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  • Einstein’s Fridge: The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe

    by Paul Sen

    ‘Hugely readable and entertaining’ JIM AL-KHALILIA compulsively readable account of the extraordinary people, battling internal demons and external adversaries, who discovered the laws of thermodynamics and the science of heat, and brought about a scientific revolution.Einstein’s Fridge tells the story of how scientists uncovered the least known and yet most consequential of all the sciences, and ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Into the Black

    The electrifying true story of how the first flight of the Space Shuttle nearly ended in disaster

    by Rowland White

    On 12th April 1981 a revolutionary new spacecraft blasted off from Florida on her maiden flight. NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia was the most advanced flying machine ever built – the high watermark of post-war aviation development. A direct descendant of the record-breaking X-planes the likes of which Chuck Yeager had tested in the skies over the Mojave Desert, Columbia was a winged rocket plane, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Cycles of Time

    An Extraordinary New View of the Universe

    by Sir Roger Penrose

    What came before the Big Bang?How did the universe begin and must it inevitably end?In this remarkable book Roger Penrose brilliantly illuminates some of the deepest mysteries of the universe.Cycles of Time contains a penetrating analysis of the second law of thermodynamics - according to which the 'randomness' of our world is continually increasing - and a thorough examination of the light-cone ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction

    by Peter Atkins

    series Very Short Introductions
    From the sudden expansion of a cloud of gas or the cooling of a hot metal, to the unfolding of a thought in our minds and even the course of life itself, everything is governed by the four Laws of Thermodynamics. These laws specify the nature of 'energy' and 'temperature', and are soon revealed to reach out and define the arrow of time itself: why things change and why death must come.In this Very ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • Conjuring the Universe

    The Origins of the Laws of Nature

    by Peter Atkins

    The marvellous complexity of the Universe emerges from several deep laws and a handful of fundamental constants that fix its shape, scale, and destiny. There is a deep structure to the world which at the same time is simple, elegant, and beautiful. Where did these laws and these constants come from? And why are the laws so fruitful when written in the language of mathematics? Peter Atkins ... Read more

    $24.85 AUD

  • Rainbow And The Worm, The: The Physics Of Organisms (3rd Edition)

    by Mae-wan Ho

    This highly unusual book began as a serious inquiry into Schrödinger's question, “What is life?”, and as a celebration of life itself. It takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through many areas of contemporary physics, from non-equilibrium thermodynamics and quantum optics to liquid crystals and fractals, all necessary for illuminating the problem of life. In the process, the reader is ... Read more

    $37.39 AUD

  • Four Laws That Drive the Universe

    by Peter Atkins

    The laws of thermodynamics drive everything that happens in the universe. From the sudden expansion of a cloud of gas to the cooling of hot metal, and from the unfurling of a leaf to the course of life itself - everything is directed and constrained by four simple laws. They establish fundamental concepts such as temperature and heat, and reveal the arrow of time and even the nature of energy ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. I

    The New Millennium Edition: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and Heat

    by Richard P. Feynman and 2 more

    "The whole thing was basically an experiment," Richard Feynman said late in his career, looking back on the origins of his lectures. The experiment turned out to be hugely successful, spawning publications that have remained definitive and introductory to physics for decades. Ranging from the basic principles of Newtonian physics through such formidable theories as general relativity and quantum ... Read more

    $65.99 AUD

  • Chilled

    How Refrigeration Changed the World and Might Do So Again

    by Tom Jackson

    The refrigerator. This white box that sits in the kitchen may seem mundane nowadays, but it is one of the wonders of 20th century science – life-saver, food-preserver and social liberator, while the science of refrigeration is crucial, not just in transporting food around the globe but in a host of branches on the scientific tree. Refrigerators, refrigeration and its discovery and applications ... Read more

    $13.63 AUD

  • The Teaching of Djwhal Khul: Thermodynamics

    by Tatiana Danina

    series The Teaching of Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Natural Science #5
    Ideas for this book were transferred by the Himalayan Teacher Djwhal Khul. Here we talk about issues of thermodynamics. And first of all we will explain what in our view is a physical concept of temperature.In physics the concept of “temperature refers to a substance. But in reality, the temperature - is a unique natural phenomenon. Temperature - is like temperament.Esoteric information ... Read more


  • Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

    by G F Hundy

    Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, Fifth Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of refrigeration. Clear and comprehensive, it is suitable for both trainee and professional HVAC engineers, with a straightforward approach that also helps inexperienced readers gain a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. With its concise ... Read more

    $105.37 AUD

  • Introduction to Rocket Science and Engineering

    by Travis S. Taylor

    Introduction to Rocket Science and Engineering, Second Edition, presents the history and basics of rocket science, and examines design, experimentation, testing, and applications. Exploring how rockets work, the book covers the concepts of thrust, momentum, impulse, and the rocket equation, along with the rocket engine, its components, and the physics involved in the generation of the propulsive ... Read more

    $187.54 AUD

  • Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

    by J. Richard Elliott and 1 more

    series Prentice Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences
    A Practical, Up-to-Date Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics, Including Coverage of Process Simulation Models and an Introduction to Biological Systems   Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Second Edition, helps readers master the fundamentals of applied thermodynamics as practiced today: with extensive development of molecular perspectives that enables adaptation to fields ... Read more

    $154.87 AUD

  • Hidden Order and Exotic Superconductivity in the Heavy-Fermion Compound URu2Si2

    by Ryuji Okazaki

    series Springer Theses
    In this thesis, the author investigates hidden-order phase transition at T0 = 17.5 K in the heavy-fermion URu2Si2. The four-fold rotational symmetry breaking in the hidden order phase, which imposes a strong constraint on the theoretical model, is observed through the magnetic torque measurement. The translationally invariant phase with broken rotational symmetry is interpreted as meaning that the ... Read more

    $134.19 AUD

  • Linear and Non-linear Mechanical Behavior of Solid Materials

    by Christian Lexcellent

    This book offers an essential introduction to the linear and non-linear behavior of solid materials, and to the concepts of deformation, displacement and stress, within the context of continuum mechanics and thermodynamics. To illustrate the fundamental principles, the book starts with an overview of solid mechanics, experimental methods, classes of material behaviors, and the thermodynamic ... Read more

    $116.15 AUD

  • Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation XI

    by Maria Vittoria Salvetti and 4 more

    series ERCOFTAC Series #25
    This book gathers the proceedings of the 11th workshop on Direct and Large Eddy Simulation (DLES), which was held in Pisa, Italy in May 2017. The event focused on modern techniques for simulating turbulent flows based on the partial or full resolution of the instantaneous turbulent flow structures, as Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) or hybrid models based on a ... Read more

    $314.15 AUD

  • Thermo-Gas Dynamics of Hydrogen Combustion and Explosion

    by Boris E. Gelfand and 3 more

    series Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena
    The potential of hydrogen as an important future energy source has generated fresh interest in the study of hydrogenous gas mixtures. Indeed, both its high caloricity and reactivity are unique properties, the latter underscoring safety considerations when handling such mixtures.The present monograph is devoted to the various aspects of hydrogen combustion and explosion processes. In addition to ... Read more

    $197.11 AUD

  • Heat Transfers and Related Effects in Supercritical Fluids

    by Daniel Beysens and 2 more

    series Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications #108
    This book investigates the unique hydrodynamics and heat transfer problems that are encountered in the vicinity of the critical point of fluids. Emphasis is given on weightlessness conditions, gravity effects and thermovibrational phenomena. Near their critical point, fluids indeed obey universal behavior and become very compressible and expandable. Their comportment, when gravity effects are ... Read more

    $188.09 AUD

  • Structural Fire Performance of Contemporary Post-tensioned Concrete Construction

    by John Gales and 2 more

    series SpringerBriefs in Fire
    This SpringerBrief equips readers to develop defensible fire safety designs for a range of concrete structures. It identifies current gaps in the research and provides a more complete understanding of the structural and thermal response of contemporary Post-tensioned (PT) concrete structures to fire. The brief includes chapters on contemporary construction using PT concrete, previous structural ... Read more

    $81.06 AUD

  • Wärmeschutz und Heizungstechnik

    Ein Überblick

    by Ekbert Hering and 1 more

    series essentials
    Beim Wärmeschutz im Hochbau werden Maßnahmen getroffen, um in beheizten Gebäuden ein für Menschen behagliches Raumklima zu schaffen. Grundlegend ist hierzu die Wärmebewegung durch Bauteile, die es zu berechnen gilt. Mindestanforderungen an den Wärmeschutz im Winter sind nach DIN geregelt. Im Bereich der Heizungstechnik unterscheidet man Einzelheizgeräte für Wohnräume, größere Räume und Hallen. Für ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers

    by Ali Turan and 7 more

    Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers, Second Edition introduces the basic concepts of thermodynamics and applies them to a wide range of technologies. Authors Desmond Winterbone and Ali Turan also include a detailed study of combustion to show how the chemical energy in a fuel is converted into thermal energy and emissions; analyze fuel cells to give an understanding of the direct conversion of ... Read more

    $193.48 AUD

  • Advanced Solar-Distillation Systems

    Basic Principles, Thermal Modeling, and Its Application

    by G. N. Tiwari and 1 more

    series Green Energy and Technology
    This book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook and reference work for graduate and professional training coursework on solar desalination of water. The book begins with an introduction to the increasing demand for potable water, various types of water pollution and its impacts on human health, and goes on to cover basics of desalination technologies. It covers all aspects of solar-energy ... Read more

    $116.15 AUD

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Incompressible Turbulent Flows

    by Takeo Kajishima and 1 more

    This textbook presents numerical solution techniques for incompressible turbulent flows that occur in a variety of scientific and engineering settings including aerodynamics of ground-based vehicles and low-speed aircraft, fluid flows in energy systems, atmospheric flows, and biological flows. This book encompasses fluid mechanics, partial differential equations, numerical methods, and turbulence ... Read more

    $125.17 AUD

  • Antennas for Base Stations in Wireless Communications

    by Zhi Ning Chen and 1 more

    Design Antennas for Modern Wireless Communications SystemsWritten by a global team of expert contributors, this book offers complete details on the wide range of antennas used in today's wireless communication networks. Coverage includes the most popular applications in WWAN (GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA), WLAN (Bluetooth and WiFi), WMAN (WiMAX), and WPAN (UWB and RFID).Antennas for Base Stations in ... Read more

    $156.30 AUD