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  • The Falls

    by Ian Rankin

    series Inspector Rebus ##12
    A student has gone missing in Edinburgh. She's not just any student, though, but the daughter of well-to-do and influential bankers. There's almost nothing to go on until DI John Rebus gets an unmistakable gut feeling that there's more to this than just another runaway spaced out on unaccustomed freedom. Two leads emerge: a carved wooden doll in a toy coffin, found in the student's home village, ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • ITIL Foundation: ITIL 4 Edition

    by AXELOS Limited

    Key featuresThe guide covers key concepts of service management, the four dimensions of service management, the ITIL service value system, ITIL management practices.ITIL Foundation, ITIL 4 Edition will:Provide readers with an understanding of the ITIL 4 service management framework and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and ways of workingExplain the new holistic end-to-end view of ... Read more

    $76.11 AUD

  • Colossus:The secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers

    The secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers

    by B. Jack Copeland

    At last - the secrets of Bletchley Park's powerful codebreaking computers.This is a history of Colossus, the world's first fully-functioning electronic digital computer. Colossus was used during the Second World War at the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, where it played an invaluable role cracking enemy codes. Until very recently, much about the Colossus machine was shrouded ... Read more

    $48.39 AUD

  • Now For Then: How to Face the Digital Future Without Fear

    by Ben Hammersley

    In 64 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW FOR THEN, Editor-at-Large for Wired magazine and guru of the digital age Ben Hammersley gives us the essential guide to the things we need to know for life in the 21st century. Explaining the effects of the changes in the modern world, and the latest ideas in technology, culture, business and politics, this book will demystify the internet, decode cyberspace, and ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • The System

    Who Owns the Internet, and How It Owns Us

    by James Ball

    'A fascinating exposé of the world behind your screen. Timely, often disturbing, and so important'Caroline Criado Perez, author of Invisible Women'Takes us beyond Zuckerberg, Bezos et al to a murkier world where we discover how everything online works and who benefits from it. Fascinating, engaging and important'Observer'Could not be more timely'<s... ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the nature of legal services

    Rethinking the nature of legal services

    by Richard Susskind OBE

    This widely acclaimed legal bestseller has provoked a tidal wave of debate within the legal profession, being hailed as an inspiration by some and as heresy by others. Susskind lays down a challenge to all lawyers, and indeed all those in a professional service environment. He urges them to ask themselves, with their hands on their hearts, what elements of their current workload could be ... Read more

    $30.46 AUD

  • The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

    by Yochai Benkler

    With the radical changes in information production that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition, says Yochai Benkler in this thought-provoking book. The phenomenon he describes as social production is reshaping markets, while at the same time offering new opportunities to enhance individual freedom, cultural diversity, political discourse, and justice. But these ... Read more

    $26.17 AUD

  • The Tech Contracts Handbook

    Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople

    by David W. Tollen

    This handbook is a user-friendly reference manual and training guide on software licenses and other IT agreements, along with cloud computing issues. This handbook is for both lawyers and businesspeople, including contract managers, procurement officers, corporate counsel, salespeople, and anyone else responsible for getting IT deals done. Perhaps, most important, the book uses clear, simple ... Read more

    $46.74 AUD

  • The Synchronic Lines - The energy streams of Planet Earth

    The energy streams of planet Earth

    by Falco Tarassaco

    The synchronic Lines are the roads of Life, a network of streaming energy that spills out over planet Earth and links up all worlds where life exists.Energy streams that catalyze the great forces of the cosmos.They are special lines of communication that become amplifiers of emotions, carrying information which reaches out to all living beings, irrespective of language differences, since they act ... Read more

    $9.94 AUD

  • I See, I Feel, I Hear, I Touch, I Taste! A Book About My 5 Senses for Kids - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

    by Baby Professor

    Is it time to teach your child about the senses and make them understand the importance of each? If it is, then you better grab a copy of this educational book today! A perfect partner in the study of science, this book will break down the complexities of learning the senses to give your child raw information that’s easy to understand and remember. Secure a copy of this book today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk

    by Douglas W. Hubbard and 3 more

    A ground shaking exposé on the failure of popular cyber risk management methodsHow to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk exposes the shortcomings of current "risk management" practices, and offers a series of improvement techniques that help you fill the holes and ramp up security. In his bestselling book How to Measure Anything, author Douglas W. Hubbard opened the business world's eyes to ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • International Internet Law

    by Joanna Kulesza

    series Routledge Research in Information Technology and E-Commerce Law
    This book discusses the international legal issues underlying Internet Governance and proposes an international solution to its problems. The book encompasses a wide spectrum of current debate surrounding the governance of the internet and focuses on the areas and issues which urgently require attention from the international community in order to sustain the proper functioning of the global ... Read more

