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  • The Letter

    by N.D. Byma

    A fun and engaging children’s book about a girl who goes to her favorite park to write a letter to someone very special but cannot find the words. When she goes for a walk, she forgets her letter on the park bench and will soon discover that, with the help of some very unlikely characters, fate has plans to write her letter for her in a way she could never imagine. ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Feral Youth

    by Polly Courtney

    "The truth is, it ain't just a race thing. They talk like it is, but really and truly it's black against white, young against old, authorities against the rest. It's countless of things. There's bare reasons for feeling vexed right now." Growing up on an inner-city estate and excluded from every school that would take her, Alesha is the poster girl for the nation's 'feral youth'. Life is about ... Read more

    $5.00 AUD

  • 中華秩序:中原、世界帝國,與中國力量的本質

    by 王飛凌 and 2 more

    series 八旗中國觀察
    為什麼中華人民共和國,或許叫「秦漢人民共和國」才更恰當?用中華夢和馬克思主義包裝的中國,和用儒家裝飾的中國,本質上都是法家的「秦漢式政體」(Qin-Han Polity)。中國權貴為什麼對「中華秩序」(The China Order)鴉片般上癮?為什麼「中華秩序」又強大又脆弱?  正在崛起、但在美國貿易制裁下似乎顯得是隻紙老虎的中國,它的本質是什麼,它的力量真正代表著什麼,以及國際社會應該如何因應?「整個世界秩序的未來、以及人類文明的發展方向,都有賴於這個判定 。」  然而來自西方的主流分析工具,如現實主義、共產主義或者法西斯主義看起來並不大適用於中華人民共和國。修希底德陷阱、中國崩潰論、百年馬拉松、G2、這些看法都觸及到了某種重要的問題,然而無法從根本上理解今天中共之種種作為──比如無情地汲取和剝奪內部社會、發動一... ... Read more

    $15.54 AUD

  • Algonquin, People of the Wooded Country

    by Therese O. Deming

    series Native Life
    The Algonquian, People of the Wooded Country is the third book in the “Native Life” series. It was written for a third grade reading level. Read about Otter, his family and his friends to learn about the way they lived and their culture. Food, hunting customs, clothing, play, religious beliefs and family life are all touched upon. This book is filled with beautiful descriptive drawings ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Lessons from the Past : Famous Archaeologists, Artifacts and Ruins | World Geography Book | Social Studies Grade 5 | Children's Geography & Cultures Books

    by Baby Professor

    Because this book is inline with fifth grade curriculum, you know that whatever knowledge your child absorbs will be directly reflected in his/her academic performance. This educational book talks about archaeologists - what they do and the tools they use. It also discusses the kind of information archaeologists can gather from artifacts and ruins. Get a copy now. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Mexican Americans

    by Frank DePietro

    series Hispanic Americans: Major Minority
    Each Mexican American has a story like no other. Some have lived on the land that is now America's Southwest for hundreds of years. Others are more recent immigrants whose families moved north looking for jobs. Some are here legally; some aren't. But most Mexican Americans are hardworking people who give a lot to America. What's more, they bring with them an exciting and ancient heritage that ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Revue Amplitudes

    #1 La conjuration des territoires

    by Henri-Pierre Jeudy and 12 more

    Les mesures de l’attractivité privilégient l’activité économique et la compétitivité. Interviennent de plus en plus les références à la qualité de la vie, à l’habitat, aux services de proximité... Ces valeurs sociales ne demeurent-elles pas soumises à l’impératif économique ? L’invocation actuelle de la décroissance, dans une perspective de « développement durable », suppose-t-elle des changements ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Ethnic Groups in Africa

    by Elizabeth Obadina

    series Africa: Progress and Problems
    Ethnic or racial classifications often say more about culture and shared experience than about genetics or common ancestry. In Africa, a continent where up to 3,000 languages are spoken, ethnicity can be especially difficult to define. Unfortunately, perceived ethnic differences have all too often produced tragic results. This book analyzes the role of ethnicity in contemporary African politics ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • The Movie Industry

    by Wil Mara

    series 21st Century Skills Library: Global Citizens: Modern Media
    Using the new C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, The Movie Industry in the Global Citizens: Modern Media series explores the topic through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. Text and photos look at the history, basic philosophies, and geography of the movie industry. As they read, students will develop questions about the text, and use evidence from a variety of ... Read more

    $36.84 AUD

  • Girls Above Society Steps To Success: An Empowerment Guide

    by Lauren Galley

    Girls Above Society - Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide written by Lauren Galley. This Teen Mentor, TV Host, Author and President of Girls Above Society takes tween and teen girls on a journey to confidence & empowerment. Growing up in today's media driven society puts many pressures on young girls as they are discovering themselves. Making good decisions as well as maintaining positive ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Ha megtalálsz

    by Emily Murdoch

    Vannak ​​dolgok, amelyeket lehetetlen magad mögött hagyni… Egy lepusztult lakókocsi egy nemzeti park végtelen erdősége mélyén. A hely, amit a tizenöt éves Carey az otthonának hisz. Csak a fák oltalmazzák őt és a húgát, Jenessát, miközben mentálisan beteg anyjuk hosszabb-rövidebb időre egyedül hagyja őket, mígnem egyszer csak végleg eltűnik az életükből. A lányokat az apjuk találja meg, és ... Read more

    $10.64 AUD

  • All About K-pop

    Inside Stories behind K-pop's Rise to Global Fandom

    by Annika Chung

    This book takes readers into South Korea’s K-pop industry and the world of K-pop’s transnational fandom. For general readers, this book provides an overview of the most popular K-pop acts and major label companies in South Korea. It explains South Korea’s highly collaborative system of music production that involves a host of professionals including composers, lyricists, choreographers, MV ... Read more

    $11.52 AUD

  • Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

    The little things that make a difference

    by 50MINUTES

    series Book Review
    It can be hard for busy professionals to find the time to read the latest books. Stay up to date in a fraction of the time with this concise guide.The Tipping Point is a bestselling book by Malcolm Gladwell and explains how social phenomena come about and what triggers a social epidemic. Using case studies and experiments in social psychology, Gladwell presents the three aspects that he considers ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Gateway to Indian Culture

    by Chitra Soundar

    The Indian culture is a spicy blend of customs, traditions, religions and languages, not just derived from its diverse states, but also from its Muslim and European rulers. The home of the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal and the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, this country has contributed to arts, science and world cuisine significantly. ... Read more

    $6.91 AUD

  • Origins of Chinese Auspicious Symbols

    by Lim SK and 2 more

    Talk about Chinese culture and images of dragon boats, lion dances, red packets and mandarin oranges readily come to mind. Their common thread is that they are all considered auspicious symbols by the Chinese. This charmingly illustrated book takes you on a journey of discovery and appreciation. ... Read more

    $6.91 AUD

  • What is Masculinity? Why Does it Matter? And Other Big Questions

    by Jeffrey Boakye and 1 more

    series And Other Big Questions
    Masculinity is being discussed more than ever before, in a range of contexts. People talk about 'toxic masculinity', claim that there is a crisis in masculinity or argue that we need to 'reclaim masculinity'. There have always been many ways of being a man, and many people who have claimed that there are correct and incorrect ways of being a man. This important and timely book looks at the big ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • South American Immigrants

    by Frank DePietro

    series Hispanic Americans: Major Minority
    By the year 2050, Latino Americans will number 80 million. South Americans make up an important part of that population. South American immigrants come from different backgrounds. Some are dark-skinned, dark-haired, Spanish-speakers. Others are fair-skinned, blue-eyed people of European ancestry. Some are Inca Indians who speak their own ancient Quechua language. Discover more about South America ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Life in the Woodlands : The Haida and Iroquois Indians | Social Studies Grade 3 | Children's Geography & Cultures Books

    by Baby Professor

    In this book, your child will be learning about the Haida and Iroquois Indians. Information included in these pages focus on the culture, tradition and location of the Haida and Iroquois Indians. Understand how their geographic location has shaped their way of life. Read about these interesting tribes. Begin today. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Responsibility

    by Kelli L. Hicks and 1 more

    Learning responsibility at home and in school is the central focus of this book. Students learn that they can feel better about themselves if they are responsible and do the right thing. ... Read more

    $24.74 AUD

  • Women behind bars from Alfonsina to Sophia Loren

    by Liliana De Cristoforo

    Protagonists of the book are twelve women who tell their personal stories and their dramas from their jails. They were compelled to fight against me, who had betrayed or disappointed them, against social injustices or againsthardship of life. From their words, their sad existential events come up, of which there had been protagonists. The resulting picture is a deep humanity. Some of these women ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Patrie romana, tara de eroi!

    by Simona Preda

    „Ceea ce ne ofera Simona Preda in aceasta carte fascinanta este o calatorie in interiorul propagandei pentru copii din Romania comunizata, o analiza riguroasa si de o admirabila adancime, a institutiilor, metodelor si simbolurilor aferente, care aveau ca scop ceea ce propaganda numea plamadirea omului nou. Cu talent narativ si acuratete conceptuala, autoarea ne invita sa intelegem cum se construia ... Read more

    $14.35 AUD

  • Rainbow Revolutionaries

    Fifty LGBTQ+ People Who Made History

    by Sarah Prager and 1 more

    One ofTime Out's**“LGBTQ+ books for kids to read during Pride Month,”** this groundbreaking, pop-culture-infused illustrated biography collection takes readers on an eye-opening journey through the lives of fifty influential queer figures who have made a mark on every century of human existence.Rainbow Revolutionaries brings to life the vibrant histories of fifty pioneering LGBTQ+ people from arou ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Future of Communication

    by Jun Kuromiya

    series Searchlight Books ™ — Future Tech
    New technologies such as augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces, and lifelike robots will change the way humans interact with one another and their environment. Discover the ways people will communicate in the future. ... Read more

    $11.32 AUD

  • Extension in Kazakhstan and the Experience of the Usa:Lessons from a Working National Model

    by Johnson and 3 more

    Tlektes I. Espolov, Rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, and Academician of the Kazakh Academy of Agricultural Sciences Stanley R. Johnson, Board Chair, National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Iowa State UniversityZhenisbek Zh. Suleimenov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Kazakh National Agrarian UniversityTetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk, ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD