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Sikhism eBooks

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  • See No Stranger

    A memoir and manifesto of revolutionary love

    by Valarie Kaur ...
    'Stunning, timely and timeless.' -Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray LoveRenowned activist, filmmaker and civil rights lawyer Valarie Kaur made headlines when her 'Breathe and Push' speech on how to survive in a time of rage went viral with 30 million views worldwide. In this inspiring and timely debut, she shows you how to reclaim love as a force for justice.When we practise love in the face ... Read more

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  • Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess

    Born as Princess Brinda, the Majarani of Kapurthala, was betrothed at the age of seven to the nine-year-old Crown Prince of Kapurthala although it would be many years until the marriage took place. Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess is a brilliant study of contrasts -- the luxuries of India at its most glamourous -- weddings, state receptions, tiger hunts, elaborate parties -- and reminscences of ... Read more

    $11.74 AUD

  • Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

    BHAI SAHIB RANDHIR SINGH (1878-1961) was an outstanding freedom-fighter and a great saint and theologian who has made a lasting contribution to the religious and cultural revival in Punjab, and was one of the first few Punjabi revolutionaries who staked their life and career to bring about political awakening and win freedom for their country. Son of a High Court Judge and educated in Govt. ... Read more


  • Is Worshipping Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Akin To Idol Worship?

    BHAI SAHIB RANDHIR SINGH (1878-1961) was an outstanding freedom-fighter and a great saint and theologian who has made a lasting contribution to the religious and cultural revival in Punjab, and was one of the first few Punjabi revolutionaries who staked their life and career to bring about political awakening and win freedom for their country. Son of a High Court Judge and educated in Govt. ... Read more


  • Guru Nanak Dev

    “Guru Nanak Dev – The Apostle of Peace” is an attempt by Stuti Malhotra to elaborate the concept of peace in Sikhism. This is her tribute to the great Guru on the occasion of his 550th birth anniversary, which is being celebrated all over the world. I think this is the right time to discuss the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji when human beings are facing multiple problems worldwide. There are many ... Read more


  • Sikhism - An Introduction: Teach Yourself

    by Owen Cole ...
    This book is a comprehensive introduction to the Sikh faith. Ideal for those with little knowledge of the religion, it will give you a clear understanding of what Sikh's believe, and how they practise their faith. Covering all aspects, from the history of Sikhism, to Sikh ethics, to the practicalities of living a Sikh life, learn what it means to be Sikh today.NOT GOT MUCH TIME?One, five and ten ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • A Spiritual Discourse

    by Bikram Gill ...
    A Spiritual Discourse is an English translation of ‘Sidh Gosht’, a discussion between Guru Nanak Dev, founder of Sikhism, and a group of Master Yogis, Siddhas. In the composition the Siddhas ask Guru Nanak Dev spiritual questions, and Guru Nanak Dev answers them. ‘Sidh Gosht’ is part of a larger text, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which is the present Guru of the Sikhs.The present translation tries ... Read more


  • Sikh Code of Conduct

    A guide to the Sikh way of life and ceremonies

    5th Edition 'This edition also has a new section on 'Gurbani da adab' respecting Gurbani & has been revised throughout with additional explanatory notes ... Read more

    $7.02 AUD

  • Her Name Is Kaur

    Sikh American Women Write about Love, Courage, and Faith

    Sikh American women do the lion’s share of organizing and executing the business of the Sikh community, and they straddle multiple lives and worlds—cross-cultural, interreligious, intergenerational, occupational, and domestic—yet their experiences of faith, family, and community are virtually invisible in the North American milieu and have yet to be understood, documented, or shared. Until now. In ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Reiki Energy

    by M.E Dahkid ...
    Discover the Ancient Arts of Self-Healing the Mind and Body!You’re about to discover How to take significant steps towards self-growth and Learn How to Master the Art and The Science of ReikiReiki is a natural form of healing that allows the attuned person to heal themselves or others by channeling the universal life force energy through them and pass this energy on to self-heal or heal others ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Le Chemin de l'Eveil

    Recueil de textes commentés

    Le Chemin de l'Éveil illustré par le dressage du buffle dans le bouddhisme Chan, le dressage du cheval dans le taoïsme, le dressage de l'éléphant dans le bouddhisme tibétain.Un recueil commenté de textes d'éveil spirituel issus des traditions bouddhiques et taoïstes, où la trajectoire spirituelle est représentée par les étapes de dressage du buffle, du cheval et de l'éléphant. Les textes chinois, ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Seven Baskets of Prose Poems

    by Puran Singh ...
    Seven Baskets of Prose Poems by Puran Singh first published in 1928.Puran Singh's heart leaps forth towards a mighty realization, not so much a revolutionary one as an almost fierce grasp of evolutionary truths having their pregnancy in Nature. His child of beauty is not yet born, but it is very near delivery. “The grain of pang for beauty rises out of me, spreads its hands to clutch at the myriad ... Read more

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  • Anurag Sagar - Oceano de Amor

    A Epopeia da Criação

    Teria sido o Universo criado por um Deus Supremo? Ou um deus menor o teria feito, buscando satisfazer seus desejos pessoais?Este é o tema do “Anurag Sagar”, um dos mais famosos poemas de Kabir. Composto no século XV, Kabir apresenta uma intrigante proposta que explicaria não apenas o processo da Criação, mas também o surgimento do homem e as razões de seus dilemas.No Anurag Sagar, Kabir oferece ... Read more

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  • The Great Guru Nanak

    Volume 1

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the founder of the Sikh Faith. They had the three main messages to spread: 'Kirat Karni, (Earning an honest living); 'Vand Ke Shakna' (Sharing with others); and 'Naam Japna' (Remembering and reciting the Lord's name).This book goes through the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and looks at the importance of key events in their life to Sikhi and Sikhs today. This is the first volume ... Read more

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  • El verdadero nombre

    La melodía de la existencia

    by Osho ...
    Translated by Elsa Gómez Belastegui ...
    series Sabiduría Perenne
    En este libro Osho realiza una magistral inmersión en uno de los poemas místicos más queridos de la India, la Japuji de Guru Nanak; un breve texto que ha sido comparado con el Sermón de la Montaña del Nuevo Testamento, la Bhagavad Gita o la poesía de San Juan de la Cruz.Siguiendo a Nanak, el fundador del sikhismo, Osho afirma que todos los nombres que remiten a lo divino (Dios, Allah, Ram, Krishna ... Read more

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  • Nargas: Songs of a Sikh

    by Puran Singh ...
    Nargas: Songs of a Sikh (Translations of Bhai Vir Singh's poems) first published in 1924.Nargas is a book of Sikh poems, which in its original garb has won the hearts of its Indian readers by its imagination, spiritual beauty and natural charm. Its writer, we are told, is "the representative poet of the old order of the Sikh poets, who gathered round the throne of their beloved Master, Guru Nanak, ... Read more

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  • Le Shri Guru Granth Sahib

    Edition Age Digital

    Un texte sacré alliant traditions de l'islam et de l'hindouisme, la promotion des vertus sacrées, l'âme, et la conception cumulé de Dieu le plus magnifiques. ... Read more

    $5.86 AUD

  • Understanding Hinduism

    by V.T. ...
    Hinduism is considered one of the oldest religion in the world, and third most popular so far, with millions of worshipers all around the world. If you are interested in the studies of Hinduism, this ebook is for you. It compiles tons of information ranging from history, to sex and beliefs. Understand other religions is a way to stop war. Keep an open mind, read and respect Hinduism through this ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Ghar In Gurbani

    Reading and Singing Gurbani the Guru’s way

    There has been a lack of understanding of the term ‘Ghar’ used extensively and prominently in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It is now, as a result of the path-breaking research by Dr Charan Kamal Singh, that the term ‘Ghar’ has been presented the way it has never been done so far.It is for the first time that ‘Ghar’ has been related to each and every sentence of Gurbani. And all types of ‘Ghar’ of ... Read more

    $2.90 AUD

  • Lunyu [LOUEN-YU] (Entretiens de Confucius) (anonyme)

    Les Fiches de Lecture d'Universalis

    Bienvenue dans la collection Les Fiches de lecture d’UniversalisLes Entretiens (ou Analectes) de Confucius (Kongzi) constituent la base de la pensée confucéenne, au point d'être l'un des tout premiers livres qu'il convient de lire en matière de pensée chinoise.Une fiche de lecture spécialement conçue pour le numérique, pour tout savoir sur Lunyu [LOUEN-YU] (Entretiens de Confucius).Chaque fiche de ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Le livre des 36 stratégies

    by Alexis Lavis ...
    " Traverser la mer sans que le ciel le sache. " (Dissimule tes secrets afin qu'on ne les perce pas)" Assassiner avec une épée d'emprunt. " (Utilise les ressources d'un autre pour faire ton travail)" Bruit à l'est ; attaque à l'ouest. " (Induit en erreur ton adversaire)" Dissimuler une épée dans un sourire. " (Masque l'hostilité sous l'apparence de l'amitié)Ce manuel ésotérique de l'art de la ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Le sens de l'hospitalité

    L'hospitalité n'a rien d'une notion abstraite. C'est un élan du coeur, un devoir moral, un rite sacré, ou encore une décision mûrement réfléchie. En tout cas, loin d'être l'affaire de politiciens statuant sur "l'accueil des migrants", elle interroge chacun personnellement, et à travers la figure de l'étranger, de l'exilé, elle rappelle aussi notre condition humaine fragile et incertaine. La ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Los sikhs

    Historia, identidad y religión

    series Ensayo
    Los sikhs constituyen una comunidad social y religiosa con un sentido de identidad muy acusado. No en vano, en sus cinco siglos de historia el sikhismo ha sabido desmarcarse del hinduismo y del islam. Todo el mundo reconoce al sikh varón, de luenga barba y prominente turbante. ¿Y quién no ha oído hablar del extremismo sikh, que no hace tanto perseguía el establecimiento de una nación independiente ... Read more

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  • Unstrung Beads

    Prose and Poetry from the Punjab

    by Puran Singh ...
    Unstrung Beads by Puran Singh first published in 1923.This is the second book in which Puran Singh has distilled his Indian essences for the English reader. It is natural to use something of his own figurative mode in considering his apothegms and poems, and to use that reference in parti¬cular, because of his other work as an analytical chemist. For his writings often suggest the imagination of ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus