - As A Man Thinketh 1903 - All These Things Added 1903 - Through the Gates of Good or Christ and Conduct 1904 - Byways to Blessedness 1904 - Out From The Heart 1907 - Poems of peace; including the lyrical dramatic poem Eolaus 1908 - The Life Triumphant - Mastering the Heart And Mind 1909 - Morning And Evening Thoughts 1909 - The Mastery of Destiny 1910 - ... Read more

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  • What is sleep apnea?

    by Oscar Arias ...
    Does this sound like you? •Falling asleep at work? •Tired all the time? •Easily irritated? •Spouse complains about your snoring? Then you may have sleep apnea! According to the National Sleep Foundation more than 18 million adults in America have sleep apnea, many of these people aren't even aware that they have it. Untreated, sleep apnea can increase the risk for other serious medical condtions ... Read more

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  • Todas las respuestas sobre el asma

    ¿Cómo se usa correctamente un inhalador? ¿Por qué se recomienda a los asmáticos no tomar aspirinas? ¿Puede una persona asmática practicar todo tipo de deportes con normalidad? ¿Es más común el asma en hombres o en mujeres, en niños o ancianos?El doctor Vicente Plaza Moral, uno de los mayores expertos en asma de nuestro país, responde a todas las preguntas que a menudo se plantean los pacientes ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD