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  • Utopia for Realists

    And How We Can Get There

    by Rutger Bregman

    THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Listen out for Rutger Bregman. He has a big future shaping the future' Observer'A more politically radical Malcolm Gladwell' New York Times'The Dutch wunderkind of new ideas' GuardianIn Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visionary ideas that are, in fact, wholly implementable.... ... Read more

    $13.63 AUD

  • Treasure Islands

    Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World

    by Nicholas Shaxson

    Billionaire Warren Buffet, currently the third wealthiest man in the world, paid the lowest rate of tax among his office staff, including his receptionist.In 2006 the world's three biggest banana companies did nearly �400 million worth of business in Britain but paid just �128,000 in tax between them.In January 2009, US law enforcement fined Lloyds TSB $350 million after it admitted secretly ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Australian Expat Essentials

    by Craig Joslin

    Australian Expat Essentials - An Introductory Guide to the tax and financial implications for Australians living abroad provides an overview of the key issues that can impact the wealth of Australians who chose to live overseas. Topics covered in this book include :Tax Considerations - What does tax residency mean? Are you an Australian resident or non-resident for tax purposes? and what does it ... Read more


  • The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring

    by Carol Tice

    series Pocket Small Business Owner's Guides
    Most businesses that close their doors have one thing in common: They ran out of money. Don’t let this happen to you. This indispensable book, part of Allworth’s popular Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide series, will help you to save money on every aspect of your business, from advertising to overhead. With invaluable cost-cutting tips for all types of businesses, from e-commerce and home-based ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • From Idea to Exit

    The Entrepreneurial Journey

    by Jeffrey Weber

    While most small business books cover niche components of the start-up model, From Idea to Exit takes a more comprehensive approach, tackling the entire entrepreneurial journey from the initial seed idea through a well-planned exit strategy. Through a persuasive narrative, the author draws from his own success a practical call to action for those who dream of taking that first big step.Allworth ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Distressed Debt Analysis

    Strategies for Speculative Investors

    by Stephen Moyer

    Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors presents a conceptual, but not overly technical, outline of the financial and bankruptcy law context in which restructurings take place. The book covers the broader financial environment of the reorganization and the basic process of investment analysis and investment strategies. The author ... Read more

    $138.26 AUD

  • Tax-Free Wealth

    How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes

    by Tom Wheelwright

    Tax-Free Wealth is about tax planning concepts. It’s about how to use your country’s tax laws to your benefit. In this book, Tom Wheelwright will tell you how the tax laws work. And how they are designed to reduce your taxes, not to increase your taxes. Once you understand this basic principle, you no longer need to be afraid of the tax laws. They are there to help you and your business-not to ... Read more

    $22.76 AUD

  • The Hidden Wealth of Nations

    The Scourge of Tax Havens

    by Gabriel Zucman and 2 more

    We are well aware of the rise of the 1% as the rapid growth of economic inequality has put the majority of the world’s wealth in the pockets of fewer and fewer. One much-discussed solution to this imbalance is to significantly increase the rate at which we tax the wealthy. But with an enormous amount of the world’s wealth hidden in tax havens—in countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • Return to Prosperity

    How America Can Regain Its Economic Superpower Status

    by Arthur B. Laffer and 1 more

    "WE CAN'T TAX AND SPEND OUR WAY BACK TO THE GOOD TIMES."-- Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen MooreWhen Arthur B. Laffer spearheaded the theory of supply-side economics and became a member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board, he took his place as an economic icon. More recently, he joined with Stephen Moore and Peter J. Tanous to write The End of Prosperity -- a clarion call delineating ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • The Great Multinational Tax Rort

    how we’re all being robbed

    by Martin Feil

    Enough is enoughIn 2011, Amazon paid an effective tax rate of 0.5 per cent on its UK earnings of £3.35 billion.In 2013–14, Apple Australia paid around $80 million in income tax on revenue of over $6 billion.Multinational corporations have avoided trillions of dollars of tax over the past 25 years. Tax avoidance is legal, but its massive abuse by multinationals has had a devastating effect on ... Read more

    $28.04 AUD


    by Alexey

    $1.91 AUD

  • Discrimination and Disparities

    by Thomas Sowell

    An enlarged edition of Thomas Sowell's brilliant examination of the origins of economic disparitiesEconomic and other outcomes differ vastly among individuals, groups, and nations. Many explanations have been offered for the differences. Some believe that those with less fortunate outcomes are victims of genetics. Others believe that those who are less fortunate are victims of the more fortunate ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • Competition is Killing Us

    How Big Business is Harming Our Society and Planet - and What To Do About It

    by Michelle Meagher

    We live in the age of big companies where rising levels of power are concentrated in the hands of a few. Yet no government or organisation has the power to regulate these titans and hold them to account. We need big companies to share their power and we, the people of the world, need to reclaim it.In Competition is Killing Us, top business and competition lawyer Michelle Meagher establishes a new ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Joy of Tax

    by Richard Murphy

    'A brief but crucially important book'Marcus ChownIn The Joy of Tax, tax campaigner Richard Murphy challenges almost every idea you have about tax. For him, tax is fundamentally about the ideas that shape the sort of society we want to live in, not technicalities. His intention is to demonstrate that there is indeed a joy in tax, and by embracing it we can create a fairer society and change the ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Metal Men

    Marc Rich and the $10 Billion Scam

    by A. Craig Copetas

    This true story of the multibillionaire who fled to Switzerland “reads like a mystery novel” (USA Today).How did Marc Rich make over ten billion dollars while paying hardly any taxes? Journalist A. Craig Copetas infiltrated the inner circle of the commodities market and Rich’s associates to show not only how the metals and minerals trader pulled off the scam, becoming one of America’s most wanted ... Read more

    $11.76 AUD

  • The Panama Papers

    Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money

    by Frederik Obermaier and 1 more

    From the winners of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting11.5 million documents sent through encrypted channels. The secret records of 214,000 offshore companies. The largest data leak in history.In early 2015, an anonymous whistle-blower led investigative journalists Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier into the shadow economy where the super-rich hide billions of dollars in ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Las Vegas Money

    by Thomas Chi

    Nevada does not levy a state income tax. Nevada has no corporate income tax. Nevada has no personal income tax. Nevada has no franchise tax. Nevada gains revenue off gaming and sales tax. Nevada is a corporate haven. Corporations are encouraged with tax friendly laws in Las Vegas. Even prostitutes in legal Nevada brothels are protected with tax incentives. Prostitutes are exempt from the state ... Read more

    $1.25 AUD

  • 20 Free Tax Secrets For Canadians

    by Allan Madan

    Are you a Canadian who is tired of paying way too much money on your taxes? Do you want stop overpaying and start using your money for yourself? In my book “20 Free Tax Secrets for Canadians,” I provide you with tax saving secrets that I have learned through my years as a professional accountant and tax expert. This book is targeted for businesses, investors, and the hard-working everyday Canadian ... Read more


  • A compilation Tax Advisory

    A compilation Tax Advisory

    by Guying Zhan

    Jun, 13 2014 3 impressionsASIA BRIEFING July/August 2013 An Introduction to Tax Treaties Throughout Asia ... Read more


  • Keep More Money

    Find an Accountant You Trust to Help You Grow Your Small Business, Increase Profit, and Save Tax

    by Michelle Cornish

    Are you leaving tax deductions on the table? Find a truly great accountant to save more and worry less.Has your search for an accountant left you unimpressed? Do you wish you could know for sure which accountant should be your top choice? Experienced CPA Michelle Cornish knows that the right accountant can increase your profits, save you money, and avoid any nasty surprises with the tax ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • この一冊で大丈夫!米国源泉所得税免除マニュアル(ss-4、w-8ben)

    by 自費出版研究会

    本書に興味を持たれたということは、KDPで自費出版をお考えだと思います。または何かしらインターネットを使ったアプリケーションの発売などをお考えだと思います。当然、本書では米国源泉税免除の手続きを完了するまでの流れを解説致しますが、メインとしてKDP、Amazonの個人発売による免除の話になりますことをご了承下さい。(当然米国源泉税免除の手続きは、KDPだけで使えるという訳ではありません。その他に用途がある方も是非ご覧下さい。)Amazon、KDP(キンドル・ダイレクト・パブリッシング)で自費出版をする際、Amazonは米国の会社なので米国の源泉税が適用されてしまいます。ですが、これは米国在住の方、米国でビジネスをされている方が対象になる話なので、日本であれば支払う必要はありません。気になる米国の源泉税率はなんと30%にもなります!日本在住であれば支払う必要はありません ... Read more

    $1.32 AUD

  • Tax-Free Wealth

    How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes

    by Tom Wheelwright

    After 31 years… Major Tax Reform — and what it means to you True overhaul of the tax law only happens about once every 30 years. In the past 75 years, the U.S. tax law has only seen three major revisions; one in 1954, the next in 1986 and most recently at the end of 2017. I have been fortunate as a tax professional to be heavily involved in the last two reforms. In 1986, I was a manager in the ... Read more

    $24.52 AUD

  • The Easiest Way to Make a Million Dollars

    Anyone Anywhere, the Secret to Become a Millionaire

    by Matthew D. Smith

    This book will enlighten the reader by revealing the miracle to creating wealth and unravels the secrets that can enables anyone to be rich. It really is the easiest way to make a million dollars and anyone, anywhere can achieve thisAll you have to do is read, then implement and best of all, you don't have to earn more money! ... Read more

    $1.05 AUD

  • Erneuerbare Energien in Kommunen

    Energiegenossenschaften gründen, führen und beraten

    by Jürgen Staab

    Energiegenossenschaften erleben derzeit einen rasanten Zuwachs, denn sie sind starke Einkaufsgemeinschaften und bieten ihren Mitgliedern günstige Tarife. Auf Grundlage des Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetzes (EEG) werden die Genossenschaften auch immer öfter selbst zu Energieproduzenten. Sie stellen jedoch zahlreiche Anforderungen an das Management sowie an die Rechts- und Steuerberatung.Dieses Buch ... Read more

    $49.49 AUD