    $62.58 AUD

  • Legal Guide to Social Media

    Rights and Risks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

    by Kimberly A. Houser

    How should you respond to a request to remove copyrighted materials from a Facebook page? If you create a Twitter handle at work, who owns that handle when you change jobs? Can you be sued for libel if your posts are defamatory? If you’ve ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, this pioneering legal handbook is for you.Despite the enormous growth in social media, scant legal advice is ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • The SWIFT Affair

    Swiss Banking Secrecy and the Fight against Terrorist Financing

    by Johannes Köppel

    series eCahiers de l’Institut
    The story broke in 2006: Since 9/11, US intelligence services have had access to practically any international money transfer data by infiltrating the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network. Banks worldwide transfer money orders and personal customer data through this network. While the surveillance was all-embracing in 2001, it was gradually limited over the ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Fatal System Error

    The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who Are Bringing Down the Internet

    by Joseph Menn

    In 2004, a California computer whiz named Barrett Lyon uncovered the identity of a hacker running major assaults on business websites. Without fully grasping the repercussions, he set on an investigation that led him into the heart of the Russian mob. Cybercrime was evolving. No longer the domain of small-time thieves, it had been discovered by sophisticated gangs. They began by attacking ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Smart Technologies and the End(s) of Law

    Novel Entanglements of Law and Technology

    by Mireille Hildebrandt

    This timely book tells the story of the smart technologies that reconstruct our world, by provoking their most salient functionality: the prediction and preemption of our day-to-day activities, preferences, health and credit risks, criminal intent and spending capacity. Mireille Hildebrandt claims that we are in transit between an information society and a data-driven society, which has far ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Hate Crimes in Cyberspace

    by Danielle Keats Citron

    Some see the Internet as a Wild West where those who venture online must be thick-skinned enough to endure verbal attacks in the name of free speech protection. Danielle Keats Citron rejects this view. Cyber-harassment is a matter of civil rights law, and legal precedents as well as social norms of decency and civility must be leveraged to stop it. ... Read more

    $23.97 AUD

  • The Black Box Society

    by Frank Pasquale

    Every day, corporations are connecting the dots about our personal behavior—silently scrutinizing clues left behind by our work habits and Internet use. But who connects the dots about what firms are doing with all this information? Frank Pasquale exposes how powerful interests abuse secrecy for profit and explains ways to rein them in. ... Read more

    $26.83 AUD

  • The Global War for Internet Governance

    by Laura DeNardis

    The Internet has transformed the manner in which information is exchanged and business is conducted, arguably more than any other communication development in the past century. Despite its wide reach and powerful global influence, it is a medium uncontrolled by any one centralized system, organization, or governing body, a reality that has given rise to all manner of free-speech issues and ... Read more

    $49.71 AUD

  • Auditing and GRC Automation in SAP

    by Maxim Chuprunov

    Over the last few years, financial statement scandals, cases of fraud and corruption, data protection violations, and other legal violations have led to numerous liability cases, damages claims, and losses of reputation. As a reaction to these developments, several regulations have been issued: Corporate Governance, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, IFRS, Basel II and III, Solvency II and BilMoG, to name ... Read more

    $224.17 AUD

  • Tomorrows Naked Lawyer

    by Chrissie Lightfoot

    The naked lawyer is back by popular demand! This time the focus is on the future and what that will mean for legal businesses. This new report, tomorrow’s naked lawyer, builds on the current thinking on a variety of subjects and explores and challenges conventional thinking and wisdom with regard to marketing, branding, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the future of law during ... Read more

    $154.70 AUD

  • Spirals of Energy

    The ancient art of Selfica

    by Esperide Ananas

    A fascinating and mysterious discipline, “Selfica” creates objects made of metal, inks and colors that can interact with the environment in a positive way. Selfic structures enhance personal well-being, sensitivity, and mental and physical balance. Be it jewelry, metal structures or paintings, Selfic devices also help their users to learn more about themselves and get in touch with energetic ... Read more

    $7.10 AUD

  • Still Think Robots Can't Do Your Job?

    Essays on Automation and Technological Unemployment

    by Riccardo Campa

    Is Artificial Intelligence qualitatively different from other means of economizing the use of labor? Are we on the edge of a jobless society? If yes, are we ready for it? These are a few of the questions discussed in this collection of academic works. This book traces a brief history of the concept of technological unemployment; proposes a short-term scenario analysis concerning the relations ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Predict and Surveil

    Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing

    by Sarah Brayne

    The scope of criminal justice surveillance has expanded rapidly in recent decades. At the same time, the use of big data has spread across a range of fields, including finance, politics, healthcare, and marketing. While law enforcement's use of big data is hotly contested, very little is known about how the police actually use it in daily operations and with what consequences. In Predict and ... Read more

    $29.25 AUD