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South & Southeast Asian

If you like South & Southeast Asian eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Burmese Days: A Novel (Illustrated)

    by George Orwell

    ''A well integrated, fast-moving story of what life was like in a remote backcountry Asiatic station.'' --Chicago Tribune''An absorbing story . . . The character of Lieutenant Verrall (who despised the club members from his own superior heaven of army and blue blood) is a masterpiece of acid delineation.'' --New York Herald Tribune''Orwell is a master at telling stories with bitter, satiric tone, ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Jumpers

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Vincent Calvino Crime Novel #16
    Calvino investigates the death of a friend, a Canadian painter. The medical examiner finds the young man has ingested an exit drug, and the police verdict of suicide seems justified. But in Bangkok appearances have a habit of deceiving. Sometimes jumpers are given a leg up in their leap to the next life. Fingering the helper can be a risky business, and for Calvino this promises to be one of those ... Read more

    $12.21 AUD

  • The Marriage Tree

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Vincent Calvino Crime Novel #14
    It’s okay for Thais to believe in ghosts—it’s their birthright. But why is Vincent Calvino seeing ghosts, and why are they so angry? Calvino is haunted by a series of deaths in Rangoon and Bangkok, when he stumbles onto a new murder case—but is it a new case, or an old one returned from the dead? A murder investigation leads Calvino inside an underworld network smuggling Rohingya out of illegal ... Read more

    $7.80 AUD

  • A Bewitching Smile

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Land of Smiles Trilogy #2
    A Bewitching Smile, second in the Land of Smiles Trilogy, is reminiscent of A Passage to India in the creation of a kind of psychological DMZ, another Shangri-la with its own epiphanies and perils. The toughsensitive characterization, and the sharp, often aphoristic dialogue, and the irony, combine to create a powerful drama.In this sequel to A Killing Smile, Richard Breach who is a magician, ... Read more

    $4.17 AUD

  • Crackdown

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Vincent Calvino Crime Novel #15
    In Crackdown visual art becomes a powerful take down tool to push back against the oligarchs. People adjust to the surveillance state and its agents who are emergent forces. Post-coup Thailand is the setting as high tech competes with traditional power in a battle for hearts and minds. It is a noir landscape where Calvino finds himself ambushed as casualties from this battle leave behind a mystery ... Read more

    $8.39 AUD

  • A Haunting Smile

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Land of Smiles Trilogy #3
    A Haunting Smile, the final novel in the Land of Smiles Trilogy, is a sharply observed picture interweaving documentary film technique and montage to convey the psychological horror, personal anguish and despair of the Black May of 1992 when students, workers, along with mobile phone carrying yuppies were massacred by the military on the streets of Bangkok.Robert Tuttle and George Snow, running at ... Read more

    $4.17 AUD

  • Gambling on Magic

    by Christopher G. Moore

    Gambling on Magic is set in Bangkok where life is more than good for Joey Balfour, ex-patriot gambling king, former TV personality, and the current owner of the mysterious and exotic Feng Shui Flower Shop in downtown Bangkok. Then ex-chief of security arrives in Bangkok to reopen an old unsolved Las Vegas casino theft. The thief has disappeared in Thailand and the conventional wisdom has it that ... Read more

    $3.80 AUD

  • The Mahabharata

    by R. K. Narayan

    The Mahabharata is some 3,500 years old and is the longest poem in any language. It is one of the founding epics of Indian culture and, with its mixture of cosmic drama and profound philosophy (one small section forms the BHAGHAVAD GITA) it holds aunique place in world literature. In this drastically shortened prose rendering, Narayan uses all his extraordinary talents to convey to a modern reader ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Reunion

    by Christopher G. Moore

    An American war correspondent, Tony Collins, and a former Khmer Rouge child soldier, Sam Rith, reunite after nearly thirty years. Tony helped the world-weary 15-year-old Sam start a new life in the United States. Sam Rith arrived in America, sponsored by Christian couple. But Sam took more than a few wrong turns and ended up spending most of his youth locked up in an American prison before being ... Read more

    $2.88 AUD

  • The Great Unravelling: A Vincent Calvino Crime trilogy

    by Christopher G. Moore

    series Vincent Calvino Crime Novel #16
    The Great Unravelling Trilogy, as this Calvino trilogy may be called, is about the desperation and hope of individuals seeking freedom who find themselves perilously constrained in Southeast Asia, where human rights and liberty are negatively geared by big men in power. It is safe to say that never before in the history of private detective fiction has there been the weight of discourse and ... Read more

    $13.80 AUD

  • The Wallet of Kai Lung: The Collection of Fantasy Stories

    by Ernest Bramah

    series Unsecretbooks publication
    The Wallet of Kai Lung is a collection of fantasy stories by Ernest Bramah, all but the last of which feature Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller of ancient China. It was first published in hardcover in London by Grant Richards in 1900, and there have been numerous editions since. Its initial tale, "The Transmutation of Ling", was also issued by the same publisher as a separate chapbook in 1911. ... Read more

    $1.04 AUD

  • Perfect Love, Emotional Romance: A Heartwarming Collection of 100 Classic Poems and Letters for the Lovers (Valentine's Day 2019 Edition)

    by William Shakespeare and 81 more

    If a picture speaks a thousand words, a love letter or a poem speaks a thousand more... Even in this age of e-mail, faxes, and instant messaging, nothing has ever replaced the power of a love letter or that of a poem. LIST OF POEMS: 1. Lord Byron - She Walks in Beauty 2. Christina Rossetti - I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love 3. Walt Whitman - A Glimpse 4. W.Shakespeare - Let Me Not To ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Bangkok A Go Go

    by John Hail

    The novel starts in a Bangkok bar but soon the reader is transported to the key times and places of Thailand's turbulent political history and to the jungle camps of Thai communist guerrillas and Cambodian rebels. Set in the 1970s and '80s, Bangkok A-go-Go presents a unique vision of the political struggles that shaped Thailand's recent history. Bangkok A-go-Go is written from an insider's ... Read more

    $3.83 AUD


    by Confucius and 1 more

    Préface du traducteur  La Grande étude  L’Invariable milieu Entretiens de Confucius     INTRODUCTION     CHAPITRE I. HIO EUL.     CHAPITRE II. WEI TCHENG.     CHAPITRE III. PA I.     CHAPITRE IV. LI JENN.     CHAPITRE V. KOUNG IE TCH’ANG.     CHAPITRE VI. IOUNG IE.     CHAPITRE VII. ... ... Read more

    $3.29 AUD

  • His Lordship's Arsenal

    by Christopher G. Moore

    Matthew Burlock is a brilliant, eccentric judge, faced with the facts of a bizarre ritual murder. In the run-down Delrose Hotel, two men are found half-eaten by flames: one tied to a cross, the other tied up on the bed, with African lioness masks laid next to him. The police say it is a homosexual murder, but Burlock disagrees. A strange connection between Burlock’s exotic past and the murder is ... Read more

    $3.15 AUD

  • Chicken Sex on Bamrung's Day Off

    by Christopher G. Moore

    The story is from the collection titled Chairs. A waiter from the old Thermae in Bangkok is surrounded nightly by hundreds of women who sells their favors at night. When he is called upon to help one during the day he finds that the relationship, his perception and the rules of the game are much more complex than he ever could have expected. Outside of the coconut shell he finds a new world to ... Read more

    $2.10 AUD

  • The Pancatantra

    by Visnu Sarma and 3 more

    First recorded 1500 years ago, but taking its origins from a far earlier oral tradition, the Pancatantra is ascribed by legend to the celebrated, half-mythical teacher Visnu Sarma. Asked by a great king to awaken the dulled intelligence of his three idle sons, the aging Sarma is said to have composed the great work as a series of entertaining and edifying fables narrated by a wide range of humans ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • The Testimony of Aliens

    by Christopher G. Moore

    The Testimony of Aliens is a compelling cross cultural story set in the heart of the chiangmai Mai expat community. It is a love story across the ethnic divide and a moral lesson between two generations. Moore's humor and insight are brilliantly realized in this story. ... Read more

    $2.10 AUD

  • An Exciting Future

    The Story Of Lek, A Bar Girl In Pattaya

    by Owen Jones

    series Behind The Smile #2
    Lek was born the eldest daughter to a lower middle-class family of rice farmers in northern Thailand. When her father died young and unexpectedly, the family found out that the farm was in hock to the bank.They had to do something radical to save it, but the only idea that they could come up with was for Lek to go to work in her cousin's bar in Pattaya as a waitress.However, Lek drifted into the ... Read more

    $8.12 AUD

  • Falling Out of Saigon

    by Christopher G. Moore

    This story is one of sixteen short stories from "Chairs". The voices are those of Bangkok based freelance journalists and their invited guests. Each Saturday morning, over coffee, the members of Chairs gather to share the latest gossip, scandals, myths, dangers, exploits, and loves that bind together their small community. Sam Kohl is a narrator of the main stories, and Sam reveals, with perfect ... Read more

    $2.10 AUD

  • The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (Book Analysis)

    Detailed Summary, Analysis and Reading Guide

    by Bright Summaries

    Unlock the more straightforward side of The God of Small Things with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!This engaging summary presents an analysis of The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, an intensely moving portrait of life and love in modern-day India. It tells the story of a pair of twins who were separated during childhood after a series of traumatic events that range from ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Booker's Books in India

    (A Study of Four Booker Prize Winning Novels by Indian Novelists)

    by K. K. Singh

    This book presents a detailed study of four Booker Prize winning novels written by Indian novelists. Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things, Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss and Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger have won the prestigious Man Booker Prize in the last three decades. There is a unique kind of thematic delineation in these novels. Constant ... Read more

    $38.16 AUD

  • Bookless in Baghdad

    Reflections on Writing and Writers

    by Shashi Tharoor

    Shashi Tharoor is once again at his provocative best. In the title essay, we learn the steep price paid by some Iraqis just to obtain a book; what does it mean when selling books, essentially selling culture, out of one’s own library is the only way to put bread on the table? Later, Tharoor reminisces about growing up with books in India and the central position of classics like the Mahabharata in ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • English Renaissance Literary Criticism

    by Khushboo

    From a broadly historical point of view, the Renaissance means above all the expansion of the world known to the Europeans to include the Far-East and America. It means, therefore, an enormous development in communication and therefore in commercial and cultural exchange. From this historical viewpoint it also means the growth of the importance of the bourgeois class of merchants and their ... Read more

    $344.07 AUD