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Small Animal

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  • A Yorkshire Vet: The Next Chapter

    by Julian Norton

    As seen on This Morning!'A magical memoir.' - Daily Mail WeekendOur Yorkshire Vet embarks on this newest adventure treating the animals and their assorted owners across the Yorkshire Dales.A Yorkshire Vet: The Next Chapter follows Julian's veterinary stories and amusing anecdotes through his work as a mixed practice vet in North Yorkshire.Julian has spent over twent... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish

    by David Alderton

    This comprehensive guide is the most complete owner's manual for keeping all types of freshwater and marine fish. The book will take you through all the options in choosing the right fish for any water temperature - tropical and coldwater - and for all types of environment - indoor aquariums or outdoor ponds. Know the difference between keeping marine fish and freshwater fish, including ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Procedures and Protocols

    by Steven R. Lindsay

    The Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training series provides a coherent and integrated approach to understanding and controlling dog behavior. In Volume 3, various themes introduced in Volumes 1 and 2 are expanded upon, especially causally significant social, biological, and behavioral influences that impact on the etiology of behavior problems and their treatment. Ethological observations, ... Read more

    $199.99 AUD

  • Then Came You

    The fun and exciting romance you need!

    by Jill Shalvis

    series Animal Magnetism
    The fifth in the sexy, heartwarming Animal Magnetism series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Cedar Ridge and Lucky Harbor series. Fans of Bella Andre, Robyn Carr and Rachel Gibson will adore these romances with Jill's irresistible combination of humour and romance.Veterinary intern Emily can't believe she wound up in the small town of Sunshine, Idaho, instead of the Los Angeles ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Listening to the Animals: Becoming The Supervet

    by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

    THE NO.1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER. A powerful, heart-warming and inspiring memoir from the UK's most famous and beloved vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick - star of the Channel 4 series The Supervet.Growing up on the family farm in Ballyfin, Ireland, Noel's childhood was spent tending to the cattle and sheep, the hay and silage, the tractors and land, his beloved sheepdog Pirate providing solace ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • James Herriot: The Life of a Country Vet

    by Graham Lord

    Alf Wight, a modest Scottish writer, better known as James Herriot, wrote books that became worldwide best sellers, films, audiobooks, and a much-loved television show. In The Life of a Country Vet, Graham Lord has written a detailed and affectionate biography of this remarkable man. Lord carefully documents Wight's life, beginning with his childhood in Glasgow and his years in veterinary college. ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • How Animals Saved My Life: Being the Supervet

    by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

    THE NO.1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERIt has been 30 years since Noel Fitzpatrick graduated as a veterinary surgeon, and that 22-year-old from Ballyfin, Ireland, is now one of the leading veterinary surgeons in the world. The journey to that point has seen Noel treat thousands of animals - many of whom were thought to be beyond help - animals that have changed his life, and the lives of those around ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Vet on Call

    My First Year as an Out-of-Hours Vet

    by Marc Abraham

    When his father sat him down and told him to 'make something' of himself, young vet Marc Abraham decided to do it the hard way - by setting up an emergency 'out of hours' clinic.If getting used to the long night shifts wasn't bad enough, emergency cases are rarely straightforward. Whether it was dog who swallowed golf balls, or a gerbil in urgent need of a caesarean, every case had the potential ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Essential Oil Use Guide For Canine Health Care: Techniques from Holistic Veterinarians

    by Elizabeth Rowan Keith

    This is a guide for practical therapeutic administration of essential oils to canine patients. Specific methods of essential oil application in clinical settings are offered by six holistic veterinarians who are greatly experienced in their use. This information is offered as a companion to Essential Oil Use in Canine Veterinary Medicine: From the Practices of Holistic Veterinarians, in which ... Read more

    $5.63 AUD

  • Cat Detective

    by Vicky Halls

    Does your cat scratch your carpets? Or soil in the house? Or perhaps your cat's behaviour has changed recently - becoming withdrawn or aggressive towards you or another member of your family? Or perhaps you would just like to understand the way your cat thinks?In this comprehensive guide cat counsellor Vicky Hall helps cat owners identify what is causing their cat's behaviour and provides a clear ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Dog Breeder's Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management

    by Margaret V. Root Kustritz

    This unique resource offers a general overview of canine body systems and how each system affects the breeding process. Key topics include nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology, parasitology, vaccinations, genetics, and endocrinology, as well as normal anatomy and disorders of the male and female reproductive systems.Full-color illustrations make important information more readily available and ... Read more

    $40.58 AUD

  • Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents - E-Book

    Clinical Medicine and Surgery

    by Katherine Quesenberry and 7 more

    A concise guide to the care of small mammals, Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery covers the conditions seen most often in veterinary practice. The book emphasizes preventive medicine along with topics including disease management, ophthalmology, dentistry, and zoonosis. More than 400 illustrations demonstrate key concepts related to radiographic interpretation, relevant ... Read more

    $102.29 AUD

  • Exotic Animal Formulary - eBook

    by James W. Carpenter and 3 more

    A quick, concise reference to the drugs and dosages used to treat exotic animals, Exotic Animal Formulary, 4th Edition addresses the most common questions and medical situations you encounter in clinical practice. Species covered include birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, primates, wildlife, and all kinds of small mammals and "pocket pets." This edition is updated with a new chapter on ... Read more

    $92.61 AUD

  • Canine Behavior - E-Book

    Insights and Answers

    by Bonnie V. Beaver and 4 more

    Canine Behavior: Insights and Answers, 2nd Edition offers cutting-edge information on the latest advances in the field of clinical canine behavior. It is intended to meet the needs of veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians as well as pet owners dealing with problem pets, pet care personnel who handle dogs in the course of their work, and dog lovers who are seeking understanding of the ... Read more

    $106.47 AUD

  • What It's Like to Be a Dog

    And Other Adventures in Animal Neuroscience

    by Gregory Berns

    What does your dog really think about you?To find out, Gregory Berns became the first neuroscientist to persuade dogs to lie in an MRI machine wide awake. Now we know more about our best friends than ever before – how varying capacities for self-control and different value systems set them apart as individuals, and how deeply they understand the words we speak to them. Berns’ discoveries have ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Domestic Cat

    The Biology of its Behaviour

    by Dennis C. Turner and 1 more

    The most commonly kept domestic animal in the developed world, the cat has been a part of human life for thousands of years. Cats have been both worshipped and persecuted over this long period - either loved or hated for their enigmatic self-reliance and the subject of numerous myths and fables. Highlighting startling discoveries made over the last ten years, this new edition features ... Read more

    $38.38 AUD

  • Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats

    by Karen Overall

    This title includes additional digital media when purchased in print format. For this digital book edition, media content is not included. ... Read more

    $113.29 AUD

  • Canine and Feline Nutrition - E-Book

    A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals

    by Linda P. Case and 8 more

    How well can you answer pet owners' questions about proper diet and feeding? Canine and Feline Nutrition, 3rd Edition describes the role of nutrition and its effects upon health and wellness and the dietary management of various disorders of dogs and cats. By using the book's cutting-edge research and clinical nutrition information, you'll be able to make recommendations of appropriate pet food ... Read more

    $98.22 AUD

  • Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats

    by Alex Gough and 1 more

    This unique resource brings together valuable information on breed-related diseases in one quick-reference volume. Divided into one section for dogs and another for cats, inherited and other prevalent disorders are listed breed-by-breed. The final section describes each of the disorders in more detail. All the information is drawn from high-quality sources, including research journals and ... Read more

    $87.99 AUD

  • Essential Oils for Dogs

    by Dave Lay TH

    If you want to raise healthy and happy dogs while eliminating their health problem permanently using essential oils, then this dogs-care-guide-book is exactly what you need...Like human beings, our canine friends need essential oils too. This is because dogs experience a wide variety of health problems that can only be dealt with conclusively by essential oils. Some of the common problems ... Read more

    $13.69 AUD

  • The Joy of Keeping Farm Animals

    Raising Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, and Cows

    by Laura Childs

    series Joy of Series
    A second edition of the beloved guide to farm animals.When the going gets tough, the tough . . . start raising their own food. In the first full-color guide of its kind, author and small farm owner Laura Childs reveals exactly what it takes to start raising your own animals, including chickens, geese, goats, sheep, pigs, and cows. Childs discusses what you can expect to harvest from your animals ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • The Domestic Dog

    Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People

    by James Serpell

    Why do dogs behave in the ways that they do? Why did our ancestors tame wolves? How have we ended up with so many breeds of dog, and how can we understand their role in contemporary human society? Explore the answers to these questions and many more in this study of the domestic dog. Building on the strengths of the first edition, this much-anticipated update incorporates two decades of new ... Read more

    $45.86 AUD

  • Canine Kitchen Capers

    A Humorous Look at Preparing Food for Dogs (& Spouses)

    by Judy Morgan DVM and 1 more

    Hue Grant and Judy Morgan DVM work tirelessly to give their nine rescued spaniels the best lives they can. Because they are well educated on the poor quality ingredients commonly used to make processed pet food, they realize that home cooked meals using high quality, real food ingredients helps their dogs live longer and maintain vibrant health. Dr. Morgan is a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare - E-Book

    by Ilona Rodan and 7 more

    Learn to manage the physical and psychological well-being of your feline patients with Feline Behavioral Medicine: Prevention and Treatment. From house soiling problems to aggression, this all-new reference offers detailed guidance on assessing, treating, and preventing the full spectrum of feline behavioral problems. Material is organized by both topic and life stage for quick access to the ... Read more

    $109.22 AUD