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Science Fiction & Fantasy

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  • Shifter's Price

    by Jamie K. Schmidt

    In a post-apocalyptic society, sex is currency.After a meteor destroyed most of the planet, a ragtag group of survivors tries to reform civilization. But this brave new world has new creatures in it as well. Shifters can be any creature they want. Techs can channel electricity out of the air.Bethany joins up with Lewis and Clark expeditions to travel across the ravaged countryside to find her ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Bride to the Beast

    by Samantha Madisen

    Thanred knows well that there is only one way to keep the lust-driven madness which afflicts every male of his kind from consuming him, and when he catches the scent of a human female who has been chosen as a bride for his tribe he wastes no time in ravaging her, wringing more intense, helpless pleasure from her quivering virgin body than she would have thought possible.Though being rutted by ... Read more

    $6.07 AUD

  • Eat Me For Lunch

    A True Taste of Love

    by Deanna Wilson

    series XXX Erotic Short Stories
    "Eat Me For Lunch" is the steamy story of an attractive young nurse who is starved for sex and will go to any lengths to satisfy the burning desires of her voluptuous body.... every chance she gets.... even while on the job. It is every man's dream to encounter a nurse who provides such unspeakable services. Purchase this book to find out just how this nurse satisfies her insatiable appetite and ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Lady

    Book 7

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times Second Wave #7
    Roxelena has inherited her family talent for cold. On Earth, it is useless, but there is a request for a woman with talent on a world she has never heard of.Marriage is a condition of her travel, so she agrees. She has yet to find a man who can withstand contact with her, so his unconditional agreement to her comes as a surprise.When she meets her husband for the first time and feels the heat of ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Merry Clause Vol.1(Hentai Manga)

    by Shin Reiki

    series Merry Clause
    The magical night of Christmas Eve has a naughty secret, but it’s not bad. On this night there are requests for lusty and erotic sex gifts that Santa just can’t deliver. Enter is helper Merry Clause who is sent out to slide down the good little boys and girls chimneys to get unwrapped under their Christmas trees, and deliver some naughty, but very good gifts. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • In His Keep (Centaur Erotica)

    by Vanessa Leeds

    Callidora is out alone in the fields when she's cornered by an angry centaur. Desperate to make him go away, she decides to give him whatever he asks for, but the only thing he wants is her body. Will she be able to satisfy his unrestrained sexual appetite?This 5,113 word erotic short story includes oral sex, backdoor sex, and a robust, well-hung centaur with only one thing on his mind!Mature ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • No Fear

    by Jaid Black

    series Trek Mi Q'an
    Trek Mi Q'an - Book 6: Mousy, modern day librarian Brynda Mitchell doesn’t lead a very exciting life…yet. ... Read more

    $4.53 AUD

  • Factor

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times
    Jianne has survived despite being in the wrong place at the right time. With one injured eye replaced with a cybernetic enhancement, she lives her life in solitude, hidden from the very Guardians that she dispatches to help their world.A new batch of Guardians brings a surprising blend of talents and one man who wants her for what she doesn’t do.Cowl’s race can lock people in their tracks with ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Like a Calling

    The Alpha God, #5

    by Lexa Luthor

    series The Alpha God #5
    The Sworne have returned to the Milky Way!The Sworne arrive in Kander's airspace and demand only one thing; the surrender of all Earthlings for termination. Upon Kal's refusal, fighting ensues and hostages are taken on both sides until Kal and Charlie win the skirmish, forcing a ceasefire. The Sworne offer an exchange of hostages, a trade of resources, and a promise to depart the solar system, if ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Enslaved

    by Jaid Black

    series Trek Mi Q'an
    Book 3, Installment 3His glowing blue eyes summoned the primitive weapon from her grasp. Shuddering with fear, she realized she had just lost the only thing standing between her freedom and becoming… Enslaved. ... Read more

    $5.51 AUD

  • A Shiver of Light

    (Merry Gentry 9)

    by Laurell K Hamilton

    I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. Legal name Meredith Gentry, because Princess looks so pretentious on a driver's license. I was the first faerie princess born on American soil, but I wouldn’t be the only one for much longer...Merry Gentry, ex-private detective, now full-time princess, knew she was descended from fertility goddesses, but when she learned she was about to have triplets, she began to ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Fade

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times
    A criminal consortium has targeted Amy to become one of them. She has refused, and their answer was to have her imprisoned under false charges. By the time someone figures out the botched paperwork, she could be dead.An image of her in the arms of an ex-Guardian gets attention, and she is removed from Janial Prison and into secure custody on Rai. The formality of the clothing is second only to the ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Seized

    by Jaid Black

    series Trek Mi Q'an
    Trek Mi Q'an: Book 8There is only one person on Earth who ever mattered to Geris Jackson and that one person is her best friend Kyra Summers (The Empress’ New Clothes). When Kyra is kidnapped, Geris fears nobody will believe her tale about the giants with the glowing blue eyes who snatched her best friend away, so she sets out to find Kyra herself.Suffering disappointment after disappointment, ... Read more

    $4.53 AUD

  • Forced

    A Gay Story of Dominance And Pure Excitement

    by Melanie Landish

    In this volume of short gay erotica, straight men are defiled in ways they would never have dreamed, and it gets them hotter than they could have imagined.Enjoy this delicious gay erotica story of love and lust – from the very beginning to the last word. Ready yourself with soaked panties and sleepless nights starting from this very moment!Buy Your Dirty Copy Now!N.B For Matured Readers Only! ... Read more

    $7.02 AUD

  • Taken by Her Mates

    by Grace Goodwin

    series Interstellar Brides #4
    After being set up and found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, Jessica volunteers for the Interstellar Bride Program to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She is assigned to a prince, the heir to the throne of the powerful planet Prillon, but her future is left in doubt when the match is rejected by Prillon’s current ruler.When his own father seeks to banish him and deny him his right to a mate, ... Read more

    $7.60 AUD

  • Betrayal

    by Maggie Walsh

    series The Angel Pack
    [Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Paranormal Romance, M/M, with M/M/M not including the heroes, werewolves, voyeurism, HEA] When Jesse and Taylor get kicked out of their homes they take off and end up in New York City. Jesse's voice lands him a singing job at an all male club. When the owner discovers their secret, he offers to help them. That kind gesture turns into the biggest mistake of their lives ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Anthony

    Bently Legacy

    by Kathi S. Barton

    series Bentley Legacy #5
    Coleen had heard just about all she wanted to hear from her grandmother about the Bentleys—no one could be that nice. There had to be an angle there somewhere. People just didn’t help other people for nothing—not in this day and age.Tony Bentley wasn’t expecting to find his mate, and as a Were Panther he could even understand her reluctance. He was, after all, a Bentley, and the poor woman had ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • Burke

    Bentley Legacy

    by Kathi S. Barton

    series Bentley Legacy #4
    Burke Bentley’s decision to quit the hospital and go into practice with his brother was the best decision he’d ever made. With the daily pressures gone, he could do what he loved to do most —be a doctor.Piper Cordale, Pip to her friends, just wanted to bust her friend out and go. She didn’t handle people well and needed to be on her way, but fate had other things in store for her. Her friend’s ... Read more

    $7.86 AUD

  • Garth

    Bentley Legacy

    by Kathi S. Barton

    series Bentley Legacy #6
    For her loyal services to the queen, Dark is granted one wish—to be human. The problem? Dark doesn’t deal well with humans. She is a warrior fae, and all she knows is how to lead armies.Garth is the last brother without a mate, and he’s in no hurry to find one. But when a fire burns his house down, he finds himself at a loss. He has never met Dark, but she has graciously agreed to put him up until ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • Claimed by Her Mates

    by Grace Goodwin

    series Interstellar Brides #3
    Desperate to escape a powerful man set on making an example of her for daring to defy him, Leah’s only option is to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program. She is assigned to the planet Viken, but upon her arrival she is shocked to discover that she has been matched to not one huge, handsome warrior, but three of them.Drogan, Tor, and Lev were born as identical triplets to the royal family ... Read more

    $7.60 AUD

  • Impassioned

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times
    Megan has been summoned to Essengar station in orbit above a planet she is not allowed to set foot on. No alien has the right to walk on that world. She meets her ex-partner in the psi-tracker corps and immediately is overrun with emotion. Einar stirs lust, longing, and when he tells her that he took their child out of stasis to be born in a surrogate, she feels fury.Punishing him in the most ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Finite

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times
    Cera enjoys acting as a dispatcher for the Guardians. When five strangers come to her, brandishing an imperial writ that demands her transfer to Haloth, she is taken aback. When they transport her there without any kind of vehicle, she suspects that she is in a less-than-usual situation, and when she is handed over to wake an energy being, she knows it.Renn has come to physical form over a hundred ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Defiance

    by Viola Grace

    series Terran Times
    Retrieval Specialist Christiena Montague—Teeny—is finally on vacation. Invited to the resort run by a former client, she prepares for a month of warm solitude and quiet socializing. When she arrives, she finds out that her visit is—coincidentally—at the same time as the annual mate hunt.Zhomos is the owner of the resort and the brother of Thaka, a woman she retrieved years earlier. He has the ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • Justice Girl: Milk Maid Madness

    Sexy Super Heroines in Peril

    by Don Ship

    Sexy super heriones in peril seriesFierce, gritty Urban Fantasy Super Heroine in Peril story about a sexy costumed vigilante who bites off more than she can chew, and pays the price.Blonde and beautiful super heroine, Justice Girl, goes after a super villainess, Milk Maid, who kidnaps pretty young women to milk them for her High End dairy shops. She hunts down the wicked super villainess, to ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD